tagIncest/TabooMy First Lover Ch. 11

My First Lover Ch. 11


I was startled awake by the feeling of weight on my hips and chest.

In the soft light coming from the window I could make out my mom sitting on top of me, her breast swaying gently as she straddled my hips, moving up and down taking me deep inside her. The alcohol and great sex had knocked me out for a while as I remembered what had happened earlier in the evening.

After getting nuts on the floor of the living room while watching a great porn flick, mom and I made our way into the bedroom.

"Were you serious about me wearing my heels to bed? It's still my wedding night and if that's what you want..."

Taking her by the hand I led her over to the bed, setting her down on the edge, as I bent down and began removing her heels and silk stockings.

"I love it that you want to wear these for me mom, but I think I want you to be as comfortable as I am."

Removing her garter and setting it aside I laid the comforter over the bed and pulled the sheets back for us to climb in. I was drained to the core and wanted to grab a few hours of sleep before we had to meet Judy at the resort. I could still smell the sweet aroma of our lovemaking on us as we curled up spoon fashion together under the covers.

I was still a little aroused as mom shifted herself against me, pushing back as she clenched me with the cool cheeks of her ass, squeezing and then releasing me.

"Keep that up mom and we'll never get any sleep..."

"I don't think that would be a bad thing, do you?"

Wrapping my arm around her waist and pulling her body into mine, my fingers gently moving across her breast, she moaned softly as we got comfortable. "This feels so good," she whispered.

The next thing I knew mom was sitting on top of me making love to me as I awoke.

"I was wondering how long it would take for you to wake up." She giggled as she moved in small circles and then up and down clenching me tightly inside. I could feel every muscle as she squeezed and then released me as she moved her body in motion to her desires.

"You seem to enjoy waking me up this way." I moaned as she leaned forward, pulling her hips all the way up squeezing only the tip of my shaft in a tight grip as she pressed her breast into my chest.

"God that's amazing!" I moaned as she played with me, teasing me as she held me down.

"I'm just getting started..." she murmured as she pushed herself down, the heat of her pussy almost scalding me as she moved her hips quickly up and down again, her breath coming in shallow pants. "It's supposed to be our wedding night and I want you to try and get me pregnant."

That stopped me in my tracks as I held her body tight against me. "What did you say?" I asked, shocked beyond belief.

"Don't be silly hon, you know I can't get pregnant anymore, but I just wanted to pretend. Doesn't it make you excited to think that you could get me pregnant?"

I had to admit, it did notch things up a little as I started moving inside her, pushing up as far as I could as I pulled her hips down onto me, feeling myself getting even larger as the thought of impregnating her stirred the most primitive desires in me. "See, I told you it would make it more exciting."

"You play a dangerous game mom!"

She was insatiable as she moved her body on mine, her lips locked onto mine as she ground her hips into me, pushing herself onto my pubic bone with primitive raw passion and need. Her speed and clenching of me increased almost to the point of pain as she neared her orgasm, moaning into my neck as she clawed her nails into my arms.

"Mmmmm! Yea! That's it... Yea!" she kept moaning as she forced me deep inside. Reaching around her with my fingers I found the crevice of her ass pulling her apart and gently massaging her anus. "OH!" She cried as her mouth found mine taking me in a breathtaking kiss.

"Keep doing that!" she moaned as she moved faster, rasping sounds coming from our skin as we moved madly on the bed. Just when I thought it couldn't get any wilder mom started crying out, softly at first, but louder with each thrust of her hips onto me. "Yea, Yea, Yea, YEA, Oh... Fuck... ME!" she cried as she pushed down forcing me deep inside her as her pussy grasped me tight, her legs locked onto my hips as she rode out her orgasm.

Resting for a minute she looked up at me as she smiled. "You didn't finish yet." She laughed as she moved her hips in slow circles on me, her pussy clenching me tightly as she milked my shaft.

"I'm still drained from the first round mom." I laughed as she got the most devilish look in her eye. "Well, that sounds like a challenge to me." She commented as she got up, the cool air making goose bumps on my skin. Walking into the bathroom she came out a few seconds later, still smiling as she climbed back onto the bed. I started to reach over to pull her to me when she pushed my shoulders back down onto the mattress as she straddled my hips again.

