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My Girlfriend


Her name is Amanda. She is full figured redhead with desire for sexy hot encounters with both men and women. She stands about five foot four and has emerald green eyes. He breasts are 40D and her pussy is clean shaven. She loves to fuck in every way imaginable, is into voyeurism and also considers herself to be bisexual.

Her best friend's name is Samantha, but her friends call her Sam. She is a petite woman, with black hair, blue eyes and a like Amanda has a luscious appetite for sex and she is also bisexual. She is two years older then Amanda. She lives alone on a farm near a small Midwest town.

This is their story, on how they went from being best friends to lovers. As Amanda, remembered the day everything started, she closed her eyes, licked her lips and said, "Oh god, what a delicious memory! I had just been invited over to Samantha's house for lunch and to relax, and talk like all women do. However, as things progressed, we both ended up being a little naughty."

After lunch, the two women decided to take a long walk through the wooded area behind the house. Samantha, grabbed a blanket and said, "Time to commune with nature. Are you ready Amanda?"

Amanda grinned and said, "Sam, I am always ready! Let's go."

Samantha smirked and said, "Well I just might see how ready you really are, in a moment or two."

As they walked off toward the woods, Amanda wondered if Samantha was hinting about some sexy hot fun. She felt her nipples harden and her pussy become wet with juices. Oh god, she would love to see what this black haired beauty had under her clothing. After all they have often talked about their bi-sexual encounters. Amanda masturbated many times to a sensual fantasized about having sex with Samantha.

As they went further into the woods, Sam stopped and said, "I need a rest, let's lay the blanket down and sit here for awhile. I love the privacy and quiet surroundings."

Amanda grinned and said, "I never knew you would tire so quickly."

Sam smiled a devilish smile and replied, "Well to tell you the truth, I am not tired at all. I am horny! If you don't mind me saying something, I thought we could have a little sexy fun and maybe a mutual masturbation session out here in the woods."

Amanda licked her lips and said, "Now Sam, you have to quit reading my mind. You see, I was just drooling over your sexy body ever since we left the house. You also know that I love to go outside, somewhere private, strip and masturbate. The risk of someone seeing me makes me cum so fucking hard. By the way, I do not want to do some mutual masturbation session, I want my mouth on your hot pussy."

Sam patted the blanket and told Amanda to sit down. She just realized that Amanda wanted her just as much as she wanted Amanda.

The moment Amanda sat down, Sam leaned over and pulled her toward her and planted a kiss on her, strong enough to curl Amanda's toes.

Amanda kissed Sam back letting her tongue slide between her lips. Oh god, she tasted better then she could ever imagine. As they embraced, Amanda, caressed Sam with her fingers.

Amanda felt Sam's body tremble and uttered, "Let's take our cloths off, I am dying to touch you!"

As Sam stripped, Amanda quivered and felt her clit swell with anticipation. Sam's lovely olive complexion and beautiful petite body was more than just exotic in appearance. She was just made for sex. She did not realize it yet, but after this sexual encounter, they would become lovers.

Amanda then removed her clothes and watched Sam. When she took of her bra, she gasped and then said, "Oh fuck, those are the most beautiful tits I have ever seen. I cannot wait to suck and nibble on them. Lay down honey."

Amanda replied, "I thought you would never ask. Oh god, I love it when someone sucks and bites my nipples."

Sam moved until she was sitting next to Amanda and began tracing circles around her swelling nipples with her fingers. She felt Amanda tremble and said, "Feels good don't it?"

Amanda's responded by pulling Sam's face toward her nipples and saying, "Sam, I need to feel your hot tongue and lips tantalizing my nipples. Suck them hard!"

Sam could not resist such a sweet temptation and suckled Amanda's right nipple like a baby. When she pulled the nipple with her teeth and bit it, Amanda purred like a kitten.

Amanda reached up and started rolling Sam's nipple between her finger and thumb. She loved playing with a woman's breast. She just had to taste Sam's pussy. She paused for a moment and said, "Sit on my face as you do my nipples I am dying to eat your pussy!"

Sam straddled Amanda's head and then leaned forward and continued tantalizing her nipples, one and then the other.

Amanda's eyes were glued to Sam's pussy now that is was close enough to taste. She licked her lips, separated the pussy lips and ran her tongue from Sam's swollen clit to her asshole. MMMM, she tasted like pure honey.

