tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMy Job as a Model Patient

My Job as a Model Patient


This ad on Craigslist caught my eye:


"Westwood College seeks standardized patients to participate in our physical diagnosis courses in the Physician Assistant program. Model/Patients are needed for male reproductive health examinations completed by supervised students with a faculty member. The use of standardized patients is valuable to the training of future healthcare providers.

Models will be oriented to the laboratory, and will be compensated $50.00 per hour for their lab time with the opportunity for additional compensation."


I was an unemployed 18 year old student looking for a summer job. I had applied everywhere, online and in person, but I never heard back from anyone, so I sat in my room, dejected and trying to advance another level on a video game I was replaying over and over.

My parents nagged me every day. "Aaron, why can't you be more like your big sister? She's got a job at the bagel place and she's taking college summer courses to get ahead! When are you getting a summer job?"

It would be so annoying, that I'd slam my bedroom door shut and crank up the volume on my headphones.

But a $50 a hour job? Can't beat that! This college was just a few blocks from my house. In fact, I had applied there to go to school.

I emailed the ad and explained that I was an 18 year old in good health. I lived just a couple blocks away, so I'd be a reliable person. I got a reply later that day to come to the medical campus.

An older fellow with white hair, white beard, was sort of looking like a wizard in his white lab coat. This was Prof. Apple. We shook hands and the first thing he says to me is, "Aaron, please drop your pants. I need to see if you are standardized." And I'm standing there with my jeans around my ankles as a stranger looks at my junk and uses a pen to lift up my dick. I get weighed and measured as the professor makes notes in his clipboard.

"Good, very good. Six feet tall. Caucasian. Brown Hair. Green eyes. Excellent low body fat. Uncircumcised." Prof. Apple explained, "First of all, you are in good health and a standardized male. We will need you to shave your pubic hair to make the examinations easier. You will work 2 hours a day - 1 class in the morning. 1 in the afternoon. You will shower, wear a bathrobe, put on this surgical mask to protect your identity. I will not use your name. I'll just call you, young man.

The students will come into the lab and examine you in groups of three. You will either stand or lie on the examination table. This is a safe environment. The students will be wearing surgical gloves and masks at all times and will always be supervised by me. Again, to protect anonymity, no names will be used except mine."

I was fixated on the money. $50 an hour. Holy shit, if I did this all week, I'd make $100 a day, $500 a week! I happily signed the college's paperwork, shook hands with Prof. Apple and made plans to for my first day at the job.

The next day, it only hit me when I was showering in the little bathroom connected to the lab that I would be naked except for a bathrobe and a surgical mask over my face. I felt especially naked as I had shaved my pubes completely. I looked like a little boy - with a bigger dick. I usually just trim down there. Prof. Apple gestured for me to stand by him. At exactly 10am, the summer class filed in. Three students in labcoats and surgical masks - two girls, one guy. And it hit me again. I'm standing in my bathrobe, and these people will be feeling my junk!

"Class, this is our model. We're very lucky - we have an 18 year old male this semester - not the usual senior citizen!" The students giggled. "Young man," he said to me, "This is R., L. and B. who are students in our Physician Assistant program."

Oh shit. I immediately recognized "R" thanks to the tattoos on the back of his hands - his name is Ryan. He was ahead of me in school. The school bully. I swear he used to trip little kids for fun, and slam people's heads into the water fountain. Once in gym class, he shoved me so hard into the wall, it sliced open my shoulder leaving a scar. We were all scared shitless of him, and now this big asshole jock was going to be examining my naked scrawny body? Shit.

The two girls were giggling and whispering to each other about me, "Who is that? He's cute. Nice body!"

I could feel goosebumps on my arms and the chill of the classroom air. I thought I'm either going to end up with mini-cock or pop a big boner. Oh shit, first student up is Ryan.

Ryan is smirking, half-listening to Prof. Apple, as he snaps on his rubber gloves.

"Feel the vas deferens in the scrotum. The ductus deferens leads from the testes to the penis." The professor then looked at me, "Could you remove your robe?"

I blushed hotly as I put the robe down on the lab bench. Ryan walks over to me, easily half a foot taller. I definitely had a case of mini-cock as Ryan started off my weighing my balls in his big hands. Then he felt for the vas deferens tube and rolled my testicles in between his fingers. He squeezed a little too tightly, which almost made me jump. I knew he did that on purpose. He was comparing me to his own junk.