"I'm not finished yet either." She whispered as she reached down, taking my shaft in her hand and covering it with lube. "I thought we were going to wait to do this with Judy?"

"That's for later, but this is my wedding night and I want it all!" she rasped as she sat up, guiding me into her ass as she pushed back. I could see the slight discomfort in her face as she tried to force herself down onto me, her hips making small circles as she pushed down. Suddenly her ass opened and she slid down slowly, her eyes wide as she felt the rush of sensations from my entry.

"I love that first push when you go deep inside me, it's almost too much to bear as the head goes past the outer muscles." She rasped as she slowly lowered her hips to mine. "Anal orgasms are so naughty!" she moaned as she started moving on me again, pulling herself up to the very tip as her ass closed, and then pushing herself back down on me, forcing her ass to open again with it becoming easier each time she did it.

She was the happiest I'd ever seen her as she rode me with her ass. Leaning onto my chest, her breast pushing into mine as she pulled her ass up and moved slightly up and down over the head, making me see stars as she kept moving on me.

"God Mom, STOP for a second." I cried as the sensations became too intense.

'Like when I asked you to stop on me earlier?" she giggled as she kept going. I thought I was going to pass out when she suddenly pushed herself fully onto me again, taking me deep inside her ass, the feeling hot and slick as she squeezed the base. "You're all mine!" she moaned as she sank her teeth into my nipple.

Like an electric shock I jumped up off the mattress, rolling us over as she found herself partially pinned under me, her body now in a fetal position on her side as I started pushing into her ass without abandon.

The primal look on her face said it all as we fucked each other crazy. She was growling as I savagely took her ass, her nails like claws on my arms as she pulled us together. "That's it, Fuck Me! Take my ass!" she cried as she tried to roll back on top of me.

"Only one way I can do that mom." I growled as I pulled her under me, her body bent in half as I continued to punish her ass. "You can do better than that." She challenged as she pinched my nipple with her fingers. Leaning down and reaching under her shoulders I held her as my hips slammed against her ass.

Our bodies slid slowly up the bed until mom's head was pinned between the pillows and the head board with the bed creaking in protest to what we were doing. Her ass was becoming hot and sticky from all the friction when I found her nipple and started to brutally suck and bite her. Her hands were like claws in my hair as she tried to pull me off her breast.

"OH Fuck!" she cried as she started to orgasm again, her body arching up off the mattress as she moaned deep and long. A few more thrust and I shoved deep inside, filling her bowels with my seed making her ass slick and wet again as we lay together in a pile of arms, legs, and bed sheets, her ass gently squeezing me.

"I hope I didn't hurt you mom." I sighed as she gently squeezed me with her ass. "Only a little. I was hoping you would hurt me even more if you wanted."

"Where do you get the energy from?" I asked between breaths.

"I get it from great sex, that's were. I think we need a shower don't you?"

"At least..." I added as I looked at the time. "Four in the morning and we're still going strong."

"Why, are you tired?"

"A little."

"I guess we can sleep before we have to get up." She giggled a she walked into the bathroom. Are you coming?"

"Nice pun mom..." I commented as I pulled my body off the bed feeling like the walking dead. "If I didn't know better I'd say you've actually gotten tighter."

"You like that? I've been working out for the last few weeks, especially my inside muscles. Keeps me nice and tight for you." She giggled as she turned the water on.

After a quick shower we pulled the bed back together and crawled inside. I was hoping for at least a few hours of sleep before we had to leave as she pushed herself back against me again, her hair smelling sweet and clean in front of me as we got comfortable again.

"Do You think we woke the neighbors?" she asked as she ran her fingernails over my arm. "I don't think they'll mind as long as we keep it quiet for the rest of the night." I answered as I drifted off.

The next thing I knew daylight was coming through the window as mom stirred against me. Glancing at the clock I saw that it was almost noon and my stomach was making loud noises in protest as she rubbed her foot over mine. "God I hope we can make it through the entire honeymoon weekend." She whispered as she rolled over, looking at me as she pulled us together. "I'm starved, how about you?"

"Famished." I said as my fingers slid over her soft nipples feeling them harden to my touch. "Now come on, if you start something now they may find us still lying here in a week, dead from malnutrition.

