tagGay MaleMy First Taste

My First Taste


I guess I was a little older than most, in my early forties, when my obsession began: to my complete surprise my fantasies started to involve men! I was always the 'bottom' in these mental meetings- and a real submissive slut too! I'd be in the shower and find myself thinking about a mysterious stranger materializing from nowhere. Not a burglar or anything menacing, just this powerful, dominant man giving me instructions: put your hands on the wall, spread your legs, stick that ass out further...

This went on for a long time before I got up the nerve to do anything about it: me jerking off to images of being this stranger's sex toy. Soapy, slippery fingers playing with my balls, cock and ass cheeks. And me unable, unwilling really, to stop it. One soapy finger, then two, pressing against my tight asshole, sliding in, stretching me, preparing me. Then hands on my hips, feeling the big cockhead pushing, overcoming my resistance with a 'pop' into my rectum. Sometimes he would pull me dripping from the shower, push me to my knees, command me to open my mouth and use it for his pleasure. That's where I decided to begin making my fantasies reality: giving head. The next step could wait no longer. And I knew, or suspected, just the man for the job too.

He was an older man, the details aren't important right now, but I was sure he was gay. He got comfortable enough with me to almost come right out and say so. He once told a story about a macho, married, blue collar guy giving his friend a blow job.

I got up the nerve to call him and said "I was thinking about what that guy did to his buddy in the story." He probably thought I wanted a blow job. I explained that I wanted him to play the part of the 'buddy.' He told me to come tomorrow after the shop closed. Just like that- no surprise, no questions asked. Damn, was there something about me that said I dreamed of cock?

Before our meeting I would jerk off thinking what his cock would feel like in my virgin mouth, how big it was, whether it was cut, how it tasted, how deep I could take it in, whether I would gag, if I would swallow, how he would look as he pumped his sperm into my mouth, how much he would cum...in short, would I be a good cocksucker?

The next day I could think of nothing but losing my virginity. I arrived a little early and watched him close up. When I was sure he was alone, I knocked on the door. He let me in, then locked the door behind us. I was trembling with anticipation, both from thinking about what I was going to do and also at the fact that there was now another person who knew my deepest desire. Until then it had only been a fantasy, locked safely away in my mind, now it was about to become a real experience.

I said I'd been thinking of doing this for a long time and that he was my first. He was older and patient and gentle and I was fortunate to have him guide me along. I had a pretty good idea how to give a blow job: I just pictured doing what I liked having done to me.

He took me to a storage room at the back of the shop and told me to sit in an old chair. He asked what I wanted. I was so nervous and embarrassed, I looked down at my feet and said something like "you know, I told you on the phone." But he insisted that I say it. So still looking down I said "I want to suck your cock." "Are you sure?" I looked up at him and just nodded. "OK," he said, "then let's go."

He stood in front of me and I remember the thrill as I touched my first cock and balls. With one hand in front massaging him, and the other on his ass, he said "unzip me." I slowly pulled it down and he said "now the belt." I did and he dropped his pants around his knees. I resumed fondling his cock and balls thru his boxers. Even semi-hard I could tell he was a nice size; bigger than me anyway. I leaned forward and rubbed my face against his shorts, cupping and squeezing his balls the whole time.

He reached down and pulled his cock out. Without a word I took it in my hand and felt its warmth and how soft the skin was. At first I just looked at it: the circumcised head, the slit at the tip with a trace of glistening precum, the ridge, the veiny shaft. I couldn't believe I had a real flesh and blood cock in my hand, inches from my mouth.

After stroking it, watching it grow, I brought my mouth closer, paused to savor the moment, then kissed it on the very tip. As he moaned with approval I opened my mouth and took whole head in, embracing it with my lips. Then I went further, taking his full semi-rigid cock as far into my hungry mouth as it would go. He moaned as he pushed gently against my face. My nose and lips were buried in the hair on his belly as I slid it out and back in again.

That was the last time I would get the whole thing in: he quickly grew too big and hard to fit all the way in my mouth. I had dreamed of deepthroating a long, thick cock but now realized it would take considerable practice to actually do it.

I was in heaven as he slowly slid in and out of my lips. I licked and slobbered and got it as wet as I could so my hand could helpfully slide up and down his rigid shaft. It felt so right, so good, so natural. You'd think I'd been giving blow jobs all my life!

I wasn't thinking of prolonging his pleasure, not this time, I was selfishly thinking about how it would be when he squirted his cum in my mouth, and how to fill my mouth as quickly as I could.

He stopped me briefly to get more comfortable, lowering his boxers to his knees. I saw his balls for the first time, hairy and loose and dangling. I just wanted them in my mouth, they looked so enticing, but it was awkward getting my head into position to suck them while still stroking his cock. I had to settle for a few clumsy licks with my tongue, then cupping and tugging them as I concentrated on his cock.

I made a big 'O' with my lips, letting him set the pace, encouraging him to fuck my face. My hand sliding up and down his shaft prevented him from plunging in too far.

I felt him alternate between fast and deep, slow and shallow. Sometimes my lips could just wrap around the ridge as I swirled my tongue on the head and slit. Then he would pump in and out while holding my head where he wanted it. Finally, when he was ready to shoot his load in my virgin mouth he just said "Oohhh, here it cummms" and I tried to say "oh, yes." I'm sure all that came out was a muffled "mff mmm."

He pulled almost all the way out and I could feel his throbbing excitement with my tongue and lips. His shaft pulsated as his warm white cum shot into my mouth over and over as I tried to milk him dry. There was a brief awkward moment when he stopped pumping into me and I thought: Was he finished? Should I keep sucking? Leave it in there until he goes soft? Should I swallow? Lick him clean? I decided to just wait for him to lead the way.

It was better than I imagined! His warm cum didn't have much taste. But the feeling of something hard and alive slippery and warm in my mouth was wonderful. It was a strange sensation...but delicious too!

I kept still as I felt him getting softer, then swallowed his white fluid as he pulled out of me. He asked what I thought and I said it was incredible and I was glad I overcame my fear and did it!

We talked a little on the way to the door. It was like a dream: 'did I really just do that?' but I wasn't nearly as nervous as before I did it. I said next time I'd like him to take my ass. He said he'd love to fuck me and we'd arrange it at a more private place where we could be more comfortable.

I moved before we got around to that, and I eventually gave my anal cherry to someone else. But that's another story! I think of him often and how fortunate I was to have such a wonderful first time.

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