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My First Time With A Man


This is a true incident that happened to me about three years ago. I am in international sales and work for a Fortune 500 company. I have been married for 16 years to a beautiful woman and we have 2 wonderful kids. At the time this happened, I was 36 years old and felt on top of the world.

Anyway, three years ago, I traveled to Caracas, Venezuela to visit one of my major customers. Caracas is a very nice city, surrounded by mountains. The women are beautiful and very sensual. I was to stay at the Intercontinental Hotel, which, in my opinion, is the most beautiful hotel in the city. Also, it is very chic, expensive and attended by the high-class people of Caracas. It has all the amenities necessary to have a wonderful and relaxed time while in the city.

The day that I arrived, I went straight to my client's office. The office was right in downtown Caracas. It was a hot summer day and the area was very congested. I spent the whole day attending various meetings. It was hectic and by the end of the day, I was exhausted and just wanted to go to the hotel to rest and have an easy evening in my room.

I got there and went straight to my room. I lay down on the bed and turned the TV on. It was around 7 pm, and thinking it was early, I decided to go to the gym and do a little weight lifting and running. I did this for about an hour and then went into the dressing room, undressed and went into the sauna room.

I was totally nude and enjoying the dry heat in the sauna. My body was dripping wet from my sweat and I was feeling really good, when this guy came into the wooden sauna box also in the nude. His skin color was creamy white and he was a little hairy. I didn't think too much about it, just saw him come in and he sat right below me. After taking his seat, he turned and rested his back against the wall; then he put his legs onto the wooden Planck. I saw him and somehow my eyes wondered to his crotch (I don't know why?) and I looked at his dick, which was pretty much shrunk, and all of a sudden, I felt my own cock start to rise slightly. I was extremely embarrassed, because I thought he could see me; therefore, I put my thighs together to hide my semi-erection.

I have to tell you that I am not gay, nor have I ever had any homosexual thoughts. But all of a sudden, in that hot and sweaty environment, with that man naked below my view, I was suddenly very excited. I could not take my eyes away! My sight would drift to his crotch and my cock was getting harder and harder. I had to get out of there quickly. And I did!

When I went out of the sauna, I got into the shower stall and let cold water fall on me. I thought that would erase any urges of sex I had in my head. But the man, I think, had noticed me, and followed me by exiting the room. When I came back to the sauna for another session of relaxing heat, he came back and sat just below me. Again, my eyes turned to his cock and my dick began to rise. I was just so ashamed, but my brain was full of excitement and thoughts of sex. I began to imagine sucking his nice cock and making him cum in my mouth. I COULD NOT STOP THINKING ABOUT IT. IT WAS CRAZY?!

I decided to get out for good. I went one more time to the shower stall and let cold water fall all over my body. It felt delicious and soothing. I stayed in the shower for about 10 minutes. When I came out, I went into the steam room. It was a complete different feeling. The sauna was dry heat, while the steam room was just searing hot! I went in and sat way to the corner, hidden away from the door. I couldn't stop thinking about the guy in the sauna.

At that moment, I noticed the door to the steam room swung open and another guy came in. I looked in the direction of the door and I saw this handsome, young, naked man standing still right by the door. The room was full of steam and the lighting was very dim inside. Progressively my eyes traveled from his head down, but my eyes widened and stopped at his cock. IT WAS GORGEOUS! As I said before, I was hot and heavy with excitement and I could not get the erotic thoughts out of my mind and then I stared at his cock. He was standing with his arms crossed on his chest; he was dark olive skinned; black, wet hair on his head; and he did not have hair in his body. He looked like he exercised every day. His legs were thick and strong; his arms and shoulders were well defined. I could not see his chest. He was, to my eyes at that moment, a tropical Adonis.

But getting back to his gorgeous tool. It was just hanging calmly down, limp, cut. It was dropping from his groin wall to about 7 inches. When I saw it, I could only imagined that when hard, it must be huge. My cock itself is average length, no big deal, it measures five and half inches when completely erect. His cock was not thick, probably about 3 inches around. The head looked so smooth and rosy colored. Like a crown resting on a beautiful, strong, long shaft.

