My Mommy - All Hot & Wet


And now me indeed... this would be a trick. These tight shorts had become super tight after the short day in the water, and my enlarged cock only worsened the issue, it'd be easier to rip through them than to slide them down my legs. But with the encouragement of my topless mother at my side I wasn't going to let this moment be spoiled. I started with my thumbs working them past the hem, pushing down. They hardly budged, but I kept working. Little by little, working the front, the back, the sides. I'm sure I was putting on quite a show, I think she had to swerve and break a little as we went down the road, this obviously wasn't a good activity for inside a moving vehicle. But a little more and a little more and finally my cock popped free like it were a jack in the box that had been packed with a hundred springs. But that was only part of the battle, these things were still cutting off circulation to my legs and I wouldn't be happy until they were completely gone. We were almost home by the time I had fully accomplished my goal. Good thing though, as we were a danger on that road.

We pulled up to our apartment and I reached into the backseat to grab our bag, obviously we couldn't go walking around outside like this. SMACK my mom gave me a playful but loud slap on my bare ass.

"Sorry, babe, I couldn't resist."

"Yeah, I bet!" I said back to her with a smile. I grabbed our towels and handed her one. "I don't think we want to get kicked out of our apartments for walking around in the nude."

"You're probably right."

We wrapped ourselves up and made our way inside, I kept the bag in front of me to hide the tent that formed.

"Oh I'm so glad to be home again!" Mom said in relief as she threw off the towel plopped down on the couch.

"Me too!" I said as I dropped everything on the floor and plopped down next to her. I leaned up next to her and she draped her arm around me as I rested my head on her shoulder. I was completely naked, cuddled up with my mother who only had one shred of fabric between her and me, the little white bikini bottom.

"We'll have to go back out there another time I guess. I'm sorry it probably wasn't quite what you wanted, us having to leave early and all..."

"No, no, that's fine, I had a lot of fun anyway!"

"Mhmm, getting to see you're mommy lose her top and all, I can see you loved that."

"Hey I felt kinda exposed out there too, you know."

She let out a cute little giggle, "I know."

"Somehow I get the idea that you did that on purpose."

"Would you be angry if I said that I did?"

"No, but I think you owe me something to make up for it."

"Alright, baby, I wont ever make you wear anything like that again, you can walk around as free as you want from now on." She said with a little wink.

"Well if I'm going to be doing that then I guess you really don't need this anymore either?" I said playing with the strings on her bikini.

"Oh? I don't?" She said it in such a tone that I was now deathly afraid that I had crossed the line. "Well...what should we do about that?"

My heart was pounding, was I making this move? Did I want to? Did SHE want me to? Is this really my hand pulling this knot undone?? Just as I thought I might be ruined, she started pulling the strings on the other side. I tugged the string loose. My heart was pounding, I'm sure she could feel it. She was undone. Slowly I pulled back the tiny little cloth, as if I were peeking into a present that I wasn't supposed to open yet, trying not to wrinkle the package so that nobody would know what I had done. My hand was nearly shaking as I saw I had revealed a beautiful bald and glistening pussy. My mother's wet pussy.

She adjusted herself and pulled it completely away from herself. She kept it in her hand, dangling it over my fully erect cock, playfully letting the strings hang around it. She slowly twirled it around and then pulled it away, letting it tease and tickle me. We were laying there on the couch on our sides facing each other completely naked and my mother was teasing my cock. She had her leg draped over mine and I was tracing its outline lightly with my fingers. My cock was throbbing against her thigh, I needed her to touch me, to please me. I needed my mother to make me cum but I didn't dare spoil this wonderful moment.

Sensing my need she dropped the bikini to the side and returned to my cock with her fingertips, very softly running along its length from the base to the tip, pointing it up toward her. Her softest touch was electric for me and I'm sure the emotion spilled out all over my face. "So how does it feel....being free?"

A pathetic, "Mommy...." was all I could manage as her sweet and long-awaited touch paralyzed me with pleasure. "I..... I...."

"Yes, honey? Tell Mommy what you want, baby."

"You...Mommy... I want you."

"Yes, baby. What do you want me to do?"

"Touch me...more..."

"Like this, honey?" She closed her fingers around my cock and gave a good squeeze, letting some more pre-cum, that she had been teasing out all day, come out.

"YES, Mommy! Yes!" I moaned.

"Come here then, baby, get on top of Mommy," She said as she pulled my cock, directing me just where to position myself on her. We shifted around a bit, she got her back square on the couch and I was straddled high on her lap, my cock just over her pussy. She pulled me forward a little more, so my balls were hanging down and resting against her. And slowly she began to stroke.


"You like that baby?"

"Yes, Mommy!" I said starting to work my hips with her hand movements, grinding up against her.

"You like how Mommy touches you?" "I love it Mommy."

She was using both hands to grip my cock from base to tip with a tight grasp, pulling hard and rubbing down. "You want Mommy to do it harder, baby?"

"Yes, Mommy, harder!"

We picked up pace and strength. The couch started shifting as I was grinding into her. I knew I wasn't going to last long, I had been need to cum hard all day.

"Mommy," I called out between breaths, "I cum, Mommy."

"Cum for me baby, cum for Mommy!"

