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My Lover Consoles My Bad Mood


lover: how are ya now?

me: still not happy

lover: hmm. what can i do to fix that..

me: idk lover.. fucking me senseless would be a good start

lover: i walk up from behind you and wrap my left arm around you so i can grab your right tit. i rub it roughly and pinch its nipple as i crane your neck around with my hand to kiss you hard on the lips

me: whimpers and draws recoils slightly from you, turning my head away. just because i want to be fucked senseless doesn't mean i want it rough. guides your hand to cup my breast gently and i turn my head to face you again, kissing the areas around your lips then your lips softly

me: (about ten minutes later...) hesitates and turns away completely. never mind. guess you don't want to. walks to the bed and curls up beneath the covers.

lover: i crawl underneath the covers with you. i push your hair back and hold your face and return your soft kisses and place a smaller, softer kiss after each one, like a signature. i kiss your neck and behind your ears and above your eyes and down your neck to the tops of your breasts. i cup each one in my hands and kiss your nipples. i outstretch my tongue and lick them up and down, up and down, looking up at you to see how you feel...

me: i smile weakly and stroke the top of your head, trailing my fingers through your hair as i curl my legs around your torso, drawing you closer to me as i sigh and try to relax

lover: i squeeze your gorgeous tits together so your nipples touch one another. i lick my lips and open my mouth wide and place them over your nipples. i suck lightly and thrash my tongue over them as i softly massage your breasts... i let your breasts go and watch gravity take them back to their peaceful state and i kiss my way down your tummy and stop at your bellybutton.

me: i let out a short scream and moan softly. i roll onto my back and prop myself up on my elbows watching you move further down. seeing you near my legs i spread them for you, already feeling a bit of juice seep out of my pussy, sliding down my ass crack.

lover: i kiss my way down further and stop at your mound. lick it upward moving your pussy lips slightly and i can smell the sweet aroma of your excitement. i place my left palm on your tummy and with my other hand i pull back your hood to expose your hardening clit... i pucker my lips and kiss it lightly and i pull back. i move in and kiss it again then lick it lovingly...

me: i arch my back and moan, my body shivering as i grip the sheets, my knuckles turning white. i gasp, my thighs closing around your head slightly as you lap up the juice dripping out of me, gripping my ass with one hand, the other pressed down on my tummy, keeping me from squirming too much

lover: i squeeze your ass playfully and rub your tummy, tapping my fingers on your soft perfect skin as i lap up your rivulets of juice, pulsing out like a wonderful fountain... my tongue parts your pussy lips further so it can explore you deeper. i drink each drop and then move up to kiss your face, my hard-on brushing against your tummy.

me: i squirm slightly, my ass wiggling in your hand. i giggle seeing you tap out the beat on my tummy, it trembling beneath them. i press my hips up against your face as your tongue enters and goes deep, biting my lower lip. when you come up, i lick the juice from your face, tasting myself then kiss your lips, more demandingly, wrapping my arm around your neck and pulling you down on me, feeling your hard cock nestle between my thighs, brushing against my pussy lips, making me shiver and moan

lover: i hold your hip as i kiss your mouth. i shove my tongue inside and wrestle with yours as i guide my rock hard cock between your pussy lips... it reaches past your tightness and delves inside you.

me: "oh fuck..." i moan, arching my back, my tits pressing against your chest, the nipples hard against your flesh, as i break the kiss. i let out a short scream as you pull out then push yourself back in, the entire length, pressing against all the walls and the back, against my cervix, making me cringe, my face grimacing

lover: i smile and kiss you to let you know i'm not just a hard cock rummaging around inside you. =) i lick your lips and then sit up, my cock still inside you so you're on your back and your legs are around me. i grip your hips and then softly buck mine and watch my cock disappear inside you and reappear rhythmically...

me: hehe. i smile back at you when you kiss me, appreciating the sign of affection. i lay back, playing with my tits, squeezing them, rolling the nipples between my thumb and forefinger. i see you watching my movements so i jiggle them for you, giggling at your mesmerized expression. i keep my legs wrapped around you tightly, biting my lower lip occasionally and moaning loudly

lover: i pull my wet cock out to slap it against your clit. i rub the ridge between the head and the shaft left and right over your protruding clit rapidly..

me: i scream, my body writhing as i arch my back, the contact between the two harder. i bite my lower lip and moan loudly, my hands gripping my tits tightly, the nails biting in as the pressure builds up within me, making me gasp for air. i whimper as you take the pressure off my clit, pouting up at you a bit. you smirk and back away slightly. "on your hands and knees," you order me teasingly. "yes sir," i giggle, grinning. i roll over then get on my hands and knees, in doggie position, my pussy and asshole open to your disposition.

