My Husband Let Me Date


He finally agreed to see Angie, at home, but insisted that the date might be nothing more than some drinks and some pleasant conversation. I was cool with that, and so was Angie. I didn't bother to tell him that I'd be home too.

So, when "date night" rolled around, Carl showed up right at eight. Angie greeted him at the door dressed for the occasion. She looked hot. She wore heels and black thigh high stockings, a very sexy, tight mini-skirt, and a tight blouse with a row of tiny little white buttons that rode the swell of her breasts and then receded down her flat belly and disappeared into the waistband of her skirt. Not a trashy look, just a very hot look, if you ask me. I think Angie's appearance dispelled any doubts Carl might have had about what was in store for him that night.


The music is soft. The lights are low. Carl and I are standing in the middle of the family room. His arms are around me. We are swaying to the rhythm of the music. My tits are pressed warmly into his chest. Our thighs touch.

"You are absolutely stunning," he whispers in my ear.

"Thank you, Carl."

"Your husband says …" He hesitates, unsure of whether to continue or what words to use.

"Yes?" I reply, looking into his pretty blue eyes.

"He says you … want to …"

"Want to what? Want to fuck you? Is that what he said?"

"Yes, or words to that effect."

"So, what if I do? Do you want to fuck me?"

"Oh, yesss!" he says. "Very much!"

I study his eyes. They are alive with desire. He reminds me of a boy, even though he's probably at least 40. A teenage boy who is reluctant to take what is being offered for fear of making a mistake, for fear that he may have misinterpreted the invitation.

"Kiss me, Carl," I say, quickly wetting my lips with my tongue.

Suddenly, his lips descend on mine. I pull him tighter. My nipples are hard. I am eager to feel his strong body against me. Our mouths open enough to allow the tip of our tongues to touch and then … wider … to allow full entrance.

Both of Carl's hands are on my ass, as our kissing intensifies, our tongues sliding around deliciously like oysters in a warm wine sauce. Temperatures rising fast.

I can feel his hardness against me. It makes me shiver. He feels big. I grind my cunt into him.

He squeezes my bottom, one cheek in each strong hand. I feel myself getting wet.

"God, Carl, you feel so big!" I tell him, and then shamelessly slip my hand between us, down over the bulge in his pants.

"I want you, Angie," he hisses, his mouth wandering from my lips to my neck.

"I want you too, Sweetie!" I say, my hand massaging him, measuring him.

We kiss again, and this time he's more aggressive, pushing my skirt up high enough for his hands to reach under it and find my ass. I reach around behind him and return the favor by squeezing his ass, my other hand still lewdly rubbing his wonderfully hard cock.

Carl's lips drift down from neck … He puts his open mouth on one of my breasts and bites playfully through my blouse.

"Oh, Baby," I moan, enjoying the pressure of his teeth digging into me. I take my hand off his cock and reach up and begin undoing the buttons on my blouse, wanting no barriers … between his mouth and my nipples.

He keeps his hands on my rear, pulling my crotch tight against his, as I undo the last button. I pull the bottom of my blouse free from the waistband of my skirt and then take it completely off. Now he can see exactly what his mouth was pressed up against. My hard nipples are practically popping out of the top of my indecent little bra. Again his mouth is on me, kissing me and biting me.

My bra is no match for Carl's mouth and tongue. Soon, my nipples are no longer covered up. He's got his lips on one of them. Sucking it. Nibbling on it.

"Oh, Carl," I moan, when I feel his hand slide away from my ass and around to the front of my panties.

"Oh, Sweetie, let's sit down," I whisper.


I left the two of them alone in the family room. Carl wasn't thrilled to find out that I was home, but I assured him that I would stay low and wished him a good time.

It was about ten minutes later that I heard music down there. I figured Angie and he were probably dancing. I'm not a dancer, and I didn't take Carl for one either, so I was curious to see if he was really dancing with my wife.

From the top of the stairs--even though there was only one lamp lit in the family room--I could see the two of them standing in the middle of the room. They were kissing and playing grab-ass with each other. I got an instant hard-on, seeing my wife with her hand on that guy's ass. I couldn't see his hands, but from the angle of his arms, he had to be feeling her up too.

