tagIncest/TabooMy Mom Becomes My Bitch

My Mom Becomes My Bitch


It was a hot Monday in June when I trudged wearily home from my job. My father works away and though he sends home as much as he can, it isn't a lot. Therefore, my mom needs my money to make ends meet and I have become, I suppose, the head of the family.

My mom was preparing lunch for me in the kitchen. It was just a normal day like hundreds of others and I still don't understand what happened to change my life. I said hello to her and she nodded in reply. Dropping my bag, I went to my room to change from my work clothes. When I came out to sit in the lounge, I saw my mom still working at the table, cutting vegetables, as she has done so many times before. But today she looked different. Don't ask me to explain how she was different. Maybe she wasn't -- maybe it was just me. Anyway, I just stood there watching as these strange feelings started to overpower me.

My mom was wearing pink shalwar qameez, a loose fitting traditional dress. I could see that because of the heat she had discarded her bra and her voluptuous breasts were swaying under the upper kameez as she vigorously diced the onions. I said nothing, only stood as still as a statue as my imagination pictured her naked. I wanted to resist the thoughts but I couldn't. Oh what a feeling it was. So powerful, so sinfully sexy.

I tiptoed away from the kitchen door and entered her bedroom, knowing that she would be busy for another ten minutes or more. Quietly I locked the door behind me and started searching through the cupboard for her undergarments. With trembling fingers I picked up a black bra and panties and held them to my nose. I sniffed the bra and then the panties. They smelled clean and soapy. But beneath there lingered the vestiges of her scent: warm and musky with sweat. I rubbed them against my face, basking in the sweet richness of their odour, of her odour. And as I did so, I dreamt of her in them, slipping them off for me as she as she slid into bed beside me. My cock began to harden and I couldn't keep my hand from it.

I stole out of the bedroom and into the bathroom. I could still hear her cooking, humming merrily to herself as she stirred the vegetables in the pot. Holding her panties in my hand, I rubbed my big, needy cock vigorously. The cotton felt soft and sensuous against my warm, wet skin. I was breathing hard as I worked my cock frantically, desperate to cum before I was called to the table. Closing my eyes, I pictured my mom's plump ass bent before me, as she grinned over her shoulder, impatient for me to enter her. That is what did it. I came in a long streak of white, creaming her pretty, black bra.

We sat in silence over our lunch. Mom asked about my work but I was not in the mood for conversation. My feelings were too confused. I didn't even want to look her in the eye. Afterwards I rested in my room and thought about what had happened and how I felt. After all, I was the master of the household in my father's absence and my mom deserved some sexual satisfaction while he was away. Suddenly it seemed so simple. I would take her as my secret wife.

Pulling a clean sheet of paper from a drawer, I tried to explain in a letter to her what I had in mind.

'Dearest Mom,' it began. 'Through this letter I want to let you know my intentions towards you. As you will see, they must remain a secret between us and I pray that you do not mention them to a living soul.

'Every day you work hard for us all and you receive so little reward for all that you do. Let me tell you how much I truly appreciate your efforts. Since my father has gone away, you do not have the comfort of a man in your bed to bring you the satisfaction that a woman needs and only a loved one can provide. I too strive each day to bring home money for the family to ensure that there is food on the table and clothes on our back. I also need the pleasures that are due to a man of my position.

'Lately my feelings have changed towards you. I see in you what my father has seen and what other men see as they leer at you in the market. Like them, I love your sexy body, your sweet lips, your luscious breasts, your generous ass and your smooth, plump thighs.

'I want to change our relationship from son and mother, to man and wife, to dog and bitch, to lover and lover. Mom, please don't be shocked. I want to feel your body against mine as I fill your heart with love and your pussy with my adoring cock.

'This need not be a fantasy, mom. This really can be true. All you have to do is to admit what I have seen in your eyes and what I am sure is in your heart. This very night we can be sharing each other's bodies and enjoying the ultimate love that a mother and son can enjoy.

'If this is what you too want, then our new relationship will begin tonight when everyone else is asleep. I will come to your room at 3 o' clock. If you are agreeable, as soon as you have finished this letter, come out of your room wearing the black bra and panties that I have placed in your cupboard.

'Tonight will be the beginning of a secret adventure that we shall never regret.

Your loving son'

My mother was resting in her room, wearied by the afternoon heat. I slipped the letter under the door and waited, full of worry, for her answer.

What have I done, I asked myself. How could I be so rash? She would probably throw me out of the house. But then I began to think of that image of my naked mom, on all fours, waiting for me to and pound her gorgeous ass, and my cock began to rise. Please let her say 'yes' I prayed.

The door of the bedroom opened and I wondered whether I would receive a slap or a Yes. To my horror my mom emerged wearing her nightgown. Tears were streaming down her face. Oh no, how could I be so stupid?

Then she stood before me, still tearful but not looking me in the eye. She loosed the belt of the nightgown, drew it off her shoulders and let it fall to the floor. Beneath she wore only bra and panties, black bra and panties. I walked over to her and held her in my arms. At last she put her own arms around my neck but she continued to weep.

'It will be alright,' I said soothingly. 'I shall make it alright.'

