tagInterracial LoveMy Husband’s Black Co-Worker

My Husband’s Black Co-Worker


It was something I never anticipated. It was something I wasn't even looking for. One day I was your typical suburban housewife. My husband and I had been married for 30 years and our kids were grown and on their own. We both worked full-time jobs, but spent nearly all of our spare time together, and usually alone. At 52 years old, my husband Tom is the only man that I had ever made love to. Then, one day, everything changed...

At my husband's most recent company Christmas party we were approached by a man that I had never met. "Hi Carl, how are you tonight?" Tom asked. It turned out that Carl was a recent hire by my husband's company in another related department. Right away I noticed that Carl was a handsome man. He was tall at about 6'2", around 30 years old, and well-shaped. Carl was new in town, so once we connected at the party, he seemed to want to spend most of it conversing with us. Surprisingly, Tom walked away from us to talk someone else, and I was left alone talking to Carl. Seems Carl was recently divorced and moved to town to get away from his ex. No, Carl didn't take me into some office and have his way with me. The parties my husband's company had weren't like that. It was just good food, good wine, and good conversation. So when the night was over, Carl went his separate way.

I didn't think much about having met Carl, until I got a Facebook request from him two days later. I told Tom about it. Tom said to go ahead and friend him back. He didn't think it was a big deal. As the weeks went by, Carl and I went from the occasional public posts to private messaging. It started out with nothing inappropriate, just casual conversation. What was happening though was that Carl and I were becoming more and more familiar with each other, more and more relaxed with each other, and more and more personal. At one point, our messages even became sexually suggestive. By this time, I was no longer telling Tom about our messages. Bit by bit I began to secretly look forward to Carl's messages. The sexual innuendo at that point was never directed towards each other. Instead it was always discussed about others.

I came to find out that Carl was a semi-amateur photographer. He took great photographs of all sorts of things, but he was getting paid for some of them. The ones that he was getting paid for were glamor type photographs of women in various forms of dress and undress. Several times, Carl told me that he would love to do a shoot with me. He told me that I had a certain "allure" and "charm" as he called it. Each time I told him that Tom would want nothing to do with that. And, each time Carl vehemently disagreed stating that his photos were perfect gifts for husbands.

Two months ago Tom had to go out of town on business on a weekend. The first night he was gone I picked up some Chinese food on the way home, and then settled in on the couch with a glass of wine for a quiet night of television and reading. At around 8:30, I was two glasses into my bottle of wine and feeling very cozy when I received a phone notification. It was a message from Carl. He asked how I was occupying my time with my man gone. Apparently, he knew about Tom's trip even though I purposely hadn't mentioned it. Carl suggested that this would be a good time to surprise Tom with the glamor photos. At first I rejected his proposal, but Carl kept after me. He told me that it would be a wonderful surprise for Tom when he returned home. After numerous messages back and forth and a few more sips of wine, he somehow wore me down, and I said yes. I still can't believe I said yes!

Carl arrived at my home at around 9:30 with his arms full of all sorts of equipment and bags. I offered him a glass of wine, which he readily accepted. Before he had arrived, I had thrown on just a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, so I wasn't really dressed for any kind of photo session. When I brought him his drink, he reached down into one of his bags, pulled out a large binder, and said "why don't we start by you looking through this to see the types of photos other ladies have had taken by me?"

I noticed another book under the one he handed me had a large "X" on the front. I asked him what that one was. "That book is just what the cover implies." He said. "Those were women who wanted something more explicit."

"You mean like totally naked?" I asked naively.

"Well..." Carl replied. "There are nudes in the back of the book that you have. Those are tastefully done, but of course only when the client requests them. This other book has women in more explicit positions, along with some that have both men and women."

"You mean like sex pictures?" I asked.

"Yes, some of them." Carl replied. "Some are simulated and some are actual sex acts between consenting adults."

I continued my line of questioning with, "Wow. Who are the men that do that with them?"

In a very matter of fact nature, Carl answered, "Some of them are their husbands. Some of them are guys that model for me for modest fees paid by the lady. And, some of them are me. Some married women seem to like the taboo element of having their picture taken while simulating sex with a black man."

