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My Idol, My Lover


I had never considered myself to be Bi-Sexual or even Lesbian, although I had many friends who where lesbian, bi and gay I had never counted myself as one of them, until one time, I received a gift, A gift I could not have imagined in a million years and still gets me wet even now as I write this 2 years later. Okay, let me explain first and then you can make up your own mind.

As a child I was always considered something of a an outsider by other children my age. Even my twin sister thought I was the strange one since I followed Science Fiction shows and read books on the same subject, while she was out chasing boys and having fun with her friends. When I was sixteen, I got what I considered my dream job, working in a store I had visited for years a science fiction and fantasy store near my home. Shortly after I took the job I passed my driving test, much too my sister's embarrassment. For months I saved everything I could until I bought an old car, rusty and falling apart, hell I had too push it down a hill sometimes to get the thing started but I loved the old thing and it was mine. A small hatchback in silver. Although the hatchback sometimes refused too open, I remember one time I had too break the rear window too use the dammed thing. My parents kept telling me too sell it for scrap, no way it meant too much too me it was the perfect car for me and I loved it. As the years went by at the store I became something of a favourite of the management as my sales where growing and I eventually became the assistant manager at the young age of just 21 years old and I was eventually given what I thought was the ultimate job, running a stall at a large Sci-Fi convention in the city, my only stipulation of taking the job was that I could go and meet the special guests, which I was allowed to do.

Okay, perhaps I should describe myself before I continue? Okay then. I'm 5 foot 2 inches tall, slender figure with long legs (for my height anyway) tight little ass with natural 30-C, considering my height, they are large. Milky white skin colour with strawberry blonde hair which I keep long, it comes down too just above my waist, and ohh yeah! grey eyes I know weird, but that's just me. Short, with big tits and a self confessed sci-fi geek.

For the convention I was supposed to visit, I was asked to wear a costume, although my manager asked me too dress in a Wonder-Woman costume... I think he wanted too see me in it really, I didn't like it much and ended up dressing as Princess Leah as a slave girl, yeah that one, the Gold Bikini look. For hours, the stall was visited by horny young men either looking at my tits or for my phone number as well as items to buy, you'd be surprised how many people asked me, really you would. One prick actually tried too pull down my bra, it didn't end well for him. I think a lot of them came around more then once because the bra barely held in my tits, I had too adjust myself many times during that first day.

After an accident, on the first day I dressed in something a little less revealing but equally as figure hugging and once again the sales arose along with the blood pressure of my workmate next too me. His name was Jack, a really nice guy, I kinda like him, with an eye for detail and a mind that sometimes terrified me as he knew about every subject then I did. Over the first day, I spent much of my time working at the stall and sometimes we where visited by the special guests mainly ending up in a chat or me just standing with my jaw on the floor at who stood before me, more so since one special guest would pass by the stall once every two hours for a chat, but we all knew what was on his mind, and I didn't care. Hell, if he wanted me, all he had to do was ask and I was ready with my legs spread and my pussy wet right there on the desk in front of everyone if he asked me, which he never did... damn it!

Half way through the second day, I went for lunch in the bar near by while still dressed in the short red and black costume which black knee high boots and low cut costume which barely held in my tits. So nothing could drip onto my costume which I borrowed from the company store, I had too drink with a straw which made look ridiculous and almost like a damned school girl as I had to buy the only drink available that wasn't alcoholic, a watered down orange juice which tasted more like something from the drip tray from the bar. After finishing my lunch, I took out a large A4 sized sketch pad and continued with my other hobby, sketching my surroundings which I thought was the perfect time, after all... how often do you see someone dressed as a Klingon eat a burger and drink a beer? And that's when I met her for the first time. With the only empty chair before me, a figure stood next too the chair and asked me if it was okay if she could sit in the seat. Once again my jaw almost dropped as I nodded slightly more in shock then anything else. She sat down and introduced herself, I knew her instantly from my favourite TV show. Overcoming my own shock, I introduced myself politely as she began too eat her meal and that's when she spoke too me.

'Princess Leah right?' She laughed.

