tagBDSMMy First Spanking Experience

My First Spanking Experience

byWet Miranda©

Author's note:

I write a lot of fictional stories on Literotica. I thought I would tell a true story for a change. I sat down and wrote this story a couple of hours after the experience, while it was still fresh in my mind. I think that helped me to better capture what was going on in my head while I wrote it all down. It was VERY hard to sit down after my first real spanking, but I think it was important to write it down right away. I went through a lot of real physical pain to bring this to you, I hope you like it. I know BDSM pros will think I am a light weight, but remember, I had no experience at all with real bdsm and hard spankings before this all happened.


As I sit her and write this post, I am sitting with a soft pillow under my bare ass as I sit on my chair and type. Why the pillow, you may be asking. Well, I had a crazy desire to get really kinky with my boyfriend Rick this afternoon.

I don't have much experience with spanking and bondage. I have received some playful birthday spankings, but nothing too hard. Also, I have been tied up by previous lovers, but never with anything too restraining; just silk scarves that I could have easily broken out of if I had wanted too.

But I constantly read erotic stories on various web-sites and blogs. Yesterday afternoon, I read a few, and my pussy got so fucking wet. Normally I would just masturbate and fantasize about the story, but something inside my head snapped. I thought to myself that it is time to stop just reading and imagining this stuff, and it was time to turn some of my fantasies into reality.

Rick was not all that shocked when I suggested that he tie me up and spank me. He knows I am a kinky girl, and he knows I have fantasized about this before. But he is so gentle and nice, and he told me he was afraid of really hurting me. I had to convince him that this was something I really wanted to try. I told him that yes, it would certainly hurt me, but it would be completely consensual, and I really wanted to try it. I explained to him that in most of the stories I read, the women being spanked and tied up always talk about how the pain mixes with pleasure and it makes them really horny. I wanted to see for myself if this was true.

"How hard should I spank you, Miranda?" he asked me.

"I don't really know. I haven't ever done this. Hard enough for me to really experience the sensation of my ass being on fire, but no whips or canes or anything like that!"

"How should I tie you up?" he asked.

I thought about it for a minute, and suggested we go to the hardware store. We drove over to the Home Depot, and spent an hour picking out some ropes. A salesperson asked us if we needed any help, and I laughed, imagining how shocked he would be if I told him we were looking for some bondage rope. We found some that were smooth so they wouldn't hurt my bare skin.

My pussy was sopping wet during the car ride home; I couldn't wait to get started. When we got into my bedroom, I quickly stripped all of my clothing off. Rick stripped off his shirt but kept his shorts on. He spent the next half hour clumsily experimenting with the ropes. If you are new to bondage, it is hard to figure out how to restrain someone to the bed! He kept saying he was finished, but I tested the restraints, and I could still move part of my body.

"I want to be completely restrained, Rick. I can still wiggle my arms and legs, plus my whole upper body." He kept on trying, going under the bed to wrap the ropes around my body over and over. My wrists and feet were tightly tied to the bedposts. I struggled as hard as I could; I was satisfied that I could not escape. We agreed on the safe word "STOP!" I know, not very original, but I couldn't come up with anything more creative. We agreed that after I said stop he wouldn't spank me any more until I said "GO!"

"How many spankings should I give you?" He asked. I hadn't thought about that either.

"Let's just see what happens. How about you keep going until either I can't handle any more or your hand gets tires?" I replied.

He agreed that this sounded like a good plan. I told him to start out light, and then to keep spanking my ass harder and harder until I decided it was time to stop.

I closed my eyes. I was very nervous, yet also very sexually aroused. I wanted to see if the pleasure and pain thing was for real. He rubbed my ass for a few minutes until I couldn't take the anticipation anymore.

"What are you waiting for, Rick?" I asked him.

"For you to tell me to start!" He replied.

I laughed. The whole time I had thought he was teasing me by making me wait in nervous anticipation for the first spanking, and he had really just been politely waiting for me to give him permission!

"For the love of God, start spanking my ass now, Rick!" I yelled.

He lightly tapped my bare bottom. It didn't hurt whatsoever. He kept on lightly spanking my ass. I wanted it much harder.

"Harder, Rick!" I said.

He started to spank me a bit harder. I felt a very light sting, but it still didn't hurt at all. I wanted it harder.


He complied. The next few spankings stung a bit more. This was more like it! They really didn't hurt all that much, but he was getting my ass warmed up. I felt incredibly turned on.

After awhile, I didn't have to keep asking him to get harder; he seemed to understand that he was to increase the strength of the spankings until I told him to stop. He kicked it up a notch. I felt the first really hard blow. This was what I had been expecting; a nice sharp smack that stung really good. This was my first painful spanking ever, and I loved it. He kept going at that pace for awhile. My ass wiggled the best it could; I was tightly tied up around my waist and my upper thighs. I started moaning. A really sharp blow stung me hard; I let out a loud yelp.

"Should I stop, Miranda?" He asked me.

"No. Only stop if I say to. Please. It hurts but I like it too."

He smacked me again sharply. OW! It started to really sting. For the first time I was starting to feel the pain even between blows, not just during them. He kept spanking my bare ass harder and harder. The hard spanks were much louder than the first few light ones I had received earlier. It was really starting to hurt.