I could hear my brothers and sister returning from school and mom rushed back into her room to dress. The afternoon and evening moved at a snail's pace. Each hour seemed like a lifetime. All the while my cock was rebelliously stiff in my pants and I had to avoid getting up from my seat for fear that I might give myself away.

My mom seemed lost in her thoughts: one moment giggling girlishly, the next pensive and anxious. At last bedtime arrived. I lay awake in my bed, counting off the minutes and nursing my swollen cock.

At 3 am precisely, I snuck out of bed and crept across the corridor to my mom's bedroom. Her door was unlocked. Quietly I eased the handle. Inside the room was semi-dark. Only a candle illuminated her figure, seated at her dressing table. In the mirror she watched me lock the door behind me. Turning towards her, I could see that she had been crying again. I took her by the hand and helped to her feet. Then I stroked her hair and told her that I loved her and that I wanted her in every way that a man could want a woman. She smiled up at me and said that she wanted that too. Then she kissed me softly on the lips. Now I knew that she wanted this relationship as much as I did.

'When we are together,' I said to her, stroking her cheek with the back of my hand, 'I want you to call me Husband.'

'Of course, Husband,' she replied obediently.

We hugged and kissed. It was wonderful to taste her lips on mine, her tongue tip darting against my own, and to feel her magnificent breasts pressed against my chest. My dick was achingly erect. Gently I removed her kameez. Beneath she was still wearing the black bra, our illicit signal. I turned her around and planted feather light kisses across her shoulder blades and down her spine. She shivered at the unfamiliar pleasure of a man's touch. With nimble fingers I unhooked her bra. Then I kneeled before her and drew down her shalwar and lastly her black panties. I stroked them across my cheeks, relishing my mom's womanly scent. I was now staring at her pussy, darkly brown and swollen and fringed by a small patch of hair. I kissed her beautiful pussy and she moaned quietly. Slowly I slipped in my middle finger and her low moans turned into a long, appreciative groan. Her pussy was warm, tight and wet.

I looked up at her. 'See how hard you make me,' I said, leaning back to display my erection to her.

'How big you are, my darling Husband,' she murmured, as my finger moved in and out of her.

I turned her around and massaged her fleshy buttocks. Then, opening them, I extended my tongue and licked her small black hole. Mom shuddered with delight.

'Get on the bed,' I ordered her. She did as I asked and watched with awed fascination as I undressed. I knelt beside her and, propping herself on an elbow, my mom took me in her mouth. Lips and hand worked magically upon my rampant cock. She stopped, spat on my dick and continued with loving care. As she did so, my hand was between her legs, two fingers now in her pussy and my thumb rubbing her clit. With the other hand, I held her head and pushed her further onto my cock until she was taking all of me in her.

I wanted her cunt desperately and pushed her onto her back. Her legs were splayed and her hands squeezed her adorable breasts together as she lay waiting for me. I mounted her and gasped as her beautiful pussy caressed her son's throbbing cock.

'Aaaahhhh,' she mewed as I began to move inside her. Her hands were gripping the pillow, her legs were wrapped around my flanks as my thrusts quickened.

'Is it good?' I whispered as my cock delved ever more deeply within her.

'Yes, yes,' she groaned. 'Fuck mommy. Fuck me like a bitch, fuck me, fuck me.' Then, it was all too much for her. I could feel her limbs tensing against me. She was biting hard upon her lip. Her head was tossing from side to side manically. Harder and harder I plunged into her.

'Yessss!' she yelled, burying her scream in the bedclothes.

I pulled out and knelt above her.

'You are my bitch, mommy. Now I want to fuck your ass.'

Smiling broadly, she murmured breathlessly, 'You know what mommy wants. But what a naughty boy you are!' and rolled onto her front. I slowly started circling my forefinger around her ass hole. I reached between her legs and lubricated my finger with her own cum. Slowly, slowly I slid my finger into her anus.

'Aaah!' she exclaimed. 'That hurts so much.'

I stilled my finger inside her.

'No, no. Don't stop. Mommy likes it.'

Gradually her asshole started to slacken. When it was loose enough for my purpose, I spat on my cock and inserted the tip into her. With each gentle thrust, she took another inch until my entire dick was exploring her dark cavern.

It felt delicious. Mom was loving it too.

'What a man you are, Husband,' she muttered through clenched teeth as I worked in and out of her. 'What a big, strong man!' I could feel my orgasm summoning me.

When I was about to cum, I withdrew from her and turned her onto her back.

'Mom, I want to cover your face with cum.' Giggling, she tucked her hair behind her ears, opened her mouth wide and waited for her son to soak her. With such a roar that it was fortunate I didn't wake the household, I ejaculated all over her face. My soapy cum smeared her nose, cheeks and jaw. She laughed delightedly, licked her cum-drenched lips and then sucked the last drop from my softening cock.

For an age we lay beside one another in a loving embrace and talked about what we had done, and what we wanted to do on all the other nights we would share. Again I swore my mother to secrecy.

'You're better than a husband,' she said as I rose from her bed at dawn, 'because you're my son and love me like no other man could ever do.'

Since that night we have sex whenever we can. My father has still not returned to the family home but my mom doesn't miss him. Why should she, when she has a loving son to lick her pussy, fuck her ass and make her cum so hard that she has to bite the pillow to stifle her screams? After all, isn't it the duty of every son to please his mother?

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