'What?' I almost stuttered.

'Yesterday, you where the blonde Princess Leah' Laughing slightly, I nodded as I replied which made her almost spit her food as she laughed with me.

'Yeah, bad choice of costume. I was serving some 18 year old kid when the bra broke and my tits fell out, he almost needed a Doctor...' We both laughed before she continued too eat her meal as she noticed the sketch pad in my hands.

'That's amazing work, may I see them?' Stuttering with embarrassment, I held the pad close too my chest as I spoke.

'O-o-oh, umm... I don't, I don't usually show anyone. It's just something too pass the time'

'Please?' She smiled.

I had seen her many times on TV and movies, how could I resist not showing her the what I considered awful sketches of what I saw around me? Reluctantly, I handed her the pad as she flicked through slowly with a large smile on her face until she came too one sketch which made me blush insanely as she smiled slightly.

'I'm honoured. This is really amazing work, have you considered selling them on your stall?' She smiled slightly.

'They're not that good' I said shyly.

'Honey, this one is amazing. May I take it?'

Turning the pad around, she showed me the picture I had sketched of her during a slow moment on the stall earlier in the day. It seemed as if she was generally interested in the picture as she looked at it once more.


'I'll pay you for it' She smiled.

'No, don't do that. Take it, please take it' I smiled, a smile she quickly returned as she carefully pulled the picture out of the pad and placed it carefully at her side with a gracious smile.

Although in her mid 40s, it was clear too anyone around that she had taken care of herself without a hint of surgery that others used in order too keep their youthful appearance. With the exception of a few lines near her eyes which made her look even more attractive, she was exactly the same as in the TV show I watched regularly.

With my break over, I had too return to the stall. Smiling slightly, she finished her meal and walked with me towards the stall as we spoke some more, much too the surprise of Jack who worked with me as his jaw dropped while we both approached laughing and joking. The rest of the day passed quickly as we finished for the final day of the convention and cleared away what little stock we had left for transport back too the shop the next day. As Jack went home, I finished with what little stock we had left and pilled them into my small and rusty old car as a voice called out from behind me, turning quickly I smiled in an attempt too hide my shock as she walked towards me slowly.

'Jennifer? I was thinking, those sketches are amazing. I know a few people who maybe interested in buying them from you, if you want?'

'Are you kidding me?' I said in shock.

'No, I'm serious... the Klingon eating a burger is great, I know just the person. What are you doing for the next few hours?'

'Umm...' I stuttered. 'I was about to go home relax maybe? it's been a long day' Stopping before me, she smiled once again as she spoke.

'I'm heading back too the hotel for the night, I'm due too leave tomorrow... I was considering ordering room service and relaxing. Wanna join me?' My jaw dropped as she smiled once more, how could I resist such an invitation.

'Are you sure?' I smiled.

'Of course, have you eaten?' She said softly.

'Not since lunch...'

'Come on, unless you have other... plans?' She said with a half smile.

'Umm... no plans, but what about this stuff? I can't just leave the stock here'

'Park it in the garage... they've given us a private garage'

Nodding slightly, she opened the car door as she stepped towards the passenger side and climbed inside with a smile. Parking in the garage, we took a private elevator upto the suit she was using for the weekend. My stomach churned with nerves as we entered her large hotel suit and I looked around with my jaw on the floor.

'Wow!' I said quickly.

As planned, she ordered room service as we talked and laughed about the weekend behind us, and my embarrassment the day before. I guess I hadn't noticed at first, but we where both getting a little close too each other as we both relaxed in each others company, on occasion her hand had drifted to my thigh as we laughed and joked. And that's when it happened, at the same time, we both leaned forwards and kissed each other softly on the lips. My eyes widened for a moment as I felt my hand on her inner thigh as our kiss deepened and her tongue softly separated my lips.

Shocked, I leaned back and apologised many times as I stood from the sofa we where sat on. Excitement ran over me as she stood before me, took my hand softly and kissed my fingers before she placed my hand on her amazingly firm right breast, my hand seemed too have a mind of it's own as it squeezed her perfect tits softly while we kissed passionately, her body pressed against mine as both of her hands moved down my body and squeezed my tight ass firmly.

