tagMind ControlMy Hot Neighbours Ch. 03

My Hot Neighbours Ch. 03


My name is Candace, or shygirlwhore on literotica. I like to read and help people perfect there writings.

Dani is the narrator in all of my stories.

Everyone is 18 and over in this story.


It is afternoon tea time and Tanya suggested a kinky game off pussy first and put her Bikini top around Jakes face, so that he could not see.

"Jake we will tell you what the food is, and then you choose to either have it rubbed against your chest or to eat it."

"You have to tell us whose pussy juices it is covered with."

"Jake if you get it right you may also eat the ladies pussy."

We decided to keep Jake waiting and we ate our food first. We ate our food after dipping it inside of each other's pussies.

I was shocked that Mom and Crystal wanted to play pussy first.

I went into the kitchen and helped Mom and Crystal find some interesting food for our game, while Tanya and the girls plotted some devious tricks to play on Jake.

Jake could hear us moan and groan with pleasure as us girls played pussy first between ourselves! We were not blind folded, we could see everything!

His dick rose to attention and it bought a smile to all our faces."

We massaged and lubricated each other's pussies, so all the food entered us pain free; I have never had so many ladies playing with my pussy.

As it was Meg and Jill's first game of pussy first, Tanya massaged and attended to both of them and guided all the food inside off them.

As she was doing this Tanya was telling Jake what all the food was.

We plated up the food and made sure that the food we were eating had someone else's cum on it.

Jake chose to eat the food that had Mom and Crystals cum on it, as they were the only pussies he had never tasted.

"Poor Jake what devious tricks were they going to play on him?"

The next game we played is my favorite, it's called cum swap.

Tanya instructed Jake to spread his legs.

"Now everyone give Jake a blowjob, all the over flow of his sperm is to be used to lubricant your pussies."

Jake will then be the referee, as we grind our pussies together and rub our tits between each other's legs.

When he says stop Jake will choose if the nearest lady to you will eat your pussy or suck on your tits.

Unbeknownst to me this was when they were going to start playing tricks on Jake.

Jill was the keenest to get Jakes cock in her mouth and feel his overflow on her.

"Help me masturbate Jake!" Jill screamed.

Crystal came over and stroked Jakes 10" cock, squeezing every drop of his seed onto her Daughters body.

Crystal said, "You are going to rate each of our blowjob techniques."

"How did my baby do?"

"7/10," Jake said, 'Why don't you show her how it is done?"

There was plenty of his sperm on Jill: Crystal helped Jake lubricate her daughter's sweet, wet cunt. Than crystal used some of the cum on Jill's body to lubricate herself and said, "Hey Mel, come and give Jill a full body massage and help me give your son the best blowjob of his life."

"Make sure Jill has a nice close up view."

Mom chose to use more than her hands to massage Jill.

Well I have never seen so much cum in all of my life, the three of them were absolutely covered from head to toe with it.

"Now, Jill why don't you come and help us?"

The three of them lapped up as much of Jakes sperm as they could, then Mom sat her wet cunt on Jill's tits while she finished of her sons throbbing cock.

Crystal said, "Come on ladies, there is plenty of Jakes cum on the three of us to lubricate all your pussies several times!"

Jake was speechless and absolutely spent. "Let's take a break for a while."

"Now that is a 10/10!"

Jake contently had a close up view as he watched the nine of us lubricating our sweet shaven cunts, fingering each other, going down on each other and finally joined us in one great big orgy. He ate out Mom on Crystal like you wouldn't believe.

Jake said "Meg you're up next, give me a blowjob, I want you to lubricate your pussy and your butt for me."

"I know you will be a 10."

"I'm going to put my hard throbbing cock in your butt, after my blowjob session is over. "

"I want a close up view of you masturbating, while I receive my remaining blowjobs please."

"Next up I want my two darling sisters to give me a double blowjob, while fingering each other at the same time."

"Feel free to massage my sperm into each other's amazing tits too."

Than came the grand finally, a double blowjob from Jane and Tanya. They just love each other, as much as Jake does. They make all of us wet. They are so sexually passionate with each other and they are so fucking hot too. Jane was so keen to give to Jake in every way because it meant she would always receive all her sexual fantasies to be fulfilled by Tanya. Jake and Tanya are so much in love.

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