Sam stopped sucking Amanda's nipple long enough to say, "I have been fantasizing about this for a long time now. Oh baby, I want you. Aaarrrggghhh, yessssssss keep it up! Oh god Amanda, I need to cum so fucking bad."

Amanda quivered hard because of all the excitement with feeling that were hard to describe. She had great sex with her boyfriend Jack, but never felt this turned on before. She had to remind herself to breathe as her mouth and fingers explored Sam's pussy.

Unlike Amanda's bald pussy, Sam's had just the slightest hint of pubic hair. Her skin was soft and luxurious. Her breasts were not too big and were perfectly shaped with hard erect nipples. Amanda could not get enough of this raven haired beauty.

Amanda let go of all the passion within her. She was so excited she could hardly talk. Her clit throbbed with anticipation and her skin tingled. With a shaking voice she said, "Eat my cunt!"

Sam smiled and said, "I thought you'd never ask! Mmmmm, this is going to be fun!" Diving into Amanda's hot box like a puppy going after a bowl of milk.

Samantha's tongue slithered between the folds of Amanda's pussy. She ran her tongue up and down as Amanda mimicked her every move. When she encircled her clit, Amanda arched her back and began to shake uncontrollably as Sam slid two fingers inside slippery canal and began sucking her clit enthusiastically.

All the sensations of this wonderful moment overtook Amanda and she climaxed so hard she nearly passed out. Sam eagerly ate every drop of Amanda's sweet nectar.

When she regained some composure Amanda dove into Sam's pussy with zeal. She shoved three fingers inside her hot hole as her tongue tantalized her clit.

Sam screamed, "Oh god, bite my clit gently honey! OMG, yes! Now, tongue fuck me baby. Harder! Ooooh fuck I am cumming!!!"

Thank goodness the two women were deep in the woods as that scream would of scared the cows so much they would not produce milk.

The two women sat up Sam then took Amanda in her arms. She kissed her deeply savoring the taste of her cum on her lips.

Amanda broke the kiss and said. ""I will never forget this day, Sweety."

Sam kissed Amanda's check and said, "Me neither, Doll. Do you want to know something? I could very easily fall in love with you."

Amanda and Sam's life was never the same after that. Sex between the two woman gave them great pleasure. They kissed and fingered each other slowly and each time we were close to a climax, then they would back off and then let it build up again. They learned how to climax together mutually after letting the tension build up for hours. They became inseparable.

Then one night, Samantha surprised Amanda with a strap on cock. But that is another story.

My Girlfriend part two

Remember, Amanda, the full figured redhead and her bisexual lover Samantha. Well this is the story about their next adventure.

Sam spoke into the phone and said, "Amanda, are you busy this weekend? My pussy and I miss you something fierce."

Amanda replied, "Well Sam, isn't this a coincidence I have the whole weekend to myself because Jack has to work. I was wondering the same thing. My clit is throbbing for your sweet tongue."

Sam replied, "Good, how about joining me for supper here Friday, say six pm." We can explore each others hot bodies and I can show you the new toy, I just bought."

Amanda replied, "Sounds like a devious plan to me, See you around six pm Friday."

Sam, decided to wear her soft blue dress and tennis shoes. After all, there was no need to dress up fancy, she would not be wearing them long, once Amanda got there.

Sam was in the kitchen putting the dishes on the table when she heard a car pull up. When she heard the familiar beep of the doors locking, she knew Amanda was there.

Sam then walked over to the door opened it, and was met by Amanda. She was wearing an aqua colored sweater and blue jeans. He aqua accented her long red hair. Sam told herself, "Oh sweetheart, you are gorgeous!"

Amanda saw Sam looking and with a heart melting smile said, "Hi, how's your day been?"

Sam replied, "Fine, now that you are here." She pulled Amanda into her arms and kissed her deep letting their tongues intertwine. Then said, "I am glad you are here. I think you know where you will be sleeping, let me show you where to put your things."

Amanda replied, "I would have it no other way. Now if you don't mind I need a cup of coffee."

Sam told her to put her things away and she would bring her one. Amanda could not help looking at Sam's legs and ass as she walked out the bedroom door. They were bare as usual and the blue dress accented her raven hair.

Her clit began to throb her nipples swell, and she told herself, "Oh god, I cannot wait to taste that sweet pussy. She's beautiful."

Sam returned with the cup of coffee and found Amanda sitting cross legged on the bed. She took the cup from Sam and took a sip then asked, "What's this surprise you have to show me?"

Sam winked and said, "Well my dear, you will have to wait until after supper. Just know this, you will love it."

