tagLoving WivesMy Life Ch. 03

My Life Ch. 03


Please tell me what you think! I'm I the only married man that enjoys having his wife in pantyhose? Am I the only man who is lucky to have a wife that enjoys role playing?


I love to watch Holly in the morning. Even though we've been together for a few years I still love watching her undress. In the past few years our sex life has really started to heat up. Holly has learned how to relax, dress slutty for me, and incorporate toys with our love making. Is there anything sexier than watching a woman masturbate?

This past week has flown by rather quickly, but very nicely. Holly has come home every night this week in a great mood, in fact every night she was the initiator of sex. I love it when she's horny. To me, if some guy lights her fire that excites me as long as she comes home for me to put out that fire. Still, watching her with another man has been a great fantasy of mine. The thought that she would take a lover really makes me hard. I just hope that some day I will be lucky to watch her taking it to the limit.

Don't get me wrong, my second biggest fantasy is to watch Holly with another woman.

I'm not sure where my fantasies originated from. The idea of sharing your wife with another man is so taboo. Yet, the thought makes me instantly hard. It's like taking a shot of Viagra. I'm not sure if other men have this fantasy or not; however, I do know that most of my male friends become very jealous if they catch the wife flirting with another man. For me watching her flirt with another man is like foreplay. Granted, we are very careful where we play these little games as my wife wants to keep a squeaky clean image.

One thing that Holly did tell me is how lucky she felt. She told me that I was the only man who she was able to be herself. That she felt free with me and confident in our relationship. She knew that no matter what we would always be together.

With that said she then told me that even though I wasn't the biggest man she had that she enjoyed our time in bed together, when she told me that I knew that she was ready to explore finding lovers to share out bed. In fact that is when I admitted to her how I wanted to watch her with a hung stud. Needless to say we both enjoyed a lot of orgasms that night.

One fetish that Holly started to explore with me was hosiery. She knew that I loved helping her pick clothes to wear and together we learned how erotic it was to dress me up in pantyhose. The only negative about me wearing sheer non control top pantyhose is that I cum very quickly. Something about the soft material that feels so sexy against my skin. For some strange reason I'm just not able to keep control.

"Oh did I tell you that I have to take a client out to dinner tonight?"

"No, you didn't." I sat back and started to think about this week. Holly came home every day this week in a good mood and we had sex every day this week. "So is this why you've been in a great mood all this week?"

"What is that suppose to mean?"

All I could think about was Holly flirting with some stud. With our past experiences maybe she was opening up for some new experiences! The thought of this man having a thick cock really excited me almost as much as the fantasy of watching her having sex. My cock came to life so I undressed and Joined Holly in the shower.

Holly playfully slapped my cock, "Oh no, keep that thing away from me! I don't have time and I don't want you to cum in me."

I knew the answer but wanted to tell me so I asked, "Why?" I knew that she would feel uncomfortable going to work with my cum dripping out of her pussy at work all day, still I found the idea very kinky. If only she found it as erotic as I did.

"Because I will be uncomfortable all day." Holly reached for body wash and started to lather up my hard cock, "What I will do is this, my perverted husband."

"So tell me about this dinner? Are you having dinner with a guy?"

"Maybe." There was a sparkle in her eye the way that she said it.

Maybe it was all my kinky talk that has freed her to think freely and be open about other men. Maybe, this was the guy? "Do you find him attractive?"


Oh I hate it when she does that, doesn't offer me any clues to what she's thinking. What a tease my wife is! On with my twenty questions, "Does he go out of his way to flirt with you?"

Holly smiled, "Maybe."

Her smiled told me that she was interested in him. Wonder if she could invite him over to dinner at our house. This way she would be more comfortable and confident which hopefully turned up the sexuality of the night. "Do you know what you're gonna wear tonight?"

"What were you thinking?" She kissed my cheek, "I'm sure you have some ideas."

"Yeah, that black skirt, white blouse, and black hose. Maybe your new boots?"

"Oh, that sounds naughty," She paused for a moment to think. "Maybe I should wear fishnets."

I reached down to tease her nipples, "That's hot. What if your wearing a jacket maybe you can wear a sheer blouse or camisole?"

"Are you sure you want me alone with him dressed like that?"

"What if we have him over to our house?"

Holly was caught off guard by my comment, "Really you would be comfortable with that?" Holly took a deep breath, "Having him in our house?"

"Sure. What should we make for dinner?"

I smiled, "Oh don't worry about it. I'll take care of everything."

"Perfect, I should be home around six and I'll have him come over at seven."

