tagIncest/TabooMy Hot Step Dad

My Hot Step Dad


I'm 20 now, but I was 18 when this story happened.

Towards the end of my senior year of high school, my Mom got remarried to her boyfriend, "David", who I had always thought was really hot. He's about five foot eight inches tall, with short brown hair and a thin body. I had fantasized about him for years before but now he was coming to live with us. It was a big turn on. My best friend (who also thinks David is hot) told me I should try to seduce him as a joke, but I fantasized about it for months.

My Mom leaves first in the morning for work, and around that time, David is usually always taking his shower and I'm getting ready for school. Well, after my Mom left, I would try to sneak peaks of my step Dad in the shower.

He masturbates on a regular basis. I knew, because he sometimes would make noise in the shower and I would peak through the door and see. Whenever I would catch him masturbating I would rub my clit to an orgasm at the same time that he did. It was great!

One day, my Mom left for work and I went to the bathroom door to see David and of course there he was, rubbing his dick (it's about six and a half inches by the way, maybe seven I don't know). I started to rub my clit and then my heart started to pound like I was having a heart attack. Ever since my friend made that joke about seducing him I had been thinking non-stop about confronting David and telling him that I liked watching him masturbate but I really wanted to see him up close and not through the frosted glass door. I wanted him to watch me, too. I was afraid he'd tell my Mom and she would kill me, but I had to try because I'd been thinking about it for too long and I'd regret it if I didn't.

So I stood up, pushed open the door and walked into the bathroom like nothing was wrong.

"Carrie?" David said. (My name isn't Carrie, just so you know.)

"Yeah, it's me," I said.

"Is everything O.K?" he asked.

"Yeah, I just was listening to you in here and wanted to know if you were alright?" I thought that would be a pretty safe thing to say.

"I'm fine," but he sounded a little embarrassed.

"Well!" I said. This was the big moment, my heart was beating so fast and my throat clenched up a little bit. "Do you want some help in there?"

He said, "What do you mean?" He didn't sound embarrassed anymore.

"I mean, do you want me to help you in there?"

"Well, if you would like to help me." I couldn't believe it when he said that!

"Yeah, I would," I said.

"Well, O.K. then."

David stuck his head out of the shower door and smiled at me. I almost came right there. He asked me to take off my clothes so I took off my t-shirt and my boxer shorts. He stepped to the side and I got into the shower. His dick was really hard and he had one hand gripping it. He seemed just as excited as I was.

(I'm not bad to look at, by the way. I'm about five feet one inch tall, with short brown hair that curls under and I'm proud of my figure. It's a tiny bit heavier than I would like, but David thinks it's sexy.)

I got on my knees so I could have a better look and so I could play with my clit while I watched him. It was the best! His hand was moving really fast and he looked really hot with his hair all wet. I couldn't believe it! The only other dick I'd seen was my old boyfriends, but his wasn't as nice as David's and I'd never seen it cum. He came really soon after I got in the shower. He squirted three streams of cum. The first hit my right cheek and the other two hit my right boob. The rest of his cum just kind of oozed out over his fist. I came about a second after that. We promised we wouldn't tell my Mom, and I was really glad for that.

Since then I've started college nearby, but I still live at home. It's become part of our morning ritual that David and I take our shower together and watch each other get off. Mom doesn't know, and I know they still have sex and everything. We've never done anything else like sex or anything like that, though sometimes I'll suck on just the tip right when David cums. I like feeling it all gush out onto my tongue.

I told my best friend about it, and she can't believe it. I know she hasn't told anyone else because I read it in her journal.

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