"Oh my!" I responded. "I think we will just leave that book in the bag, Carl."

I began looking through the book Carl gave me as he pulled his equipment out. The first section of the book was strictly facial portraits. They were followed by women in sexy dresses. The next section was lingerie shots. Finally, the last section was the nudes. He was right. They were all tastefully taken, with no explicit pussy type shots or anything like that. Some were shot on various sofas, but most were taken in bedrooms. "Are we setting this up here or upstairs?" I asked.

"Wherever you want." Said Carl. Most ladies like to have them taken in their bed, especially when the pictures are for surprising their husband. It could get awkward having their husband see the photos, recognize their wife, but not recognize the bed she's lying in.

"Let's go ahead and go up there then." I said. As Carl lugged his stuff up the stairs, he asked me which of the photos I wanted to start with. I wasn't up for the lingerie or nude shots, but I wanted something sexier for Tom than a simple head shot, so I suggested a black dress that was in my closet.

"Great, let's take a look at it." Carl said. I pulled the dress out of my closet and showed it to Carl and he loved it. Then Carl said, "One of the things I like to do that you probably saw in the book is simulate removing the clothing over a series of photos." I think he saw the terror in my eyes when he said, "That doesn't mean you actually get naked. I just get some photos of you removing shoes, removing stockings, and pulling down a strap on the dress. That sort of thing."

I didn't have any stockings, but was surprised to find that Carl kept several unopened packages of stockings in one of his bags for just this type of occasion. I was impressed at how prepared he was. As Carl finished setting up his equipment, I went into the bathroom and changed into my outfit. When I came out, Carl said to go ahead and lie on the bed. He pointed the camera, but did not take any pictures. Instead, he came over to me and said that he always likes to make sure everything is just right. He primped my hair a little. Then, he very carefully tugged at various points on my dress to straighten it. Finally, he gently nudged me into the pose he wanted.

This went on for what seemed like forever as I first removed a high heel, then another. Removing my stockings in front of Carl was incredibly erotic. Between the wine, the camera flashes, and the sexual innuendo, I was feeling unbelievably horny. When we were finished, I was anything but done. "I wish I had some sexy lingerie. I think I would like to try that if I did." I told Carl. Wouldn't you know it? Carl had several pairs in one of his bags!

He pulled out a red negligee and said, "Here's one that would look great on you and should fit perfect. Don't worry, I always clean these up after I shoot with them.

At that point, I really didn't care how clean it was. I grabbed it an practically ran into the bathroom to change. Coming out of the bathroom, I wasn't quite so eager. I felt practically naked in front of my husband's black co-worker. Carl tried to put me at ease by saying, "Tom will absolutely love seeing that on you. You look absolutely divine."

I made my way past him and onto the bed. Just like before, Carl came over to primp me. I felt so vulnerable being half naked as his strong, yet gentle hands tussled my hair and tugged at the lacy material. As he worked meticulously for what seemed like forever on straightening the negligee, out of the corner of my eye I noticed that Carl now had an incredibly large bulge in his trousers. Apparently, the sensuality of the situation was having the same effect on him that it was on me. As Carl began taking the photographs, I was telling myself that I wanted Tom to see more. I wanted to give him a little skin in the photo. That was what I was telling myself anyway. In reality, I wanted Carl to see me. I wanted him to see all of me.

Carl had his back to me for a moment working on the camera settings. I reached my hand up, took a deep breath, and slid the dainty material off one of my breasts. When Carl turned around it only took him a moment to notice my new position. "All right then." He exclaimed. "I see we are ready to spice things up a little." Carl approached me. He grasped the material around my breast and tugged on it slightly. Then I felt his strong hand gently cup my breast and pull on it to expose more of it.