Amanda frowned and then said, "Well I am a little bit hungry. Hey, can I have you for dessert?"

Sam kissed Amanda's check and said, "Do you want whip crème and a cherry with that dessert?"

Amanda replied, "Hell no, I prefer you el-natural."

Amanda walked arm and arm with Sam toward the kitchen for supper. She thought of the argument Jack and her had the past weekend about her relationship with Sam. Why couldn't she have Jack and Sam as lovers, fuck buddies and friends. She fought back the tears swelling up in her eyes again.

She then leaned over and with a shaky voice said, "Sam, I love you! However I have a wee problem, Jack does not understand why I could love another person, let alone a woman." "Damn-it, I do not want to chose, I want to love you both. He is being a royal ass about it, just last weekend we had a big fight. I have been thinking about breaking up with him, but I really do not want to do that. However, if I do, that means I wont have a place to live."

Sam stopped and looked into Amanda's tearful eyes and pulled her close. She then said, "Awww honey, I am sorry to hear that. Now quit your fretting, you can always move in with me, if you need a place to live. After all this place does have three bedrooms. Let's talk about that later, I bet we could come up with a plan that suits everyone. Now let's eat before my stomach begins to chew on my backbone."

Amanda replied, "Thanks, it's nice to know I can live with you if something happens. What's for supper?"

Sam replied, "Sirloin steak, baked potatoes and green beans. I also have soda and beer."

Amanda sat down and said, "MMM delicious, I'll have a beer if you don't mind." Her mind then wandered to dessert, she could see her lips glued to Sam's pussy as there body slid together in ecstasy.

They ate slowly and talked about everything. They finally came up with a plan to help Amanda keep Jack and be able to keep loving Sam.

The plan was that Amanda was to call Jack and tell him she could not go on without him, making is sound so pitiful he could not resist coming to the farm to patch things up. Then if Jack called Sam, she would invite him up to the farm as soon as possible. They both set about putting the plan in action.

While Amanda was doing that, Sam would call her bisexual friend Andy. She would tell him that she needed him to teach a straight guy about bisexuality.

Amanda picked up her cell phone and called Jack. She then told him how much she missed him, and even cried at bit, laying it on extra thick. She then gave him Sam's phone number, then told him goodbye. She hoped he would call Sam next.

While she was doing this Sam called her friend Andy and told him about their devious plan. He agreed to be there in about an hour. Then cautioned her that the plan might backfire. Sam then told him that it was worth trying. Then she told him where the spare key was and told him when he got there to be quiet and let himself in. Then to wait for her in the bedroom on the north side of the house.

While they waited Sam got Amanda another beer and said, "Relax honey it will all work out."

Just then Sam's phone rang and she told Amanda she would take it in the den. When she picked it up, it was Jack. He was very distraught and said he would do anything to keep Amanda. He asked her if he could come up for the weekend. Sam said, "You had better if you want to keep Amanda in your life."

Jack told Sam, that he would be there within an hour. Adding not to tell Amanda as he wanted to surprise Amanda.

Sam told Jack goodbye and hung up the phone, then walked back into the kitchen and told Amanda that so far everything was going as planned.

Sam then said, "Sit tight for a moment, I will be right back."

Sam left the room and when she returned all she was wearing was her bra and panties. She then walked around the table to where Amanda was, sat on her lap and kissed her long and hard.

Amanda reached stood up and said, "Dessert time lover."

Amanda pulled Sam into her arms and closed her eyes as their lips met. She then opened her lips a little more as Sam's tongue slid into her mouth. She kissed Sam with all the passion within her as her fingers caressed Sam's taunt nipples through her bra.

Sam stopped the kiss only to reached back and unhooked the bra and discarded it in the hallway as they proceeded to walk to her bedroom.

Sam then helped Amanda strip and then removed her panties. She guided Amanda over to the bed and told her to lay down on her back. She kissed her once more while her fingers reached out for Amanda's hard nipples.

Amanda responded with a moan and slid her hand along Sam's thigh up toward her wanting pussy. She slid her index finger along Sam's drenched bare cunt and then brought the fingers to her lips.

Amanda then said, "Mmmm, ooh yummy, this is sweeter then honey, baby!"

Sam then said, "Amanda are you read for your surprise?"

Amanda replied, "Yessssssss, I cannot wait to see what it is."