Within a few minutes, he had his face buried in Angie's blouse and I thought I could hear her moaning. I was mesmerized. The kissing and petting went on for a while, and then I watched Angie take her blouse off--that long row of buttons slowly yielding to her fingers, opening … and revealing her breasts, barely covered by that little purple bra of hers. I couldn't keep from touching myself as I watched the two of them. It was so hot. But it got even hotter when they moved to the sofa.


On the sofa, we kiss some more. My earlier doubts are gone. I'm surprised how comfortable I am kissing this man I barely know--letting him put his hands on my ass on my tits--especially since Kevin is probably within earshot, if not eyesight.

Our kisses are deep and passionate, like lovers' kisses. Our lips and our tongues becoming very intimate. We are both hotter than hell.

I'm still wearing my bra, but my nipples are completely exposed now. I open his shirt and caress his bare chest. I want to feel my hard nipples against his hard chest.

I reach behind my back and unhook my bra. Out of the corner of my eye, I see Kevin at the top of the stairs. He's got his hand inside his pants. He can clearly see that I am topless now, but I don't know if he can see my hand in Carl's lap, or, for that matter, Carl's hand on my leg, working its way up my thigh, under my skirt. Oh, I love petting!

We stop kissing, but our hands stay where they are.

"You brought me a present, I see," I say, fondling his extremely hard erection.

"I hope you like it," Carl says, immodestly.

"I think I'm going to love it," I reply, as I unbuckle him and then unhook the waistband of his pants.

My legs are only slightly parted. My tight skirt is partly responsible for that, but respectable girls always keep their legs together, I was always taught. Of course, if your husband is right there with you, it's probably OK to let your date push them apart, a little bit, especially if you want to feel his fingers brush across the front of your panties, or better yet, if you want to feel those fingers pull your panties to one side and touch your wet pussy. I guess it's OK then. And apparently Kevin thinks so too. He doesn't say anything when it happens.

Carl slips a finger inside me. I moan loudly. I had no idea I was this wet.

I unzip his pants and reach inside his briefs. His dick is unbelievably hard and long. I have to use both hands to free it.

We kiss again, our fingers playing with each other's sex.

I squirm and moan louder. It's hard to sit still when you're being finger-fucked, especially if the guy doing it is as good looking and as well-built as Carl. I guess holding onto his long hard cock at the same time might also have something to do with it.

I slither out of my seat, dragging my tits down Carl's body as I move onto the floor.

"Take your shirt off. I want to see your body," I tell him, loud enough for my husband to hear. I pull off his shoes and socks as I watch his rippling muscles come into plain view.

Obligingly, he raises his bottom up to assist me in pulling down his pants, and then his boxers.

"God, Carl, you're almost too big to suck," I tease, running one hand up and down his tall erection, and then I lick him, with slow, friendly, tantalizing strokes.

"Almost," I repeat, wetting my lips with the tip of my tongue before lowering my mouth over the shiny fat head of his cock. He is a mouthful! I can barely wrap my lips around the head and neck of him.

Carl moans appreciatively, as I suck him. I am sure Kevin must be playing with himself right now, watching what I'm doing. Now I have two cocks on my mind. One in my mouth and one that I'll have for dessert, after my date goes home. The whole thing is mind boggling. I'm not sure if this is really happening.


On the sofa, they kissed and petted for a few minutes and then Angie reached behind her back and unhooked her bra. It wasn't until after she took her bra off that the real petting began. I could see Angie's hand in Carl's lap.

Whatever inhibitions Carl had earlier had evaporated into thin air. I watched him paw my wife's tits and then reach way up under her skirt. I couldn't tell, but I think he may have gotten a finger inside her, just judging from the way her body jerked while he was petting her …down there.

A few minutes later, I almost came in my pants when Angie got down on the floor and started lewdly playing with Carl's big dick. She was licking it and looking up at him at the same time. And then, the next thing I know, it was in her mouth! That big cock in my wife's pretty little mouth. I almost came, just watching.


Pleased at the way Carl's dick looks after it's been in my mouth—all wet and flushed and proud--I get to my feet and straighten my skirt.

"Maybe I should get the rest of my clothes off too."

"I like that idea," Carl says, his eyes bouncing up and down from my face to my bare chest, then back up to my face. My eyes are doing their own bouncing, from his face, down his exquisite torso to his over-sized cock, then back up to his eyes.

