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My Julia


Funny how things work out sometimes, isn't it? If you'd told me six months ago that I'd be sitting here, with everything gone to hell like it has, I would've laughed in your face. But life has a way of setting you up right pretty and then knocking the foundations out from under you, y'know?

Six months ago, life was looking sweet. Don't get me wrong, I wasn't about to take over Microsoft or anything. But I had a job, a good steady job that I even liked going to; I was paying my bills and still had a bit left over for having fun. And I had Julia.

I reckoned I was about the luckiest man alive when she agreed to marry me. She was pretty without being stuck up about it, she was clever without being a smartass, she could cook and, damn, but she was just dynamite in bed.

She wasn't one of those women that just lie back and leave all the work to you, no way. Hell, sometimes I had trouble just keeping up with her.

I remember one time I came home from work, couldn't find her at first. Usually she'd call out from wherever she was when she heard the door.

I went through the whole house looking for her and I was just starting to think she wasn't home and wondering where she would've gone without taking her car when I heard a soft, muffled giggle.

She was in the closet, all hunkered in behind the winter coats, giggling at the sounds of me lumbering around the house trying to find her. And when I grabbed her and dragged her out of her hidey-hole, boy did I get a surprise!

You know why she was hiding? It was just to see the look on my face when I found her. See, she'd dressed up specially for me -- a corset thing that pushed her gorgeous titties up and out, itty bitty skirt that she only had to sway in to show off her bare ass, black lace stockings and spike heels.

Yeah, you get the picture all right!

It was all I could do to get my pants down before I grabbed her and threw her down on the bed. I grabbed her ankles and pushed them up and apart, over my shoulders. She was hot and wet and, damn! She felt so fine on my cock as I rammed into her. Her tits pushed up high in that corset, and she couldn't bend in it either, so she was trapped under me and I took full advantage, let me tell you.

Don't get me wrong, she was loving it too. You should've heard the noises she was making. That alone was enough to get me off, let alone what she was wearing. She was grunting on the in stroke and moaning on the out. I was going so hard she was sliding up the bed, so I held her by the shoulders to keep her steady.

I guess because she couldn't move her body much, it was really over the top for her -- she was throwing her head from side to side and pushing her chest up at me. One of her nipples slid out of the corset, and I grabbed it in my mouth, sucking and nibbling at it.

She went nuts, I mean, she was really loving it. She was screaming and moaning and bucking on the bed as I drilled her. She was so hot and tight and wet, you could hear my cock slamming into her.

She was begging me to keep fucking her, harder. God I thought my cock was gonna explode. It was the only time she'd ever say "fuck", when I was fucking her. She never swore, only when we were doing it.

So I fucked her, all right. Hard, just like she wanted. And just as I could feel my balls tighten to let it go, she let go. She was twitching and half rigid as I fired my cum deep inside her. And she got a death grip on my cock, I couldn't have pulled out if I wanted to, her pussy muscles just held on and milked me dry.

And after, she was so sweet and pretty. She got up and padded out to the kitchen, with the cum running down the inside of her legs, to make sure dinner wasn't spoiled.

She was just the best thing that ever happened to me...

If that Prentice bitch hadn't moved in next door, everything would still be fine. It was all her fault, filling Julia's head up with all that stupid talk. Suddenly being my girl, looking after me and mine wasn't good enough, she wanted a career.

So that bitch set her up at that community college and she was never home any more. When she did get home, she was tired and didn't want to know. She didn't cook those great meals anymore, it was all microwaved and thrown together. She reckoned I had to start cleaning the house.

And she was too tired to get playful. Our sex life kinda died. I'd go to bed, she'd still be up reading those damned books, and she got real narky if I tried to take them away.

Then she started on about how my job wasn't good enough and I could do better if I went to that college too. But I liked my job, and I hated book learning. But I went along with it, y'know, just to please Julia. I thought if I did get a better job, she'd stop this career nonsense and we'd go back to normal.

But it didn't work. Doing all that college stuff at night, I was so damned tired at work. The second time the boss caught me nodding off, he sacked me.

Julia was sitting in the kitchen when I got home that day, sitting there having coffee with that Prentice bitch. When I told her, her whole face just kinda crumpled and you know what that bitch did?

She laughed. Yeah, that's right -- I've just been sacked, my Julia's in tears and it's all her fault and she's laughing. Then she said something about me being a loser and now Julia would finally see how I was holding her back. And how she'd be better off without me.

That bitch was sitting in my kitchen, drinking my coffee and poisoning my wife's mind. She'd been working for months to get this to happen. And now she was laughing at me. And Julia, she was just sitting there, white as a sheet with the tears running down her face.

I couldn't stop myself. I don't really know what happened next, I just saw red. Next thing I remember, Julia was screaming at me to stop and the bitch was on the floor, all bloody.

You know she came to the trial, every day my Julia came. She sat there with one of those social worker people. She looked so serious and kinda scared most of the time. But the day they said I was guilty, she cried. But she was smiling too. And she never even looked at me when she walked out.

Don't bother with the appeals. Let them kill me. I'm dead anyway. But at least I got the bitch that stole my Julia away.

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