My Girlfriend and the Quarterback


Todd laughed and clapped his hands in delight. "Holy shit, Teri. You have the hottest body I have ever seen!"

The guys now openly started cheering. Teri clasped her arms around her chest and turned her head back to us with an embarrassed grin. Todd had clearly told her exactly what she wanted to hear. She turned back to Todd and dropped her arms, and said something I couldn't quite hear.

"Absolutely!" Todd said. Another pause as Teri said what sounded like a name.

"Carol doesn't have tits like yours," Todd replied. Carol was one of the cheerleaders Todd used to date. Teri must have been asking Todd if he really thought her body was better than other girls.

I must admit that part of my attention was focused on Teri's naked rear. The rest of the guys were focused on absorbing that sight, too, so hardly anyone was paying attention to their conversation.

Teri asked him another question. This time I heard, "Abby."

"Her butt is her best part," Todd responded, "but I think yours is better."

"You haven't seen my butt," Teri said, teasingly.

"Well, let's fix that!" Todd said, and he suddenly made a move to lunge at her. Teri shrieked. She instinctively wrapped her hands around her body and spun around, forgetting that we were all right behind her. She had one hand covering her bush and the other one around her breasts, but in all the movement I caught a glimpse of a pink, pert nipple.

The guys all burst into cheers and laughter. Teri spun back around toward Todd and playfully started to hit him. "Oh, you jerk! You're so bad!"

Todd laughed as my naked girlfriend slapped at him, her ass undulating as she jumped up and down. After a few seconds, he grabbed her arms, and locked eyes with her. He whispered something barely audible to her, and she nodded. I couldn't hear what he said.

"Okay, guys, let's get out of here," Todd said. "Let's give the lady some privacy to dress."

The guys started leaving, but I stayed. "You too, man," Todd said to me.

"What?" I said.

"Give the girl some time to dress," he said, sternly.

"Go ahead, Peter," Teri said. I turned to look at her. She was a lovely vision, standing naked in front of me, her body turned away but her face turned toward me, her arms clasped around her chest. "I'll get dressed and drive the car to you up the hill."

My eyes watering with humiliation, I followed Todd and the rest of the guys up the hill. I stayed at the top and waited for her to drive my car back to me.


I should have broken up with Teri after that, but I didn't. This time she apologized. She went too far, she said, she got caught up in the fun and it would never happen again and she wouldn't talk to Todd anymore. As if to prove it, she kissed me and put my hand on her breast and let me feel her up over her shirt. I was dumb and horny enough to believe that that would be the end of it.

The next Friday was the first football game of the season. I didn't care for football, and I especially didn't want to see Todd play, but everyone in school went to the games, and I wanted to show off that I was with Teri.

Teri, though, was surprisingly hesitant to go with me. At first she said she didn't feel like going, then said that she might go with some girlfriends as part of a girls' night out. Finally I guilted her into going with me, by saying that I didn't want to go by myself and that I would take it personally if she went with other people. So in the end she agreed to go with me, and even dressed sexy for it.

The game itself wasn't very special. Todd was a very good athlete, and threw for two touchdowns to win the game. I spent most of it chatting with Teri and a couple of my friends. I noticed that she was intently watching the game and seemed very nervous throughout it.

When the game ended she said she had to go to the bathroom and that she'd meet me at the car. I walked over to the student parking lot and got in my car and waited.

And waited. And waited.

After almost an hour, I started to get angry, and just when I was ready to drive off without her, I saw her running over to the parking lot. She got inside the car.

"Where were you?!" I said.

"I'm so sorry," she said, breathlessly. "I got caught up with some friends and lost track of time."

I suddenly noticed that her eyes were bright, and she was staring at me with lust.

"It's okay..." I said, and she lunged to kiss me. We started to make out, and she let me grope her breasts to my heart's content for a few frantic minutes before she pulled away and asked me to take her home. I didn't know what she had talked about with her friends to make her so horny, but I certainly didn't mind.

It happened again the next Friday, with her being an hour late to the car. This time she didn't bother explaining herself and just started to kiss me. Again I groped her tits over her shirt, this time for almost half an hour.

The next Friday, and then the Friday after that, the same thing. We'd go to the game, sit together, then she'd disappear for an hour before meeting me in my car. We'd furiously make out and grope each other for a while, before I'd drive her home.