"You like these?" I ask him, cupping my firm breasts in both hands. I've never behaved so trashy in all my life. I didn't know I had it in me

"Oh, yeah," he says, and then, not to be outdone, grabs his cock and points it at me.

"And do you like this?"

"It's beautiful," I say, unhooking and unzipping my skirt. It is a beautiful cock. So thick and tall. It's exciting to think that it will soon be inside me.


Angie has sucked my cock many times, and I like to watch her do it. But watching her suck Carl that night allowed me to see her give head from an entirely different view. I watched not only her lips around Carl's cock, but her neck and shoulders, her whole body seemed dedicated to the act, bending and turning like tall grass in the wind, with every breath she took.

After she sucked him a while, she stood up and took off her skirt. She knew I was watching, and she seemed to take her time. I think she was stripping for me as much as for Carl.

She stood there a minute, her skirt in a puddle around her heels. I watched her step free of it, and look down at Carl, and then at his dick. That dude had to be dying to fuck my wife right then. I know I was. Her hot, slender body on display. Her purple thong panties pulled up tight around her nearly hairless crotch. Her sexy high heels and black stockings that ended in bands of lace just inches before reaching her panties. Hmmmm!


I look down at my date. I'm still wearing panties and stockings. Nothing else. I am so fuckin' horny. By the looks of Carl's cock, he is too. I reach down and hook my thumbs in the waistband of my panties.

"I don't think I'll be needing these any more tonight." God, when did I get to be so bold?

My boys--one on the sofa and one at the top of the stairs--watch me take off my panties.

With my pussy on display, I go over to the sofa.

Kevin, if you don't want this to happen, Honey, you'd better get down here and stop me real quick. Otherwise, this man's big dick is about to find a temporary home inside your wife's hot little cunt.

Slowly, I climb up on the sofa, straddling Carl—one knee on each side of him. My cunt just above his cock.

"Oh, Baby!" he moans. "Oh, yeah! Sit on my cock, Honey."

His hands fly to my tits. His fingers tease my erect nipples. I reach down and guide the tip of his cock to my wet cunt-lips. The heat from his cock warms my hand instantly.

Kevin, are you watching? I'm gonna' do it, Honey I'm really gonna' do it!

I lower my bottom and wriggle down onto Carl... lower and lower I work my wet cunt down onto him ….taking him deep inside me... filling my hot, quivering sex with his long, thick fuck pole!

"Aghhh!" Carl groans as he disappears inside me.

His cock is hot, hotter than I had imagined. Hot like a fever, burning inside me.

"Ohhh," I moan as I begin moving up and down on him, the stretched walls of my slippery cunt clinging to him, gloriously stuffed with his long, hard man-meat.

Up and down, I fuck him. Up and down. Up and down, moaning, but also laughing to myself from the pleasure and the absurdity of the situation—fucking another man while my husband watches. God!


And then came the moment the whole evening seemed to be leading up to. Angie climbed onto Carl's lap and lowered herself down onto him. I grabbed myself. I was kneeling, leaning forward for a better look. I could hear that wet, telltale sound of sex, that flesh-on-flesh sound a cock makes when it's pumping and sliding in and out of an aroused pussy.

My cock was too hard, too excited to keep in my pants. I took it out and held it in my hand. I was planning on saving myself for later—for Angie's final performance of the evening, my co-star, my wife, my lover. That was my plan. But right then, watching her hot little ass bounce up and down on that hunk down there in the family room, I was willing to let my cock have its own way. If I come, I come, I said to myself.

But then, something happened that took me completely by surprise.


My eyes are closed. I am riding not only Carl's cock but also the crest of another wave of orgasm—my second since I lowered myself onto him.

I hear him grunting as he thrusts up into me. He's saying something too, but I can't catch the words exactly, something about my pussy … and his cock.

He's got his arms completely around me, holding me securely. I only realize how securely when he suddenly stands up—with me still fucking him. But now, on his feet, he has more freedom of movement and now his thrusts are harder and deeper.

"Ohhhh!" I squeal, wrapping my legs around him. "Yeah! Fuck me, Carl! Fuck me!"

"Oh, you like that, Baby? You like that? You don't know what fucking is yet," he says, lowering us both to the floor and pulling out of me at the same time. His strong arms spin me around.

"On your hands and knees, bitch!"

My sweet, lovable date suddenly sounds angry. His tenderness is gone and in its place is an animal, roaring, marking its territory, lording over me. I am at a loss for words.