I managed a very vocal moan as I felt my cock and balls tense up and release on her command. Shot after shot of cum came jetting out all over my mother. Creamy ropes of my cum littered her belly all the way up over her breasts to her neck. All I could do to keep from collapsing down on top of her was to lean backward and let my cock finish its spasms. It was a bliss I had been waiting for, for so long.

I was breathing hard and I could almost hear my heart pounding. My mother, with her hands still clinched around my cock pulled me back toward her. I lean forward over her, slouched and barely able to support myself with my arms trembling on each side of her.

"You made quite the mess on me, honey." She said now releasing me and scooting out lean up against the arm of the couch so she could look down at herself covered in my milky seed. "We'll have to clean this aaalllll up." She then took two finger and scooped up some of my cum and sucked it down. All I could do was stare as her in this depraved act, but that wasn't the end of it.

Her next scoop didn't go into her mouth, she held it out for me. She didn't need to speak, I didn't need to ask if I had a choice, I simply opened my mouth and sucked her fingers clean. It was salty and slimy and I can't say that I enjoyed any bit of it, but I was undeniably aroused by the act.

"Good?" She asked.

"Yes, Mommy."

"That's a good boy. Now, I want you to finish cleaning me up."

"All of it, Mommy?" I said as I was looking over the daunting task before me.

"Yes, but you can share some with me if it's too much for you, honey."

I reached out to scoop as she did, but she quickly stopped me.

"No, no. not with your hands."

I knew what she wanted, and I knew I had to do it, and I knew it was exciting me to do it. I brought my face down to her belly, I found a line to start with and I stuck my tongue out. I looked up to see her approving smile as I began to lick my own cum off of my mother's stomach. I did it slowly and methodically, trying to keep eye contact with her, drop by gooey drop I worked my way up to her chest. Quite a bit had made it all over her wonderful breasts, which I gladly took my time licking, kissing and sucking. Moving my lips gently over them and around them, spreading the cum around her hard nipples before sucking them off. She let out nice little moans of approving pleasure to let me know I was doing a good job.

"MMmmm, yes, baby... don't forget to share with Mommy now."

There was a big glob in the middle between her breasts that I scooped up with my tongue and brought into my mouth. I moved up and met her open lips with mine they locked together. She sucked my tongue into her mouth and took every drop I had. My first kiss with my mother, and it was one filled with my own cum.

"Mmmmm more, baby."

I did as she wished and repeated the process, licking up more of my cum off of her and feeding it to her, back and forth from her chest and neck to her mouth until every last bit of my cum left no more trace on her. And I laid there on top of her for a while, both of us exploring each other's lips and tongues.

Eventually my hand made its way down in between us. Her soft shaved pussy was drenched and she gasped as my hand found her wet lips. "I want to taste you now, Mommy."

"Mmm," she moaned, "Ok, baby."

I moved down her body slowly kissing and groping along the way until I was down to her hips. I looked up at her and moved my mouth over her lips, breathing her in. Gently I placed little kisses around her pussy. Then I outlined it with soft slow licks of my tongue. I heard her moan as I got closer and closer.

She was nearly dripping wet so I licked up a little of her moisture at the bottom of her pussy, then I moved all the way up it, but still not penetrating past her lips. I can see the desire in her eyes turn desperate and finally I work my way in. I trace my fingers up the inside of her thighs all the way to her pussy and spread open her labia. I trace my tongue along the insides of her lips, up and down, in and out. Finally I press my tongue hard right up the middle, from her hole to her clit and I hear the first of many load moans to come.

As I start to kiss her clit lightly, I work my fingers in and around her lips, flirting with her hole. Then I begin the full attack -- sucking on her clit like a nipple and penetrating her hole with two fingers. She is incredibly wet at this point so it takes little effort to work them in and out. Her loud moans become more frequent and labored with her heavy breathing.

"Oh! Yes, baby! Eat Mommy like that!"

Using my tongue to massage while I suck and working three fingers now in and out of her drenched pussy, the sound of the sloppy smacking of wet friction and her dirty talk between her moans echoes through the room. I then switch places with my mouth and hand as I'm now tonguing her hole and rubbing her clit between my wet fingers. She tastes so wonderfully sweet compared to cum that I feel like I could stay down here all day.

Her hips are grinding up into me as she's moved one leg over my should trying to pull me down closer and deeper into her. The pace picks up and her thrusts become more powerful and I'm practically bouncing my head up and down with my tongue sticking out fucking her with my face. Her moans are nearly screams now.


I feel her hole start to clench around my tongue as her movements come to a sudden halt. With her mouth wide up and her eyes tightly shut she let out a deep scream, "OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhh!!!!" followed by several smaller cries that progressively became softer and weaker and eventually just turned into hard heavy breaths. I could finally breathe easy again myself as she loosened her lock around me with her legs. We laid there a moment, catching our breaths, my cheek resting on her inner thigh as I just stare into this beautiful pink drenched valley next to me. I felt her fingers running through my hair and I looked up at her.

"So," she said between breaths, "how did I taste?"

"Like this."

Her juices were still all over my mouth and face as I went up to give her a long and deep kiss. She moaned a long, "MMmmmmmm," into my mouth.

"So where did you learn to please a woman like that?"

"Well...let's just say I read some stories somewhere..."

"Oh? Well, you'll have to show me more then!" She said with a big smile.

"Yes, Mommy."

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