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My Guitar Hero


I've known Jon since freshman year of High School. We tried to start a band, but none of the kids we played with were good enough to make it through a single song. Sometimes he'd just come over by himself and we'd play guitar together. Even then I remember thinking about him in a different way than all of my other friends.

I could never put my finger on why I liked him. All I know is that ever since I started finding porn on the internet I've wanted to try sucking dick, and if anyone's dick was in my mouth I wanted it to be his.

We're both twenty-three now and out of college. Not once in all the years since I first met him have we ever talked about sex of any kind, let alone me sucking his dick. From time to time I've suspected that he wants it, something at least, but I can never be sure. He's had a string of girlfriends up until last summer, and since then all he can talk about is his latest celebrity crush. It seems like his last break-up has opened his mind up to things exciting and new. Maybe he's trying to hide, under all his talk, whatever gay side he might have. I didn't know--until last Saturday that is--last Saturday I found out.

Saturday was cold and windy and bunch of us were playing football. After a while the games always broke down. People would leave, or show up, and create lopsided teams, then one team would score touchdown after touchdown. This happened after an hour. As we were walking to the parking lot Jon asked if anyone wanted to go to his house and play the new Guitar Hero game he just ordered online. I agreed, everyone else had somewhere to go.

After dropping the rest of our friends off, Jon and I went to his new apartment. He had just moved in a month ago.

"Nice place," I said. "How much is this costing you?"

"Twelve hundred a month."

"Wow, really? So it's twenty-four hundred a month total?"

"No," he said as he switched on the game console and picked up the guitar controller. "That's the full price."

"Oh, I thought I heard someone say that you had a roommate."

"No, not yet. My old college roommate is coming up in a couple of weeks, he's just got to finish his old job. I'm all alone for now."

"That's cool." I was really hoping that he wouldn't start whining to me about how he needed a girlfriend. He didn't.

"What level do you want to set the game on?" he asked.

"I don't know, hard I guess."

"Hard is pretty tough, I've already beat it on hard." Jon had a somewhat annoying habit of talking about how good he is at everything. To be fair, he is better than the average person at most of the things he brags about, video games, football, lacrosse...

"Well, I'm sure I can manage it, I was always better than you at guitar anyway."

"Yeah, right!"

An idea leapt into my head. "Want to make a bet then?"

"Okay. What do I get if I win?"

"How about loser gives the winner head?" I did my best to make it sound like I was completely joking, just in case he was weirded out by the suggestion. He didn't seem to be.

"Fine," he said with a laugh.

He picked a song and started playing. When the scoring screen came up at the end of the song, it tallied to 224,623.

"Pressure's on!" he said as he handed me the guitar controller.

I started out just okay, my timing was a bit off on some of the faster parts of the song, but I managed to get the "star power" bonus and use it at all the right times. I glanced down at the score in the bottom corner of the screen and saw that the number started with a two but the song's solo kicked in and I had to turn my attention back to the notes flying at me.

As I was almost at the end of the song, the though popped into my mind that I actual might get to suck Jon's dick. This gave me the butterflies in the stomach feeling and a started to miss notes. When the scoring screen came up it said my final score was 219,084. Jon didn't say anything, he just got out of his seat and stood in front of the TV.

I handed him the guitar controller. "Damn, so close. Your turn."

"Well," he said, "pay up!" He laughed and so did I. I decided to make one more assurance.


"I'm waiting," he said and laughed again. He chose a different song and started to play it, I sat down.

I was still feeling the butterflies in my stomach and my mouth started to get dry. I glanced at the window, the shade was drawn. Good. I closed my eyes for a moment and took a deep breath.

I got up and knelt in front of him, he looked down at me for a split second before giving his attention back to the game. I undid his belt and pulled down his zipper.

"Ah," he said hesitantly, but nothing followed.

I started feeling my own cock getting hard. I yanked down his pants and boxers in one tug. His big, cut dick bounced out and hit me right in the nose. I had never seen such a nice cock, not on the internet and certainly not in person. I got rock hard almost instantly.

I stuck out my tongue and touched it to the tip of his dick as I admired his neatly trimmed hair. He flexed his cock, bouncing it up and down a few times, hitting the tip of my tongue on each pass. It wasn't quite hard yet, but it was getting there. I wet my lips and stuck the whole head into my mouth and began to suck.

Jon let out an "ooh," but he kept playing the game. Looking back I'm so glad he did. I didn't love him, I didn't want a gay relationship and I'm sure he didn't either, but I wanted to suck a dick and he wanted his big, beautiful dick sucked.

I sucked his cock until he was completely hard, which didn't take long, then started working on his balls a bit. His balls weren't shaved, but they were trimmed, so they still felt incredibly smooth. His balls were big, so on a whim I tried getting them both in my mouth. By the time I had achieved my goal, the song was over and he started a new one right away.

I continued sucking and licking for three more songs, then I decided to try to deep throat him. I had seen it in porn movies and it always turned me on. I would estimate his cock at a perfectly straight seven inches, so it was no easy feat. The first time I tried, I gagged a bit, but practice makes perfect, I guess, so I went for it again. This time it slid further down. I felt like I was about to cum and I hadn't even taken off my pants.

I couldn't manage to get the whole thing down my throat, but I kept trying for another song. I could feel his cock throbbing in my mouth and I knew he was close.

This was the part I really wanted to try. I always saw girls swallowing cum online, and I found it incredible erotic. Also, though, facials were a favorite of mine. Seeing that thick, white cum spew out over a girl's face always got me off. I couldn't decide which I wanted. I knew that after a facial I could always push it into my mouth, but then I wouldn't get to swallow a full load. If I got the whole load in my mouth, then I wouldn't be able to look at and play with his cum. Jon decided for me.

"Ahhhh," he moaned.

In a split second, the cum started pumping direct from his big cock into my mouth. (I felt cum start to gush from my own cock as well.) It was warm and really gooey, it tasted sweet and there was a lot. I let my lips loosen from around his cock just enough to get a little breath. Some cum spilled out.

"Oh my god!" he exclaimed. At first I thought he had instantly became disgusted at the idea of me sucking his cock, but I sneaked a peek up at him and saw that he had his head tilted back in ecstasy.

As I looked back down, I noticed that the cum that had spilled out of my mouth hadn't dropped to the floor, wasted, but instead had formed a nice long white string that dangled off my chin. I collected it in my hand and started to play with it. It was extremely sticky and a brilliant white, my favorite kind of cum. I played with it in my hands a bit more then dangled it into my mouth.

I worked the whole load around on my tongue for a moment, then in one big gulp it was gone.

The song Jon was currently playing wasn't over. Although he had almost lost when he came, he had managed to start playing again as I was playing with his cum. I sucked his balls a bit then licked his dick a few more times.

I realized that there was a big wet spot on the front of my jeans and decided it was best to go home and put them in the wash.

Neither of us said a word, and I left him standing there in front of his TV, playing Guitar Hero with his pants still around his ankles.

I really enjoyed sucking cock, more than I though I would. I mean, it hasn't turned me gay, but let's just say that I sure am looking forward to playing some more Guitar Hero with Jon. Hold on, I almost just came in my pants, he's calling me right now.

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