tagLoving WivesMy Hot Wife Katie Ch. 01

My Hot Wife Katie Ch. 01


Katie and I had been married for 7 years and the sex had become boring. We had two kids and it seemed we never had time to be alone. We were never spontaneous and it seemed like she always demanded romance. Which meant by the time we made supper, cleaned up, had family time, and finally got the children to sleep there was no time left in the day for romance. I lusted for animal like type sex with her. The type of sex where you would rip each others clothes off while walking into the house and end up fucking on the floor.

While dating Katie, she had never given me a blowjob. It bothered me but it wasn't enough of an issue that I was going to break up with her. I thought it was going to change during our honeymoon as on our flight to Nassau for our honeymoon she told me she was going to do something that she was saving for marriage. I still don't know what she was talking about but it obviously wasn't going down on me. I probably should have asked about it.

During late nights or time alone I would find myself checking adult websites and fantasizing about having Katie blow me off. She's very attractive with long brown hair and hazel eyes. She is 5'7" and weights about 135 pounds with perfect B cup breasts. Katie has a tight body for a 35 year old. She has lots of freckles on her face and a very small mouth with very sensuous lips. She is a dead ringer for the porn star Lisa Harper but with dark brown curvy hair.

Katie was a virgin when we were married so I felt pretty lucky that she was 28 years old and hadn't had sex. She lacked experience and I lacked the confidence to instruct her. That didn't stop me thinking about what it would feel like to have her perform oral sex on me. It seemed we both had problems communicating about our sexual desires.

I had been sucked off by many girlfriends so it's not like I never had gotten a bj before. Katie's mouth always felt warmer. Her tongue, for a lack of better words, was very strong. French kissing her was like a python entering my mouth, which I'm sure led to my obsession with her mouth. I always imagined Katie taking my cock down her throat and pulling it out and letting me cum on her pretty face. We hadn't had sex for weeks and my balls were aching to be released. I hadn't had the time to jack off as I was nervous thinking that Katie was going to catch me. Many times I would put my feelings on the backburner and just live life and try not to think about it. Katie jokingly, when talking with her girlfriends, would always say she is a baker. Katie explained that girls who know how to bake in the kitchen don't need to give blowjobs because they keep their men happy in other ways. Girls who do not bake have to keep their men happy with oral sex. I always felt that this was her way of telling me that she wasn't taking my cock into her mouth.

I came home one afternoon and Katie was checking her emails on the computer as she had gotten home from work before me. She was looking extremely sexy this afternoon. She was wearing a tan skirt with a tight fitting blouse. I commented that she looked beautiful and she responded with a "thank you" but obviously she was trying to get her mail read before going to pick up the kids from daycare so I didn't try to get her in the bedroom.

I always would try to cover my tracks about which websites I had visited or which movies I had downloaded. Apparently I forgot to delete a few as she called for me in a pissed off voice as I was getting a soda from the fridge. I went into the den and she was sitting in our office chair looking at the computer screen playing a video of Lisa Harper giving a blowjob from The Blowjob Adventures of Dr. Fellatio # 3. That scene was a popular one with me because of the resemblance to Katie.

I stood next to her and stared at the screen. Crap. How am I going to explain this? Katie, I guess you could say, was very modest. I would go as far to call her a prude. She never wanted to watch porn although I had suggested it numerous times. I think I was hoping the visual of oral sex would automatically want her to take my dick into her mouth or at least experiment with each others bodies. "What the hell is this?" she demanded pointing to the monitor.

I was at a lost for words. Do I try to cover it up? Do I say we must have a virus on the computer?

I decided to be honest. In a very sarcastic voice, "It looks like a girl giving a blowjob."

Katie was irate, "Why the fuck is it on our computer?"

Wow she was mad. I tried to think of something else to say but my mind was blank.

"I was watching it," I stammered. "I watch them a lot. It's something you don't do so....."

"You've never asked," Katie yelled cutting me off mid sentence.

"Would you do that even if I asked?" sounding condescending as I looked her in the eyes.

"You've never asked, so why should I?" coming back at me with the same tone. "What are you some type of pervert?"

"NO! That's why I never asked. I'd expect that type of reaction. I've always wanted you to suck it. I guess I've been too scared to ask." I became somewhat frustrated and it started to pour out. "It's something I've always thought about. It's a turn on for me. You have the sexiest pair of lips, the warmest mouth, and the hottest tongue."

I looked down towards the screen. She appeared upset about what she was seeing and I didn't want to have this turn into a large fight. I really wanted to feel her mouth around me. The thought of her lips wrapped around my shaft was more than I could stand. But in the grand scheme of things it probably wasn't worth fighting over.

Trying to console her, "I'll stop watching these videos. I'm sorry. I don't want you to do anything that you don't want to do."

Katie looked up at me. Her hazel eyes stared into mine.

"It's just a fantasy of mine. You are just so beautiful and the thought of you performing oral sex on me is a turn on. But I understand why you wouldn't want to. I just wished we were more open sexually with each other and more spontaneous."

