tagIncest/TabooMy Formative Sexual Years Ch. 03

My Formative Sexual Years Ch. 03


Part 3

I meet Stephen, my Svengali.

This is an unusual tale. It's unbelievably, broadly true, but embellished here and there, for obvious reasons. It sort of runs alongside my main story on here, "The Sexual Bio" job, but it goes further and deeper into my early days.

In some ways there is a serious side to this. There is an aspect of my writing that is set apart from gaining and giving sexual pleasure, which I get from writing and hope you gain from reading me!

I think I am complicated. I don't understand what I am and what makes me what I am. I don't know why I have such views and beliefs with regard to morals or, more to the point lack of and I can't understand why I continually feel able to test the boundaries of my sexual feelings and sexuality.

Writing helps me try to find answers to these questions. On the other hand I might just be a spoiled bitch that likes being fucked. Who knows?

In Part 1 I told you about losing my virginity, to my thirty-five year old uncle and in Part 2 how our affair developed. In this part I am going to tell you about some of an amazing weekend with both of them.


Part 3

Chapter 9

As I showered in the downstairs bathroom by the pool I was, I have to admit, full of remorse and disgust. How I could have let the pair of you do those things to me, how I could be so gullible, how I could be so sluttish and how I could be so influenced and dominated by both of you?

Almost scrubbing myself to cleanse my youthful body from the older mens' cum, I also had other thoughts, deeper ones and more worrying ones. If it was all so disgusting and crude, why the hell had I enjoyed it so much? I had to admit that I had. I had revelled in the sex, I had loved being the centre of attention, having two such older men adore me and want to have me. I had found such stimulation in being treated like a cheap whore, a slut and a slave. I had actually wanted them to demean, abuse and degrade me; I wanted to be treated like shit. I had wanted them to go further, be cruder, dirtier and more wanton. I had wanted to do filthier and more lewd acts with you both. Just what they might be, my sexually immature mind could not fathom; it hadn't had the experience of 'filthier and cruder' either theoretical or actual, yet.

But your words were still ringing round my mind as I dried myself.

"Get ready to be fucked by both of us," you had said.

How would that be? How could two men fuck me? I wondered. And could I handle that, however it was performed?

"You nearly done?" Sammi I heard Clive call out from outside the bathroom door that I had locked.

"Yes, Clive, almost."

"Well open the fucking door," I heard your deeper voice order.

It did seem a little unnecessary to have it locked after everything the pair of you had seen and done. I unlocked it. You both came in wrapped in towels you had taken from the airing cupboard. "Fuck," I thought how will I explain to mum why they had been used?

"Mmmm," you said looking at my naked, body that was glowing from the heat of the water and the scrubbing with both the flannel and the towel. "You have gone a little pink, my dear," you said running your fingertips down my back. "Hasn't she Clive?"

"Especially here," Clive said cupping one of my breasts.

I simply stood there naked, letting you and Clive do as you wish; that seemed to be the appropriate thing for me to do. You didn't do much, but almost ignoring me, almost as if I wasn't there, almost if I was just a body and not a mind and personality, you both stroked me, particularly my breasts and my bottom. You both seemed so intrigued and interested in my little bum; I had no idea why for I had always thought men preferred a girl's boobs and pussy to her bottom.

That weekend when mum and dad were away at the wedding and Clive and you moved into the house taught me different. Yes, that weekend when I was yours and his sex slave I learned so many things, not the least of which is that men have an enormous fascination for girls' bums; I also learned that they can give their owner so much excitement and pleasure. I had no idea of that, for the young guys I had messed around with didn't have the experience or confidence, maybe not even the knowledge, to show much interest, and the books I read, mainly novels, on sex rarely mentioned, tongues licking between a girl's bum cheeks, fingers probing the anal hole or a tongue or finger slipping inside. That weekend changed all that

Chapter 10

"Let's go to your bedroom Sammi," one of you said as I was drying my hair.

Inexplicably, that didn't scare me. I didn't feel worried or overly concerned. In fact I felt tinglingly excited.

Shit how I had changed. And in such a short time. Just a few weeks ago I was a virgin. Just this morning I had only had sex with one man. Just this afternoon I had never sucked a cock, been with a man your age or, of course, had sex with two men as we had just had. I had never been involved in such extreme activities, although my sexual apprenticeship with my uncle Clive, included incest, being fucked in my school uniform, in his car and in the open air. But they faded almost into insignificance when compared to what had happened to me in the past few hours and, what I suspected, would happen in the next few.

Clive went first, walking up the stairs, turning right at the top, past the guest rooms and into the annex, built over the garage where I had my bedroom, little study and bath and shower. I followed with you bringing up the rear. I had wrapped a towel round me before leaving the bathroom tucking one edge inside the other above my boobs. That meant it only covered a short length of my legs. It also meant that as I walked up the stairs ahead of you, you had an uninterrupted view right up the towel, right onto my bum and right into my pussy, no cunt, I thought, knowing now that was the grown up word to use! As I had climbed six or seven stairs I assumed that you would be able to see that, but wasn't sure. By the time I had nearly reached the top, you had confirmed you could see.

