My Lesbian Seduction


Still she didn't stop. Lying slightly on one side on the floor of the room my head pressed against the leg of the table my legs wide open and the shreds of my panties still around one thigh her face went directly between my legs. Again, there was no preamble and no asking permission as everything was taken for granted. She assumed I would not demur and she was right. I couldn't even had I wanted to for she had so inflamed my body and had taken such a strong control of my emotions that I was hers to do anything with that she wanted.

It was the first time a woman's tongue had touched me there and was only the second or maybe third one of any gender. I was in a sort of manic heaven. I didn't know what was happening to me or really just what she was doing to me. Kneeling over me, her mouth on my clit and pussy, her hands and fingers between my legs and all over my bum, I had the most extreme sensations roaring through me from so many sources. I did realise, though, that a finger had slid into my anus but, as that was accompanied by two, three or even four in my vagina and her mouth on my clitoris the pain, if there was any, and the significance of me losing my anal virginity were lost in the cacophony of all those other sensations.

As Marcia stimulated me in so many places and so many different ways she inevitably gave me an orgasm. It was only as that broke over me that I realised that I had probably never been made to fully cum before. The intensity, power and length of the climax she gave me was so much more than even the thirty two year old who I had thought was great with sex had given me that all past orgasms palled into insignificance.

Half on my front and half on my side, squashed up against the legs of the writing desk over which I had just been fucked I was in a distraught state. Marcia's chest was pressed against my arm and back, one of her legs was drawn up and was pushed between mine. One of her hands was squeezing my breasts and the other was between my legs her fingers stroking my pussy lips. My ripped panties were still round my thigh, my long, unkempt, black hair was all over the place, I was sobbing and tears were streaming down my face. I had no idea what had happened to my glasses! Whether the tears were with pleasure, guilt, arousal or whatever I had no idea. All I did know was that I had just experienced something of awesome proportions; I guess it was almost in comparison to what the world learned when the first atomic bombs were detonated.

"Was it wonderful Tina? Was it what I promised?" She asked running her hands lightly over my body.

"Oh Marcia" I groaned.

"What darling?" she asked lifting my hair and gently kissing and licking my neck.

"It was amazing."

"Good I am pleased you liked it. Now come to bed."

She helped me up and when we were both standing she put her arms round me, pulled me to her and kissed me long, deep and wonderfully. I forgot that she was woman. I forgot that this was new for me and I forgot that I was having lesbian sex. It didn't matter, it was of no significance that we were of the same gender, that seemed irrelevant for what we were doing was simply enjoying sex. That we were of the same gender somehow seemed to lose any relevance!

She slowly moved me to the bed. We lay down still in each other's arms kissing and licking the other's face. She felt so soft and smooth against me. She was like a boy in some ways for she didn't have the curves that my burgeoning figure was developing, her bum was small, there was little flare around her hips and she had hardly any flesh on her boobs. There was no hair anywhere and no harshness or pronounced muscles.

She played with my full breasts making appreciative noises as she flopped the big mounds of flesh around. She fiddled with my bum before taking my hand and placing it on her tiny tit and big nipple of her chest. Obviously, I had often caressed my own breasts so the feeling of her flesh in my hand was not really new, but nevertheless it felt fantastic especially when, without even thinking, my finger and thumb pinched her nipple. It just felt such a natural thing to do.

"Oh yes baby" she groaned into my ear. "Do that, pinch it, harder, harder."

I pinched the large nipple far harder than I could have suffered, but she enjoyed it for she moaned and whispered how wonderful it was. We kissed and licked each other's lips as mainly her hands, but also to an extent mine roamed over the other's body. There was no part of mine that her hands and fingers, feet and knees didn't visit. Mine focused on her little breasts, big nipples and her neck and back. I hadn't gained the confidence yet to visit her bottom or between her legs, although I was curious to find out as to how a bald pussy feels having never touched one.

This was so different to the first time she had me. That had been fast and furious; everything was urgent, almost manic, rather rough and as scary as it was exciting. Having my arse licked as I was bent over a table and being finger fucked on the floor had been wonderfully sordid. I had done nothing like it before and I found the sheer sordidness a major turn on. Now the gentleness, the slow pace, the considerate loving all combined to produce sensations every bit as strong as the previous fuck, but different.

The kissing went on for a long time and I liked that. Marcia was as tender and participative now as she had been urgent and controlling previously. She whispered lovely thing to me about my body and figure, my hair and eyes and my breasts and bum.

"You have one of the most deliciously lickable arses I have ever seen" was a typical phrase that added to the heady atmosphere.

Slowly and gradually this time the tempo increased. She kissed me deeper, her caresses were more urgent and in increasingly intimate places; my breasts, nipples, bum and clit. She writhed her body more firmly against mine and pinched the flesh on my 'tits 'n ass' harder. She was building me up again; she knew it as well as I did. She also knew that I was totally and utterly hers to do with as she wished.

She stopped kissing me and rolled on top of me her pubis pressed against mine. She raised her body up and draped her chest near my face. Her big, hard nipple dangled invitingly. I needed little encouragement when she said softly.

"Suck me Tina, suck my nipple."

It was an amazing sensation. It was like nothing I had ever done or experienced before. The feel on my lips tongue and teeth was wonderful as, letting my women's instincts take over I sucked, chewed and licked the rubbery, dark skin of her nipple and areola.

"Oh yes baby" she groaned cradling my head in her hands and pulling it tighter to her breast as she put one knee between my legs and the other outside my right leg. Her upper thigh pushed urgently right on my lips and clit. It was the most natural thing in the world for me to push upwards with my right leg right against her lips. Her thighs gripped my leg and, somewhat like a horny dog, she began to fuck my leg. Her thrusting movement encouraged me to make the same gestures. Sucking her nipples, for now I was alternating them, as she fondled my breasts and pinched and pulled my nipples we fucked each other.

It didn't take long for me to start cumming onto her leg and that was wonderful. But more so was hearing Marcia groan. "Oh yes. Yes Tina yes, you've fucking got me, I'm cumming."

Feeling her body go rigid as the orgasm I had given her tore through her body made me feel amazing. It gave me a sense of achievement and power. It also confirmed to me that I indeed was at the very least bisexual.

As Marcia and I lay in each other's arms drifting off to sleep I felt wonderful, even though there was a tad of guilt at what I had done with her. The last words I remember as sleep overtook me were Marcia whispering in my ear as her fingertips trailed across my breasts.

"That was a start my darling, tomorrow there will be more. Tomorrow baby you are going to suck my cunt."

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by tirreno1203/07/18

Great tale

Well written and clair about women psychology. I love this tale so much

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