The thought of being taken doggy style is not an unpleasant one. I love fucking that way.

Why shouldn't I enjoy it with Carl? I just don't especially like being called a "bitch."

"Yeah, that's it, bitch! Stick that ass up in the air for me. Oh, yeah!"

I wriggle my ass at him. Maybe once he's got his cock back inside the warm comfort of my pussy he'll return to the sensitive lover he was a few minutes ago.

His large hands on me, gripping my hips, holding me in place, he rams his huge cock all the way in me with a single hard thrust of his hips.

"Ahhhh!" I moan from the simple sweet thrill of having a stiff cock stuffed so quickly, so deeply, into me.

He bangs me from behind like that, until I'm ready to scream. He's yelling obscenities as he fucks me. The sensitive Carl clearly has not returned. I hear the bitch word again, and now the word slut.

"You like that don't you, you hot little slut!"

"Hey!" I complain, letting him know my displeasure with his choice of words, but he either doesn't hear me or doesn't care.

"You've got a really tight little pussy, bitch!! Now let's see how tight that little ass of yours is!" he says, gruffly.

I feel one of his fingers at my asshole.

"Hey, stop that! I don't want that!"

His finger enters me.

"HEY! Stop it, I said!"

"C'mon, you little slut, you know you want me to fuck this little asshole of yours. Hold still!" he orders me, his voice louder and more forceful. He takes his finger out of my ass and grips me tighter with both hands, preventing me from moving away,

"Dammit! Hold still, bitch!"

"CARL, Let go of me!" I say, firmly, raising my voice now.

"And if I don't? What are you going to do, bitch? Call that pansy-ass husband of yours? What kind of man invites another man to fuck his wife? He's probably hoping I'll fuck your hot slutty ass because he's not man enough!"

I feel the head of his cock press hot against the tiny, tender hole of my ass.


"Save your breath, bitch! Your husband's probably too busy jackin' off somewhere! Now hold still, damn you!"


It all happened so fast! First they were fucking on the sofa, then they were fucking standing up and then, seconds later, they were doing it doggy style right there on the floor. In my wildest imagination, I never dreamed of seeing my wife so thoroughly pleasured like that. But as swiftly as that scene unfolded, another scene was simultaneously unfolding. Carl's voice was getting rough. He was suddenly calling Angie names, names like "slut" and "bitch," and "cunt." And Angie was clearly becoming increasingly uncomfortable.

When she called for me, I knew things had gone too far. He was trying to fuck her up the ass, something she's never done and something she was not about to do with Carl.

Stuffing my dick in my pants, I flew down the stairs and grabbed Carl by his hair and with more strength than I knew I had, yanked him backwards onto his ass.

"What the fuck!" he yelled from his new seat on the floor, looking at me like where the fuck did you come from?

"Party's over, you son-of-a-bitch! Don't you know how to treat a lady? No means no, in my book! Now get your damn clothes on and get your ass outta here!"

Carl didn't have much to say to me. Oh, he mumbled something about how I was overreacting, but he left without any trouble, for which I was very relieved. That dude could've knocked my head off with one well-placed swing, I'm sure.

I saw Carl to the front door and stood there until his car was out of sight.

I started back downstairs to talk to Angie, but I she had already gone upstairs.

"Kevin, I'm up here!"

She was in bed. She was fine. Nothing damaged, she said.

"… other than my date," she added. "Anyway, the first part was kinda nice," she chuckled.

I was glad she was able to laugh the whole thing off. I was still angry as hell and it took me a while to calm down. Actually, it took more than time to calm me down. It took my loving wife's gentle touch on my cock and her sweet, sweet lips picking up where her fingers left off.

As she sucked me, I couldn't help but recall the sight of her doing the same thing to Carl earlier. I remembered how hot that looked, but now it was my turn and I swear she seemed to be really enjoying it. Before, she was just doing it. Now her hands played with my balls and my ass and her lips and tongue were on center stage, giving the performance of their lives.

When I came inside her, a few minutes later, I thought we were going to bang the bed into the wall. We both yelled like crazy and then just lay there, curled up, her spooned into me with her smooth hot bottom snuggled up into my crotch. The constant pressure of her butt eventually got to me, producing another hard-on before sleep overcame either of us, a hard-on which my "date" was only too glad to receive in her recently fucked cunt.

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