My Gang Rape


The day started like any other day. My boyfriend and I work at the same office building, he's a lawyer and I am a receptionist, so we always go in at the same time, it saves on gas. Anyway, I got up ad showered and was just starting to put lotion on my body when Josh stumbled in to our bathroom, by the bulged in his shorts I could tell that what he wanted definitely wasn't a shower!!

After another shower I got dressed. I like to wear provocative clothing and Josh doesn't mind either. I'm about 5 feet 8 inches with 44dd breasts so I can either pull it off or I can look like a slut, I usually pull it off.

I choose a short mini-sundress with spaghetti straps and is lilac in color.

Josh had a big case going against a local mob boss so he had to stay late after work, I'm really good friends with the cafeteria cook so I stayed an chatted with her until Josh was ready to leave. When Josh has to stay late we always go out to dinner after, we choose a little Italian bistro. It was very romantic and soon I was feeling very horny. I'm like that.

We left the restaurant shortly after we finished eating and started to drive home. I was all over Josh in the car. When I'm horny I have to have it right away. When we got home I started to tear Josh's clothing off as soon as we get in the door when suddenly a leather clad hand clamped over my mouth and a deep voice commanded that I better not scream or Josh and I would get hurt. I struggled but to no use. The hands holding me were like vices, I couldn't shake them off.

Josh and I were led in to our dining room and tied to our antique ladder backed chairs. My arms were tied behind me an my legs we tied behind me but they were spread so that my pussy was flat against the seat. My eyes were blind folded and a gag was stuffed in my mouth. I had never told Josh but for the longest time I had fantasied about being raped. As I was sitting there tied up I could feel myself getting wetter and wetter. I wasn't wearing panties and I could feel my cum seeping out of my pussy and dripping on to the chair seat and coating my inner thighs. I guess our captors could smell my excitement because soon I heard snickers and whispers among them. Soon one of them came over and reached inside my dress and started to fondle my breasts causing my already erect nipples get even harder. When the man realized this I heard him tell the other man that I was hot and needy and I needed to be taught a lesson. Another man agreed but told him to wait until the boss got there.

I don't know how long we were tied up but I must have dozed off because the next thing I hear is the sounds of fists hitting flesh and I know they are beating up Josh.

"Enough" I hear. The voice causes shivers down my spine "I have decided a much better punishment for him" I am untied and picked up. I struggle and kick but I'm to weak from being tied up to do anything. I know what is coming as I am thrown down on our bed. My gag is untied and I am spread out with my legs and arms tied to the four posters. My dress is ripped down the middle ad some one starts to fondle my breasts, just as I am getting used to the bonds someone shoves a cock in my face. I've never liked sucking cock and I turn my head, my hair is grabbed and my head is yanked back to the cock. He slaps my face and forcefully shoves the cock in my mouth while telling me how much I'm going to enjoy it. I feel his cock hit the back of my throat and slide a little ways down and I gag and the motion set the cock off. I feel the slippery juice slide down my throat. The man taunts Josh on how good a cock sucker I am. All the men take turns fucking my mouth. There was 8 men. Just as I was gradually getting used to the cocks I am let alone.

I feel a cool draft across my engorged nipples which causes them to tighten even more to my amazement.

Softly , someone grabs and starts tweaking my left nipple while a hot wet mouth attaches to my right one.

I can't help but moan, it feels so good, hear a deep chuckle and that voice that caused shivers tell Josh to listen to how happy I am feeling. A hand drifts down my body and slips almost unnoticed into the folds of my sopping wet pussy. When he touches my bud of excitement I quickly feel an orgasm approaching, and when he pushes one long finger into my pussy and rubs my secret spot, I explode into the first of many orgasms to come.

I hear him laugh and I struggle against the bonds but it only makes him laugh even more. I hear the slow hiss of a zipper and know hat is about to happen. I am dreading being violated in front of Josh but I am also elated that my fantasy is about to com true.

I feel the cock at the entrance of my pussy and I breath in a hiss of fear. It feels so big! Ever so slowly he plants his cock in me. Into me farther then anything has ever been. I sense pain as my skin is stretched but I am far to horny to complain. Finally he is all the way in me. I feel his balls resting on my ass cheeks. I hear him tell Josh how tight I am. he starts pulling out of my pussy until only the head of his penis is in me then he pushes with one long plunge all the way in me, faster and faster until I feel his balls bouncing on my ass cheeks, I am rapidly losing sense and I begin to orgasm uncontrollably, I scream over and over again. Suddenly he stops and some one unties me and I am flipped over until I am laying on top of him. I know what is coming and I dread it. Not only had tonight been the first time I had ever enjoyed sucking cock it also appeared to be the first time I would get a cock up my ass.

One of the other men steps up onto the bed behind me. Josh has never demanded anything from our sex life and here I am about to be fucked up the ass for the first time while I am being fucked in the normal way. I know I am in for some major pain.

I feel the man behind me breathing on my back, it cools the sweat that has lingered. His hands grab my ass and he slowly massages my cheeks, suddenly the man still in me starts to move. It feels wonderful. I've always liked the way it feels to be on top.

The man behind me slaps my ass and I jolt against the man beneath me, I hear him moan as he is pushed still deeper in me. Something cool is drizzling between my ass cheeks and I feel the hands of the man behind me slathering up my hole. My fear returns. Slowly his finger is pushed though my ass hole, It feels like a pole, another finger and another and soon his whole hand is up my ass, the pain is so intense that I passed out. Slowly I emerge and think maybe it was all a dream but everything is the same. The pain is fading as I get used to the sensation and start to get excited but the man withdraws his hand and I immediately feel relief from the pain but too soon he starts to work his cock into me. It hurts so bad I scream out in pain and tears start streaming down my face. I thought his hand hurt. He finally reaches the hilt and I can feel his hairy balls resting on my stretched out cheeks.

Both men start to move. One pulls out and the other plunges in.

I am experiencing incredible pain and pleasure at the same time. never have I been as full as I am at his moment. I can sense that both men are about to cum as they speed up their plunges. Going at full speed and at the same time intense pain is radiating though my body but also a curious pleasure as I keep having intense orgasms. They both cum but my relief is short lived as two other men quickly replaced them.

I was fucked in both my ass and pussy twice by each man before I passed out for good. When I woke up Josh and I were tied to the bed and Josh and a dildo were in my ass keeping it stretched even farther then it ever was and another dildo was in my pussy. Josh was fast a sleep.

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