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My Mireille


Writing erotic stories is fun, lots of fun. I always loved the thought of hot women getting off, reading my stuff. They say the best erotic organ is the brain, so that means I was practically having sex with them, right? Heh, just kidding, I'm not that lonely! Still, like I said, I enjoyed the thought of my words making some beautiful girl cum. What I didn't expect was what happened with Mireille.

It started with nothing out of the ordinary. She was a fan of mine on an erotic story website, and sent me an email telling me how much she liked one of my stories. While it wasn't out of the ordinary, that doesn't mean it wasn't special. I always loved hearing from fans of mine. Sure, it was a bit of an ego boost, but at the same time, it meant connecting with someone, at least online. I decided to send Mireille a reply, just to thank her for her kind words.

We ended up having quite a back-and-forth with emails. I told her some of my fantasies, she told me some of hers. We played around with some cybersex, too, which is always fun. At some point, I asked her what she looked like. I know people lie online, after all, who can prove otherwise? Instead of telling me though, she replied with a message that said she wasn't good at describing herself, and sent me a picture instead.

When I say she was hot, that really doesn't begin to cover it. What I said exactly when I saw her picture was, "Damn!" right out loud, even though I was alone. A sexy Asian girl, she had a perfect, petite body. I asked her how large her tits were. She thought my boldness was funny, and she liked it, then told me she was a 36C. I was no expert on breast size, but I knew that was a pretty good size for her body. She was wearing a sexy dress in the picture, so I couldn't see exactly how it filled out in the chest area. I hoped for more pictures later. I described myself to her, and she seemed to like that I was a large, powerfully built man. A thick, eight inch cock didn't seem to hurt either.

We had a lot of fun, sending sexy emails back and forth. I wished I could meet her. I would have been happy to drive out to her, regardless of time. It would have been well worth it, from our emails she had an adventurous attitude toward sex that I would have loved to experience. The problem was, she actually lived in Asia, and no matter how far I was willing to drive, my car wasn't going to get me across an ocean.

Well, I figured it was still nice what we had going on. We traded stories, pictures, and at one point I sent her an sexy audio message of me describing one of my fantasies I wanted to do with her. She responded by sending a video of her stripping and fingering herself, telling me how bad she wanted me inside her. I loved how she kept outdoing me on our exchanges! I had a few hot wet dreams about Mireille, and started sometimes fantasizing about her when I had sex. Not that the women I had as fuck buddies were unattractive, certainly they were very much so, but one was a particularly petite brunette, and Mireille's sexy image kept popping into my head when we hooked up. What made it hotter was I imagined her doing the same thing if some lucky bastard was fucking her. I wanted to ask, but didn't dare. I know it sounds dumb, but I didn't want to be jealous of said lucky bastard.

One day, maybe two months or so after Mireille first contacted me, I was up and online around three in the morning, when she popped on and sent me an IM all excited about a trip she won.

"You won't believe it!" she messaged me. "It's all expenses paid! For two whole weeks! I can fly first class anywhere in the world!"

"Wow!" I sent back. "That's pretty amazing! Where do you think you'll go?" There was a long pause, so long I thought maybe her computer had froze. Then her reply popped up.

"Well..." she typed. Was she just being coy?


"I...um...I don't want you to think I'm weird."

"Why would I think that?"

"Well...I was actually hoping to...to come visit the United States." I laughed, kind of confused, but her reply struck me as cute.

"That's not weird, sweetie, lots of people visit here. Where do you think you'll go? Or haven't you decided?" Another long pause.

"Actually....I was hoping to come visit you..." I stared at the words on the screen, as though trying to make sure I wasn't hallucinating from being tired. I squeezed my eyes shut and opened them. There were the same words.

"Wow...uh...are you sure?" Now I know, it sounds like I lost my damn mind. Why would I question a beautiful woman who wanted to come fuck me? At the same time, I hardly wanted her to waste a vacation like that on me.

"Don't you, well...I mean...don't you want me to come?" her new message read.

"Well, yeah, of course, Mireille, but I don't want you to blow a chance to go anywhere here to come visit me."

"But I want to come visit you. Besides, I have two weeks, it's not like we can't go anywhere while I'm with you."

"Yeah, I suppose that's true. But you know, you might get bored with me after a couple days."

