tagGay MaleMy Journey into Bisexuality Ch. 02

My Journey into Bisexuality Ch. 02


This is part 2 into my exploration into my bisexuality. The first part was an opening of the door and then I ended up just jumping right in...

After my experiences with camming for guys, I started to want the experience for real. I started searching craigslist for someone that would match my desires. After chatting with different men, I finally chose one. I met him at his house and we took it from there.

We awkwardly talked for a little and then we made it to his bedroom. I brought some lingerie of my wife's along so he asked me to put one on. I was nervous at first because I had never done this in front of a real person yet but once I got it on I felt sexy dressed like that. It turned me on to be exposed to a man like this. He started to caress me and was really touchy and light. What I needed was a man like the guy I cammed with the first time. I needed someone to be dominating over me. I told the guy that this wasn't going to work out so I put my clothes back on and left. The search was back on!

I was back on craigslist digging through ads looking for the perfect match. One particular ad really caught my attention! The ad was for a gay clothing optional party that is held twice a month held at a private home. I thought this could work because it could be like my camming experience where someone there would fit the person that I wanted. I would have different guys to choose from. An email was sent and the man gave me the address for the parties as well as a description for what they are like:

"The parties are held at a private home with the entry being open to anyone over the age of 21 unless they had been previously banned. The biggest rule to follow is that no means no. That is the biggest reason someone would be banned. The set up is welcoming. The living room on the main floor is set up to play a non porn gay film, so that should be comforting to newcomers. On the main level there is a hot tub that fits about 6 men that would have a gay porn film being projected where clothing is usually not worn. In the basement the same porn is being projected onto the wall but the room is dividing in half by a curtain. On one side a set of couches and chairs for viewing are laid out, and on the other side a large werstling mat with pads strung about along with condoms and lubes. Come over and see what fits you! Around 40 to 50 guys show up on any given night so there should be at least one for you!"

With that setting I thought it would be kind of easy and with that many men there, there had to be at least one that would fit what I was looking for. I chatted for a bit with the guy that runs it and asked as many questions as I could. Now I just needed a free night to actually let it happen. A night came by where my wife would be spending a weekend with her sister (a story which I wish I could tell about, she is hot!) So I had a weekend to myself! It was perfect that it was on the same weekend that these movie parties happen. Friday night and Saturday went by so slow but finally Saturday evening was here! The party started at 8pm so I came a little later to make sure there would be enough guys there to choose from. I put on the same set of lingerie on that I had before in the past for the guys on cam and the guy that I met. I put my street clothes over top and headed to the party!

I pulled my car up a few blocks from the house. As I walked toward the house I could feel the tension in my body. Was I really going to go through with this? I finally came to the house and I could tell there was a lot of people there. A lot of cars were on the street. I walked to the door and knocked and the guy that runs the party opened the door and let me in. "Make yourself at home" he said. I made my way to the living room and sat down next to the men that were there. I instantly noticed that I was going to be the youngest guy in the building. A few of the men looked like they were in their 30s but most of them were in their 40's or older. Most of the men were either naked or in their briefs so I was a bit embarrassed knowing that I had women's lingerie on underneath. I eventually made my way downstairs and then it happened.

An older man, in his early 50's, approached "your first time here?"

"yes, how did you know?"

"I am here almost every weekend and you are not quite the typical guy that shows up!" he said as he smiled, referring to my age.

"Well I am Bill, I would love to show you around"

"Thanks Bill, I am Trevor."

"Why don't we start with getting you on the other side of this here curtain" he said as he pulled down his boxers and he's semi rigid cock was exposed to me! And he slid the curtain slightly open!

"I am not exactly naked under my clothes here" I said embarrassingly knowing I was wearing women's lingerie!

With a smile he answered, "Whatever you are wearing underneath there will eventually come off so why don't you show me what you have on."I took off my shoes and he could see my feet wrapped in nylons. As I slide my t-shirt off the top of the mesh lingerie top was exposed. He reached for my jeans and unsnapped and unzipped them and slide them down to my ankles as I stepped out of them.

"MMMMMMM, what a sexy slut we have here, step in!" as he held the curtain to the side.

As I stepped onto the mat I noticed that there was about 20 guys in there. This was the most popular room of the party. Many of them men looked up and were eyeing me up. I could tell that a lot of them were aroused at me wearing my wife's lingerie! Bill walked behind me and we found an empty spot with a cushion. We both sat down and were watching the porn that was being projected onto the wall. The scene at the time was a guy on his knees sucking off two guys. Stroking one and sucking the other switching back and forth.

"What do you think of that scene there Trevor?" Bill asked. I could see that his cock was getting harder and harder and it was growing into a fairly decent sized cock. With how nervous I was, my cock wasn't starting to grow...yet!

Whispering, "To be honest, I really haven't done any of this before."

