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My Kind of Poker


Gary was just finishing off his stroking off as his cell phone went off. The ring tone was annoying him, making him wish that the new Ozzy Osbourne song wasn't so catchy. As he sat there cursing, his dick sitting there wishing to release, he picked up his phone and answered.

"Hey Gary, it's Josh."

"What the hell do you want? " Gary asked, attempting to hide his frustration.

"You up for some poker?" Josh's voice was unusually chipper for a guy who wanted to lose some cash on cards. Gary was curious.

"Who's playing?"

"You, me, Chad and my old lady." This struck Gary as odd. Josh had been with his girl for only about five months, but he noticed that Josh treated her like they had been married for years. Yet, it wasn't like her to actually allow Josh to have the guys over for cards. Still, Gary was up for it even though he still had his reservations. As he changed clothes, he could feel his dick deflate knowing full well he wouldn't need it anytime soon. After all, since going back on the market a few weeks prior, he hadn't the chance to use his tool on anyone at all.

Meanwhile, Josh called Chad with the same invite. Chad was busy just trying to get his clothes loaded in the washer when the appeal of easy money made him just throw his clothes in and rush over to Josh's house. As the two buddies waited there, they started to talk about things right before Gary pulled up on his motorcycle. The three buddies walked into the dining room where there were three frosted mugs of Budweiser waiting as well as some peanuts and chips set out. It wasn't long until Anna walked into the room.

Gary took the chance to scope her out as everyone kept talking. Anna's red hair was fiery bright and up in a ponytail. Her eyes sparkled emerald green as her smile was bright and enchanting. She wore a tank top that was dark green that partially showed off her tanned breasts. She wore a tight pair of black shorts that capped off her long legs before having her feet shod in flip flops. Gary quickly averted his eyes before he started staring at her right in front of her boyfriend.

As all four sat down, they started going over rules for the game. They decided to play Texas Hold'em since that was all the rage in those days. Josh passed out fifty dollars in chips for everyone to get started with as the beer began to flow. The conversation as the cards were played quickly turned to guy stuff even though Gary took great pain in ensuring that he didn't offend Anna with his usual stash of dirty jokes. Still she laughed a bunch, which gave Gary a nice show of her tits bouncing. As the cards kept getting played, Gary could tell that Anna wasn't a very good card player. It wasn't too long until Anna was out of chips.

"So now what do I do?" she asked with a smirk on her face. The guys looked at each other with grins.

"Tell ya what, babe,"Josh started."I'll just loan you the chips."

"No, no. I have to pay for them some how."Josh looked at her with his wicked grin.

"Wanna take off your top for another fifty?" Gary was shocked. Not only was Josh asking for Anna to remove her top, but that would allow Chad and he to check out her rack. Not that he minded because based on the way they bounced, he wanted a better look at them.

"Okay." This shocked Gary even more as Anna reached down and pulled her top up and over her head and gave it to Josh before being given another fifty in chips. Gary saw her rather large areolas capped off by very erect nipples. He could feel his dick shift inside his pants, but he tried to ignore it since he wanted to win badly. As they continued to play, Gary tried to ignore her, but Anna's luck wasn't changing and soon she was out of chips again. Once again, Josh offered a loan for her shorts and once again Anna complied. She stood and bent over and showed a wonderful view of her ass and shaven pussy as she slowly lowered the shorts, putting a little butt wiggle in as she did. Gary's dick jumped again as she slowly sat down as Josh pushed over another stack of chips. The smell of her arousal was in the air, even stronger than the smell of the beer.

She was then sitting in her seat, her nipples exposed and her body totally devoid of clothing. Still the change of outfit couldn't change her luck as she was soon out of chips again. Josh looked at her and smiled while Gary was wondering why he would do this to his girlfriend.

'So, ready to give up, Anna?" Josh said mockingly. Anna looked at him with a wicked grin on her face.

