tagInterracial LoveMy Girlfriend Discovers BBC Ch. 02

My Girlfriend Discovers BBC Ch. 02


The next day was a Saturday, and Brittany was getting ready for work in the bedroom while Terrance and I were having breakfast at the kitchen bar. She walked out of the bedroom scantily dressed, wearing full makeup with dark mascara, eyeliner, and eyeshadow. She was wearing the sexy black tight spaghetti strap top I bought for her, with her huge cleavage spilling out, complemented by the silver locket necklace I gave her on our anniversary. She wore nothing else but her sexiest black string thong.

"God damn.." I heard Terrance say quietly.

She walked by us, muttering that she forgot her pants in the dryer. As she walked back to the room with her incredible ass swaying from side to side, she "accidentally" dropped her pants. She bent over slowly while arcing her back inward to accentuate the roundness of her ass. She glanced one eye back at us to see us staring as she went back into the bedroom.

Terrance and I finished our cereal and prepared the drinks and snacks for our day of gaming. Brittany came out of the bedroom to gather her things before leaving. Terrance was wearing an untied robe, sitting on the couch, with a huge bulge in his briefs that Brittany couldn't help but obviously stare at. Her eyes rose to meet mine after gawking at his enormous cock meat. She seductively bit the corner of her bottom lip while her inner eyebrows lifted, as if she was thinking about his big dick bottoming out inside her. She kissed me good-bye, and headed out.

"Do I get one too?" Terrance said jokingly.

"Maybe later! Haha" She replied, then left.

I texted her after she left saying,

"Last night was really hot..."

She responded after a few minutes of me being excited to see what she'd say,

"OMG yes... I can't stop thinking about it."

"Thinking about what?"

"You watching..."

"Watching what?"

"You know what! lol"

"I want you to say it.."

There was a long pause with the dots icon showing up several times, indicating she was typing.

"Watching him beat my guts with his huge black cock while you jack off and cum everywhere J" She said with the obvious intention of getting me extremely horny.

"omfggggg... That's so damn hot."

"We should do it again tonight after I get off work <3"

"Oh god yes... Maybe we could even try it for real..."

There was an even longer pause, with the typing indicator going on and off, suggesting that she was typing and retyping her message.

"I guess we'll just have to see what happens J"

"Jesus fucking Christ..."

"Haha well I have to go now. I love you!"

"I love you too."

"And just so you know, I'll be thinking about it all day..."

"God damn dude, you're one lucky mother fucker." Terrance exhaled.

"Haha why?"

"You kiddin' me? Miss sexy blonde bitch walkin' around here, her big ass titties and ass hangin' out! God damn son, I haven't cum in over a week, I was about to bust a nut."

We both laughed and started up the game system.

"Seriously though, she's fine as fuck man."

"Haha well thanks."

A short pause initiated as we started playing games.

"I'd let you fuck her if I could watch..."

"Whaaaaat? Are you serious man? Hahaha shit. Get the fuck outta here!"

"Hey man, I can share! My girlfriend is your girlfriend. I would, that would be so fucking awesome."

"Wow dude haha"

"I told her how big your cock is last night, and she pretty much orgasmed from it."

"You fuckin' serious?"

"Yeah, she told me that she wants to suck you off in front of me."

"God damn man, that's just crazy." He said after a short pause.

"Would you be willing to do that tonight?" I asked.

"...I dunno man, I don't wana come between you and your lady, I don't wanna mess up our friendship either."

"No dude it's totally cool, I really want it, and I'm pretty sure she does too."

"She does?"


"Fuck man... my conscience is saying I shouldn't, but my perverted side is saying I should..."

"How about just a BJ? And only if she wants to."

"Okay, I can do that."

"You should text her that pic of your cock to test her, I wana see how she reacts."

"Haha alright."

He texted the picture to her, and we went back to gaming.

"Let me know when she responds." I added.

I could barely concentrate on the game, thinking about how she might react to seeing his huge thick black cock appear on her phone screen at work. A couple of hours passed, and I heard Terrance's phone buzz. We paused the game while he read the text. My heart was racing really fast. He laughed and handed the phone to me.

"Oh. My. God..." It said.

My phone buzzed shortly after, and I quickly got it out.

"You told him!? Omg, I'm so embarrassed haha I don't know what to say..."

His phone buzzed again a few moments after that. He held it up so we could both read it.

"God, that is so. Fucking. Huge..."

"Ask her if she wants it!" I said excitedly.

"Do you want it baby? You wana suck it?" he typed and sent.

"Yeah... kinda..."

"No, no 'kinda', do you want to?"

"Yeah.." "I do."

"Holy shit.." I said as I started texting her.

"I want to watch baby.."

"Are you sure you want this?"

"God yes, I want to see his big black cock in your mouth so badly."

I waited what seemed to be an eternity in angst for her to reply.

"You just might then..."

She said her break was over, so Terrance and I went back to gaming for a few hours. We then sat on the couch and watched TV while we waited for her to get home.

Before long, Brittany walked through the door, putting her stuff down, and asked how our day was. We said it was good, and asked her back.

"It was fine. Really long day. I'm just glad to be back."

She said as she walked toward the couch to sit between us. My heart was already beating fast, hoping that I'd soon see her gagging on his black snake.

"Whatcha guys watching?"

"Ehh, just flipping through the channels really." Terrance replied.

We landed on some boring movie channel that showed more commercials than the show, and there was a long silence. We sat there, all knowing what each other was thinking.

"Sooo..." I said to break the silence.