"Notice that our model is uncircumcised. You can retract his foreskin, Ryan."

Ryan was blushing as much as I was, while the female students were also smiling and staring at this unusual sight of two guys in very close contact.

Ryan tried pushing up my foreskin, but my limp dick didn't make it easy, so after a couple pushes, he had to use his other hand to hold my shaft while he slid up my foreskin with the other. "Small dick, dude," he mutters to me.

Fuck you, jock-ape, I think.

"This is the glans penis, the head of the penis," Prof. Apple droned. "When you are examining a patient check for any discoloration, swelling here."

"Good, Ryan. Well done."

Ryan made a face of mock disgust as he walked away from me and pulled off his gloves. He made a show of washing his hands vigorously at the lab sink. I smirked - the school bully who was the monster of many of my nightmares had been playing with my balls.

"L., you're up next."

This blonde girl walks up in her lab coat and mask as she reaches for my balls. It's obvious, she's no stranger to handling balls as she holds me not too tight, but the Professor guides her through the anatomy of my scrotum and testicles. In spite of the gloves, her small hands were soft, and I could smell the perfume of her hair. She caresses my dick and looks closely at it. When she starts to push up my foreskin, I couldn't help but swell and firm up in her hands. The other students chuckled and I looked away beet red but nevertheless with a smile on my face. My erection gets harder and harder - it's like the best, hardest morning boner ever in her warm hands.

"No problem, young man. Don't be embarrassed - perfectly natural." Prof. Apple said, "Well, class, as you can see, this is an erection. And we're lucky today as our model is providing us with a very nice example of male tumescence."

"Mine's bigger," snickered Ryan.

The professor shot him a look, "Would you like to model for us, Ryan?"

"Um, no sir."

"OK, no more outbursts please. Let's respect our model." He turned to me and L. who had let go of my shaft. "L., please retract his foreskin - this should be easier now. Examine the glans. And since he's erect, you can now also examine the dorsal veining along the shaft which becomes more prominent. And beneath the shaft, you can see the middle tube - that's the urethra which carries urine from the bladder and semen from the prostate.

"Professor?" the blonde girl says,


She points to the tip of my dick at a bead of precum. The class snickers again, but the professor tells them to be quiet. The professor grabs ahold of my dick and wipes the tip off with his gloved thumb.

"This is a droplet of pre-ejaculate. Perfectly normal. When a male is erect and excited, he may begin secreting this fluid which although is not ejaculate, has been known to contain sperm." The professor turned to his students, "I want you all to hold his penis like this..." He gripped me mid-shaft "and feel the corpus cavernosum. Very firm! No need for Viagra for this young man! This is the spongy tissue that fills will blood to form an erection. And this is the part of the penis which occasionally gets damaged when people are being too vigorous with sex!" The professor turns to me, "I forgot to ask you, are you a virgin?"

I blush behind my surgical mask, "Um, I've had handjobs."

"Virgin!" The girls whisper to each other.

The prof gives me a thumbs up and then he reaches for me again. Everyone laughs while the professor holds the base of my dick like a baseball bat. It was weird and more than a little thrilling to have so many hands on me, while everyone took turns gripping my cock, I kept oozing precum. Ryan laughed when it was his turn, "Skinny dick, dude." He made a point of showing everyone that he could wrap his thumb and middle finger around the thickest part of my dick.

"Ryan!" The professor warned. "Behave or get out." He looks at us, "I will be right back. I have to get some equipment from my office for the next part of the exam." At that, he steps out of the lab.

It only takes L. a split second. She raises the surgical mask from her mouth and leans over to suck on me. "Mmmm, virgin dick with precum! Nice! Am I your first blowjob?" She gulps and moans. "Mmmmm, tastes good."

"You are such a slut," Ryan laughs. But he's watching enviously. The other girl is also wide-eyed as my dick gets savored.

I nod wordlessly, enjoying the sucking sensation as my dick disappears in her hot wet mouth. Her tongue flicks around my head. My dick is hard and aching, I just want to cum in her mouth, it's so hot and good. But then she jumps up and straightens her mask. My first blowjob is over before it even really began. The professor walks back with what first looks like a giant glass flashlight. He unscrews the top to reveal a transparent pair of lips. "Class, anyone know what this is?"

