tagGay MaleMy Little Rose Ch. 01

My Little Rose Ch. 01


I lay sleeping in a modified coffin, feeling the wonderful silk against my pale aged skin. The cushion beneath me was a fluffy cloud which my head rested on. I enjoyed sleeping in coffins, the dead had it so good. The bell clanged. Someone had entered my alternative store and was in rather a hurry. No customers had appeared as of late, so I was not expecting the sudden business on such a quiet day . A loud clatter came and the lid to my shrine was wrenched open, and behind the blinding light I was met with the crying wails of the feminine one. I remembered him instantly, even he was wearing a short pink floral dress instead of a flowery shirt.

"G-Garland?!" I asked, surprised. He usually only visited at night. And I'd never seen him in such lewd attire.

"Oh Izaac!" He cried "I'm having such a terrible day! I know Hakaryu will keep rejecting me but I can't stop chasing him! I'm forever deemed to be alone!"

He wrapped his arms around me and rested his head on my chest. With anyone else, I'd have been disgusted. With him, I embraced his touch with flushed cheeks. I loved him, so much. But he didn't have eyes for me. He did once, when I met him in the library. But I knew he didn't want me. He only wanted the-incredibly hilarious of course- Hakaryu. Hakaryu was far less attractive than me. He was average height and slightly overweight with short black cropped hair (balding at the temples might I add), dull brown eyes and always wore a displeased scowl. I was tall and had a full head of grey hair which reached my ass. My build was lean and since I met Garlands I had been trying to gain weight to become more toned, safe to say it wasn't working. My eyes were shockingly bright blue and I had a hysterical demeanour, I loved to laugh. That had always made me attractive you younger males, that I was not only interested in sex. I didn't much care for sex with others since my session with the beautiful Garland. I also looked young for my age, nearing thirty yet still being ID'd in stores. Men of all ages loved me, but i had eyes for only one.

"You don't need to be alone, you know," I said, sincerity potent in my voice. Sincerity was known to elude me, so I was very rarely serious about anything. My grin had been replaced by an empathetic smile.

"What do you mean? My love rejects me and I have no one else to turn to! You're the only one who listens to me!" His fluid chartreuse eyes were closed tight and tears created an irritable wet patch on my chest. My areoles began to harden from the cold tears- and maybe from some arousal considering the who was crying. I shuddered and pried his fingers off my expensive dress shirt.

"Garland, do you...only have eyes for the Hakaryu? For no one else?"

I asked timidly, a blush appearing on my own cheeks, which I kept hidden underneath layers of thick grey hair. I wasn't used to being shy, but he had that effect on me, much to my trepidation and excitement. I knew I would do anything to taste those strawberry lips again.

"Wh-what are you saying, Izaac?" He stammered. I resisted the overwhelming urge to lick his tears off and feel his milky soft skin under my hot breath. My confidence returned after my fleeting display of shyness.

In my hoarse, sly voice I replied

"I'm saying you don't need to wait for him to love you. There's someone else who does love you very much," I was grinning again.

"What? Who?!" Garland asked, more surprised than enthusiastic.

"I do, Garland," I reluctantly admitted. I gritted my teeth in immediate regret at my brash words. I tried not to let him see my face, burying it into the folds of the silk.

"I've loved you since I met you,"

"Oh," the little transvestite seemed to ponder his thoughts. Was he going to reject me? Or would he say just just so as not to disappoint me in case I stopped being his friend? Was I deemed to be forever alone?

"Admittedly once I learned of your high stature, I gained some infatuation with you..."

My eyes flashed with hope. He was actually considering it!

"...and you treat me better than anyone else, even if your intentions are...questionable,"

I chuckled, he wasn't wrong. I'd always had attractions to him. But despite local rumours, I was not infatuated with him due to sheer sex appeal. He was sexy, yes. But that wasn't the reason I wanted him. Our personalities complimented eachother, I loved to laugh and he was always energetic and could tell a joke. He was plein de vie, and I loved that about him. If he became my boyfriend, we would go on excursions and gobble ice cream sitting on a park bench, spend days in our pyjamas and laugh at horror movies. Garland always dressed in pink, with his hair trailing down and his spectacles lowered in a teasing manner. My life dealing with the public was full of entertainment, but could be rather dreary at times. I claimed to love solitude and to an extent that was true, but I needed someone like him on my bad days. He would be my little red rose in the garden of black orchids that was my abysmal life.