We said our goodbyes then we both went off to work. All day at the office the only think I could think about was him. Who was 'he'? What was he like? Hell, what was his name? Then I started to think about dinner. What would the perfect dinner be? Common sense prevailed and decided to go with steak, potatoes, and a salad. This would be easy to prepare, cook, and very few dishes to clean.

The rest of my day was to sum up in one word: pain. The day moved so slow with everyone and everything annoying me. All I wanted was for five o'clock to come so that I could get the food and set up for our date.

Needless by 5:01 pm I was in my car racing to our favorite grocery store. Since I knew exactly what I needed the shopping trip only lasted for seven minutes. Ten minutes later I was home getting ready for our big night. Holly came home about an hour after me. She quickly went to shower and change. She said something about being fresh for dinner.

Thirty minutes Holly came to the kitchen looking sexy as ever. She decided to wear a shorter skirt, white blouse, and fishnets. The only disappointment was that the blouse had a built in bra. I really wanted to see his reaction when her nipples became hard.

We talked a little bit about how our day was. Then Holly started to ask me about what I thought about tonight? She wanted to know how comfortable I was with things. More or less she was trying to get a feel for what I was thinking. Maybe she did find him sexy and wanted to bed him but was worried how I might react? I did my best to reassure any fears that she might have and tell her how excited I was, and looking forward to this sexy night.

Holly told me that she loved me, and then gave me a warm hug with an even hotter kiss. We only separated when the door bell rang.

Holly went to the door to let our guest in. She then played the sexy hostess introducing him to me. We made small talk for a few moments and then I took their drink orders. They both wanted wine.

Well I wanted to play the cool husband not allowing her to notice how excited I was about this change of plans, "So Robert how long have you been with Holly's company?"

"My company has been working with Holly's for six years. However, it's only the past three years that I've been blessed to work with Holly."

"She's one smart woman and if I may say so, very sexy."

"Yes, I would have to agree. Holly is one sexy woman."

I could tell that Holly was enjoying herself. The attention she was receiving from Robert and myself was giving her ego a nice boost.

I excused myself so that I could grill the steaks. What guy wouldn't love a steak dinner? Earlier I had already made the salad and the bake potatoes were cooking in the microwave. What impressed me about Robert is that he also liked his steak bloody.

The conversation flowed during dinner allowing a comfortable feel for the evening. It was almost like we were high school friends. After dinner we went into the family room. Holly had grabbed a bottle of Port wine and I decanted the wine for them. I'm not a wine drinker. While they started talking, I turned on some soft music. My goal was to get Holly dancing since every time she dances she becomes horny.

Sure enough when I returned Holly had that look in her eye. I walked over to her and held out my hand for her. We started to dance very close knowing that all the while Robert was watching us. My cock came to life. She pressed herself closer into me leaving no doubt that she was enjoying my erection. Well basically she was enjoying teasing me with part of me thought that by her doing this, feeling my hard on, that she would allow herself to relax since she knew how aroused I was.

Holly snuggled into my arms, in a soft sexy voice, "Are you sure you want this? We can stop now."

"No baby, I'm having fun and want you to enjoy yourself."

"You promise not to get upset?"

"Never because I love you, more importantly I want this too."

Holly kissed me and then went over to our guest. He quickly stood up and started to dance with my wife. How does one describe your wife dancing with another man? Most men would be racked with jealousy but the only thing I was racked with was an erection. They danced for three songs moving slowly and pressing against each other.

When they broke away from each other I noticed a bulge in Robert's crotch while Holly's nipples were clearly hard. In fact I think Holly was a little flushed with excitement. We all sat down in the family room and the two of them enjoyed a glass of wine. I didn't want to miss a moment therefore I wasn't drinking this night.

Then things started to heat up. Holly was ready for the next step but Robert wasn't making the first move. I could clearly see that both Robert and my wife Holly were very aroused and wanted to do it, but each were not sure about me. How would I react to them turning up the heat? Reaching down I unzipped my pants to pull my very hard cock out. It was strange having both of them watch me but once they noticed my hard cock Robert turned his attention back to my wife.

First he unzipped her skirt, being very careful to help Holly step out of her skirt. Oh, my wife looked so sexy wearing her fishnets with out panties. We both could see her landing strip. Then Robert started to remove her blouse. Basically my wife was basically nude, with another man holding her! I almost shot my load right there watching what they were doing.

Every now and then Holly would press herself into Robert, I'm sure she wanted to feel that impressive bulge in his pants. While dancing he would reach down to cup his hard cock and since she did that more than a few times she had a great idea about his size. Think that is why she kept on touching him to make sure that he was still hard and as big as she felt. How kinky to watch your wife grab another man's cock and for her to relax enough to allow me to watch her doing that made me feel even more excited.