"For nerds without girlfriends to jack off!" Ryan says.

The professor shoots him a look, "This is an artificial vagina. It's also called a fleshlight. It is made of clear silicon so we can examine the organ in action."

The students giggle again. I'm standing there, stark naked with my wet boner in L.'s hand and now the doctor brings out a fleshlight? Shit. This could be seriously embarrassing.

The doctor walks over to me, and L. reluctantly lets go of my penis. "Now, we're just going to slide this on so the students can see."

"Um, professor? What's happening?" I ask.

"This is for the students to see the biomechanics of the male reproductive system." And with no warning, he slides the cool pre-lubed fleshlight onto my hardon. It feels great as it goes on, soft and very human-like. He asks me to step closer to the lab table while the students gathered around to look at my erection buried deep in this see-through artificial vagina.

"Notice how the organ is designed to deliver its load of sperm down the vaginal canal to the uterus. If you look through the plastic, you can see that the glans penis actually forms a seal. The theory is that this helps deliver the largest amount of semen as far down the vagina to improve the chances of fertilization."

The professor turned to me. "Could you push your penis in and out halfway so we can see it travel down the vaginal canal?"

I obliged, but the sensation of my boner buried to the hilt in this fleshlight with 4 people watching was very exciting. I too was intrigued by the sight of my throbbing veiny dick pumping in that transparent tube.

"Now the average vagina is actually only 3 inches long. Our young friend here has an erection of about 6 to 7 inches long, so most males will have no problem delivering their load. With actual coitus, the female vaginal walls would contract, also helping to draw sperm up. All right, you're up next B. Take hold of the artificial vagina."

The red haired girl dutifully held on to the fleshlight, but unlike the professor who held it steady on my dick, she decides to slide it up and down a couple times.

Maybe it was the small circle of students around me. Definitely the sticky pumping of the fleshlight didn't help, but I could feel a familiar shuddering tickling in my loins. I grabbed a hold of the fleshlight from her to stop the sliding motion. Again, Ryan sneered the most while the girls smiled.

"Is everything ok?" the professor asks.

"Yeah, I'm ok."

Ryan laughs, "Dude was about to cum!"

"No I wasn't!" I protested.

"Ah, well, that's fine," the professor sounded a little disappointed. "B., could you gently remove the artificial vagina and begin examining our model's scrotum?"

She gives me a look and reaches for the fleshlight but as soon as she touches it, I swear she gives it a twist bending my penis. I grab it from her again. "Wait! Wait a second."

Ryan laughs again.

"OK," the professor began, "Let me hold that while B., you can examine his scrotum." The professor takes a hold of the fleshlight while the redhead starts feeling my balls.

I take a deep breath. I feel closer than ever to cumming, but I don't want to let any of these students know it.

But the professor turns to Ryan, "Here, take a hold of the artificial vagina while B. does her examination." Ryan smirks and grabs it, pushing it roughly down again and then pulling up. "R., could you move it sideways to give B. a better view of his scrotum? just move it up and down."

And it's as if someone has given him a green light, Ryan quickly starts jacking it on me as if it's a bicycle pump. Maybe three strokes and I'm yelping.

"Jeez! Jeez! Oh shit! Oh shit!" I grab the fleshlight to stop the motion and I can feel the impending orgasm subsiding. The fleshlight has peeled back my foreskin and my dick's mushroom head is just pulsing in that tube. One more stroke would have brought me to the edge. Disaster avoided!

"There we are!" The professor exclaims happily, "Class, notice how the corpus cavernosum and spongiosum expand both in girth and length when it's close to orgasm? Our young model patient has swelled easily a couple centimeters. Darn we should have measured him before he pushed in. What's the name of the spongy tissue?"

"Corpus cavernosum?" B. says. The professor beams.

The class gather around me as they watch my dick now almost red and angry, engorged inside the fleshlight tube. They stand expectantly, but I'm holding the fleshlight to prevent any motion over my sensitive dick. B. is taking notes.