"Not at all questionable my dear," I croaked slyly "I am simply a mentally disturbed man who's bored of solitude and I'd like to have some fun with you my little rose,"

Garland seemed flattered. The twenty something transvestite couldn't hide his own blush. The colour of his cheeks were only emphasised by his long ginger hair and pale complexion. He liked being called a rose, I noted. I'd refer to him by that name from now on, it suited him perfectly.

"Well okay then Mr Pervert, let's try it! What did you have in mind?" He asked happily. His carefree perception on life was rather cute. He was ready for anything, and that made him an applicable suitor for me. I chuckled. The name "Mr Pervert" suited me, more so than "Mr Bookworm". I began to explain my proposition.

"Six weeks. Spend six weeks as my boyfriend and then evaluate. If you're happy, you stay. If not, you continue your frivolous pursuit of the dastardly boring Hakaryu. You game?" I smirked. I knew the transvestite had a flare for danger and games- and this was a dangerous game. I searched his face for sign of reaction. He appeared ready, his expression one of passion and lust. He was a new rose, and wouldn't be wilted yet.

Garland nodded, and he smirked, showing me his perfectly white teeth and fluttery eyelashes.

"Six weeks then. I'm game,"

I barely kept any and all joy contained, but couldn't resist drooling and panting as Garland swung his hips and locked my shop door.

"Do me on the coffin," he insisted, his hips straddling mine. His tongue ran along his top lip, and I grabbed his wrist and hurled him against the dark oak wood. I ran my hand through his hair and bucked my hips, making him gasp.

"Tell me Garland, am I the only one you've fucked?' I asked teasingly. He couldn't form words, and just nodded. I pulled the zip down the front of his dress to leave his chest exposed. I hoisted up one of his legs and ran my hand up his thigh before finding his rock hard member ensnared in a pair of snug satin panties.

"My my, little one," I laughed "You're quite the slutty girl," pulled the panties down and made him step out of them, they were pale pink and decorated with flowers. I stifled a snicker. I lifted his leg up again and undid my zip, my low hanging denims falling to my knees. I lifted his leg up again and grabbed a bottle of lube from the shelf. I could still sell it, nobody would notice if a little was missing. I massaged the cold liquid along my hard length and spread the remains around Garland's rosebud. He was so tight I figured he'd need it.

I wrapped my arm around him for support and moved my length between his ass checks, making low moans escape from his throat. I chuckled and positioned myself under his hole and pushed up. He gripped my back in surprise at the sudden intrusion and his eyes pricked with tears. I'd gone easy on him last time but never again. I fucked him hard and fast offering him no relief. He yelled loud and his fingernails scratched my back as he struggled to breathe. He moaned and said my name as his eyes opened wide to see my perverse grin. I bit my own lip and drew blood before running my hand along Garland's own member, bringing his lips in for a passionate red kiss.

I continued to masturbate him and his eyes began to roll, his body begging for release. His legs shuddered as I ran my fingers down his smooth thighs.

His eyes seemed to cloud as I felt a hot liquid spread over my stomach and chest. Cum had shot from his length and coated everything. His head lolled and hit off the coffin as I continued to pound his tight hole, the shudders in his body only serving to heighten my experience. I didn't stop, and pounded him harder until I threw my head back in ecstasy, a moan escaping from my lips. My legs gave a slight shiver and I came inside of him, my cock throbbing.

"If you want more, you need to come home with me," I laughed, and turned away, quickly recovering after entering that blissful facade. Garland continued to pant and shiver.

"Are you all right?" I asked, amused. My question was answered when a whimper escaped his lips and he dropped to the floor in an ecstatic faint. I roared with laughter, then frowned as I realised I'd need to carry the sleeping one to my home, several miles away.

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