I could not stop staring at it and he definitely noticed me looking at it with lust in my eyes. I didn't noticed when he started moving towards me and when I finally did, he was standing right next to me and I was facing his cock, which was right in front of my face!

He just asked me, "Do you like what you see?"

I could not believe it and I was so confused, but the word that came out was only a brief, "Yes. " You have to understand that I had never, ever done this and I really did not want to do it, but I could not reject him. His tool was just too much for me to reject.

"Do you want to touch it?" He asked me. And again, against my will, I said, "Yes. " He continued, "Go ahead, hold my cock!" And at that moment, I stretched my arm and grasped the shaft.

It felt so good to touch, to feel its tender skin on the palm of my hand. I could feel the veins running down his shaft. It just felt so natural. And I just kept massaging his cock; up and down, up and down, softly. I was enjoying every minute.

He just moaned with pleasure and his cock grew hard. I was right, it was huge. It must have been 9inches long and about 4 inches thick, when fully engorged. It was downright lustful. Then to my own amazement, I asked him, "Can I kiss it? Do you mind that I taste you a little?"

He just nodded positively. And I put my lips to his head. It felt so good. I opened my lips and stuck my tongue out and licked the head of his cock. It tasted salty and sweet. I was a prisoner of his cock. I ran my tongue down around the flange of the crown, slowly tasting every millimeter of his beautiful dick. I continued licking down his rod until I got to his balls, his testicles. I felt his pubic hair on my nose. His pubic hair was dripping with sweat and the stiff hairs pinched my nose. I was so aroused and hard by now.

I took his balls in my mouth and sucked them, first one, then the other and then I lifted his cock and balls and sucked in between his scrotum and asshole. He tasted so delicious, I savored every inch of his crotch area.

But at that moment, we were interrupted when another man came into the steam room (we had been by ourselves for about 10-15 minutes). I was so ashamed of myself! I immediately withdrew and it was obvious that the other man had noticed what was happening, I stood up and walked out quickly out of the steamy room.

I was putting on my clothes outside in the dressing room, when he appeared right in front of me. I was startled!

He introduced himself, "Hi, my name is Ricardo. "

I responded, "My name is Dan. Nice to meet you Ricardo. " And we shook hands. I asked him if he wanted to have a drink at the bar by the pool and he accepted. We walked quietly and sat at the bar. You could feel the sexual tension and combined with the outside air and smell and sound of the pool, it was definitely a very sensual moment for me.

We talked about what we did for a living, our families, etc. At all times, avoiding any mention of the occurrence earlier in the steam room. We sat there drinking and laughing about different things. We had a wonderful time and after all the scotch drinks we had, I was feeling very buzzed. It was around 11 pm already. Watching him, I was getting hot again. He was wearing loose shorts and a t-shirt. When I looked down, I could see part of his crotch and it just brought memories of his gorgeous cock. But I wasn't sure that I wanted to go any further with it. I was already feeling regretful about my actions!

To my surprise again, I asked, "Ricardo, would you like to continue in my room?" He looked at me for a split second and said, "Yes, of course! Anything to be with you!"

As soon as we got to my room, I turned to him and said, "Listen Ricardo, I have never done this before and I'm not sure I want to. I am married and have children and worse, I like women. " He answered back, "Dan, let's just have fun and forget about it. You had me so hot and ready to cum earlier, I can't let you off now! Why don't we just relax and take a shower together?"

The idea of the shower had my head going 100 miles/hr. I approached him and started removing his clothes. He just stood there, watching me. I felt myself so submissive to this god. Then, I removed all of my clothes and turned the shower on.

We got into the shower. He turned around and plastered a kiss on my lips. I was kind of disgusted, but instead of rejecting him, I returned the kiss. I opened my mouth and he stuck his tongue inside. We French-kissed for a while and touched each other everywhere. I grabbed his cock and massaged it until it was completely engorged. Mine was so hard, that it hurt!