Sam moved and pulled open the bedside table and took out a strap on vibrator that looked a good ten inches long. She then winked and said, "I been wanting to fuck you like a man, ever since I laid eyes on you darling. Nevertheless, since I do not have a dick, I think this will do."

Amanda sat up and replied, "Oh, my god, do you want help putting it on?" When Sam shook her head no, Amanda laid back down spread her legs wide and slide two fingers into her hot drenched hole. Ooooh god she needed fucked, deep and hard.

Amanda trembled and said, "Fuck me Sam, NOW!"

Sam moved and slid the toy the length of Amanda hairy pussy from her clit to her ass. A long hard moan escaped from Amanda's throat as she slid the toy slowly into her wanting pussy. Sam begin fucking Amanda and increased the tempo as her arousal grew.

Amanda reached up and pulled Sam's breast to her lips and begin sucking and biting them as Sam fucked her. She stopped only long enough to say, "Ooooh fuck Sam, I love your surprise! Want to know something, you fuck me better then Jack ever did. Show me no mercy, Oooooooh god make me cum!"

Sam could not resist such a sweet temptation and drove the fake dick into her deep and hard.

When Amanda reached up and begin tantalizing her nipples again she screamed, "Ooooh honey, bit them baby."

As Sam fucked Amanda, she felt her tremble and knew she would soon cum. She stopped Amanda sucking her nipples for a moment then leaned back so she could watch the toy go in and out of Amanda's pussy. She then reached down and began rubbing her clit and continued fucking her with the strap on.

Amanda thrust her hips into the toy and quivered hard. As her first earth shattering climax overtook her she screamed, "AARRRGGGGHHHH, I am cumming!"

Sam collapsed on Amanda then kissed her hard saying, "God that felt so good!"

Amanda then said, "It's your turn now Sam. Give me that toy, I want to fuck you while you are on all fours. That way I can play with your clit and asshole if I want."

Sam got on all fours as Amanda put on the toy. She could not wait to have the fake dick shoved deep in her hot hole and maybe her ass. She quivered and said, "Fuck me! Amanda!"

Amanda licked her lips and said, "It's fucking time," then guided the toy slowly into Sam's vagina. She pulled the dick all the way out then shoved it in again repeatedly going deeper with each thrust until the toy was buried in Sam's pussy.

Sam threw her head back and yelled, "Push it in deeper, Oooooooh god fuck me hard!"

Amanda fucked her and was met by Sam thrusting her hips into the fake dick. She then heard Sam moan, "Mmmm, yesss! Ooooh just like that. Good, keep going, shove it all the way in, yessssssss, Ooooh fuck yesss!"

They begin fucking in like wild animals in heat. Sam then started shaking hard and shouted, "I'm cumming," and Amanda nearly fell off the bed.

All the sudden their excitement was broken by someone knocking on the back door. Sam grabbed her robe and growled, "Now who in the hell could that be?"

She left to answer the door and Amanda wondered if it could be Jack. A million thoughts crossed her mind and she told herself, "Oh god, what am I going to do if it is him?"

After what seemed like and eternity the bedroom door opened quickly. There stood Sam and Jack. Jack looked a little surprised seeing her naked on Sam's bed.

Jack then looked at her with those sad puppy dog eyes and said, "I hope you do not mind the invasion sweety. I could not stand the thought of being without you. I love you baby. I will do anything to keep you."

Neither Amanda or Sam said anything for a moment, both looking at Jack in total surprise. Sam looked at Amanda who nodded in agreement then said, "Surely there is room for one more in this huge bed."

Jack replied, "Well Sam, it's your home. I am not going to complain about being in bed with two beautiful women."

My Girlfriend part three

Amanda patted the bed beside her and said "Come join us, Jack."

Jack stripped and got on the bed, pulled Amanda close and kissed her passionately. Then turned and kissed Sam as his fingers caressed each woman's hot body.

Sam then told Jack to lay down on the bed. She looked at his smooth shaven dick and told him she loved it. She also told him, she hated to see that the two of them might split up her. In the back of her mind she told herself, she would do all she could to make that would not happen.

Sam moved and leaned against the headboard for support and straddled his face. She gravitated against his face as his lips and tongue tantalized her hot pussy. She moaned as his nose began rubbing her clit.

Jack took no time in eating her pussy as his slithered between her wet vaginal lips. Ummm, she was wet and just as sweet tasting as him Amanda.

Amanda moved up and took Jack's dick in her hand and then placed it between her lips. She loved sucking dick just as much as eating pussy.

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