tagLoving WivesMy Future Father-In-Law Ch. 10

My Future Father-In-Law Ch. 10


As movement withdrew me from a comforting reverie, my new Brother-In-Law David's words echoed in my mind...

"We'll be here for a few minutes, Beautiful...I ain't nearly done emptying my 'Baby Food' into your womb."

'...here...' was the bed of my Wedding Suite with my hips curled so far upward that my knees were pressed into the mattress on either side of my head. David's still incredibly hard cock was throbbing deep within me.

"I thought another visit from that Big Boy would stir Ya', Sis." He said as his hips again pressed his large glans far back down into my wet, taut sheath. The movement that roused me must have been David's partial withdrawal from my vagina.

I looked up at his face and grimaced as he firmly bottomed out against my cervix again as he plunge back into me.

"U-u-n-n-g-g-h-h," I grunted as quietly as possible in response. The physical responses his thrust elicited from me were MOST assuredly not from discomfort.

"A-a-a-n-n-n-h-h-h," David's moan accompanied a brief halt of his movement to allow him to fully enjoy the sensation as my vaginal muscles involuntarily massaged his big tube.

"This nut won't be quite as quick as the first one, Gorgeous," he murmured as he powered his glans home once again. "It WILL be just as large, though."

And, his first consignment of sperm had been the biggest I'd ever even heard about!

"T-t-t-s-s-s..." his breath was forced between clinched teeth as he pulled his hard slab further back with his next fractional extraction.

Thwap...his big sack slapped into my vulva as David drilled me with more force this time and my entire pelvic cavity quivered a reply. I bit my lip to stifle a loud groan.

"T-t-t-t-t-s-s-s-s-s..." he repeated as he hauled his thick hose even further from my depths...

T-t-h-h-w-w-a-a-p-p-p!!!!...this collision was far more meaningful than the last and I turned my face as far left as my position would allow to see if my new hubby, Mike, was still passed out.

"Don't bother, Beauty," David smiled as his big hunk arrived home once more, but with real authority this trip. "Mike-y 's still comatose, Sis!"

I could feel the big load of eggs previously deposited slosh around the walls of my uterine cavity as my young Brother-in-law cocked his hips and fired his pulsing penis against his target yet again...and then quickly again. Mikey's head bounced gently. My insides didn't quiver this time; they quaked!!!!

I turned my face toward my midline just in time to see David's heavy luggage crash into my glutes as his wide shaft disappeared fully within me. He backed off and quickly pummeled me once again. I had a clear and close-up view of our fleshy union and I could see the lips of my labia pulled upward and outward as they grasped his retreating pipe.

"A-n-g-h," I groaned as David really missile-ed his meat into me on this voyage to my slimey, shuddering nadir. I silently hoped Mike-y didn't awake and turned again to look at him. His head bounced further and my gaze remained locked to my new Hubby's face as his head began to recoil in rhythm with the now nearly sustained pummeling of my pussy.

David's thrusting now assumed a steady, rapid sequence and his glans pounding my womb violently as he bottomed out on each powerful stroke. My virile young Brother-in-law pressed my heels deeper into the mattress and settled into a relentless sequence of contraction, flexion and extension. The full assault had began in earnest as he hammered my trembling body! My uterus jostled by each commanding contact between our bodies.

"Who would finish first?" I wondered as the brutal, beautiful battering continued.

The assault built in fury as I closed my eyes and tried to relax. I took David's fierce, rapidly recurring attacks contentedly.

Slamming, thumping and slapping into my guts again...and again...and again...and again, I felt his big log start expanding as the young man grunted, gurgled and groaned above me. I began to lose track of time as I scaled the grade of my own mountain of ecstasy! My entire being felt stretched around the huge organ assailing my flesh. We were both close once again. And still on and on he charged.

"Who would..." my thoughts were arrested by his whimper....

"Y-a-a-a-a-n-n-n-n-g-g-g-g-h-h-h-h!" The sound was ripped from his throat and his back arched incredibly as his body froze in place and vibrated. His cock head thundered fully into and nearly breached my cervical os. He remained impaled completely inside me and my wet, distended cylinder began to respond with rolling seizures as his seed roared straight against the farthest reaches of my womb.