lover: i spank and shake your ass and watch it jiggle. i smack my lips on each ass cheek and spank you again. spreading your ass your asshole puckers out and i lick around the rim as i finger fuck your cunt, two fingers up to the knuckle... me: i yelp, feeling the heat on my ass, knowing that it's turning red from your blows. i squirm feeling your tongue against my tight asshole. i lay my head down on the bend, my ass going further in the air, up to your mouth, craving for more. i tighten my pussy around your fingers, it grips them tightly

lover: i pull my fingers out so my cock can occupy your pussy again. i place my hand on your ass with my thumb pressing into your asshole, the skin around it giving away slightly... i pump you full of myself as my thumb massages your beautiful asshole...

me: i cradle my head in my arms, my hands gripping the sheets, knuckles turned white as i moan loudly, my body wound tight and tense, ready at any moment as you pump in and out of me, long hard strong strokes, threatening to double penetrate, the thumb against my asshole pressing against it more

lover: i press my thumb harder so it actually enters your ass... i continue filling you full of my hard, veiny cock as my thumb travels deeper...

me: "fuck!" i scream, my hands now gripping my hair, pulling at it. your thumb entering my hot ass causes my hips to buck back against you, driving your cock to the depths of my tight cunt, your balls slapping against my clit

lover: i push my thumb out and in against the rhythm of my cock in your pussy

me: i can feel your thumb and cock colliding through the thin wall of flesh between the two canals, both taking your penetration

lover: i hold my thumb in your ass as i fuck your cunt faster

me: i scream, feeling my orgasm boiling inside me ready to erupt, the sharp shock spreading through the rapid contact of your balls against my clit down my legs, up my core, tingling at my lips. i bite my lower lip, whining, feeling my pussy constrict around your cock

lover: i fuck your tighter pussy faster, harder, my abs knocking against my thumb in your ass, my balls getting drenched in your delicious juice...

me: the juice in its mass quantities drips off your balls onto the beds as i moan, the sound escalating till it abruptly is cut off as my body shudders violently, my eyes tightly closed as the warm numbth spreads through my body and i let out a short scream then gasp for breath, whimpering as my body goes slack, the only thing moving: my pussy trying to milk the cum out of your long hard cock

lover: oh fuck... baby, where should i cum

me: start inside me, i whisper, then pull out and paint me. you have so much cum to give.

lover: mm good point.. i pull my thumb out of your tight ass. as i watch your asshole slowly return to its natural size i fuck your cunt harder and faster, tightening my abs and biting my lower lip. i arch my back and start unleashing a torent of hot cum inside your juicy pussy

me: i let out a short scream and moan loudly again, my body spasming again

lover: after three or four spurts i pull out and shoot some onto your ass and back. i push you onto your bak and aim for your face where i cover your eyes, nose, lips and some gets in your hair...

me: i flop onto my back and smile, happily getting covering in your hot cum. i lick my lips, tasing some of you. i wipe my forearm across my face, getting the bit around my eyes, then sucking it off my arm as well. i look up at you, your cock still somewhat hard. your eyes closed, mouth open breathing hard. i giggle. told you so. i crawl you and lick off you cock, not putting my mouth over it. moving from the head down to the base, i lap up and suck off all our juice. then moving down to your empty balls, sucking my juice from off your fur. i kneel and sit back on my heels, smiling up at you. i take your hand and pull you down on the bed, you sproal out, exhausted. i curl up next to you, kissing your cheek. your hand wraps around my bare back, cupping my breast softly.

lover: mmm... i jiggle your breast as i kiss you on the lips, our mingled tastes mixed together

me: i smirk and tilt my head up, continuing to kiss you

lover: how are you?

me: i'm good =)

lover: yeahhhh?

me: lol. yea

lover: straddles your face and slaps it with my floppy penis.

me: laughs. "what the hell?!" licks its length. "you gonna tie me down too?" i tease

lover: hm maybe another night =P ..or day.

me: lol. are you still wanting more, lover?

lover: hmm i'm ok for now... are you?

me: yes i am

lover: i still kinda wanna put my balls in your mouth

me: mmm. i don't mind ;)

lover: sits on your face and places my hairy sack on your lips.

me: laughs again and opens my mouth, extending my tongue, pushing up against them and moving them around with the tip. leans up to suck on in my mouth, moaning at the taste of it, faintly of our mingled juices, then sucking in the other one. laying my head back down, i give each a soft kiss and allow them to return to their natural position

lover: mmmmm perfect. =)

me: hehe. i'm glad to have met your standards.

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