"I know, I could tell when you walked downstairs that this whole thing was new to you. Why don't we make your fantasies become reality" Bill said as he stood up with his cock facing toward me. His cock was now fully hard and was even bigger than my 7". He stepped closer and whispered, "come on, just go for it Trevor, they're watching you." As I looked around the room, most of the action had stopped and there were many guys watching me. I slowly moved to my knees positioning myself in front of his rigid cock. I reached up and grabbed the base of his cock, the first cock I have touched!

Not forceful but more coaching firm hands, Bill grabbed the back of my head and lightly started pushing my face toward his cock. "Trevor, they want to watch you take your first cock!" He whispered as my mouth was moving closer and closer to his cock. My mouth parted as the tip of his cock slide past my lips and he let out a moan.

He was just what I needed, someone firm, dominant and knowing what he wanted. It was perfect! He grabbed the back of my head a little harder as he slide his cock deeper and deeper into my mouth. Most of the men started going back to what they were doing as I tried to give the best blowjob I could. From watching many porn movies and knowing what feels good to me, I started to suck this man's cock as best I could while he moaned louder and louder.

Bill let go of the back of my head and to my surprise I continued to devour his cock! Without hesitation I grabbed the base of his cock and worked it deeper and deeper into my mouth. My fantasy was slowly being fulfilled.

"What a good slut you are" Bill said. My cock started to get hard inside my wife's panties as he became more dominant. He grabbed the back of my head and started to fuck my mouth, making me gag on his cock! "Wow, you suck cock like a champ." He let go with one hand and singled to a friend to come over. As the man came closer I slowly started to recognize him. It was the older guy I first met up with that ended up doing nothing with. "I thought that lingerie looked familiar" the man said with his cock fully in view in front of my face. "Hey slut, why don't you suck his cock for a while" Bill commanded.

I slipped his cock from my mouth and took the next guys cock in my mouth. I kept one hand stroking Bill's hard cock and I was getting hard knowing that I was sucking 2 cocks now! The man was moaning and after a little bit Bill grabbed my head and guided back to his cock. While I was sucking Bill's cock, the other guy laid down on the floor next to me. I grabbed his cock and started stroking it while I continued to suck Bill's cock. Bill released the back of my head and I bent down to suck on the other man's cock again.

I felt fairly exposed as I was bent over sucking this man's cock. Bill stepped away and I had a feeling I knew what was coming next. As I was sucking this other man's cock, I never found out his name, I felt Bill grab unsnap my garter and slide the panties I was wearing down to my mid thighs. Then the most amazing thing happened, Bill started to lick my asshole. I had never been rimmed before and that started to get my cock some attention.

With the feeling of my ass being tongued, coupled with being used like a slut by these 2 older men in front of all the other men in the basement, my cock was completely hard now. Then Bill stopped licking my asshole but I couldn't look around to see what was going on because the this other man grabbed the back of my head and started to slide his whole cock into my throat. What I didn't know was that, while I was gagging on this cock, Bill was gathering an audience.

I found out later that most of the time when I younger guy shows up to one of these events, they don't really play along to well with the older men. They seem to scare them off, but for me it was a huge turn on. Here I was letting this older man do what he wants with me. He told me to suck this man's cock, so I was. He wanted more guys to watch him use me, so I let him. The basement already had around 20 men there and Bill brought 5 others. He wanted them to watch as he took my anal virginity! I was still sucking off this other guy when Bill slapped my ass upon his return.

"I'm back you little slut!" he said as he knelt down behind me, "And I brought with me a little audience for this" as I felt lube being spread onto my asshole.

"I'm not sure I want it to go this far Bill" I said nervously.

"Well you do know the rules here about no meaning no and I can't do this unless you want it," he said in his husky voice as I felt his finger spreading the lube over my tight little asshole. The lube and pressure from his finger sent shivers down my spine and my cock was reacting to that as well.

I was stilling sucking this other man's cock while Bill was spreading the lube on his cock. "I need to hear that you want this" he said, as he rubbed my asshole with his finger again. The feeling was so intense! "I need to hear my slut say, 'Bill, please fuck my ass.'"

This was what I was looking for and I didn't want to waste this opportunity. I grabbed the cock I was sucking, squeezed it while licking the head and peered over my shoulder straight at Bill's face, "Bill, please fuck my ass!" I turned back and continued to suck this man's cock.

Bill slapped my ass and said, "That's it my little slut wearing his wife's lingerie in front of all these men. Tell me that your Bill's little slut, tell me that I'm all yours."

"Bill, you're pushing it, just fuck my ass!" I told him.

The feeling of the head of Bill's cock touching my asshole was insane. I was pretty sure he didn't have a condom on and at that point I didn't care. I was really glad I had practiced toying on cam and all because he didn't even use his fingers first, he went straight with his cock. I felt the head of his cock slowly enter into my ass! As I let out a moan, I think it was too much for the other guy because he exploded into my mouth as Bill was just starting to fuck me. The other guy started to moan and Bill pushed the back of my head down on his cock to make sure I didn't let up as he came in my mouth!