We were now locked in mutual convulsion as I orgasmed when the second large load of semen was delivered. Then came a third tremendous bolus of seed...larger than the first two and then a fourth larger yet. Our bodies palpated without weakening as our mutual explosion continued and the muscles of my vaginal vault instinctively milked the bulky, globs of gravy out of his testicles and down his shaft. I lost count of his eruptions at 10, but I could see his excretion beginning to ooze thickly through the snug junction of our flesh. My uterus was swollen full of his squirming kernels of jizzm!

"H-a-a-h-h," he gasped above me. "O-o-o-h-h-h."

He sagged, but his meat was rigid.

"You really, really felt that one didn't Ya', Girl?" he almost moaned the words as looked downward at the intersection of our flesh. "I literally pumped my guts into you. Look at the load seeping out!"

I had been watching exactly that and wondering how much remained entombed in the deepest recesses of my womanhood. I stretched my neck and looked up into David's satiated smile.

"That injection of love potion should easily wash out the hefty amount I know Dad deposited," he sighed with satisfaction. "Let alone any dribble that Mikey might have left behind."

My expression spoke volumes to the young man whose large, erect and pulsing cock was still ensconced and leaking readily into me.

Considerable juice was still draining directly into the gaping entrance of my womb. I could feel the flow rippling the surface of the lake of viscous fluid swelling my innards...

"Mikey hasn't had you bareback yet," he almost gloated, "has he, Sis?"

I nodded my assent almost imperceptibly as he increased the pressure on my vulva and forced my back deeper into the mattress. My pussy spasmed in response and he continued to hold my heels far over my head. His cum continued to crawl deeper within me.

"Maybe I should call you 'Mom' now, huh?" he almost giggled. " But, I won't, not yet, because I have another load to give you."

"You want another big blast out of my balls don't Ya'?" he whispered as began to drag his big meat rearward in preparation for another invasion. "After that last load I'll definitely call you 'Mom'!!!"

"A-a-a-a-n-n-n-n-g-g-g-g-g-h-h-h-h." The moan came from the nearly unconscious form that had bounded and bounced next to us as my Brother-in-law fucked me unmercifully. It was Mikey stirring.

David's brow furrowed and he slammed his cock deeply against my womb one last time. He quickly pulled his substantial erection out of my grasping and grabbing passageway. He held me in my almost completely inverted posture as he stared at Mikey who continued to stir a bit. Dave held me as long as he dared and then gently lowered my hips and legs back to the mattress.

He knelt next to my face. His big dripping cock head briefly filled my vision before David lifted my veil and impaled my face. His great girth spread my jaw as it invaded my skull. He smiled down at me as he pumped his pelvis slightly and rocked his full, swollen glans against the opening of my throat. I couldn't breathe and I nursed impulsively as the massive member withdrew.

I raised up and supported myself on my elbows and forearms. My big breasts heaved and my engorged nipples glowed a dark pink. The skin of my throat and upper chest were a dark red reflection in the mirror.

"I still have that other load, Beautiful." David whispered as he retreated hurriedly and hefted his full genital package back into his slacks.

"But, I know I won't need it. I finished this job with those first two loads already swelling Yer' gut, huh, Sis?"

I gazed at the traces of the young man's efforts that coated my upper, inner thighs and oozed from my gaping maw. The door clicked closed almost silently.

I quickly turned to my wonderful, new Hubby Mike and unzipped his slacks. I pulled the opening apart just a bit and left it that way. I scraped a wad of the copious excess of my brother-in-law's sperm from between my legs and spread it across Mike's gaping fly. I wiped my palm down the front of the right leg of his tuxedo pants. He continued to moan softly for a moment or two and then his body relaxed fully and he drifted away again.

I gently slid off the bed and paced to the bathroom to clean up a bit. I fully expected much of Dave's massive release to stream down my legs as I walked. But, I was wrong. The firm, fibrous stricture around the tightening purse strings of my womb retained the vast amount of syrupy solution that had been dump inside me.

Only a thin, tiny trickle of the white liquid escaped...

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