I took the soap and lathered him head-to-toes. Then I came back up, turned him around and soaped his ass slowly, massaging his buttocks and then slipping a finger down his crack. He moaned! I softly touched his asshole, circling with my middle finger. He was in heaven!

Then I turned my attention back to his cock. My chest was against his back and felt his flesh against mine. I masturbated him slowly with my slippery hand. Then I stopped! He grunted and complained, but I told him we should get out of the shower. We did. He looked awesome, naked in front of me, drying with the towel.

I lead him to the king-sized bed and made him lie on his back. His cock was flat on his stomach. It was huge and I couldn't wait to swallow it. I started sucking his toes, one-by-one, going up his muscular calves and licking the inside of his thighs. I tasted every inch of his body, until I got to his rod. There it was, waiting for me.

I licked up and down slowly, experiencing the whole pole. Teasing it with my lips and tongue and then... I turned him around and again he grunted, disappointed. His eyes were closed, feeling the course I was taking. I started sucking on his ears and moved down his spine, breathing heavily and kissing every nook and crevice in his back. He moaned and his breathing was hot and heavy.

Finally, I got to his ass. He was tense. He lifted his butt when he felt me. I kissed his tender sides and he spread his legs wide. I caressed his crack and split his cheeks open and went down on it. I sucked his anus softly. Stuck my tongue out and stuck in as far as he would go. He was moaning so loud. He was going crazy. And I loved it! "Dan, that feels so gooood, hmmm... " He let out.

I stopped. I was teasing him sooo bad. I turned him again and immediately swallowed his cock. It was hard as a rock and just sucked like there was no tomorrow. I swallowed deep, but could only get 4-5 inches in my mouth. It felt wonderful. "I'm going to cum,... oooh god... " He was moaning so hard. But I stopped again. I didn't want him to cum just yet. As I said, this was my first time. I was a virgin, but I was hot, filled with lust, and couldn't stop anymore and I was not going to miss this opportunity, with such a gorgeous cock. I told him to wait for me and went to my toiletry bag in the bathroom. I grabbed the hand lotion bottle, a condom, and came back to the bed.

"Ricardo, I want you to fuck me. This is my first time, I am a virgin, but I have to feel your cock in my ass!" I told him. I rolled the condom down his dick and spread the lotion on his rod and all over my asshole.

"I'll take it easy, don't worry, my beautiful virgin... "

"No, stay as you are, face up. I want to come down on it, please!" I said. And at that moment, I stood on top of him, with my feet at either side of him, and lowered myself slowly and impaled his pole. "Oooooooh, ahahahah... aaaah... oooff, oooff... " I felt like I was breaking in half. His cock felt huge inside my ass. But, I was starting to feel so much pleasure, I couldn't stop.

I squatted all the way down and his cock was all the way in. I just rode him. Up and down, up and down. "You're so tight.... oh god, fuck... fuck, oh god, fuck my rod, do it, do it to me my little virgin. " I screamed, "Oh my gosh, I am going to cum, ahahahah... ooof... oooff... you feel so good!"

"I'm cumiiiiiinggggggg... " and I spilled all my juice on his legs and on the bedsheets.

Then it was his turn and he yelled, "I'm going to cum, too... ahhhhhhh... "

"Wait!" I screamed, "I want taste you... cum in my mouth... " And I got off and turned around to swallow his cock. Not 30 seconds had passed, when he squirted his semen in my mouth.

It tasted weird, salty, sour, but sweet and I enjoyed the first squirt. The second and third just hit the back of my throat and I swallowed all of it. When he was done, I kept on sucking him and cleaned him all up.

We were exhausted and collapsed on the bed. After about 20 minutes, he got up, got dressed and left. I will never forget him. My first time, with my gorgeous tropical Adonis.

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For most men, once they try m2m sex they become hooked on it. That is what happened to me. I was 44 when I sucked my first cock. It was wonderful and I ended up sucking 5 cocks that night. I was reallymore...

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