tagGay MaleMy Intro to Bisexuality Ch. 02

My Intro to Bisexuality Ch. 02


At D and his wife's request I left Texas for Connecticut to help them build their small telecom consulting firm. On arrival I spent 6 months living with them till I got things cranking with the business and could afford to move out. D and I soon started getting stoned together again and avoided sexual involvement with each other for several years. One night we were driving around stoned and I suggested we go into a local ABS. I wanted to see if we could start talking about sex again without necessarily getting involved with each other.

We chose a booth with a gloryhole and both jacked off while watching each other erupt in a glorious cum into each other's booth, but neither touched the other. Of course this started us down the same old path of innuendo and soon D approached me at his house and said "any time you want to be sucked off, just whip it out, as long as my wife & kids aren't around, even while we're working".

This was an offer I couldn't refuse one evening when I was thoroughly horned up and the house was empty, so I suggested we watch some porn on my computer. He immediately took all his clothes off and sat next to my desk, while I stripped and put on a moving gif that showed several blowjobs being done. Slowly my cock stiffened in anticipation until it was fully hard, when I just said "suck this D".

He started licking my stiff 6-1/2" shaft (cut) all over the sensitive underside, paying much needed attention to my bursting head as he licked around the edge of it to my great satisfaction. He moved down and sucked one ball, then the other, then gave my hole a nice rimming, eating out my hole and stiffening my already hard cock. I said "lets feel some sucking action on this stiffy" and he quickly took all my shaft down his hungry throat.

D was amazing with his combination suction power and ability to take all my man meat till his mouth rested in my pubic hair. He slowly took it all the way down, then held it there rubbing his tongue delightfully over the underside. Then he would suck hard while bringing it back out to the tip where he would lavish my cockhead with his talented tongue. He quickened his pace and started bobbing his head and taking my throbbing cock all the way in and back out, over and over again for 25 minutes, while I did my utmost to prolong the pleasure by not cumming yet.

After a while D started to get tired and asked me if I was ready to cum, I said if you want it just keep working that upper three inches at the top end and . . ." I didn't have to tell him twice, he applied nice suction and slid my top half of a now ready, pulsing cock in and out till soon my balls pulled up into my groin, my cock swelled and pulsed its veins mightily and soon started shooting ropes of thick gooey cum into D's wanting throat.

Wow I thought, here I am at work getting a nice BJ from my boss! And he usually supplied the pot too! Doesn't get a lot better than that. Actually it started going downhill quickly. Several nights later D and I went out smoking and drinking, and the more drunk (already way stoned) D got, the more he started slobbering love epithets towards me in a very busy pool hall & bar. It was really embarrassing as D started loudly telling me he was in love with me just as much as he was in love with my wife. I couldn't get us out of there fast enough. I did enjoy our sex, but for him to be publicly pronouncing he loved me was just more than I was willing to put up with. For the remainder of my time there D would constantly walk up to me while I was working and either grab my hand & put it on his hard cock through his pants, or he would hand me a love note telling me "lets get high, get hard, and let me give you the best blowjob you ever had". I actually kept this note for a couple years, just in case things spiraled downhill and I might need it if some kind of harassment suit was necessary.

We had quickly built up the largest private payphone business in New England when cell phones quickly started the business in quick decline. Finally D realized we had to sell the payphone business, but who wanted to pay so much equipment cost for such a declining business? Turned out a local mafia-type guy was the only suitor, and I'm sure they wanted the payphone business for the cash type nature of it.

Negotiations with these guys were tough, and D didn't handle it well, vacillating back & forth when a deal had been signed. I saw the handwriting on the wall and took the wife & daughter to Florida, decided to move there, and came back only to tie up loose ends with D and the business. In his frustration D and his wife started drinking champagne to the point we would go to their house for an 8:00 am meeting and they would be drinking it already. I knew things were beyond any ability I had of turning them around so I said nothing.

Right before I moved to Florida, D came over and fired me, out of necessity I'm certain, which was great with me as I could now draw unemployment for a few months while looking for work in my new state. Our last meeting was at my house and I tried to put the sexual aspect of our friendship to an end, in a way I hoped would free us up to be better friends. D wasn't interested and turned on me with every employee and friend who would listen to what a jerk I am. We haven't spoken or communicated in any way for almost 5 years now and strangely enough I don't miss him.

I do miss the good blowjobs though, enough that I've hooked up with a couple guys from the internet for some nice no-recip blowjobs that I must say I enjoyed very much. It is nice to get an NSA BJ without fear of either being fired or fallen in love with! All in all I must credit D though, he managed to turn me from a strictly heterosexual into being bi, and now I occasionally enjoy the best of both worlds. Thanks D!

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