Besides, we need to get up and head for the resort."

Climbing out of the bed I noticed how great mom looked first thing in the morning as she walked around the bed. Pulling the sheets off I could still smell our insanity the night before as I threw the comforter over the mattress. Walking into the bathroom I jumped into the shower again as mom got ready.

I was just stepping out of the shower and grabbed a towel as I walked into the bedroom. Mom was sitting on the bed, and as I watched she started pulling on a pair of sheer pantyhose. It was the most arousing sight watching her pull on the delicate material as it covered her legs and lower body.

Next she pulled out a pair of white leather sandals, the same white patent sandals she wore that night in the library. "I see they still fit after getting full of mud." I said softly. She stood and walked into the bathroom to check her make-up.

"They're a little tight, but they'll stretch out as I walk in them you nut." I tried to reach for her but she scrambled out of the bathroom as I followed. I watched in amazement as she dressed right in front of me. First putting on her soft lace bra and then her silk slip with a slit up the back. She walked around the room to her other suitcase pulling her skirt and a summer sweater out.

I watched as she balanced on one heel as she stepped into her skirt and pulled it up and over her hips. "Why do guys like to watch women dress?" she asked as she pulled her sweater over her head. "It's a great turn-on to see how much fun it would be to take it all off again." I answered.

"Besides, I'm sitting here watching the woman of my dreams dressing just for me. Is that cool or what?"

"They're just clothes." She giggled as she kissed me softly as she headed out of the bedroom. "Dress nice." She called as she walked into the kitchen.

Throwing on some slacks and a dress shirt we quickly grabbed our stuff and headed out the door. "We really need to stop and grab something to eat on the way over to the house before we head to the resort." She commented as we threw our stuff into the back of her car.

Driving out we hit the nearest burger stop and headed over to mom's place, eating as we drove. I still couldn't help but watch her legs as we sat driving, realizing how lucky I was to be with this extraordinary woman. Throwing her bags into the trunk we got back on the road and headed north.

The resort was almost an hour away and we just sat quietly, caressing each others hands as we pondered what the weekend would bring. Mom broke the silence as she asked me a question completely out of left field.

"So tell me... have you and Judy ever tried anal?"

I thought my neck would snap it turned so fast. "Uhhh, why on earth would you ask mom?"

"Well, since we're going to be together this weekend, I just wanted to know how comfortable she was with anal sex, that's all."

"We talked about it once, but she's been pretty much flat against it all of her life. In fact she's never even tried it. She says its way to kinky for her taste."

"Mmm, really... that's kind of odd considering where she's been these last few days."

"Where has she been?" I asked getting more curious by the moment.

"She headed down south to spend some time with her son Mike. It seems after talking with me, she wanted to know what it was like to seduce her own son.

I hit the brakes so hard that the car swerved off the road and onto the shoulder. "Are you kidding me?" I asked as she tried to keep herself from flying into the windshield.

"Just Relax for a second would you?" she yelped.

"Relax; you want me to relax after what you just told me?" I stammered. "Do you realize what could happen if word ever got out about them, or us for that matter?"

"She said she just wanted to see if he was interested, that's all. She headed down there and got herself a hotel room and took him out to dinner. She wanted to know if he was as interested in her as you were in me. She figured that she didn't have much of a chance since Mike's always liked blonds, and she's a brunette. Anyway, she called me yesterday at work, right before your dad called, to tell me she was coming home."

"And what happened while she was down there?" I asked, shaking a little.

"Are you jealous, is that what the problem is?"

"No mom, I'm not jealous, but I know Mike, and he's never seemed interested in his mom like that. At least not that I noticed. God I hope it didn't go bad for her. "

"Oh... I don't think it went too bad at all. In fact, according to Judy it went even better than she could have ever hoped for." My head snapped again as I sat looking at mom with the most devious smile on her face. "What the hell happened mom?" I begged.

"Well, Judy spent almost three days doing everything she could to see how aroused Mike would get. She almost gave up on him and planned on coming home that third night, when right after dinner they went to her hotel room to change so they could go for a swim.

