My Funny Valentine


My Funny Valentine

"Okay, Sweet! Happy Valentine's. I'm off to work!" Laura kissed me good-bye as I laid in bed. "I should be home about normal time. At least that's my plan."

I stretched a yawn. "Okay. I'll see you when you get home."

Even with the shades pulled, the bright sunlight light up our apartment bedroom. It was cold outside but the rays warmed the room nicely. I laid there for a few moment and thought of my Valentine's plans for my love Laura. It was going to be a packed day for sure with hopefully, an obvious fulfilling ending. I felt excited blood flowed into my cock. I pulled off the bed covers and smiled at the lump that formed inside my gossamer panties. I really wanted to take care of it, but reluctantly decided to keep it for tonight.

Laura was perfect. She stood a number inches taller than my 5' 6" slender frame without my high heels. She was still about an inch taller than me even when I wore my 5-inch heels. A pretty face, C-sized breasts, a curvy torso and perfect, shapely legs, she had the body I could die for. Her short bob, auburn hair was silky and thick.

Laura and I met in Seductive Hearts which was an adult sex shop. I was looking at a new bone-waist body shaper when she bumped into me and said. "I think you would look very sexy wearing that. But I think we need to get you some different panties. That corset won't go with the panties you have on now."

To this day, I'm not sure how she figured it out, but she did. She paid for the corset, some matching panties and some stockings. She took me home and the rest is history.

Laura's job is very well paying so she insisted that I become the homemaker. She gives me a sizeable allowance so I don't have to work. It has been a wonderful relationship.

"Enough daydreaming" I swung my legs off the king-size bed and slipped my feet into my pink marabou, low heeled mules. I needed to have my coffee before I really started the day. Still dressed in my nightie, I made my way to the kitchen. Laura had brewed a pot of coffee; the thermal urn kept it hot. Beside the urn was a card addressed to "Sweet."

Anxiously I unsealed it and pulled out the flowery, lacy, heart-filled card. The front of the card asked me "Please be my Valentine's." I opened it up. Inside was the card greeting. "I promise to be yours!" But also inside, Laura had written me a message.

My Dear Sweet;

I have arranged for someone to come by and clean the apartment for you today. I have also arranged an appointment for this afternoon at the SPA. I hope you enjoy your day. See you tonight.

All my love, L.

This is why I love my girlfriend. She always knows what to do and what to get me. I was so excited about what was going to be a fantastic day... and night!

I needed to get ready. I took my cup of java back to the bedroom so I could change from my nightwear. I slid the spaghetti straps off my shoulders and shimmied out of the black satin camisole. The lacy trim tickled my nipples as it brushed over them. I hooked my thumbs into the elastic waist band of my boy-shorts and pushed them over my bum and on to the floor. My 6-inch toy popped out and was sticking straight out. The thought of changing into or out of my intimates always made me hard which meant I almost always had a hard-on in my panties.

I knew I would dress up special for Laura that night so I dressed rather plainly for now. I pulled on some pretty, nudie-coloured, Mula Bandhawear bikini panties. The bra was pretty, plain and white with AAA-cups. I pulled on a bum-covering, pink mohair sweater and a tight, black LuluLemon Crop bottom. I opted for some white anklet socks with pink edging to go with my pretty New Balance runners. I pulled my long black hair back into a thick ponytail.

"Ding-ding!" The doorbell rang.

I opened the door to find a pretty little girl obviously here to clean the house. She couldn't have been more than 20 years old. Blond hair wrapped tightly in a bun. Her outfit was a front button, white tunic that stopped short of mid-thigh. Her breasts were small but her legs were perfectly proportioned. "Hello, I'm Tina. Miss. Laura arranged for me to clean the apartment."

"Hi. I'm Sweet. Pleased to meet you." I let her in and she started immediately. I had to go shopping for tonight's dinner so before I left I asked her to change the bed linen with the new Champagne coloured satin sheets. "I'll be back in a couple of hours. Will you still be here?"

"Yes." Answered Tina. "I'm here for you as long as you wish. Miss. Laura has hired me for the day... And evening if requested."

I smiled at Laura's thoughtful gift. "I'll be back soon."

I grabbed my coat. It was long and reached my knees to hide what I was wearing beneath. I went to a number of shops before I returned with my goods. Tina had finished a majority of the apartment. It was still early but I decided to prep dinner as much as I could. Tina helped by keeping the kitchen neat and the clutter of pots and pans clear.

It was time for me to leave for my appointment that Laura had made for me. I wasn't sure what to do about Tina. "I have to leave. Uumm... Are you...?"

Tina smiled. "I can do whatever you wish. If you would like me to leave until you return, I am fine with that or there is still a number of things I'd like to finish and can do them while you are away or when you get back. Whatever you like."

Since Tina was hired for the day and Laura had arranged for my spa appointment, I figured Laura trusted her to be alone so, so I trusted her too and left for the spa.

