tagGay MaleMy Happy Life

My Happy Life


I was so happy with my life. I was ending the weekend with my lover in the Smokey Mountains. He rented a cabin with a wonderful view. We hardly left the cabin. We made love in every room. This was the weekend I longed for. Steve told his wife he was going to a sales conference. He called me and said she wouldn't be able to go and he had arranged it where I could go if I wanted too. This weekend was absolutely heaven.

Steve had gone to the meetings Friday and was going back this afternoon just to get his credentials stamped. I was in the shower when I heard a noise in the living room. I thought that Steve must have forgotten something. I slipped my pink silk robe back on and opened the bathroom door.

"Uuugh," I gasped. I started to shut the door but the big hand stopped the door from closing. It was my best friend, Jason, Steve's son.

"What the hell are you doing dressed like that?" he screamed at me. "Shit! Shit! Shit! Damnit! Mom said he was fucking around on her with someone. Don't tell he is queer too." He shouted.

"J-Jas---Jason let me explain." I stuttered.

"Hell, Ray there ain't shit to explain! My dad is a fucking queer and he is fucking my best friend!"

I didn't know what to say. I sat down on the edge of the hot tub and just looked at the ground. I had probably just ruined the lives of some of the people I cared most about.

Jason turned and left me there. I was crying. Why did this have to happen to me? I should have turned Steve down the first time we were alone. But I wanted him. I had lusted for him since I was sixteen. Now, I was finally getting what I wanted. I knew Steve would never leave his wife and two wonderful kids. I did know how to please him and he was a wonderful lover. That was all I wanted to be his lover. Now I probably ruined that and the great friendship Jason and I had. We have been best friends since junior high school. I was able to make through high school because of our friendship. He was like a big brother to me. He would stand up for me whenever I needed him to.

"Ray, come here. Let's talk." He called me from the bedroom.

I walked into the bedroom. Jason was standing and motioned me to sit on the edge of the bed. I tried to cover myself. But there wasn't enough material to make a difference.

"How long has this been going on?"

"Almost 2 years."

"Are you gay?" he asked staring a hole through my eyes.

"I, I, I, yes. I love your father." I stammered

"SHUT the fuck up. You don't love my father you little fucking queer." As he said this he walked towards me and grabbed my right arm. I raised my left arm to keep from getting hit. I was too late the back of his hand landed hard on the side of my head. I fell back on the bed. My world was spinning. I was falling in and out of reality. What was happening to me? I finally cleared my head. Jason was standing over me but something was different he didn't look the same. I closed my eyes and when I reopened them I knew what was different. Jason was standing next to the bed. He was naked. His 7-inch cock was swinging between his legs as he walked towards me.

"What are you doing? Jason, Jason. Don't do this." I cried.

"Oh yes, we are going to do this or I am going to have to tell everyone about you and my dad. So get over here and suck my cock, SLUT!"

I lay there thinking. There was no way I was going to be forced to suck his cock.

"Get over here now!" He shouted as he grabbed me by the hair and pushed me on the floor. Still pulling on my hair he pulled me up to his cock.

"Suck it Bitch, show me what daddy likes about you. You little cocksucking faggot" He ordered.

I opened my mouth and he shoved all 7 inches of his semi erect cock deep down my throat I was choking and it took me a few seconds to start breathing out my nose.

"Yea that's it, swallow my love stick. If you do a good job I might let you ride this piece of man meat. You would like that wouldn't you?"

I turned my attention to sucking his cock. Maybe just maybe if I can get him to relax his grip on me I can get the hell out of here. His cock was now hard as a rock and had grown to about ten inches long. I was really getting into sucking his cock. I never dreamed I would be sucking my best friend's cock. His cock was almost identical to his fathers.

He slowly pulled out of my mouth to leave me begging for his cock. He lay down on the bed and said. "Lets try something. Let's get into a 69 with you on top."

Oh my god I never knew. I crawled over his body. I kissed my way down his chest. Running my tongue through his pubic hair. I licked the sides of his cock and then I threw my leg over his chest. Now Jason is 6'-2" and I am only 5'-5" and he out weighs me by about a hundred pounds.

I turned my attention back to pleasuring his cock. Jason had his hands on the back of my thighs and was rubbing and squeezing my ass cheeks.

"I never thought you were gay. You do have a nice ass and I nearly came in my pants when I seen you in that pink robe" as he finished talking he slipped his tongue in my ass. All I could do was moan my appreciation. It was hard to concentrate on his cock while he was eating my ass. I gave up on his cock and leaned back on his face. His tongue was buried deep in my ass. He was sending me over the edge. I started cumming. I shot my load all over his belly. Some of my spunk landed on his cock. I leaned forward and started sucking his cock again. I swirled my tongue around the head and then would plunge him deep down my throat. Jason was close to cumming.

He stopped me. Leaving me to beg again. He rolled me over onto my back and pulled me down to the edge of the bed. He wiped some cum off his chest and stroked his cock with it. He then put his fingers in his mouth. He grabbed my legs and placed them on his shoulders. This opened my ass for him. He took his cock and rubbed it up and down my crack.

"Do you want this? He asked.

All I could do was shake my head.

"Tell me what you want."

"I want you to fuck me."


"I want you to fuck me and I want you to make me yours."

"That's it. Now tell me what does daddy call you? I know it can't be Ray."

"Raylene" I whispered.

"Well Raylene, that is a beautiful name. From now on you belong to me." He said this as he shoved his cock into me.

"When daddy gets back you are going to tell him it is over. You will stop seeing him. Do you understand me?" He fucking me slowly with his cock sliding it all the way in and pulling it out till just the head was buried in me.

"But Jason, I love your father."

He shoved his love stick in me real hard and fast. "It is over with. I have pictures of you and him last night making love in this very bed and that blowjob on the balcony this morning is on videotape. So it is over unless you want to ruin your life and his. So as I said it is over!"

I started to cry as he ravished my ass. My head started to spin again. He was fucking me hard and fast as any man ever had. I was lost in my thoughts as he came, filling my ass with his seed. One last thrust he pulled out of me walked over to his clothes and started to dress. Once dressed, he retrieved something off the desk in the corner. I heard the front door of the cabin shut and he was gone. Then there was silence.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous12/01/18

Can you imagine...

Having a relationship with a married man and his son finding out. I've had a couple of married buds but, it was always on the DL. I wanted more but, it was what it was.

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by Anonymous09/16/18

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