I could tell that Robert wanted more, and a moment later he sat down pulled Holly down with him. She rested between his legs on her hands and knees. Without thinking or looking she reached up to undo his belt, zipped his pants and pulled them down. Not only his pants but his boxers!

Even though I was ten feet away, I had a clear view of his hard cock. Holly wasn't one to waste any time. I watched my wife take him; take his thick cock between her lips deep into her mouth. Slowly she worked him deeper, till she had all of him in her mouth. He had to be three inches longer than I am.

Like a kid in a candy store Holly worked his cock. I could hear her slurping and making all kinds of sexy sounds. Right before my eyes my sexy wife was between another man's legs taking his long thick cock into her mouth. When she pulled up I could see her saliva coating his cock. With her left hand she used her fingers to grip the base of his shaft.

Now Holly started to mix things up. As her mouth went up his shaft Holly would stroke his cock keeping her index finger and thumb tightly gripped around his thick pole. She's done this with me several times with the result always being the same meaning I reach a powerful orgasm.

How can I put words to the erotic show that my wife had put on? Is there anything better than watching a woman enjoying her sexuality? Watching Holly, well I got the impression that she was enjoying herself and not putting a show on for me.

I've always enjoyed Holly's blow jobs and I'm sure that Robert has too. Holly is a beautiful woman with a great body, which of course Robert was enjoying his view. What more could a guy ask for?

Robert shot his head back which drew my eyes to my wife's mouth. Sure enough she started to slurp really loud as her mouth filled with Roberts cum. Holly took his load like a champ trying not to allow a drop escape from her lips. With each grunt from Robert, I knew another thick stream of his cum was hitting the back of my wife's mouth.

Then it the first stream or maybe I should have said a glob of cum leaked from her lips down his cock till it rested on his body. Another glob shot out which I think embarrassed Holly. It looked like she tried her best to swallow the remaining cum. After a couple of moments he was finished.

Holly stood up and moved over to the love seat. She sat down with her eyes closed. I'm sure she was thinking about the night and hopefully enjoying the memory. Robert gathered his clothes and started to stand.

Robert stood up and started to walk over towards me, "Jim, thank you for a great night and Holly, you were amazing."

I shook his hand. How strange in a way, to shake a man's hand that ten minutes ago his cock was deep in my wife's mouth. I could see that his cock still had some cum oozing out and as he walked he left behind a little trail.

Holly left the room leaving me to assume she went to get a robe. Robert dressed and once Holly came back we said our goodbyes. Then, I escorted Robert to the door.

Holly looked at me almost shaking, "You better take me to bed now and do me before I explode."

"Why did you give him head and not do him?"

She reached out to touch my arm, "Because I wasn't sure if you were ready to watch me yet."

"Oh baby," I took her hand and guided it to my crotch. "If you only knew how much I enjoyed that."

"You're not upset with me?"

"No not at all. Come to bed with me."

Holly kissed me, but more importantly I kissed her back. I didn't think about it but I swear that I could taste him. She didn't brush her teeth but then again I didn't try to stop the kiss either. I had to know and when my fingers found her pussy, well she was more than wet. I think her arousal was running down her thighs.

That is when I broke our kiss, "Tell me baby, you wanted him to do you right?"

She smiled, "I've never wanted a man to fuck me any more tonight. Baby, I really have to have Robert and soon! Don't be upset but I'm going to do him.

"Oh yeah that would be hot, but I have to be there."

Holly closed her eyes, "I've never been this excited before. Do me now! I need to cum before I explode. Did you see how thick his cock was? Oh, I have to have him baby. I need to feel that things in me. I really wanted him tonight, but I didn't want to hurt your feelings."

"Baby, you can do what ever you want as long as I'm there to watch."

"You really want to watch? That might make me a little uncomfortable but I'll do it for you. I'm just not sure that I could control myself. I've never had a cock that big before."

"I can't wait to watch him doing you," I gave my wife a big hug.

With our house empty, I took my wife to bed. There we made love like teenagers with each of us pleasuring the other. Sure we both knew things had changed and that we incorporated another man into our bedroom fun, but confidently I think we were okay and would be okay. More importantly we had fun and in time we would enjoy another experience together.

Some might not call this love but I think we do. Sure it's not a typical marriage but then again were not your typical couple. I want to explore things and share them with my wife and I know she wants to explore more with Robert. I'm counting down the hours till that happens and hopefully she will be comfortable enough for me to take pictures and film them. Together we will enjoy our new found sexuality and try new things as long as were both comfortable.


End of chapter 3

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