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My Husband's Fantasy


Ever since I met my husband, one of his biggest fantasies has been to watch me masturbate and make myself cum. I've sort of done it for him a couple of times....on our second date I sat on his chest, my pussy just inches from his face and fingered myself and played with my clit until I was soaking wet and on one other occasion in the shower I grinned evilly at him while rubbing my clit as the water splashed onto my chest. Both times, though, I didn't cum and we ended up fucking instead.

I don't think that I'm too shy to do it....I've been very aware of my sexuality since I was almost 10....my husband Chris and I make love often....only, we hardly ever call it "making love". Fucking is a more accurate term for our sex life....we almost always wake up sore and bruised and loving it. No, it's not my being a sort of shy person. I think, more than anything, it's the fact that I've masturbated by myself, at least once a week, sometimes more and I just never wanted to "share" that with anyone. In a strange way it's something thats all mine and I wasn't ready to give that up yet.

A lot of things have been going right for us recently, though. I'm pregnant with my fourth and last child who we found out was another boy and healthy and we just bought a new 3 bedroom house with a big yard and a garage for Chris to do his "man stuff" in. We took a week long vacation, our first ever, and I've been in one of those good moods where you're feet don't quite touch the floor. Life is sweeter than it's ever been and I felt like giving Chris a present to express my thanks and love for him. Moving was taking most of our money so I've been trying to think of something I could give him that wouldn't cost anything but that he'd remember forever. Why not his greatest fantasy?

Last Saturday night I made a quick dinner of spaghetti for the kids and fed them early. After they ate I cleaned them all up and sent them off to bed. Then I began my plans. We have a large oriental rug on our living room floor and I tossed all of my throw pillows onto it making it a soft place to lay down and be naughty on. Every candle I had in the house was placed in the living room and some good mood music...Keith Sweat, one of my favorites...was set to playing on the CD player. Five minutes before Chris came home the candles were lit and I was laying in wait for him on the floor in one of my favorite pieces of lingere, a long black nightgown with two see?through panels on the front exposing just enough skin to dream on.

Chris walked in the door a few minutes late and tossed his keys on the table and turned around. He grinned when he saw me laying there and locked the door behind him. I had already turned on the answering machine and turned the volume down. I wasn't taking any chances on being disturbed.

"Whats all this?" he asked me.

"I suppose you could call it a gift, babe. Sit down there in that chair" I pointed to the one I meant "Kick off your shoes....oh, and maybe undo your pants....that way you won't miss anything when you do it later." I smiled sweetly and watched him, watching me.

I turned the music up a bit and layed down on the oriental rug. I started rubbing the palm of my hand over my clit through my nightgown. My eyes never left Chris's and I smiled when I saw his eyes light up with the realization of what was about to happen. I continued to rub my hand along my private parts and my nightie quickly became damp. Just the look on Chris's face as he watched was making me wet and my pussy tingled under my hand.

I pulled my gown up around my waist and stuck a finger into the warm stickiness of my pussy. I rubbed the wetness on my clit and then soaked my finger again as I probed deep inside myself. I took my finger out and brought it to my mouth, licking it the way I would had it been a wonderfully sweet lolliepop, savoring the taste of my own juices. Chris started to get up and come towards me then.

"No." I said in a firm tone of voice. "Look but don't touch. If you need to touch somebody, touch yourself." He smiled and pulled his cock out of his pants and began stroking it slowly as I layed back down.

I continued with what I was doing, alternating rubbing my clit with fingering myself, two soaked fingers reaching deep inside of my soft folds and then coming out to tease the little nub that brings so much pleasure. After lubricating my fingers with my own pussy juices so much that the skin on my fingers was beginning to prune I concentrated soley on my clit, rubbing it and squeezing it, faster and faster. I was getting very cose to cumming. Very. The room grew hot as the all too familiar sensation of melting from the pussy up came over my body and I screamed in ecstasy. Chris moaned loudly as he watched. It was one of the best orgasms I have ever had in my life.

I lay there, panting, my eyes closed when I felt him climb on top of me. His cock was as hard as stone covered with skin against my leg. He lowered his mouth to my nipples and I moaned quietly, arching my back to give him even greater access.

"Harder!" I said and he suckled my left nipple until I could feel it burning against his tongue. That was going to hurt tomorrow but right now it felt delicious.

He moved on to the next nipple and then sat up and rolled me over. His hand gripped my soaking wet pussy and collected plenty of the juices. He rubbed them onto his cock and I shivered because I knew what was coming next....one of my....and his....favorite positions. I got up on my hands and knees and waited until I felt him press his dick against the tight bud of my asshole. I rocked my hips letting the head of his cock tease me in the wonderfully sensitive area and then he gave a pretty good thrust and his dick was deep inside of my ass.

I moaned and started stroking, rocking on my hands and knees, back and forth, back and forth. The tight grip of my butt muscles around his cock felt so good.

"Fuck me harder!" I yelled.

He growled and obliged me. I felt his balls smacking into my pussy with each forward thrust and I rammed backwards to meet him each time. I lowered the front of my body and rested my weight on one elbow and with the other hand reached between my legs to find my clit. I played with myself as he fucked me in the ass and in no time at all I felt the onrush of an orgasm. My cheeks grew hot and I said his name over and over again like some weird pagan chant.


I thought I was never going to stop cumming. My muscles tightened around his cock and when Chris heard me saying his name, knowing I was cumming, he shot a huge wad of cum into my ass, warming me from the inside out. He had a death grip on my hips and was whimpering like a little lost puppy. We both stopped moving and just sat still for a minute, me with my ass in the air and him on his knees, still buried inside of me.

After a few minutes catching our breath he slowly slid out of me and layed down on the big pile of pillows. I could see even in the candle light that his face was deeply flushed and sweat covered his forehead. I layed down beside him.

"Wow...." And that was all he said for awhile

"Welcome home, baby." I whispered, planting a kiss on his cheek.

"What was that for, naughty girl?" He asked me.

"For being a very good husband." I told him.

I'm not completely sure that he'll remember that night forever....but I sure as hell will. It was one of the top three sexual experiences of my entire life. Of course, if I had known it was going to be that good, I'd have done it a long, long time ago....

Now it's his turn....wonder what my little present will be?

To be continued….

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