I heard myself gasp as Carl pulled away from me and went back to the camera for more photos. He only took a couple before approaching me again. This time he grasped on of my thighs and pulled it outwards. I felt totally exposed although I knew that nothing was actually visible to the camera. I loved the way Carl's large black hands felt on my thigh. I wanted to feel more. As soon as Carl turned his back to me I squirmed without realizing what I was doing. When Carl saw me he just smiled and came back over to re-position me again. This time he seemed to take more time and seemed to keep his hands on me longer. I couldn't believe how bad I wanted him to just take me and fuck me at that moment.

We were sipping wine between shots and position changes, so I was feeling like another person watching this happen, but our bottle was empty. "Carl, would you be a peach and go get us another bottle from the kitchen pantry?" I cooed. When Carl left the room I took a deep breath as I prepared myself for the unavoidable. Then, I grasped my panties and pulled them down to my ankles. I carefully positioned myself on my left side, facing the camera, with both knees bent. I lifted my right knee and pulled down on the negligee to make sure that it was still covering my crotch. Barely covering, but still covering. All I could hear was my heard pounding as I awaited Carl's return.

When Carl reappeared with the wine, he immediately noticed my new position and smiled. "Do you think Tom will like this pose?" I asked.

"This one will top them all." Replied Carl as he poured us each yet another glass of wine.

Carl went over to his camera and took a look at me through the viewer. Then, like before, he approached me in order to adjust my positioning. He placed his strong black hands on my soft white thighs again and placed them just where he wanted them. It felt like the negligee rode up and uncovered my married pussy, but in the position I was in I couldn't see. Then, I knew for sure I had exposed myself to Carl because I felt his hand touch my mound as he repositioned the negligee over it.

By this time, I was drunk on wine and stoned on lust. As Carl turned back to his camera, I rolled forward and picked up my wine glass for another drink. I didn't realize that in doing so I had messed up the pose Carl put me in. When Carl looked back through the camera and discovered I had moved he got a great big grin on his face and approached me again. Once again I felt the warm strength of his hands on the sensitive skin between my thighs as Carl dutifully repositioned me. Once I was where he wanted me, he went back to work on adjusting the negligee that barely covered my now sopping wet outer vaginal areas.

Without realizing what I was doing...it's easy to blame the alcohol isn't it?...I took my right hand and placed it on Carl's hand. Then, I nudged his hand downward to my pussy. Carl didn't need much nudging really. An electric surge through my body indicated to me that Carl's finger had just engaged my clit. I closed my eyes and pushed downward with my hand while pushing upward with my hips in order to maximize the contact of his hand on my womanhood. I felt Carl's lips against mine. I opened my mouth to accept Carl's kiss. The faint scent of Carl's cologne began mixing with the musky scent of my engorged pussy.

Suddenly all of my senses went cold. Carl had taken a step back. Only a split second had passed, but it felt like days. I opened my eyes. Carl was removing his shirt. I'm sure that brought a smile to my face, but I swear I can't remember. I watched intently as Carl then removed his shoes, socks, and trousers leaving him standing there in nothing but his underwear. Carl is a handsome man, but at that moment he was more than that. He was a black Adonis standing over me with a large protrusion in his shorts that was meant for my pleasure and my pleasure alone. I desperately wanted to know what he looked like completely nude. Of course, only seconds later I watched intently as Carl pulled his shorts over his throbbing cock and pushed them to the floor.

Carl walked around to the foot of my marital bed and climbed in. I rolled onto my back and willingly spread my legs for the first time with a man other than my husband. Carl pulled the panties away from ankles and then climbed up over me. Once again our tongues met and our lips sealed them together. Carl's large black lips felt different than Tom's. Not worse and not better, just different. He pulled the negligee up until it was bunched up above my breasts then took his place atop me. It was then I felt the head of his cock pressing against my vaginal opening. I could feel my labia part as he pushed slightly forward. The day that had started out so mundane and so normal was now the day I became an adulteress. At that moment it didn't matter. At that moment I didn't care. I wanted Carl inside me. I moved and pushed my hips trying to get Carl's beautiful black cock into my body.