I could not believe what was happening, the kiss I was sharing was with someone I had almost idolised for years. Excitement overcame me as my pussy began too tingle while my heart pounded in my chest. Her hands pushed up my short red dress to my waist as she kissed my neck and shoulders, I felt almost out of control as her hand pushed under my panties and begun too explore my tight shaven pussy while I moaned with pleasure as she slowly took me to an orgasm with her fingers. Smiling, she stood before as she pushed me onto the sofa and danced seductively before me while she unbuttoned her blouse and allowed it too fall to the floor. Kicking off her shoes, she unbuttoned her trousers slowly as she danced before me and finally pulled them down before she took them off.

Turning in a circle slowly, my eyes ran up and down her amazing figure, her curves where perfect, her panties hugged her tight ass as she turned to face me once more and my eyes locked on the small wet patch between her legs while she danced slowly and seductively for me. My eyes continued on their journey up her body and locked on her bra while her finger tips ran over her tits slowly and towards her mouth as she seductively licked and sucked her left index figure. My temperature began too rise as she ran her wet finger down her body and under her panties while I softly ran the fingers of my right hand over my growing wet patch as she moaned softly at her own touch.

Bending down before me, we shared another deep and passionate kiss before she unbuttoned her bra and threw it away, revealing her amazing breasts too me. By this time, I was out of control. My hand was down my own panties as she pulled hers off and stood before me naked, watching me pleasure myself too her erotic dance, running her hands over her naked body she turned around once more and bent down before me, running her hands up her long slender legs allowing me too see her ass and tight pussy in all of their glory. Smiling seductively she turned and bent down once again before me, we kissed once more before she unzipped the long black boots I was wearing and threw them both away. I remember moaning with pleasure as her soft and delicate hands ran up my thighs and pulled down my wet panties slowly before she pulled me too my feet and softly took off my costume and we both stood naked before each other. Our eyes ran over each other's bodies as she took in every curve of my figure and licked her lips slowly as I stared in shock and awe at her amazing curves, perfect breasts and trimmed pussy. Her long dark hair fell over her shoulders like a silk waterfall as my heart pounded and my pussy took over my thoughts as all I could think about now was letting her take whatever she wanted from me as I now wanted too do to her over and over again until she could take no more.

Her soft hands ran over my body and cupped my tits as her lips locked around my left nipple, kissing, nibbling and sucking on my nipple, her lips and tongue moved down my body towards my wet pussy as I spread my legs and felt her tongue run over my pussy lips and clit while her hands squeezed my ass tight. Her tongue was perfectly timed as I rolled back my head and moaned outloud with pleasure at her amazing and sensual touch. My hands grabbed my tits and squeezed before I played with my own nipples in ecstasy while she brought me too yet another orgasm. I collapsed onto the sofa behind us before she sat on my lap with her body pressed again mine as we kissed deeply, sharing my own flavour from her lips and tongue as we both moaned with sexual excitement.

Smiling deeply, she stood before me and took my hand as I followed her towards the bedroom with a bounce in my step and my body trembling with excitement. Standing next too the bed, I kissed her with all the passion I could muster while my inexperienced hands caressed her body as she did with mine. Laughing like school girls, I pushed her onto the bed behind her before my tongue ran over her body slowly as she moaned with pleasure while her hand gripped my hair softly, after caressing her amazing breasts I finally reached her wet pussy as I softly ran my tongue over her lips and for the first time, tasted another woman. Her legs wrapped around my head as my tongue pushed inside her slowly with every lick of my tongue as my fingers softly ran over her clit, teasing her with every lick as she moaned my name making me even more aroused with each passing moment. For the first time, I had a brought another woman too Orgasm as she squealed with pleasure while I crawled up her and kissed her passionately while my juices dripped onto her wet pussy beneath me. Brushing her hair away from her beautiful face, I smiled as I kissed her softly as she wrapped her arms and legs around me while she spoke.

'You learn, quickly'

'Hmmm, you're a good teacher' I smiled.