"Oh, I think we'll be able to entertain ourselves without getting bored," she typed, followed by one of those winking face emoticons. So, she set the date for her trip, and three weeks later, I was waiting at a small local airport to pick up Mireille for a two week date. I had plenty of vacation time, so I just took the whole time off.

I watched people getting off the plane, nervous as hell. As they filed past, I wasn't seeing her, and wondered if maybe she had changed her mind. I hadn't heard from her for a few days, did something maybe come up? I was getting a bit discouraged, when I saw her behind a tall, large man. No wonder I didn't see her approaching.

To say her picture didn't do her justice was the understatement of the century. She was just incredible. Her skin practically shone, it was that perfect. She wore a tight black, spaghetti strap dress with a neckline that showed a generous amount of cleavage. It was short enough to show off her sexy toned legs, accented all the more by open toed black heels. My heart literally skipped when I saw her, and for a second I was afraid to stick around, worried that she would be disappointed when she saw me. My fears were dispelled when she locked eyes with me and broke into a huge smile. She gave a little shriek and jumped into my arms, wrapping her legs around my waist. I think a few guys caught a glimpse of the bottom of her ass when her dress rode up. She kissed me, a brief but passionate kiss complete with tongue.

"I like the way you say hi," I said, grinning like an idiot. She giggled, and kissed me again.

"I wanted to make a good first impression," she smiled.

"Well, you did a good job at that."

She dropped down, steadying herself on my arms. I hugged her close, then she took my arm and I walked her to the luggage carousel. When her two bags rolled out, I grabbed them and walked her to my car. We headed out of the parking lot, chatting about ourselves. It was a pretty hot summer's day, and Mireille soon had droplets of sweat trickling down her neck and into her cleavage. Fuck me, this girl made everything look sexy!

"Do you mind if we roll the widows down?" she asked. As much as I liked what I saw, I was getting pretty hot too, so I obliged. The air was cool enough to make us comfortable, but not too cold at all.

"My hotel is downtown, I have the directions," Mireille said, handing me a printout. I raised my eyebrows, kind of surprised.

"Oh...yeah, of course, yeah, I know where this is. It's about forty minutes out. I'll drop you off...um...yeah..." She looked confused.

"What do you mean?" she asked.

"Well...I...I mean...I shouldn't have assumed, I guess." I felt really stupid, stammering foolishly.

"Assumed what?"

"Well...I kinda thought you were going to stay with me," I blurted. She smiled.

"Oh, I see. Well, that is very sweet, but they said it was an all expense paid trip, and I was able to get a really nice hotel, like five stars. They have a pool there, and there's a Jacuzzi in the room."

"Right, yeah, I can see why you'd want to do that." I could feel my face burning as I tried to backpedal my way out of looking stupid. Apparently she didn't want to stay with me the whole time. "No problem, I can come see you each day, or whenever you want, my house isn't that far, maybe twenty minutes." Mireille looked confused again.

"You...you don't want to stay with me?" she asked. I looked at her, and she smiled, finally understanding my confusion. "No, sweetie, I want you to stay with me in the hotel, if you want." I grinned back.

"Oh, right! Well, yeah...hell yes!" She giggled again and squeezed my hand. We took back roads to avoid traffic, we went several minutes without seeing other cars.

"How long do we have until we get there?" she asked.

"I need to pick up some stuff at home for our stay, my house is about a half hour away."

"Mmm...good," she purred. I wondered what she was getting at, then she reached over and rubbed my cock though my pants. I grew hard quickly, and harder still when she unbuttoned my pants and slid the zipper down. She pulled my cock out and started gently stroking it. "Ooo fuck, baby...you weren't lying about the size!" She took off her seatbelt and slid her dress straps off her shoulders, then slipped her arms out and pulled her dress down, freeing her firm tits. Her skin tone gave her dark nipples, which already were hardening in the cool air. She hiked the bottom of her skirt up, giving me a clear view of her hairless pussy. Leaning over, she started licking the head of my cock, then wrapped her lips around it and began sucking gently.

I had never gotten road head before, and she was an expert cock-sucker. I was so glad there wasn't many people around, I wouldn't have wanted to risk hitting someone. It was hard to stay focused on driving, but there was no fucking way I was going to tell her to stop! I kept glancing down, even her back and shoulders were sexy with her flawless skin and figure. My breath came in small gasps as she sucked, and I knew it wasn't going to be long. I didn't know if she like to swallow or not, so I wanted to warn her. I pulled off to the side of the road and parked.