"Tell you what. One more hand. If I lose, the winner gets a blow job." All three of the guys looked at her before Gary and Chad looked at Josh. They could tell he was slightly pale thinking about the ramifications of his decision. As Josh slowly nodded his head, Anna began to deal the cards. The guys could see her nipples stiffening as she looked at them. It was clear who was then in control of the situation. They looked at the cards.

The first two card pushed out were the two of spades and the seven of hearts. Gary raised his bet as Josh and Chad folded. Anna then put out the third card. As Gary saw the two of clubs, he figured he had a full house with the two and seven card in his hand. He looks towards Anna and watched as she attempted to distract him by licking her lips seductively. Gary could tell she was trying to distract him, possibly for a bluff. Based on her luck, he went all in.

As Anna folded and dropped her cards, she stood up and walked to where Gary was sitting and kneeled down. As she started struggling with his belt, Josh attempted to say something before Anna looked at him and glared. Josh kept his mouth shut as soon Gary's tool was exposed and finding it's way down Anna's open throat. Gary could feel his dick expanding in her throat as she was going down on him. In his mind, he felt like it wouldn't be long before he would explode down her throat.

Chad looked at Josh, then he started to bend down behind Anna in order to rub her pussy from behind. Anna moaned in delight, her true cry muffled as Gary's dick started to pulse inside her mouth. She was in immense pleasure as she savored her boyfriend's friend's dick inside her mouth and his other friend's fingers tempting her pussy. She felt like a slut, but a slut that was getting exactly what she wanted when she allowed Josh to play poker in the first place. It was then time to take this further. She abruptly removed her mouth and looked at Josh as he stood there spell bound.

"Boys, I am horny as shit right now. Bedroom, now!!"

All three guys were quickly in the bedroom when she sashayed herself into the room. She then barked out the order for all three of them to strip as she placed herself on the bed. She watched, pinching her nipples as her boyfriend and his pals were stripping before her. She felt like a queen as her subjects soon began to join her on the bed. Chad resumed his post at her pussy except he started using his tongue along with his fingers to rub her. As she looked at Chad licking her, feeling his fingers probing her hungry twat, Anna beckoned for Gary and Josh to go towards her face. She took their dicks within her hands and alternately began to lick the heads of both cocks. She imagined how she looked as she started taking Josh partially inside her mouth as she stroked Gary. There she lay between all three acting like a total tramp and enjoying every moment of it.

It wasn't long until Josh's tongue was rewarded with the taste of her climax as her legs closed around his head and rode it. Anna could feel herself releasing for the first time that night and took pleasure in seeing Chad's face covered by her sweet nectar. By then, Gary's member and Josh's member was already hardened as rebar steel.

Anna then commanded for Gary to lay down as she straddled him and mounted his dick before riding him. She wanted to feel dick inside her every way she could. As she started with a good rhythm on Gary, Josh snuck behind her and noticed the bottle of lube on the night stand. Josh began to take a dollop of it and started coating his dick with it before taking some on his fingers to rub on Anna's rosebud. After lubing himself , he slowly began to slide his slick member inside her anus and began fucking her. As Anna's mouth opened in pleasure, Chad took the moment to stick his dick inside her mouth to experience her felatial skills. There Anna was, riding on Gary with Josh plowing her from behind. Chad began to take Anna by the hair and began to fuck her face in earnest. Anna was moaning, feeling her body convulse multiple times as she was being lavished with all this attention.

Soon, Anna pulled Chad's dick out to demand that all three of them cum on her face. As Josh quickly pulled out, Anna released Gary's dick and slid off. She got on her knees on the bed and watched as all three began to stroke their dicks harder. Her waiting open mouth begged for it as the shots seem to come from everywhere as soon Anna was covered with man juice. She started smiling as Gary's seed was the last to erupt. She took a finger and swirled some from off her cheek only to have her finger slide into her mouth.

The sound of a cell phone woke Gary up from his nap in front of the computer, his dick still in his hand. As he groggily answered the phone, Josh chipperly asked him if he wanted to play poker. Gary said he would be right over.

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