That's when Mike walked in on her as she was undressing and lost control. She said it was almost like she was being raped, except that she wanted him to do it. She wanted him to take her and do whatever he wanted to. She said she felt so naughty and excited with him taking her like that. And that afterward Mike was almost devastated and kept apologizing to her. He said that it would never happen again if she would just forget about it."

"And did she?" I asked feeling myself becoming slightly aroused.

"She told him the same thing I told you that first time. That as long as he didn't make it out to be something nasty, that they could do it as often as they desired to. Needless to say, she got home pretty late last night, a little worn out, but pretty great considering.

At least that's what she told me when I called her while you were sleeping. She said that she wanted to try out the idea that men can make love at least five times in a twenty four hour period. It sounds like she and Mike gave it a good try. What do you think made me so hot that I jumped your bones while you were sleeping?"

"Jesus Mom." I muttered as I gained some control.

Pulling back onto the highway my mind kept running wild with the implications of what mom had just told me. "Good God mom, it's completely nuts!"

"Why? Did you think that you and I are the only ones who haven't thought of something like this? You can't imagine how erotic it is to break all the rules and go so crazy with your own son. For a woman it's the ultimate taboo, and the ultimate sexual high, especially when her son feels the same way about her. Judy was on such a high last night when I talked to her. And she can't wait for us to get up to the resort. So I want you to do me a favor when we get there."

"Sure, why not, I'm game since all the bets are off now..." I said shakily...

"When I give you the signal, I want you to take Judy's ass for the first time."

I thought I was going to get whiplash from all the head snaps.

"Are you kidding me? I just said she's not into that kind of thing, she never has been..."

"Well maybe she hasn't been properly shown the nicer side of a great anal orgasm." She moaned. "God it makes me hot just thinking about you taking her ass while I watch."

"Well if we're going to do this right, then maybe I'll take her while you two are busy with each other, how's that for being devious?"

"Perfect." She moaned as she ran her fingers over her legs as she rested her heels in my lap. "You have no idea how much I've wanted to do this crazy weekend. I've thought of nothing else since I told you about it that day at the lake. And now we're almost there."

Fifteen minutes later we pulled into the parking lot of the resort. As we walked up to the desk we heard Judy calling us over from the small café on the other side of the lobby. Walking over I couldn't help but stare as Judy stood up and walked towards us.

She looked breathtaking in simple slacks, a light blouse and cream colored heels making her look almost ten years younger with her hair down and a smile that made her look like the cat that had just eaten the canary.

She and mom hugged for a moment, and then as she leaned towards me as she planted a powerful kiss on my lips pulling us close.

"I'm so glad to see you Ron, it's been a while..." she purred.

I looked over at mom who just stood there smiling at the both of us. Judy pulled her into our embrace and hugged us both as she whispered, "Are you two ready for a weekend you'll never forget?"

Mom and I looked at each other and grinned as we pulled her close. "Oh yea." We said together as we walked arm in arm to the front desk.

A porter took our bags to the bungalow that Judy had reserved. It was on the edge of the resort with lots of privacy and space. Three king sized bedrooms with a huge living room, a fireplace an indoor whirlpool tub, plus a private pool and hot tub outside, all ours to use at our own leisure.

"Wow Judy, this place is a mansion." I commented after the porter left.

"Actually, it's a den of wonderful discovery this weekend." She commented as she walked over to the bar and poured three glasses of wine for us.

"I heard you and your mom got an early start already?"

"Not all that different from what mom told me about you and Mike." I answered sipping my wine.

Judy blushed like I had never seen her blush before. Sitting down she set her heels up on the table in front of the couch as she started to describe her visit with Mike.

"Let's just say that I think Mike was as surprise as I was at his sudden interest in me. That kid is not a kid anymore. In fact I don't think I've ever been as turned on as I was that night he took me for the first time."

Looking over at mom I could see her nodding her head in agreement.

"And I never knew he had such a great fetish for me wearing nylons and heels!" she added as she kicked her heels off and slowly rubbed her feet together. "Do you know what he told me? He used to watch me as I would get dressed in my room, he even hid in my closet once and watched me put on my pantyhose for a Christmas party that his dad and I went to for my office. All this while he's got me pinned on the bed taking me from behind.

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