"M-Mireille...babe...I'm going to cum...oh fuck..." I groaned and shot my load into her mouth, not sure if I'd given her enough notice. She sucked hard, taking in every drop. She swallowed with my cock still in her mouth, then continued sucking. The sensation was incredible, I could hardly stand it, but it felt so good, too. When she finally let up, I felt drained. She sat up and delicately wiped the corners of her mouth with her fingers, then swallowed once more to make sure she got it all. She licked her lips and tilted her head back, her eyes were closed and she was breathing deeply. It was so quiet, even thought the car was idling, and it seemed like neither of us wanted to break the silence.

"You taste really good, sweetie," she finally said, very softly. I could hardly talk, so I leaned over and kissed her, gently at first, then deeply. She seemed surprised that I would do that after she blew me, but I could feel her smile while we made out. If the windows hadn't been down, they would have fogged. The quiet was finally broken by a car passing by. The driver was a man who looked very appreciative of the quick glimpse he got of Mireille tits. We both laughed, and she pulled up her dress, refastened her seat belt, and we went to my house. Inside, I packed quickly, gave Mireille a quick tour, and we headed out to the hotel.

Driving downtown was a bitch, like always, and the prospect of properly thanking Mireille for the blowjob by reciprocating made it seem all the longer. The thought of sliding my tongue between those smooth pussy lips was making me hard again. Fortunately, we weren't held up by the prospect of parking, as Mireille's hotel package included valet service. The doormen took our bags and we checked in, then headed up to the room.

"Damn!" I said when we walked in the room. Five star was right. The carpet was soft, and I enjoyed the thought of finding out how soft in a much more erotic fashion later on. The promised Jacuzzi was plenty big enough for the both of us, as well as the shower. A large mirror comprised the majority of the wall by the bed, which was huge and sported deep red silk sheets. It was like the room was built for fucking all over the place.

We made out for a while, waiting for our luggage to arrive. It seemed like it took forever, and just as I was about to say to hell with it and bury my face between Mireille's legs, there was a knock on the door. I opened it, and the doorman came in with our bags on a cart. He moved slowly, and kept talking. Friendly enough, but not really what I was in the mood for. I could have sworn he moved slower and slower, working the cart in, taking his time.

"Heavy, you know," he chuckled, grinning at me after looking at Mireille.

Finally, I got the gist, and reached out to "shake his hand", subtly sliding him a ten dollar bill. Suddenly he was fucking Superman, because the cart was practically weightless. Our bags were unloaded and he was out the door in thirty seconds, giving me a bright "have a great stay" on his way out. I rolled my eyes, then turned back to Mireille. She was smiling that perfect smile, and I practically ran to the bed and jumped on it next to her. Our tongues rolled for several minutes while I stripped, then I pulled Mireille's dress straps down and tugged her dress, exposing her gorgeous tits again. I pulled up her skirt further than she had, over her hips, and her dress was simply wrapped around her stomach now. I broke our kiss, then stood by the bed. She looked up at me, taking in my hard body, until I reached down and grabbed her waist. I pulled her up, and she shrieked in surprise when I hoisted her in the air. Then I pulled her against me, and she slid her legs over my shoulders. My face was inches away from the most perfect pussy I had ever seen. She held the back of my head for support, and I kept my hands on her lower back.

I started by kissing her smooth lips softly, then moved to licking up and down lightly. She moaned quietly, and started breathing heavily when I intensified the pressure of my licks. I flicked my tongue over her clit, then sucked on it. She started jerking and gasping, wrapping her fingers in my hair so she wouldn't slide off my shoulders. I gripped her waist so she felt secure, then slid my tongue into her sweet, dripping cunt.

"Oh fuck!" she shrieked, as she started humping my face, soaking it completely. "Yes, yes, yes! Tongue fuck me, baby!" I had to turn and fall back on the bed so she didn't buck herself off and get hurt, but she still kept her legs wrapped around my head, so I was laying there with her riding my face.

"Yeah, baby!" she panted. "That feels so fucking good! I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna CUM!" She screamed the last word, and drenched my face. She collapsed sideways off me, her tits heaving with her heavy breath. She was shiny with sweat, her jaw hung slack, and her eyes were glazed. "That was incredible, babe," she whispered. I grinned.

