tagNonConsent/ReluctanceMy (Former) Best Friend's Wife

My (Former) Best Friend's Wife


I was starting a new job, and my best friend Joe had been kind enough to sell me his laptop at a really great price. I went to Joe's house on a Sunday evening to pick up the laptop. I liked going to Joe's house, because I got to see his wife Amy. Amy was very cool, and although she adored her husband, and always dressed conservatively, she was a pleasure to look at. Unfortunately, Amy was nowhere to be found when I stopped by. I figured that she must be out doing something, and I waited patiently on the couch while Joe was looking for all of the accessories that go with the laptop.

Joe went into the basement to look for the laptop. While I was waiting for him, I heard some noise upstairs, and then heard what sounded like running water. After a minute or two, I heard the distinct noise of a Shower running. A door opened up upstairs, and Amy yelled out to Joe (who was already in the basement and couldn't hear her) that she was going to take a quick shower and that he should take messages if anyone called for her on the phone.

I thought that this was a great opportunity to finally see Amy naked. I made my way to the bathroom and cracked open the door. Amy was washing herself in the shower and was totally unaware of me peeking through the door.

I was transfixed by Amy's small body - her 5 foot frame with her blond hair just passed her small shoulders. What stood out about Amy was that despite her small body, she had very large natural full 34C cups. This was followed by a small waist leading up to what looked like the tightest ass and pussy I had ever seen. Her pussy had a small triangular bush of her natural blond hair leading down to her sweet tight hole.

I was concentrating so hard at getting a good look at Amy that I didn't notice that Joe had come back up from the basement. When he got to the top of the stairs and saw me looking through the crack in the door, his face got red and he came running at me yelling ''Hey, What The Hell Are You Doing?'' I don't know what happened next but all of a sudden, Joe took a swing at me. I dodged it and punched him in the stomach.

As he doubled over I hit him again, and he fell to the floor. Amy heard some of the commotion, and came running to the door wearing a towel wrapped around her. ''Joe... Oh my god!! What did you do to him!!??''

She began screaming, and cursing at me and yelling at me to get out.

I grabbed a hold of Amy and slapped her in the face to quiet her. Joe was still on the floor in obvious pain, and I told Amy that if she said another word, I would kill her husband. I really didn't mean that, and just said it to scare her, but my threat worked and she became quiet. I gave Joe a couple of kicks to the stomach to make sure that he didn't offer any resistance. Then I dragged him into their bedroom and used some of his shirts to tie him to a chair. I went back to Amy and warned her again not to try anything stupid. Then I went to their bathroom and grabbed Amy's shaver and some shaving cream. I grabbed Amy by her arm and pulled her to the bedroom and lifted her onto the bed.

I then apologized to Joe. I told him that ever since I met Amy, I always fantasized about fucking her, and now I finally had my opportunity. I also told him that I pictured Amy fully shaved, so I was going to shave her now. When I said this, Amy yelled ''No - Please Don't!!'' and Joe started straining against his bindings - trying to break free. It was no use though, as I tied the shirts together very tightly. I forced Amy to lie down on the bed. I took out the shaver and cream and told her that she better not move, because I didn't want to cut her with the shaver.

I opened up the bottom of her towel so that her pussy was totally visible. I spread her legs apart, and her clit was sticking out. I was getting very hard and really concentrate so I didn't cum in my pants.

I put shaving cream all over her vaginal area until everything was covered with cream. I then slowly and carefully shaved of every speck of hair from her pussy. It was a very big turn-on to see Amy lying naked on the bed, totally shaved, with her beautiful tits pointing to the ceiling.

Holding each of her ass cheeks in each hand, I lowered my face into her pussy. My tongue snake its way into her tight twat and I got a taste of her sweet pussy juices. Amy started wriggling against my face, and let out a low squeal. All of a sudden my face got flooded with Amy's juices. Amy just had an orgasm!!

When Joe saw what happened, he got really upset and started trying to get out an began yelling at me to get off of her. I told him that if he didn't shut the fuck up I would really give it to her hard and make Amy really scream. He yelled ''Fuck you asshole!! I'll kill you when I get loose!''. I started smiling and told him that if I was qoing to die there were three things left for me to do. I had to have Amy's ass, her pussy, and her tits. Having said that, I flipped Amy over and got her into a doggie-style position. I stuck one finger in her tight ass. She flinched and I stuck two more fingers in it. It was obvious that she never had anal sex before, which made me enjoy this even more. After I felt that she had enough finger preparation, I took out my extremely hard cock and held it up for Joe to see.