We lay in each other's arms while we pleasured each other slowly, my fingers worked her pussy slowly while hers worked mine expertly as we kissed softly. I could not believe what I was doing, making love too another woman, more then that, I was making love to my idol. We shared the night together, laying in each other's arms kissing and making love over and over, sharing a bath and shower many times and ordering room service throughout the night of drinks and meals as my lesbian teacher taught me how too pleasure a woman, even more fun with the food and drink she had ordered from the hotel as she poured the icy cold champagne over my naked body and licked it off me slowly as I squirmed and giggled.

The morning after, I awoke in her arms as she lay on her side with her arm propping up her head watching me sleep while her fingers slowly circled my left nipple as she spoke with a soft and erotic smile.

'Good morning'

'Morning!' I sighed with content.'Wow, last night was...'

'Amazing!' She replied quickly. 'I booked another night here... if you want too stay with me' She smiled.

I jumped up, wrapped my arms around her and pushed her onto the bed as I lay on top of her with a smile as I kissed her neck and shoulders like a crazy woman as I spoke.

'Of course... can we spend the day in bed?' I winked.

'What ever you want' She smiled.

Laughing with pleasure, I kissed her neck and shoulders as she wrapped her legs around me and laughed. All I could think about was making love too her, over and over again, tasting her sweet wet pussy and her kisses, pleasuring her in every way she wanted me too. Laughing, she looked up at me and spoke.

'You're crazy... I love that, it makes me hot!'

'Honey, you have no idea!' I said as I slipped my hand between her legs as she gasped with pleasure.

'No, not here!' She smiled.

'Ohh?' I laughed.

Pushing me back onto the bed, she smiled as she stood and took my hand and led me onto the balcony over looking the city below. The cool morning air blew over our naked bodies as she faced me and smiled while her long dark hair blew gently in the morning breeze. Ignoring my naked body shivering, I reached out towards her and kissed her softly as she pulled me close too her and wrapped her arms around me while our tongues danced around each other and my hands slid down her body and squeezed her tight and perfect ass. Pushing her against the safety rail, I ran my tongue down her amazingly tight body towards her pussy as she wrapped her left leg around my shoulders, as I licked her amazing pussy she threw her head backwards and moaned whilst I slowly pushed one finger inside her pussy. Once my finger was wet, I pushed it softly into her ass as she squealed with pleasure at the feeling, while I licked her tight wetness and fingered her tight ass her hands squeezed her tits as she moaned with pleasure as I slowly took her towards a powerful orgasm and her hot pussy juices flowed over my chin. Drinking her sweet juices, I licked her clean before I stood and pressed myself against her as we wrapped our arms around each other and shared her juices with a deep and passionate kiss once more.

I held her in my arms as she shook from the orgasm I had given her, I still could not believe what was happening too me, my first sexual experience was with another woman, more then that it was with my idol. Before I had met her, I had never considered having sex with a woman and never dreamed it would be with her. However, I had too leave, I had too return the stock too the store before they called the police and report a possible theft. We took a shower together, our hands ran over each other's bodies caressing every curve kissing and making love once more in the shower. As I left, she stood naked before me as I once again wore the tight red dress in which I had met her. Apologising too the manager, I quickly drove back too her hotel as she opened the door with a large smile on her face and wearing a small silky negligee. I could feel my pussy aching for her touch once more as I leapt into her arms and wrapped my legs around her waist as footsteps echoed through the corridor behind us, laughing she pushed the door closed as I dropped too the floor and took her hand in mine and we walked towards the bedroom kissing passionately while our hands removed each other's clothing along the way. Finally, as we reached the bed, I couldn't take anymore. Pushed her down and spread her legs as she slimed and moaned while my lips instantly locked on her tight pussy and my tongue went crazy as she screamed with pleasure.

We spent the rest of the day making love, exploring each other as only lovers could until it was time for her too leave. I didn't want her too go, I had begun too fall in love with her, not my idol but the beautiful woman I had made love too many times. We exchanged phone numbers, addresses and other information before she left.

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