Katie looked back towards the screen and then glanced back at me. She looked overwhelmed.

"I could try. I don't know how good I will be."

She looked at her watch and we had 45 minutes before the kids needed to be picked up. "I don't think we'll have time for this right now," she explained.

Katie was always about planning. Spontaneous wasn't a word in her dictionary.

"It's been two weeks since I've had any sex." I felt blood starting to pour into my groin. "How long do you think I would last?"

"You want it now?"

I looked down at her, reached out, and began to rub her cheek with my hand, "Yes Katie. I want it now?"

"Like I said, all you've had to do is ask."

My heart skipped a beat as I looked into her eyes, "Katie, would you suck it?"

With a hint of playfulness in her voice, "What do you want me to suck?"

Rubbing her lips with my thumb, "I want you to suck my dick."

Katie opened her mouth and her tongue began to flip around my finger. She closed her mouth around my thumb and began to suck it. Her mouth felt so warm. I felt my cock start to rise in my shorts. I pulled my finger from her mouth and it gave a little pop. She looked up at me and glanced back over at the computer screen as the movie continued.

Katie spun around in the office chair and I bent down and kissed her lips as she began to rub my leg. Her tongue entered my mouth. It felt so hot and electric. She was moving it in and out of mouth as our lips broke away from each other. She stared at my groin as she slowly moved her hand up and began to rub my rapidly expanding bulge. Katie glanced over at the computer screen as Lisa was frantically stroking the cock as it erupted upon her face. Katie gave a gasp at the sight of the exploding dick. She began to rub me harder through my shorts while continuing to stare at the screen. I noticed she couldn't take her eyes away it. She couldn't possibly be enjoying the video? Her fingers were now making an outline around the bulge in my pants as if she was stroking me with my pants on.

Katie looked amazed as she watched the screen as the girl was lapping up the cum, "That's a lot of cum!"

She looked a little flushed and her breathing had increased.

"You really want this don't you?", as she pressed her index finger against her bottom lip and looking up at me.

"Ohhhh yes baby. More than you know."

Katie began to unbutton my shorts at the same time I took off my shirt. She began to kiss my stomach as her hands slowly unbuttoned and unzipped my shorts. They fell to the floor and my cock sprang out. She was little taken aback and gave a giggle in delight. I was at full mast now and the head appeared to be bigger than usual. I let my breath out as Katie began to stroke my muscle. Her face was so close to it, I could feel her breath on me. I began to shudder at the thought of her taking me into her moist mouth. She looked up at me as I starred down at her. Katie stared into my eyes as she stroked it and gave me a little smile. Her eyes returned to my dick which was now inches away from her mouth. She continued to stroke me. Although her eyes were fixed on my member she looked insecure. At one moment I thought she was going to give me the first taste of her tongue but she would then back away. Katie was hesitant to do anything besides rubbing me.

"Just lick the tip," trying to give somesort of encouragement.

Katie continued stroking me and closed her eyes and slowly eased her tongue out of her mouth and leaned in and caressed the head with her tongue. She then continued down my penis with her outstretched tongue.

I let out a sigh. It felt so good to have her tongue dancing on my shaft. I let out a shutter as Katie stretched her small mouth around the head. The sight her mouth around me, her lips stretched to their limit to get around my head was something I had waited 7 years for.

"Oooooh baby. I've wanted this for so long."

I must have already started to have precum leak out. She quickly pulled off and looked up at me. "Don't cum in my mouth, okay?"

I nodded in approval.

Katie continued to press her hot tongue all around my shaft and put my cock back inside of her mouth. Her lips were all around me as I felt her tongue dancing underneath. She released me and looked up at me and laughed, "I don't know what to do."

I looked down at her. "I don't know either, it's not like I've ever done it. You were watching the video, do what she did."

I pulled Katie from the chair up led her to our couch where I sat down and she kneeled between my legs. Katie looked up at me as she took me back in her hand. Her hands were trembling. She slowly began to kiss the inside of my thigh. I reached out and pulled her head towards my cock.

"Just start licking it.", I suggested. Katie stretched out her tongue and began to lick it from top to bottom. She was just using the tip of her tongue but after a few licks she began to use more of it.

The warmth of her tongue and breath working together were ecstasy.

"Grab the bottom with your hand and stroke it while you are licking it"

Katie grabbed a hold of me and slowly was stroking me while dancing her tongue around the head. Her eyes were fixated on me as she worked me towards eventual orgasm.

"Now, put the head into your mouth baby."

Katie leaned forward and stretched her mouth open and slowly eased the head into her wanton mouth. Her lips stretched to their limit.

"Oooooh baby, stroke me with your hand."

She began to work her fist up and down along my shaft while her mouth was fixated on the top of my cock.

As her hand reached her lips, "Follow your hand down." I instructed.

Katie began to slowly take me further into her mouth.