After he saw it I plunged it into Amy's small asshole. ''OWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!'' Amy screamed. ''STOPPPPPP PLEASSSEE!!!!

Joe was going nuts and he knocked himself over in the chair. I laughed, and thrust my dick in her ass. I went in and out until my entire cock was in her ass. The feeling was so amazing, I knew I was going to cum soon. When I felt ready to explode I reached over and grabbed her swaying tits and squeezed hard. She screamed and I yelled as I exploded in her ass. After a few more minutes I pulled out of her ass which was leaking my sperm.

I really wanted to fuck her pussy but I knew that it would take some time until I was ready to go again. I pulled Amy by her hair and told her to suck the cum and ass off of my cock. I warned her that if I felt any teeth touching my cock, she would pay dearly. Amy then went to work on my cum covered limp cock. She started licking my penis up and down, but I felt that she wasn't putting enough effort into it. I pulled her off of me and put her into a ''69'' position with her pussy in my face and my dick in her face. I told her to start sucking. She said no, and didn't listen, so I took my hand and gave her a big hard slap on the ass. She screamed in pain and started sucking my cock. To give her some movement, I started to take some long licks of her pussy, which got her whole body squirming and her mouth really moving up and down my cock. After a few minutes I felt myself get extremely hard. I picked her head up off of my dick and told her to lay down on her back. I then positioned her on the bed so that her pussy was pointed in the direction of Joe. I then picked her feet up and placed each foot over one of my shoulders. I then pointed my dick towards her tight pussy. As I began to push my cock into her twat, I went into it pretty easily. Her cunt embraced my dick with a tightness that felt incredible. I worked my dick into her pussy pretty easily up until there was about 2 inches left. Then it got really tough to get my whole dick in her cunt. The more I tried to push my dick in, the more Amy began to gasp. I asked Amy what was wrong, and she said that she had never been fucked so deeply before. This surprised me a little because I was only 7 inches long, but I guessed that Joe must only have about 5 inches on him. Eventually, I got my entire dick in her, and started fucking her at a steady pace. It was really great fucking her with her legs on my shoulders and looking down at her pussy swallowing my penis. After about 10 minutes Amy started wheezing and moaning. I kept pounding into her as deep as possible, until she screamed out '' OHHH SHIIIITTT'' and started thrashing all over the bed in a very strong orgasm. Her pussy really tightened up on me and I also yelled as I came deep into her pussy and flooded her cunt with my sperm. I kept my dick in her pussy for a few more minutes until I felt my dick go soft.

Amy looked at me and said - ''Dave, you got what you wanted... Can you please let us go now? '' I will Amy, I just one more thing..''

I took my dick out of Amy's pussy and told her to lick it clean. Cum started leaking out of her pussy as she started to go to work on my cock again. After about 15 minutes of sucking my cock and balls, I got hard again. I told Amy that for her finally, she was going to showcase her beautiful tits.

As Amy was lying on the bed I went on top of her and started sucking on one of her breasts. Her nipple was extremely sensitive and in a few seconds, it was sticking out 2 inches off of her breast like a big pink eraser. I took the nipple in my mouth and started sucking vigorously.

Amy started moaning, and I moved on to her other nipple and did the same thing. Then I told her to put her hands on her tits and hold them together until I tell her to stop. She complied and put her breasts together. I made a little space between them and stuck my penis in between her tits. My penis was covered in Amy's juices and my pre-cum which acted as a lubricant as I started to slide my dick in and out of her tits. After a few minutes I felt my cum building up in my cock, and I soon exploded all over Amy's breasts and her neck. My second spurt of cum went all over her face and in her mouth. I felt that I had a little more cum left in me so I quickly stuck my cock in her pussy and pushed in as deep as possible before I released my cum inside her.

After I was completely drained, I pulled my cock out of her tight pussy and got dressed. I said goodbye to Joe, who looked like he wanted to kill me. I gave Amy a long kiss good-bye, and sucked her 2 tits one more tie and then I left.

A few months later Amy and Joe split up and got divorced. Now I go over to Amy's house and fuck her as often as I like.

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Not realistic at all. The husband would have beat him to a pulp.

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