"We're very lucky to see this view. The head of the glans penis practically forms a seal in the vaginal canal and the suction also helps to move the sperm forward. Just a beautiful design of hydrodynamics! The penis is perfectly shaped to slide through the viscous environment of the vagina." The students step back as Prof. Apple gently pulls the fleshlight off. My hard dick flips out with a wet sucking sound. L. giggles at my waving dick. I know she wants it.

"That's a beautiful penis," she says. "I'm an expert!"

"Thank you for that observation, young lady." Prof. Apple huffs. "We are very lucky to have an 18 year old! Look at the prominent dorsal veining on his erection."

I am glad I have the mask on, but otherwise I am standing there naked with my wet sticky boner trembling in the air. To say I feel exposed is an understatement.

Prof. Apple takes my arm and guides me to the examination table. "Please get on the examination table, face down and put your butt up."

I obediently jump up and look to the side while the professor stands behind me and quickly spreads my ass cheeks.

"We're going to practice an exam - always make sure you use lubricant on your gloves. Like this. And now we're going to insert a finger in the anus and do a quick prostate exam."

I gulp as he pushes a finger in. I had no idea it would hurt this much at first. But the professor's finger does a quick circular motion in my virgin asshole and then he's out. Each student takes a turn. Ryan says, "ewwww" when he has his finger up my ass, but B. and L. giggle as their smaller fingers try to give it a whirl. The students are laughing as Ryan threatens to take a selfie with my ass. He points at my erection which is twitching against my stomach.

"Quiet, class." Dr. Apple shushes them. "This is a perfectly normal reaction when a male has his prostate stimulated by so many fingers. Our young model patient is being very generous with his time." He pats my bum. "In some cultures, the prostate is known as the third testicle. In fact, in animal sperm extraction, prostate stimulation is sometimes used to maximize a yield. Now observe..." The professor takes out a small curved black plastic object that looks like a chess piece.

"We will now directly stimulate the prostate gland with this which is longer than a finger." And he squeezes some lube on the object and starts pushing it into my ass. "Relax... relax." he says to me. He's wiggling the piece in deeper and I want to lean forward, but the professor is patting my ass to lean back against it. "Class, could you stand on either side of the examination table and watch closely?"

"His lipstick is showing!" L. laughs, and I peek down and see my boner, veiny and red with rage, my foreskin retracted so that the ruddy mushroom head was shiny and throbbing. The professor was still pushing and rotating that object and I could feel electric shocks from deep in my ass to the base of my cock. I started to moan and pant. The feeling is incredible - I just want to be fucked like this. I closed my eyes. As I was on all fours, I didn't have my hands free to cover myself.

"Jeez! Oh shit! Oh Shit!" I gasp and tremble and hold on to the edge of the examination table as the first load of cum erupts from me. Ryan laughed and clapped his hands yelling, "Dude! I can't believe how fast you cum!" B. covered her mouth, suppressing shock, while L. says, "Oh my gawd! Look at all that!"

Splat after splat, ropes of my thick pearly white cum were hitting entire the length of the examination table as I rocked my hips back and forth enjoying that weird object in my ass. Finally, I'm finished cumming. The professor pulls out the object and sticks it in his lab coat pocket. The class is staring at the puddles of cum beneath me, the sticky strand of cum oozing off my still twitching dick. I'm panting and looking straight down, not wanting to look at my admirers.

The professor brings over some paper towels and almost roughly wipes dry my dick, pulling on me like I'm a cow being milked. "Thank you, young man. You can get off the table now and put on your robe."

He addresses the class. "Did you see that? A hands free orgasm brought about by prostate stimulation."

I pull on the robe and stand there while the professor talks about ejaculate and points at the puddles of cum on the table. It's all scientific stuff but I tune in when he faces me. "This was an excellent first session. Tomorrow's class, we will be more analytical, measuring penis size before and after erection, before and after stimulation. We will also use a catheter to capture and measure ejaculate amounts and how those amounts reduce over time after repeated stimulation - R., you'll have to graph the results over the next months."

The professor has his hand on my shoulder. "Later in the term, we will also measure sperm count at different temperatures to learn how the scrotum regulates health. We will also demonstrate different kind of stimuli - mechanical, visual and electrical. Which do you think is the most effective?"

The three students shrug.

"Well, L., since you're an expert on penises, let's put you in charge of the stimuli experiments."

She nods, "Mmmm, yes sir!" And she looks over at me and purposefully grabs at my spent shaft.

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