"La SPA" is a place where both Laura and I have gone to a few times separately and together. As soon as I walked in, I was warmly greeted by Carol at the reception. "Hello, Sweet. Right on time. Laura has arranged for everything."

Carol led me to a private change room. She helped me undress and covered me with a long, warm terry cloth robe. The day consisted of a quick shower, a complete facial, exfoliation and body waxing. Later I was thoroughly bathed in a deep, old fashioned cast iron tub and anointed with perfumed oils that made me silky smooth and soft. My hair was carefully washed, rinsed and conditioned. It was then trimmed and coifed with a curly flow instructed by Laura. Then they did my make-up which included brow-shaping, false eyelashes with gold sparkle mascara and smear-proof red lippie and liner. My toe and finger nails were painted red to match my lips.

I looked at myself in the mirror. They always do an incredible job at the spa and did their best to make me look as beautiful as they could. With all the pampering, the afternoon had flown by and had exceeded the allotted time, but they never complained or charged for the overage.

I opened the apartment door and was amazed by how everything looked. Tina did an incredible job and made the apartment literally shine. "Wow, you did a great job!"

"Miss. Sweet! Is that you?" Tina's mouth was agape. "I... I'm sorry for being inappropriate. You look so beautiful!"

"Thank you, Tina." I smiled back at her. "No, don't apologise. I can barely believe it myself. They always do a fantastic job."

I made sure everything was ready to minimize the cooking needed for dinner. Now it was time to get myself ready for Laura.

"Tina, would you help me get dressed?" I asked sheepishly.

"Yes, of course Miss. Sweet." Tina smiled. "I would love to very much."

"Come." I beckoned her towards the bedroom. "And please, Sweet not Miss."

I had my outfit already picked out for tonight. I stripped off my clothes. Tina picked my discards up and folded them neatly. First I put on a tiny, black g-string which would just cradle my testicles and control me from falling out the leg holes of my panties. My main panties were tight, black lace hipsters with a rear, cut-out heart. I had Tina help me with my strapless bustier. It was low hipped, black and red jacquard with a rear lacing tie. Three garter straps hung from each side.

I filled the peek-a-boo, demi C-cups with my true life-like, silicon, breast forms with big cherry sized nipples. They were self-adhering and once attached would not fall off. Tina tied my bustier tight as she could; I could barely breathe.

The tightness of the corset made it difficult to put on my stockings. Tina had to help me slide on the red, slightly opaque Cuban stockings with black stripes up the back of my legs and clipped them to my garters. She also helped me with my red, skin-tight tank dress that reached down to just above my knees. There was a side slit up my left thigh to show off the dark welts of my stockings. The shoes were 5-inch steel spiked red patent leather, open-toe stilettos. I wore no distracting jewellery. We tied a red ribbon into a big bow around my waist for Laura to undo and open me as her present.

I checked the clock and if she was on time, Laura would be home is about 30 minutes. Tina and I double checked to make sure everything was ready.

The door opened. Laura was early. I ran from the kitchen to greet her at the door. "My god, Sweet! You look beautiful!"

I gave her a big hug and kiss. I love Laura so much and wanted to fuck her then and there. "Let me go wash up and bit and change before we get too carried away."

"I just want to thank you for your wonderful gifts. The spa was perfect but Tina was the icing on the cake. She did a marvelous job cleaning the apartment and helping." I hugged Laura tightly again.

"I'm glad you enjoyed it." Laura kissed me lightly then went to the bedroom.

Tina and I started in the kitchen until I heard Laura return. I grabbed a bottle of pink Burgundy Cremant and chilled glasses before meeting Laura in the living room. I froze to a halt when I saw her. She was stunning in a flowing, floor length, red satin gown. It was a halter top with a deep plunging neck line that extended to her belly button. It was impossible for her to wear a bra. She extended her leg through the slit running up her right leg. She wore black silk stockings and towering red satin stilettos. "Like it?"

"Yes, it is so beautiful, Laura!" Her make-up was perfectly underdone. As she popped the cock and poured out some bubbly for us, I retrieved the gift I got for her.

"What's this?" She asked.

"Happy Valentine!" I giggled back. "Open it."

Laura slowly and carefully opened the box. Her eyes light up when she saw what was inside. "Sweet! Thank you! Help me with it."

I took out the strand of creamy Mikimoto pearls and attached it around her neck. Then fell to my knees and helped her with the matching anklet bracelet. As she held the slit of her dress apart, I could see she wore no panties underneath. I couldn't help myself. I ran my hands under her dress and up her legs to her firm, toned bum and pulled her to my mouth. I plunged a wet tongue in to her hot pussy which was already leaking.

Laura let me continue for a while until she shuddered slightly. She helped me to my feet and gave me a light kiss on my lips. "Thank you, Sweet. Thank you for the gifts especially the one between my thighs!"

Neither of us noticed that Tina was standing there waiting. I was totally embarrass but Laura spoke; obvious that they knew each other. "Oh, hello Tina. Thank you for helping Sweet today."

