tagGroup SexMy First Time at a Swinger's Club Ch. 02

My First Time at a Swinger's Club Ch. 02


It didn't take long for Michael to help me find the shower area. I really needed a good hot shower after having all those men cumming all over me. I also needed some attention paid to me now that I was all worked up from my performance on the dance floor. Something about having a man cum all over me just turns me on so much, gets me all tingly inside, makes me want to get even naughtier.

Michael pointed toward the shower room and then just stood there. I couldn't understand why he was just standing there when he was the one that suggested that we shower together to save water. Was he waiting for a personal invitation? Maybe he was waiting for a signal from me that I wanted him to join me. I had the perfect signal in mind too. I reached down and grabbed his flaccid cock and said, "Come on Michael, let's go take that shower we talked about." He very willingly followed me into the shower, not that I gave him much choice.

As we stood there in the shower, the warm water cascading down our naked bodies, I felt Michael's hands begin to touch me. He was standing behind me and suddenly I felt his hands come from behind me and grab my large full breasts and he started kneading them, my nipple tucked in between his index finger and thumb. He began to pull my nipples as he squeezed my breasts. My head lay back against his chest, relaxing and enjoying the feelings that he had stirred in me. My head began to roll from side to side as his squeezing and pulling became more intense.

"MMmmm...Michael...that feels so damn good baby, you sure know how to get a ladies attention." He then leaned down and kissed my cheek softly. I turned into his kiss and we kissed very passionately, our tongues dancing in one another's mouths. I gently began sucking his tongue into my mouth reminding him just how good I was at sucking things, him in particular.

Soon he spun me around so that we were facing one another, and his hands slid down to grip my ass. He began squeezing my ass cheeks and gently spanking them. Squeeze. Rub. Spank. Everything he was doing to me was getting me really excited. I could feel the juices between my thighs starting to run down my legs; it felt so warm, so inviting. As Michael continued to play with my ass, I reached down and started playing with my wet kitty. Nice and slow at first, letting my fingers explore my wetness, then finding my clit, I began to rub it a bit harder. It was so swollen and sensitive, and really wanted some attention. I began to moan as my fingers worked their magic on my swollen bud. Michael heard me and gripped my ass cheeks harder, pulling me closer to him. I could feel his hot manhood pressing against my belly. Oh, how I wanted to feel his cock deep inside of me. I didn't care at this point where he inserted it either; my whole body needed to feel some release.

I was going to get some relief one way or the other too. I preferred that Michael be the one to give it to me, but I would take care of my needs myself if he didn't hurry up. I began kissing him very passionately again, our tongues darting in and out of each other's mouths.

We continued this for a short time when I finally pulled myself away from him and said, "Baby, you have me so damn hot for you...take me...take me now!" I then turned around and bent over, spreading my cheeks for him to have total access to my body.

Suddenly I felt his hard cock sliding up and down, from my swollen clit all the way up to my swollen puckered asshole. All I could do was moan in ecstasy as his cock went up and down my wet slit. He then began to spank my wet ass with his cock. He was driving me wild with desire as he continued to tease me and spank me. I could feel the muscles inside my pussy begin to contract and release, trying to suck something into it that wasn't there. My moaning continued as his teasing was pulling me closer to the edge. All of a sudden, I felt his hard cock pushing into my pussy very slowly, and then he would withdraw it completely. He knew exactly what he was doing to me and he loved every second of the torture that he was causing me to feel. He slid it in again and this time my pussy sucked him in deeper, squeezing his cock as it slid in...then again he would withdraw it. I didn't know how much more of this teasing I could take, so I pushed back against him, pushing him against the wall of the shower, his cock sliding in once more. He wouldn't be able to withdraw it again though as I had him pinned.

His hands found my hips and he grabbed them tightly and said, "Ohhh...Sami has had enough teasing, hasn't she? You want me to fuck you, don't you Sami? Tell Michael what you want Sami!" I began pushing myself back onto his cock, moaning, as the sensations felt so damn good, and answered his questions.

"Yes...I have had enough teasing Michael, and yes I want you to fuck me and fuck me good baby. Slide that hard cock of yours deep into my wet, tight pussy. Go slowly at first and when you feel my pussy begin to tighten, I want you to give it all to me baby...hard and fast...make me scream!" was my reply.

He followed directions very well. He began pumping his hard massive cock in and out of my pussy...slowly at first...going a little deeper each time. I began pushing back onto his hardness, feeling him filling me completely. His balls slapping at my swollen and deprived clit making me even hotter and hungrier for his cock. We both began to moan as our fucking became more intense, it felt so incredible. My clit couldn't take any more teasing from his balls, so I reached down and began to rub it, my fingers going back and forth across it faster and faster. He began fucking me faster as he felt my pussy swallowing him deeper and deeper. I could feel my orgasm quickly approaching.

"Mmmmmm...Michael...make me scream baby...make me screammmmmmm!!!!"

He began fucking me with all that he had in him. Slamming his hard cock deep inside my pussy...hard and fast just as I had instructed him to do. My fingers were soaked with my juices and my clit was so swollen that it felt like it was going to explode. I arched my back and everything let lose inside of me. I began erupting, my pussy contracting hard around his shaft, squeezing him so tightly that he too began to moan and grunt as he exploded deep inside of me. I could feel his cock throbbing as he shot load after load deep into me. My orgasm had taken all my senses away as my whole body now felt like it was exploding. My tits, clit, pussy, everything was cumming and there was no sign that it was going to end. His cock stayed hard after his orgasm and he kept pumping it in and out of my pussy. Several minutes had passed when I finally had reached the end of my orgasm; I had never in my life cum like that before. It was absolutely incredible.

Lost in thought, I suddenly heard Michael say, "I think it is time that we get out of this shower Sami, this cold water is making my dick go soft."

I chuckled as I too realized that the water had indeed become quite chilly. We turned the water off, stepped out of the shower and dried ourselves off. I was having a hard time standing as my body was still recovering from what had just taken place. Michael reached out to steady me and chuckled himself, as I was quite a site standing there with a doe like expression on my face.

Michael finally spoke up and said, "Shall we go find one of those rooms that are for viewing and see what kind of trouble we can find together?"

"Lead the way baby...I am right behind you." was my reply.

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