"Swallow it!" Bill commanded and I did as he told me. I swallowed as much of that cum that was in my mouth. It was partly because I was commanded and partly because I didn't enjoy the texture all that much. Bill let go of my head and I released the man's cock. He got up and thanked me as I walked away.

"This slut needs another cock!" Bill said, and it wasn't too hard for one of the 5 guys Bill brought down to lay down in front of me. He was another man that was much older and his cock was already hard. I wasted no time and took his cock just like I did with the other guy, the only difference was that I currently had the head of Bill's cock inside my asshole.

As I started to suck this cock, Bill was sliding his cock further into my ass, stretching me out! In all honesty it was hurting. The toys I had used before were nowhere near as thick as his cock was. I was groaning while trying to suck this cock as good as the one I had before. I think Bill was halfway in and I had to stop sucking to take some deep breaths. He was taking his time but it was still hard for me to take it. I was stroking the guys cock and he was smiling as he watched my face taking my first cock.

Bill started to fuck me slowly even though I hadn't taken the full length of his cock. I started to moan more as I picked back the cock that I was currently sucking on. It started to feel slightly better but I had a feeling I was going to feel funny afterwards. He started to use slow full length thrusts and he slide out at one point. I reached between my legs to grab his cock and guide it back in and that is when I found out for sure that he didn't have a condom on. I couldn't blame him. I started out with a condom on the first time I fucked my wife's ass and half way through I ripped it off and it felt way better. Haven't gone back since!

Bill's cock went in much easier the second time and I was giving the cock I was sucking on much more attention. Everything started to feel much better. Bill was able to start picking up his pace as well as me picking up my pace with the cock in my mouth. These guys must have been watching porn for too long because in no time he was cumming in my mouth as well. The feeling of a cock throbbing in your mouth is pretty wild and it was only intensified more with the cock in my ass!

After the man moved away Bill slipped his cock out of my ass and brought it to my mouth. I had seen women in porn's do the ass-to-mouth thing before and it always turned me on but never thought I would be doing it myself. I shook my head no but Bill grabbed the back of my head and said, "suck my cock you little slut, you're doing such a good job so don't stop now!"

Before opening my mouth I noticed that there was a small bit of blood from me on his cock and then I opened up wide and took his cock deep into my mouth. He fucked my mouth and made me gag for a little bit before returning to my ass!

"I wanna hear you moan little slut, while I fuck your ass" Bill said as he returned to fucking my ass. Almost everyone in the room was watching at this point! As I started to moan, he started to moan also. His pace was picking up but no where near as fast as he could go because I don't think I could take a full on pounding. As his pace picked up I could tell he was going to cum. The greatest feeling was when I felt his thighs hit the back of my ass, knowing he was all the way in me! With a few more hard thrusts, Bill was cumming deep inside my ass! I was moaning and groaning as he seeded me!

After he slide out of my ass he made one of the other guys lick my tender asshole. It felt really good to finally have someone lick my asshole and not have a cock inside of me. After a little bit Bill said to the guy, "It's your turn!"

"Bill, I think one is enough for tonight. That was enough for me!" I suggested.

"Don't worry, he is a little smaller than me so I think it will be fine. Flip over on your back for us you little slut."

I flipped over onto my back and the guy lifted my legs up off the ground a little. He positioned his cock at my asshole and luckily Bill was telling the truth. The guy was a bit smaller than Bill so he started to slide in much, much easier. He started to fuck me a lot sooner than Bill could have done. Bill also made one of his friends bend down and start sucking my cock! That was an intense feeling! Having my ass fucked while getting my cock sucked.

Now this guy started to fuck my ass hard and some of the guys were meandering over and were stroking their cocks above me. I couldn't help it, but I was moaning like a slut! After a little but, a few guys were cumming on my chest and face. And then sure enough I could feel it cumming myself!

I was starting to moan louder and the guys could tell I was going to cum soon so the one started to suck my cock harder and the other started to fuck me harder! Soon enough I was exploding in this guys mouth while getting fucked and it was insane! I had never cummed so hard in my entire life! Then the guy slide his mouth off my cock and brought his mouth to mine. He made me open my mouth and he spit my own cum into my mouth! Before I could even swallow my own cum, the guy fucking my ass pulled out and brought his cock to my face and told me to open up. I opened my mouth as the guy came all over my face and in my mouth. After that I was spent! I slide my wife's panties back on and whipped some of the cum off of me. I put my clothes on and in my pockets were phone numbers from many of the guys that were there.

There was cum all over my wife's lingerie so I knew I would be taking it home and cleaning it right away. When I got home and was cleaning them off, the only question in my mind was, how can I get my wife into this?

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