"We're not done yet, sexy!" I grabbed her waist, pulled her toward me, and slid my rock hard cock into her slippery pussy. She was so wet I could slide almost all the way into her, but her tight pussy kept me from going balls deep in one thrust. Her back arched, and I began thrusting. A few pumps got me all the way inside her. The heat and tightness of her cunt drove me wild, and I started fucking her wildly. Her tits bounced as I ravaged her petite body, all my senses gone, a bestial lust taking over. I snarled, falling on top of her, still pounding. Her nails dug into my back and she bit into my skin, screaming her pleasure into my shoulder as she climaxed again. When she came, her pussy clenched down, tightening all the more, and sending me over the edge. I pumped my cum into her pussy, literally roaring in my lust. I came harder than I ever had in my life, and as the initial orgasm ebbed away, I rolled of off her, and looked deep into her eyes. I kissed her gently, then saw tears forming.

"Are you okay, Reille?" I asked, worried that I might have hurt her. She laughed brokenly, and looked pleasantly surprised. I knew personalizing her name was an indication of us being close, but she seemed to like it.

"Yes...oh, I'm sorry," she sniffed, brushing away her tears. "It's just that I've never had an orgasm like that...no one has ever made me feel this way." She sniffed again, and smiled so sweetly I just wanted to look at her all day.

"It's okay, honey," I said, and kissed her forehead. "You don't have to hold back with me." I stroked her hair and pulled her close to me. She buried her head in my chest and soon fell asleep. I followed shortly after.

The next day, I woke up before Reille. We had stayed in the same position all night, just holding each other. I slid out of bed and went to the bathroom to brush my teeth. Just as I rinsed my mouth out, I felt Reille's breasts press into my back and her arms slid around me, her soft hands caressing my chest.

"Morning," she sighed. I turned and kissed the top of her head.

"Good morning. I was thinking about taking a shower. Care to join me?"

"Mmm...I'd love to. You go get it started and I'll be there in a bit." I walked into the shower and got it to a perfect temperature, then started washing my hair. I could see Reille's blurred image through the steamed shower door while she brushed her teeth. A few moments later, the showed door slid open and she joined me. She started to reach for the body wash puff the hotel provided, but I took it from her.

"Let me, babe," I smiled. She bit her lip seductively and reached her arms up, taking hold of a bar in the shower stall and sticking her ass out, striking a sultry pose. I laughed.

"You're a tease," I said. She giggled, and I started washing her body slowly. I soaped up every inch, multiple times, then rinsed her off with a removable shower head. She closed her eyes, loving the water's caress, and moaned when I let it linger on her pussy. I licked all over her body as the soap rinsed off, paying special attention to the backs of her knees and the silky sensitive skin of her armpits. She liked that, softly gasping as I tongued her underarms.

After we cleaned up, we went out for the day to get breakfast and check out some of the local tourist sites. I was able to play tour guide for most of the town, having grown up there. We planned out the week a bit, Reille was happy to let me suggest some places out of town we might like to visit as well.

Our days consisted of going out to eat, taking small trips around the state or checking out what was around town, and fucking like rabbits. We were exhausted in the best possible way at the end of each day, as all we did was walk or drive around and have sex no less than three times a day. One day, the last day of that week, we actually got six times in. It was raining, and we didn't have much to do, so we just stayed in, ordered room service and porn, and fucked like crazy. I loved that she was as into girl-on-girl porn as I was. That was incredibly hot, and it must have sounded like an orgy was going on in our room. During our last time that day, I had Reille pinned against a wall, my chest was pressed against her back, I held her tits in my hands and her arms were reaching back to hold my waist. I fucked her from behind like that, and the TV was blaring an great scene with a hot blonde fucking a redhead with a strap-on dildo. Between orgasms, Reille turned her head and gasped,

"I wish that girl could be here to fuck me at the same time you did!" Damn, this chick was so wild! I came at the thought of us having a threesome, and we just stood there, leaning against the wall, catching our breath. My cock softened and slipped out of her, and a mixture of her juices and my cum dripped down her leg. I finally picked her up and laid her on the bed, crawled in next to her, and we kissed until we fell asleep.

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