tagGay MaleMy First Time Ch. 01

My First Time Ch. 01


He was my first, he was in his 40's I was 20. I worked for him and he invited me over for dinner and drinks. I really was not aware of his interest in me. Michael was just a nice guy.

I was kind of a pussy hound at the office,if the ladies were in business attire(pantyhose and heels). I would make a bee line to talk to them.

Michael finally approached me by inviting me to dinner. I went to dinner, and had a few too many drinks. After dinner the drinking continued we sat around in his living room, just talking about life. He took his time.

We finally got around to talking about women.

Michael said "I noticed you really like the business type."

I blurted out "women in pantyhose are my kryptonite, and always get my attention." Remember I was 20 and was pretty inexperienced.

Michael smiled, he pours me another drink. He then says, "we all have our quirks." He reaches for a shoe box next to him and says quietly "can I show you something you may like?" He motions me over to sit near him on the couch. He says, "Just look, and see if you would like to try this?"

He unbuckles his pants, I am frozen, and this situation has never happened I was the great hunter, not the prey. He unzips his fly, and he is wearing sheer to the waist pantyhose (black) and is fully engorged. He had me pegged.

I sat there stunned, he motions to the shoe box, and I have some for you to try on if you want. I am thinking I love the feel when I am with women, I am buzzed feeling good, what the hell, so I sit next to him and take off my pants to put these on

As I was getting undressed, he had already removed his pants and was watching me with hunger in his eyes. I had no body hair.

Michael said later "your skin was so soft and smooth."

He was enjoying the view and he had started to touch himself...so I thought we will just masturbate together. I had done this before, as a teen masturbated with another to a porno magazine.

As I was slipping the hose on I started getting very hard, glassy head hard. I had dreams about a scenario where I was playing with someone,always ending with me being taken. Then waking up with a massive hard on and thinking about it all day.

I pulled the pantyhose up and the sheer material was covering me you could see everything. Every movement caused the over sized hose to rub and pull at me, Michael saw my weakness, and zeroed in.

"Feels good doesn't it?" He asked, still going really slow and not scaring me off. As I was looking at what he was doing I knew I wanted to touch him and he wanted to touch me I could tell, he was trembling,very excited but patient.

I get so hard writing this, He sat there on the couch his six inch cock hard. I noticed it had a little curve in it. He drank me in as he slowly grazed his hand over his nylon covered cock.

I was still unsure of how this was going to go. I noticed a little dribble of precum glistening at the tip of his cock. I assumed that we would at least play with each others cocks, or that he would suggest it. Michael was being really careful.

He asked me again "it feels good doesn't it"

This broke my trance, "yes" I mumbled, feeling very excited and conflicted, I knew, I just knew I had to feel his hand on me.

His fingers were dancing over his cock over the gossamer fabric, tickling stroking, and rubbing. I had started to do the same thing as I looked from his cock down his legs, oh my he had shaved them bare for this, and I knew it! Ohhh I wanted to play but was hesitant. I was waiting for him to take the lead.

Michael said in a low husky voice, "do you like what you see?"

I blurted out "You look really hot! This feels so good."

He smiled, and reached over and put his hand on my knee "May I touch you?"

I nodded; I think I would have croaked if I had spoken. Michael was still very much in command, ran his fingers around my nylon covered knee cap, slowly...I moan "yes it's ok."

He starts up my thigh dragging a finger, using his whole hand, massaging, tickling rubbing his way up. I move my hips forward involuntarily, and slide closer to him, our legs touching each others. He stops at the top of my thigh and starts working back down my leg.

"Ohhh" I am thinking this is torture. Michael rubs his leg against me as he works his way back up. I look down my cock is straining against the pantyhose, pulsing and bobbing. The tip of the swollen head is covered with precum. As I move and squirm the fabric sliding over the head causes little spasms.

His hand drops down to my inner thigh and approaches my crotch from the bottom towards my balls.

He looks at me never missing a beat, "do you like this?" he asked, "Relax hon. and enjoy"

I put my hands behind my head out of the way and watch intently. This whole time he has still been stroking himself slowly, staying very hard, there are now streaks of precum all over the inside of the hose. He is rubbing against me with his legs and feet(don't get me started about my foot fetish).

He takes his hand cupped under palm up and starts lightly tickling my balls, spidering them then grabbing hold of them, not to tight but enough to restrain me from moving. I am watching this, it seems surreal, I love it, and it feels so right.

My cock is now making profuse amounts of precum; I am bucking a little, my taught stomach heaving up and down. He finally drags his tickling fingers up over my balls and up my nylon covered straining cock. I buck and press into his hand which is lightly stroking up the front of my cock. Michael circles the head of my cock and dips a thumb into the pool of precum at the tip. He makes a long stretchy line of clear fluid, as he takes his hand away.

"AAAhhh" I shudder. I hiss "Please....don't stop....this feels so good."

He grins and returns to playing with my cock, never getting a hard rhythm, always getting me close then slowing down.

"OOoohhh God" I moan I am now scooting down the couch making it difficult for him to stroke me.

He looks at me and says, "I know you want to cum, don't you"

"Yes, please, I want to cum" I gasp.

He said "I will finish you but you need to trust me."

It seemed he might have sensed something, my submissive side. I was in no position to argue, I wanted to cum and I wanted him to make me cum.

"Get up on all fours, pointing away from me."

I did as I was told, I got up on the edge the couch pointed away from him, he picked up a letter opener. I tensed up!

He put a hand on my butt and said "I am not going to hurt you" Michael then took the letter opener grabbed the gusset of the my hose and pulled it way from me then poked a hole through. He put his fingers inside opening a hole in the hose so that he could access me.

My cock and balls popped free as well as a thick gooey strand of precum that dangled from the tip.

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