SMACK, SMACK, SMACK! I kept hearing. I wondered if my ass was turning red. My pussy got wet when I imagined looking at it in the mirror later. He kept on going at the same medium pace for awhile. It really hurt, but I wanted to go all the way and do this right. I grit my teeth. He seemed to be stopping at this pace and not getting any harder.

"Rick, even harder."

"Are you sure? You look like you are in pain." He told me.

"Yes, but I want to do this right. Harder."

The next blow caught me off guard, even though I had asked for it. It seriously burned. I started to cry.

"Are you sure, Miranda?"

"YES! Even if I cry and scream, keep going until I say to stop. I WANT to cry and scream!"

This was everything I had imagined and more. My pussy felt as hot as my ass, but in a completely different way. I was so fucking turned on. The pain part was a little more than I had bargained for; it started to really feel fiery on my ass, but I guess that is what spanking is all about!

The next few blows had me seeing stars they burned so much. The smacks were so loud they rang in my ears. My ass was burning up, but I willed myself to take this to my limit. I didn't know what my limit was yet, but I was determined to find out! Holy shit, it started to hurt. I screamed in pain when he spanked me even harder. Finally it was too much, and I said "STOP!"

He stopped. I felt the burn really sink in. I had naively thought that the stinging would subside after a minute of rest, but the burning was really hot. I struggled in my bondage. The bondage aspect of this turned me on something fierce. It felt so damn hot being unable to escape.

"O.K., Rick, GO!" I yelled.

He smacked my ass really fucking hard. Ouch, it hurt! I felt a sharp sting and then a warm spreading feeling as the pain spread throughout my poor butt. Something strange happened to me at this point. I felt detached from it. I still felt incredible burning pain in my ass, but I somehow got used to it and was able to handle it better. I was ready for the next level.


"Miranda, this is as hard as I physically can spank you! Believe me, I can't do it any harder if I tried to."

"Then get your belt!"

"Are you serious?" He asked.

"Yes. Keep going till I say stop."

He went into my closet and retrieved one of his belts he keeps there. I didn't have any idea how much harder it would feel with the belt. I soon learned.

The stinging was extremely intense. It was more in one spot than spread out like the hand spankings. I screamed in pain. I felt hot tears stream down my cheeks. I reluctantly said "Keep going!" I really wanted to test my limits. Somehow I was even more turned on even thought the pain was getting to the unbearable level.

The next few blows really tested my limits. I had to yell stop twice more. But I needed just a little more.

"Rick, I am almost done. It really hurts badly. But just keep going a little longer and even harder, until I yell stop again.

Smack. Oh my GOD it hurt badly. Reading about spanking and actually receiving them are two completely different realities. My ass was on fire; I was sure it must be a dark red shade. I sobbed into the pillow. Sweat was pouring out of my entire body. I was quickly approaching my limit. I grit my teeth and accepted three more really hard blows. The pain was too much for me to handle now.

"STOP! I'm done." I screamed.

I kept sobbing as Rick tenderly untied me. I had a hard time standing up; my legs were so weak. I walked over to my full length mirror and looked at my poor ass. It was much redder than I had imagined, and there were deep red marks from the belt. I sat down on the bed, expecting the soft sheets to provide some relief. I was very surprised to learn that after a hard spanking session; even soft things are hard to sit on! I spent the next couple of hours standing up! I tried putting my panties back on, and even that made my ass sting more, so I have been bottomless ever since the spanking ended a couple of hours ago.

Although I still feel very horny, the pain is too raw and overwhelming for me to do anything sexually right now. I had this picture in my head before we started that after the spanking was done, I would feel a pleasant burning on my ass and feel so horny I would fuck Rick like mad. Reality didn't turn out quite like I had planned it to, though. It turns out that really hard spanking is much more intense afterwards than I had imagined. I am in incredible pain, and can't even focus on the sexual arousal the way I had hoped to. Don't get me wrong, I am glad I tried it, and I would do it again, maybe just not quite as hard until I have some more experience.

So here I am, finishing up this description of my first spanking experience. My ass still hurts REALLY badly. This is the first time I have sat down for more than a few minutes since the spanking ended. . . I debated writing this tomorrow so I could be more comfortable while sitting down and typing, but I thought I should write it as soon as possible after the experience so I could really convey to you readers the reality of what I have just experienced. This is the hardest story I have ever written, it hurts so fucking much just to sit down, readers! My ass is on fire, and I really hope it feels better when I have to go back to work in the morning.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous02/15/18

I'm excited for you

I have enjoyed many spankings in the last few years. I'm a male in my late 50's and I discovered the professional side of spanking. Yes, I've paid money for a woman disciplinarian to spank me. I've alsomore...

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by Anonymous10/26/17

Great story

Loved the story. I'm sure similar things have really happened. I'm a former top turned bottom. I really wish it were ME really having that experience! I have been given some severe spankings, but whatmore...

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by Anonymous09/23/17


OMG I've had that type of whipping. Not tied down but needing the burn. Trust me I picked the wrong night for it.i had to rush to the hospital for a relative and the floors and seats are no picnics tomore...

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