The Friday after the fifth football game, my dream came true. After disappearing for an hour, she showed up and we started making out. I was groping her breasts when she suddenly pulled away from me. She looked at me for a second, biting her lower lip, then grabbed the shoulder straps on her dress and pulled them down, exposing her tits.

I was in heaven. Her breasts were exactly how I imagined them. Firm and perky, topped with small, light pink nipples that were crinkled hard under my gaze. I moaned in joy, and clamped my mouth onto one of them while grabbing and pinching at the other one. She moaned and gasped as I attacked her naked tits, and let me play with them for almost an hour before she finally pulled me off her and ended the night.

It was only after I dropped her off that I started to get suspicious. Why was she so turned on after the game, especially so much that she finally got topless in front of me?

Over the next two Fridays I grew more and more suspicious, even as each week she would take off her top and let me fondle and kiss her bare breasts.

Finally before the eighth game I decided to follow her to see just who she was talking to. When she excused herself after the game, I waited a few minutes, then headed to the ladies' room. I watched the crowd surge in and out for twenty minutes before deciding that she wasn't there. I started walking around the stadium, trying to blend into the shrinking crowds that were all going home and looking for her.

For another twenty minutes I searched the whole stadium, and didn't see a trace of her. I was about to give up and head to my car when my eyes caught the lights in the players parking lot. Not expecting to see anything, I headed over.

As I got closer, I saw just one car, a pickup truck, off in the far end of the parking lot. I could barely make out two people standing in front of it. I ducked down and started crawling on my knees, trying to get closer without anyone seeing me. When I thought I was close enough, I looked up. I wish I hadn't.

There in front of me, twenty yards away, were Teri and Todd. Teri was lying down on the hood of Todd's truck, naked from the waist down and with her legs spread wide. Todd was standing in front of his truck, pounding his cock into Teri's pussy.

"Oh, yeah," he panted. "Oh, fuck yeah."

Teri was silent, her mouth open in pleasure, letting Todd thrust in and out of her. Her panties were hanging off her ankle, bouncing up and down as Todd pumped his cock in and out of her cunt.

"Oh, fuck, Teri, you're so hot," he groaned. "You're such a hot bitch." He grabbed her shirt and pulled it up, exposing her bare breasts. He started roughly mauling them, making Teri gasp and wince in pain.

Todd began to speed up, pounding into Teri faster and faster. Her breasts wobbled and bounced obscenely on her chest as she shook under his thrusts. "Oh, fuck, yeah, oh fuck, I'm going to cum!" he shouted.

I couldn't watch the rest of it. I slowly hunkered down and quietly snuck away, fighting back tears.


When Teri showed up to my car fifteen minutes later, I was waiting for her outside. I told her what I saw and that I was breaking up with her. In the next few hours of tears and apologies, Teri finally confessed the whole story to me.

It turned out that she and Todd hadn't just stopped speaking after she had stripped naked in the field for him. In fact, the very next day Todd had cornered her by the lockers and started working his charm on her. After spending twenty minutes smooth-talking her about how hot she was and how he couldn't stop thinking about her, she ended up promising him that if he won the football game that Friday, she would give him a blowjob after the game.

That's why she was so quiet that first Friday, and that's where she disappeared after our team won. She snuck over to the players' exit and waited until Todd walked out, then followed him to his pickup truck. She made small talk with the other players and cheerleaders until they all left for the after-game party. She had expected that Todd would invite her to the party, and that she would party with everybody until he drove her home, stopping somewhere private first where they could hook up.

Instead, Todd demanded that she give him the blowjob right there in the parking lot, next to his pickup truck. She protested, but he turned on his charm and spent a few minutes convincing her that nobody would see them, even though the parking lot was fairly well-lit. She started faltering, and he sealed the deal by taking her hand and putting it over his hard cock, letting her feel it through his pants and telling her that she was so gorgeous he couldn't wait any longer.

So Teri sank to her knees and started unzipping Todd's jeans. She pulled out his dick and started slurping up and down on it, right there in the middle of the parking lot at school, with only his pickup truck as cover. It took Todd only a few minutes of soft moaning before he started grunting louder, and finally shouted that he was about to cum. Teri held her mouth over his cock and gulped down his cum as he shot his load into her mouth.