I felt Carl's body push forward. Along with his body sliding up mine, his wonderful cock began filling my body. When Carl reached the spot that Tom's average size cock could reach I thought he must have been fully inside. I was shocked to find out I was wrong as Carl's cock continued deeper into me than Tom had ever reached. Then there was that feeling. It was that feeling that every woman longs for whether she knows it or not. It was the unexpected pleasure of Carl's large round cock head pushing against my cervix. My body immediately seized into a massive orgasm. By the time I had come back down to earth, Carl was slowly moving his magnificent cock in and out of me.

Time and space had no meaning to me. The only thing at that moment that I cared about was the incredible feeling of Carl's body on mine, his tongue in my mouth, and his cock in my pussy. Carl kept up a gentle pace and, in only a few minutes, I was taken over by only the second intercourse induced orgasm I had experienced in my life. I swear I must have passed out. When I realized what was happening next, Carl's pace had increased. He was now fucking me with a primordial passion. His cock plunged in and out of me with the vigor that only a young man could produce. I knew he was nearing his climax as his thrusting took on a desperate sensation. My legs were being continually forced apart by the strength of his lunges into me. My body pushed back as hard as I could against him in an effort to escalate the pleasure between us.

Astonishingly, Carl's cock seemed to swell even further inside me. It felt as though my married pussy was being ripped to shreds. I could hear our voices. Both of us were moaning and grunting. The room was now overflowing with the pungent scent of our mating. I remember glancing over at the mirror on our closet door and seeing this beautiful young black man making love to some mature white woman. I didn't seem to recognize at the time that I was the woman and Carl was the man. I didn't care anyway. The whole world at that moment revolved around the incredible sensation between my legs.

Carl's body began to shake. The wine induced fog was lifting. I realized the gravity of the situation. Carl was inside me without a condom. I should have stopped. I should have stopped Carl. I should have made him pull out. I wanted to, but my body wouldn't let me because it was happening again. Yes, once again my body was shaking. Carl's gorgeous black cock was now doing two things. First, it was making me cum for the third time. I was helpless to react. As I shook and shuddered I came to the realization of what else Carl's cock was doing to me. Carl shoved into me one last time. My hands felt the muscles tighten in his firm ass. Then, without warning, I felt his baby making seeding gushing into my fertile and formerly faithful womb.

Carl's orgasm seemingly lasted forever as his ejaculation poured wave after wave of sperm inside me. When my own body calmed and the last of Carl's seed had been deposited in me, I partially came back to my senses. I say partially because Carl never went soft. His wonderful cock was still hard and moving ever so slowly in and out of me. Despite my exhaustion, my body began responding again. My tired soft legs wrapped themselves again around Carl's hard muscular legs. My small white hands yet again grasped his steadily thrusting black ass. My tongue searched Carl's mouth for his wonderful tongue. This time it seemed as if it lasted for hours. For the most part I was too tired to cum. However, I did achieve orgasm when Carl finally tensed up and inseminated me again.

Next thing I knew it was daylight. It was late Saturday morning and Carl was still in my marital bed. He was awake, on his back, with his beautiful black cock standing at attention. Within seconds I was on top of Carl and sliding my pussy down over his cock. I lost count of how many times we made love before I finally had to make Carl leave on Sunday afternoon. He was barely out of my pussy and out of the house a half-hour before Tom returned from his trip. I was barely able to get the bed linens changed out before Tom came through the front door. I welcomed my husband home, at the front door, with Carl's sperm still leaking out of me, and into my soaked panties.

Needless to say that wasn't the last time I saw Carl. I was hooked. That was eight weeks ago. During the past eight weeks, I have spent countless hours with Carl between my legs. We would meet at his place when I could sneak away. Most of the time, however, it amounted to quickies in one of our cars. Once, I made love to Carl in his office before taking the elevator up to the next floor to visit Tom at work. Somehow I managed to keep it a secret from Tom. I don't know how I can keep it from him much longer though. How do I tell my husband that I have been fucking his black co-worker? How do I tell my husband that Carl and I have had sex dozens of times without condoms, or for that matter, without any protection whatsoever? How do I tell my husband that I think I am pregnant?

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Re shang40 06/23/17 "Over 50" - my mom had at least two flings when she was over 50! (She & my dad remained married until dad died, which took place much later.)

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