"Sammi, you really do have a lovely bum," you said indicating you could see it.

"Thank you Stephen," I replied not knowing what else to say.

"It's so nice I can't resist it," you went on as I felt your hand stroking each cheek. "Mmmmm, lovely," you murmured moving your face close to mine still rubbing my bottom. "Sammi have you been a really naughty girl?" You went on.

"How? What do you mean, I asked as we reached the landing.

"Have you brought Clive to your bedroom before?"

"No, this is our first time here."

"Odd that he should know where your bedroom is, isn't it?

I hadn't thought about that, being far more involved with the lovely feelings I was getting from your hand on my bum.

"Probably my dad told him, when we had the extension built."

"Mmmmmm, maybe," you said, not sounding at all convinced.

"Is this your mum?" You asked holding up a photo of her that he had picked up from a corner table.

"Yes that's mum?"

"Mmmmmm she's lovely apart from.........."

"What?" I asked sharply, for in my mind my mother was beautiful, probably perfect.

"Her boobs are too large for my taste, I prefer tiny ones, even almost just nipples."

I smiled as you put the photo of her in a strapless ball gown down.

"Well then you wouldn't like Amanda's boobs, would she Sammi?" Clive said opening the door to my room.

"No I guess not," I said walking through it.

"I can assure you you wouldn't Steve, for Sammi's mum has great tits, they're really big, a real handful."

"You seem to know them very well," you said as we stood in a triangle at the foot of my bed. Turning, and looking round the room you went on, almost in a whisper, "Almost as if you are familiar with them.

"What do you mean?" I said.

"Nothing. Nothing at all," you said lightly smiling. "It's just the way Clive and I joke, isn't it Clive? You'll get used to it, won't she Clive?"

I looked from you to Clive as I felt the towel loosening. I grabbed it with both hands as I saw an odd look in Clive's eyes. Guilt, I wondered?

Chapter 11

"I want to put this on you," you said, holding what looked like a scarf up for me to see.

"What is it, where do want to put it?" I asked, very naively.

"I'll show you in a minute, but first sit on the edge of the bed," you said very authoritatively. The way you changed from sounding tender and caring to hard and directive was both scary, yet excitingly impressive. The way you took control of the situation dominating both Clive and me was awesome and exciting. I sat as you ordered.

"Undo the towel."

My fingers were actually shaking as I untucked the towel.

"Let it fall so we can see you."

I did that.

I had my legs crossed so, although you could both stare at my boobs you couldn't see my pubes.

"Uncross your legs, stupid," you growled in a frighteningly cold voice.

I did.

"Sammi, are you being purposefully obdurate you asked?"

"What, I don't understand, obdurate?"

"Don't they teach you anything other than how to play with yourself at the stupid, fucking school your father pays a fortune to send you to?" Clive asked joining in and getting a stern glance from you.

"Thank you Clive. Sammi why do you think we are here?"

"Er, I don't know, tell me."

"To have sex aren't we?"

"Yes, yes I suppose we are."

You looked very cross as you closed the gap between us and grabbed my, still damp, hair. You pulled it, hard, too hard, it hurt.

"Ouch, don't, stop," I moaned grabbing your hand trying to relieve the pain.

Your face was just inches from mine as you hissed. "Don't you dare, don't you ever tell me what to do. You're my, our I mean, fucking slave and that's all there is to it."

The pain as you yanked my hair really hard was awful.

"Say sorry, Sam," Clive said also moving closer. "Tell Stephen how sorry you are."

I could hardly believe what my uncle was saying or doing. Surely he should protect me, I thought? Why should I say sorry, I hadn't done anything wrong?

I saw you turn and storm out of the room muttering. "Straighten her out Clive or I swear

I'll spank your fucking niece until her arse is raw."

I was confused, bewildered I suppose at the amazing turn of events. Just moments ago you had been tenderly stroking my bottom as we walked up the stairs and now all this.

Clive sat beside me and put his arm round me. He tried explaining that you were a wonderful man but eccentric and you had some amazing, but 'unusual' tastes in sex. He told me a little about BDSM, explaining about domination and submission, pain, control, direction and all that stuff. Most of it went over my head. What did register, though, was when Clive said that abusing and demeaning you is really a compliment, his way of showing affection. Why did that make sense and make me tingle? Why did I, a eighteen year old, relatively inexperienced girl, associate with a man old enough to be my grandfather and his desire to humiliate, control, abuse and dominate me?

I had no idea. It got worse, though, or maybe better, when Clive said.

"He wants you to be his sex slave."

"Oh God Clive," I whimpered "What does that mean?"

"I'm not totally sure, I have never been this involved with Stephen before, well not this deep. I guess he wants you to be at his beck and call following his orders all the time. Doing whatever he says exactly when he says it."

It was as though everything suddenly made sense or, nothing made sense, for there was no sense. I suddenly realised, sitting there naked with my uncle's arm round me, his fingertips caressing the top of my breasts that I wanted that. I wanted to be yours and Clive's sex slave.

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