"I'm so nervous!" She said as she buried her face into Terrance's shoulder. Her big tits were bulging out of her shirt, and rubbing all over him.

"Hey, this is all you guys. It's completely up to you." Terrance said nervously as his cock visibly grew under his sweatpants, extending amazingly far along his inner thigh.

"It's up to you babe, you know what I want, so..." I said.

Her eyes found his big long cock starting to rise from his leg under his pants.

"Ohhhh my god..." she said as she stared at it with wide, hungry eyes.

"You can touch it if you want." Terrance encouraged.

She slowly reached to his lap and modestly rubbed the middle arch of his cock outside of his pants with her finger tips.

"Grab it, baby." Terrance insisted.

She slowly grabbed the thickest part of his cock through his pants and started stroking it, letting out a surprised gasp. My heart was racing as my cock grew extremely hard, and I couldn't help but rub it through my pants. Her stroking got more intense as his dick got bigger and harder. He lifted the waist band of his pants to suggest to her to reach inside. She let go of his cock and reached far into his pants to grip his cock right under the head. Terrance moaned and laid his head back as she started jerking his big dick inside his pants.

"Oh god, I can't believe how big your cock is.." She said in astonishment.

I could see the shape of her knuckles and his huge cock head bulging through his pants, jerking around harder and faster. I pulled my throbbing cock out and started jacking off, watching them without blinking.

"Suck it.." Terrance said to her softly.

She pulled her hand out, and situated herself on her knees in front of him. She grabbed at his waist band and started tugging a little bit, pulling his pants down until the base of his cock was showing, and stopped.
"Are you sure you want this baby? There's no going back..."

I moaned with pleasure and nodded. She pulled his pants down slowly, revealing his enormous black cock, inch by inch until it sprung from the waist band, almost hitting her chin. She grasped her fingers around the base of his thick dick as far as she could, and started teasing his head with her lips. She looked over at me with a seductive look while teasing his cock head with her sexy lips.

"You have to tell me to do it." She said while dragging her lips across his tip.

"Do it..." I said faintly.

She immediately took his big black cock into her mouth and started sucking voraciously. I could see her tongue slithering all over the bottom of his cock, just ahead of her bottom lip as she sucked and slurped his big rubbery dick. She released her tight grip from the base of his cock so she could grab his knees. His 11 inches of thick, dark dick meat arced from his lap all the way into my pretty girlfriend's mouth, bending around as she bobbed up and down, making him moan.

Brittany pulled her mouth off of his wet dick, grabbing the base while strands of saliva stretched from her lips to his shaft, drooped, then clung to her chin and his cock. She turned to look at me.

"God, it's so fucking big, baby." She said with a moan before slapping his cock meat repeatedly on her outstretched tongue, making wet thudding noises. She stared at me through squinty seductive eyes, darkened by her makeup that was slightly running. She gave his gigantic cock a few more sucks, popped it out of her mouth, never breaking eye contact with me.

"It's sooo much bigger than yours." She teased, then went back to sucking.

"Try not to cum too quickly while your big friend fucks my face."

Terrance then grabbed both sides of her face, and started humping his huge cock up into her throat, making her gag and tear up. I looked down and noticed she was feverishly fingering her pussy, her jeans pulled down to her knees on the ground. She moaned in pleasure as Terrance fucked her mouth like an animal. I noticed she was still wearing the silver locket necklace I got her, and I could almost see the reflection of his big black cock getting sucked in it. I couldn't hold it any longer, and started cumming all over the place, watching his huge dick going in and out of my girlfriend's mouth. Reality slowly set in, a result of being disillusioned by the absence of passionate lust that had just exploded out of my cock. All I could do then was watch.

She changed the pace and took control again by pushing down on his hips, then sucking up and down on his cock. She took it out, then slid her tongue all over his cock, teasing him by talking dirty.

"You like that?" She said while gazing into Terrance's eyes.

"Fuck yeah baby."

"Mmmh, I love sucking your enormous black cock!" She said, just as she started cumming on her furiously vibrating hand with his dick stuffing her mouth. She grabbed his cock with two hands, then started sucking wildly on his big throbbing cock head.

"Ohhh I love fucking your pretty white mouth.."

She started deepthraoting his cock while holding, squeezing, and caressing his huge balls that seemed to be filled to capacity with cum.

"Ohh, fuck I'm gonna nut soon baby."

"Mmmh, where do you wana cum?"

"Pull them big titties out, I wana tittyfuck."

Brittany teased by slowly pulling each of her huge tits out. She wrapped her big warm, soft, white tits around his giant hard black cock, and started pumping her tits up and down on his shaft.

"C'mon baby, show me how much that big black cock can cum!" She moaned at him.

"Ohhh fuckkk your titties are so big!" Terrance exclaimed.

"Do it baby, shoot your big fucking cum load all over me! Blast my big white titties with your—"

"AAAarrrggghhh ffuuuuuuck!" Terrance yelled as he took hold of his cock and started blasting her locket necklace and huge cleavage with thick, hot torrents of cum so powerful, I could hear a few rushing squirts. Brittany quickly squeezed her tits together and cupped them with her arms while Terrance continued to pump the biggest load I had ever seen directly into her cleavage. His thick cum slid down her round tits, dripping all over her black shirt that was bunched up under her tits. The sight of his cum, caked all over her anniversary necklace, got me so turned on that I was ready to jack off again. Brittany slid her jeans all the way off, revealing her dripping wet black thong and said

"My turn... I want your huge black cock up inside me right now!"

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