My Husband, My Cuckold


We were together with the Fishers every weekend all through the winter and into the beginning of the summer. Sometimes with our spouses, sometimes with our lovers. But like all other good things it began to end and by the fall we were down to once or maybe twice a month and by the holidays it stopped.

By that time I had a new toy, Mal, my husband. He was my cuckold, my lover or what ever else I wanted him to be. I had admonished Norman not to humiliate him but then I turned around and completed what Norman had started. It was a bigger turn on for me than Norman's cock.

Whenever I wanted some strange cock or pussy I merely had to tell Mal I had a date and out I went. I even brought a few lovers home just to tease him, but I made sure he knew it was just for my fun and he was always included if he so wanted. He accepted everything I did as long as I was happy.

The power I had over that man. He learned to make love to me like a woman would or like a man could. Although, his cock was not as big as Norman's, he did a good enough job to keep me happy and he was mine to use as I wished. I could dress him as I wanted to fit my mood, as a male or female, and make love with him either way. He was human dildo for me when I wanted a cock or my whore when I wore my strap-on. He was everything I wanted him to be. I loved him more than ever.

Life was never better.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous10/14/17
by Anonymous07/29/17

What nonsense and ugly story

The author did a very poor job on this story. It seems the author has some serious gay issues mixed with some cuckold issues that were transported to this ugly story.
This story lacks of creativity, nonsense,more...

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