"Good evening, Miss Laura. It was my pleasure. I didn't mean to interrupt but..."

I recovered a bit. "No, it's okay."

Laura and I sat down while Tina brought us out our app. I wasn't expecting Tina but managed to re-portion the meal so she could eat as well. She insisted on eating in the kitchen though.

The main course was Lobster Thermador which I explained to Tina how to finish it so she could serve us. Some recipes call for sherry but I like it with Pernod. Dessert was Crème Brule. A perfect meal ender.

Tina was fantastic and cleaned everything up for me. I thought she was done for the night but Laura had her stay on to serve us some cognac; Louis XIII. I still had one more gift for Laura to unwrap but with Tina remaining...

Laura, of course took control. "Sweet. I noticed the pretty ribbon you are wearing. Is that for me to unwrap?"

Still wary of Tina, I answered. I rose up from the love seat we were sharing and stood in front of Laura. "Yes."

Still sitting, Laura reached up and used her thumbs and forefingers to pull the sides of the bow until it fell to the floor undone. She hooked the hem of my dress and pushed it up over my hips. She had Tina help remove the rest.

"Turn for me Sweet." Laura asked. I obeyed. "You look so ravishing. I love the heart cut-out over your bum."

Laura pulled me closer. She pulled my panties down over my hard cock and took it in her mouth. The residual alcohol on her tongue stung me a bit but was soon replace with lavish lapping. I could have happily came in her mouth but she stopped. I really wanted her to let me come but she had other plans.

Laura laid back on the sofa. She pulled open the slit on her dress and parted her legs. I dropped to my knees and started to eat her like I hadn't had dinner. With the stiff corset, it was difficult but good things don't come easily. Laura came multiple times. "Let's go to bed."

Laura stripped of her dress but left her stocking and garters on. I climbed between Laura's thighs and ate her some more until she commanded me. "Fuck me, Sweet!"

With my panties still on and my boner sticking over the top of the waist band, I pushed myself inside of her. Laura controlled the paces. The smooth satin sheets made it easy to slide into different the positions Laura had us fuck in. I knew better than to cum inside of her before she says so.

I fucked Laura so hard and long, her cunt was gushing. She was exhausted and totally satisfied but I had yet to cum. Laura laid on the bed panting. "Oh Sweet. That was so nice. You made me come so many times, but I'm too sore for you to come inside me."

Disappointed and frustrated, tears started to well up in my eyes. I started to cry.

"Oh, Sweet!" Laura smiled. "I forgot that I had one more gift for you... Tina!"

Tina entered and handed Laura a sniffer. "I told you Tina is your gift! It is obvious you didn't enjoy her earlier."

I looked puzzled. I loved Laura and have never thought of sex with another woman. I looked at Laura. She looked to Tina and nodded. I looked at Tina.

Tina started to undo the front buttons. My eyes followed her tunic to the floor. I slowly raised my eyes. She wore dark stockings with garters, black panties and a black shelf bra. The bra barely covered her nipples. The panties had a ribbon tying the front closed. I looked at Laura again. Laura answered by nodding towards Tina. I looked at Tina again.

"What? Oh my...!" I looked at Tina. There was a growing lump inside her panties. Tina pulled the ribbon and let herself fall out. My mouth opened but nothing came out. Tina had a nice, uncut, 8-inch cock.

"How do you like it, Sweet?" Laura asked me. "I though you would like to feel a real cock inside your ass instead of that rubber one."

I took Tina into my mouth. This was nothing like the life-like cock Laura used on me. The texture was nice and smooth and the taste! The taste was unlike anything I tasted before. Even after tasting myself.

But suddenly, Tina started to shoot her load down my throat. It was a lot but I managed to swallow all of it. I thought that would be it but Tina guided me face down on to the bed. Laura had move to the wing back chair to watch. Through the heart opening of my panties, she spread my cheeks and tongued my asshole. She had a long tongue and I could feel it penetrate me. When she thought it was wet enough, she moved up. I felt her lube her knob with the wet on my ass then position it against my hole.

"Happy Valentines, Sweet!" I heard Laura call out before Tina pushed her cock inside me. My hole could offer no resistance.

"My god!" I had never felt a sensation like this before. It was totally different than having a fake cock shoved in my ass.

She started slowly at first; almost pulling out then pushing it back in. Then harder and faster. I lost control and was flopping around as she pounded my ass more and more. Then she came again; she came inside me.

Again, I thought she was finished but she turned me on to my back. I looked over at Laura. She was enjoying her drink. Her legs were spread and she was fingering herself as she watched us.

Tina lifted my legs onto her shoulders. She pushed her still hard cock back into me. This time she didn't start slowly or gently. She was pounding my ass; hard! Harder and harder.

I started to cum. Without even touching myself, I started to cum in my panties. And I came hard. "Oh Gawd! Fuck! Uuu.. Uuu.. Uuu..!"

Laura joined us on the bed. Both Tina and I cradled against her in the middle.

"Best Valentine's Day ever."

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