Todd quickly zipped back up and told Teri that he had to go, and that he would love to invite her to the players' party but that she couldn't bring me. She offered to stand me up, but he said that it wouldn't be right and that next time she should come to the game without me so he could invite her. This also explained why she was so hesitant to go to games with me.

This started a weekly pattern. Every Friday, Todd would win the football game, and after each game Teri would sneak over to his pickup truck and suck his cock in the parking lot after all the other players had left. Todd would then drive away, and Teri would come back to my car, horny and unsatisfied.

Todd got more aggressive as the weeks went on. The second week he groped Teri's tits through her shirt while she was blowing him, and the third week he reached down her tanktop and fondled her breasts beneath her bra.

The fourth week he stopped Teri halfway through the blowjob and just pulled her sweater up over her head. She resisted at first, trying to keep her arms down, but he was so determined that she was worried he would tear it off her, and after a few seconds she gave in and lifted her arms up and let him hurl the sweater away. It didn't take another minute before he grabbed her bra and yanked it up, exposing her breasts to the chilly October air. Anyone who drove by the parking lot at the right angle would have seen her topless and sucking Todd's dick, but she did her best to keep it out of her mind and kept on with the blowjob, letting Todd fondle and pinch her hard nipples. After Todd came in her mouth, she quietly tucked her breasts back into her bra, but waited until he peeled away to hunt for her sweater, walking around in the school parking lot in her bra until she found it.

The fifth week Todd fucked her. She hadn't expected it, and in fact wore a dress that night, hoping that if she had to strip to the waist again, she could just pull down the top of the dress and not have to hunt for her clothes afterward. But instead Todd made no move to grope her, which confused her and made her feel like he was getting tired of her.

But a few minutes into sucking his dick, Todd suddenly yanked her up and lifted her up onto the hood of his truck. In a swift motion, he reached up her dress and pulled her panties down and off her legs. Teri didn't even try to resist this time, and let Todd push his wet dick into her pussy. He fucked her for several minutes until he grunted and shot his cum into her unprotected cunt.

For the next three weeks Todd fucked her after the game, until I caught them the third time. Every time he would shoot his load inside of her before she could have an orgasm, and would leave without much talk. She told me, through teary eyes, that as the weeks went on she didn't even know why she was still meeting him after the games, he was just so charming during the school week that she forgave him.

I sympathized, but drove her home and never spoke to her again. She understood and didn't try to fight me.


Years later, during a visit home from college, I was at a bar when I ran into one of the former players. He offered to buy a round for me and told me that he felt guilty for what Todd and the guys had done to Teri and me. He told me that Teri and Todd hooked up for the rest of the year, although Todd never acknowledged that in public. In fact, he had used her to entertain his jock friends.

During one of the weeks when they were fucking while I was waiting in the car, Todd had stripped her totally naked before turning her around and fucking her up against his car. He had told some of the other players to drive away from the stadium but turn around after an hour and circle the parking lot if they wanted to see a treat. They did, and as they drove by the parking lot they got to see Teri standing naked over the hood of Todd's pickup truck, her tits bouncing wildly as Todd rammed his cock into her from behind.

I have to admit that hearing that story turned me on a little. I never forgave Teri for cheating on me, but something about how willingly she had been used and had cheated on me was arousing, and I'm not sure why. Sometimes I think about calling her and seeing what she's up to, but it's been almost ten years, and I'm sure there's nothing to say.

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by Anonymous

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by 12gone02/23/18

Hottest thing I've read here!

The only thing I would change about it at all is that he'd keep taking her to the games, and keep waiting for her afterwards, even after catching them in the act.

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by Anonymous01/26/18
by Anonymous01/10/18

I really liked the story, gave it a 4.4 (88%). The theme is my cup of tea 100% & then some.

The story is
very EROTIC, &
totally REALISTIC.

When the boyfriend is following his girlfriend & the quaterback as they go running he does not do that only because he is jealous BUT because he has a strongmore...

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by Anonymous08/18/17
by Anonymous07/27/17

Hi clarkoverns, thank you for your stories!

This one is multifaceted, very realistic, too. The eroticism is understated, though.
I liked it.

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