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My Friend's Mum


This is my true story...

I am 5'7 inches, quite muscular body as all I enjoyed was sports, and going to the gym. My family and Karen's family have been friends for 20 years, going back to when my mum and Karen were pregnant with my sister and my best friends sister at the same time, they were pregnant with myself and my best friend at the same time, and pretty much the same with my younger brother and there youngest.

A brief description of Karen, she is 5' 5", black hair, her breast have grown to 34d after bearing five children, and she tries to keep fit taking Sarah (her youngest) swimming, so has a relatively flat belly, with a well-proportioned round ass.

Karen, having divorced the children's father after he ran off with another woman, re-married to a religious hard to please man, who to be fair picked up the pieces after the first marriage but never really treated Karen right, nor saw the three children as 'his own' despite helping a lot in there upbringing.

Anyway, he always felt he needed a child of his own, and Karen gave birth to his daughter (Sarah), 8 years ago, Karen was young in the first marriage. Karen gave her husband what he had always wanted and after the birth of his child, he took less care in treating the family how they should, including Karen and she had suspicions of an affair. However, as we grew older I became the equivalent of a son to her, and was very comfortable around the family, I frequently stayed over there, even going to on holiday with them one year.

As I grew into a man I saw Karen in different ways, and for some reason sensed something different with the way she behaved around me, she would always take interest in my relationships with girls always smiling when my friend would tease me regarding girls I had got with.

One evening whilst the 3 'kids', were visiting there father who had moved to France with his new wife, Sarah, Karen's youngest child was with her Grandparents to give Karen and Darren some time alone, after months of little affection, Karen tried to spice things up, anything to get some notice from him. That night she dressed to kill, in long black dress, which complimented her still respectable figure, however Darren (the husband) had other plans, and said he had already had arranged to go jamming with the shitty band he was in. Karen was so upset and he left her weeping in front of a romantic candle lit dinner that she had prepared for the two of them.

I was just finishing football and as my bathroom was being re-decorated, I didn't think twice to drive over to Karen's to use their shower, when I got there and let myself in I was gobsmacked, Karen looked beautiful and evidently slightly drunk. She had been crying and her make-up was smudged, I consoled her with a hug and could feel her firm breast tightly on my chest, in all the excitement I still hadn't showered from football, so asked to have a quick shower and whilst doing so I told her not to worry, clean herself up and to re-heat the food. When I came out in a towel Karen met me in the hall; she had got me some clean clothes to wear belonging to her son, my best mate.

We sat down to the dinner and she poured her heart out to me about how the limp dick of a husband had neglected her for so long, and all she wanted was to be loved and treated like a lady, the alcohol was clearly having an affect on her now and after 20 minutes of her talking away I spoke, saying she deserved better, and that he was a fool to ignore someone so beautiful. She just looked at me and I thought I had gone too far, but then she gave me a sexy smile and leant in to kiss me.

I was utterly gobsmacked and remembered she was my best friend's mother! I broke the kiss and told her I didn't want to take advantage of her, however my protests were short lived when she kissed me again whispering she knew exactly what she wanted and rubbed my now semi erect cock. We stood, her against the wall and slowly I unzipped her dress leaving her in a red push up bra, red thong and red 3-inch heels. I was in heaven! She then took the rains, and within seconds I was naked in front of her, and by the grin on her face, she was pleased to see my rock hard cock, standing proud 8 1/2 inches in the air. It was later that she told of how Darren's limp dick only stretched to 4 1/2 inches at best.

We embraced once more now her on the floor and with me on top.

"I cant take it anymore...I need your cock inside me...I need to have it in me!" she cried as the friction was too much for her clit as I teased her with my cock,

"Give it to me!" she screamed, so without needing any further encouragement I thrust into her tight under-used pussy as she let out a thunderous cry of pleasure. Once fully penetrated, I held myself in her, my balls snuggled against her ass, allowing her to adjust to my size. I gazed into her eyes for what seemed like eternity, before she whispered in my ear that she was ready, "screw me...take what belongs to you!"

Again not needing to be told twice I slow withdrew my cock to the tip, then thrust in again, both of us adjusting to a rhythm. Karen whined as I started to really pound her pussy, as she ran her feelings across my back I couldn't believe the things coming from her mouth,

"That's it, screw what's yours and no-one else's, you own me, my pussy, my mouth, my titties, my ass!"

Her body began to tense up as she moaned

"Fuck me deeper...make me pregnant, let me carry your child!"

I roared on hearing this as I slammed into her for all I was worth! She screamed as she crashed into an orgasm, I felt her pussy tighten around my cock as I shot load after load into her fertile pussy. Karen let out a final long moan as my hot sperm hit her deepest most forbidden parts.

I collapsed in exhaustion on top of her, my still hard dick deep inside her. Eventually, I rolled off her sleeping body, and carried her to bed, got her settled and left. As I drove off I saw Darren pull into the road, he waved and I returned his gesture with a smile, knowing I had just fucked his wife deeper than he ever had.

The next morning I knew Darren would be at synagogue, so I got up early and headed over to Karen's just as he walked out the door I walked in unnoticed by Karen. I approached her as her stood in front of the sink washing up after that limp dick of a husband, she looked to be only wearing her nighty so still unaware of my presence, I nestled my now hard dick in-between her ass cheeks and took hold of a large breast. She jumped in shock only pushing my dick harder against her ass, we kissed, and I pulled her nighty over her head and my trousers down, and entered her from behind in one swift slow thrust. She leant over the sink, and began to rock back meeting my thrusts, this and the sight of this beautiful woman naked, but for her rubber gloves that she had been washing up with, only encouraging me to thrust harder as I grabbed onto her hips, watching her lovely ass shake at each forward stroke I made, she started to moan and her filthy language began again,

"Oh baby it feels so good...fuck your naughty whore...slam that hard dick into me... harder!"

I began to pound into her, deeper than ever as she rocked furiously on my cock, I grabbed hold of a tit and held her hair as 'reins' with my other hand,

"That's it, fuck me... deeper...I need it! Give me your seed"

I couldn't take much more and found myself responding to her screams,

"You love this don't you, you love my cock deep inside you when that limp dick husband is out at synagogue-" she cut me off

"Yes, only yours! Give me your gorgeous cock, fuck me deeper than anyone can!"

She squealed as she hit another powerful orgasm, nearing my climax I finished her off.

"Beg for my cum Karen! Tell me how much you want it!"

"Ooh... soak me in your cum! Let me carry your baby!"

With that I plunged my cock deep in her and deposited my fertile semen in her womb. I collapsed over her again, both struggling to regain composure.

I fucked her again that morning, this time anally whilst in the shower, before turning on the TV just in time before Darren walked in the door. Karen came downstairs in a silky robe, both of us acting completely normal.

Darren asked me if I wanted to stay and watch the football that night, so I accepted, knowing he would probably fall asleep before half time, sure enough he did, and Karen sucked my dick on the couch opposite her sleeping husband, I came all over her face which she happily slurped up.

We continued our affair, more discretely as her kids came back from their dad's, but this was when I was 19, and Karen gave birth to a beautiful boy, my baby boy, which Darren some how believes is his from the few and short-lived times he had sex with her.

I attend a local university now, so we still have spare time to share with each other and my son.

Let me know what you think depending on feedback, I might write an update of the many adventures Karen and I have had.

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