"Ooooooh baby. Move your tongue underneath it while it's in your mouth"

Katie started to understand what she needed to do. She began to work it up and down and began to release me and just lick the head. She would look up at me and then return to my cock. Slowly she began to take me all the way in and proceeded to start bobbing her head. The warmth and wetness of her mouth and the sight of her was almost all I could take. The tongue, as expected, was so strong against my shaft. She would lick from the base to the tip and then take me back into her mouth.

Her tongue began to lap at the cum hole. The precum was oozing out as she squeezed my shaft. Her tongue began to flick around my head, lapping up the cum. I didn't think she would do this knowing how finicky of an eater she can be.

I closed my eyes and laid my head back.

Katie began to develop a good rhythm using her hand and mouth. I placed my hand on the back of her head and began to have her take more of me into her mouth. She stopped as she began to gag. She looked up at me and smiled as she continued to stroke my saliva covered dick. Her eyes widened as the head was becoming increasing engorged every time she was to suck.

My wife looked at me and whispered, "How does it feel? Am I doing okay?"

"I've dreamed of you doing this to me." as Katie took back inside of her lips and increased the pace. "Mmmmm fuck. It feels so goooood," I stammered as my breath was sucked away.

Katie obviously knew my excitement level was building as she continued to wrap her lips around my cock and shaft. When she would release me from her lips she would stare at my cock, as if she was so proud of what she had done to me.

I decided I would go for broke and see how far I can take it. When our eyes met as she was sucking me I moaned to her, "Try licking my balls."

She released my cock from her mouth. She went down further and began to lick and suck my testicles as my cock rested on her forehead. Her fingers continued to caress the head. She was just rubbing the head with her index finger and thumb. Katie would cover her fingers in precum and put them in her mouth. She then quickly returns to licking and sucking my scrotum. It was almost like she didn't want me to now what she was doing. She put the tip of her tongue on top of my pee hole.

"Do you like the taste of my cum?"

"I do," as she continued to lick the tip.

My breaths began to quicken as Katie went back to sucking my dick. Her head was bobbing around me as I began to buck my hips towards her mouth.

"Oooooh shit baby I'm going to cum."

Katie released me from her mouth and began to stroke me with her hand. She stared at my 8" inches of love as she began to lap at the head with her tongue.

I thought Katie would just stroke me off onto my stomach. Which would be fine, but I didn't know if I would have another chance at this.

I had always fantasized about this moment, "Ooooh baby, can I cum on your face?"

Katie stopped stroking and released my cock. She looked up at me with her wet mouth and lips. I thought I had screwed up the perfect blowjob and she had grotesque look on her face. Her face then calmed.

We stared at each other for what seemed like eternity but were probably just a few seconds. Katie then slowly began to move her hand around y groin. A sexy smile appeared on her gorgeous lips.

"Like what I saw on the computer?"

Between my heavy breaths I began to beg, "Yes baby. Please let me cum on your face. I've always wanted to cover you in my cum"

Katie's freckled face looked up at me. "Do it. Let yourself go on my face!" She then began to stroke me harder than ever before. She started to suck my cock and get it wet from her saliva. The slurping sounds were unreal. Her mouth must have been in overdrive from the saliva that she was putting on me. She released me from her mouth again and looked at me as she continued to stroke it. Her breaths were getting very short. I think the thought of my cum on her face was turning her on.

I shook my head to say "yes" as I was growing so close. Katie began to moan although muffled by my cock in her mouth. I looked down and her other hand had lifted her skirt and she was rubbing herself as fast as she could. Katie wasn't one to do masturbation, or so I thought. I couldn't tell if she had inserted her own fingers but her own excitement level was building.

She continued to stroke and kept licking the underside of my head and began to plead, "cuuuummmm baby. I want to taste it."

She began to beg me with another request, but it was all I could take and I began to explode. I have never cum so hard in my life.

"Aaaarrrrghh. OH Baby! Don't stop Katie! Keep stroking it! I'm cuuuuummmminng"

The first shot landed on her left cheek and the next volley covered her whole face. She continued to stroke me with her right hand while licking the head of cock. Cum was spraying out and ricocheting off of her tongue. It was going everywhere. Katie began to shutter and moan as the third shot went directly into her mouth and across her lips. She was into frenzy. It looked like a sexual release for her as well. She took me back into her mouth as I emptied the rest of my cum. She continued bobbing her head on me. Katie was taking me down her throat. Her nose was touching the skin at the base of my dick. Katie continued sucking me until every last drop at been spent in her wanting mouth. She was still rubbing herself and began to orgasm while still stroking and sucking me. The site of her cum covered face was incredible. My manlihood had covered her face, arms, and even her hair. Katie looked up at me with a dripping face and gave a very sexy smile.

Katie finally let go of my cock and began to lick her lips and finger the cum off of her face and into her mouth. She laid her head on my groin and began to lick the cum that landed on me.

"I never thought it would taste like this."

I could only muster "that was incredible," between my breaths.

She looked so sexy with my cum dripping off of her face. She gave my cock a little kiss, "We need to do this again."

I couldn't have agreed with her more

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