My Mother's Stockings


That day was Monday and I went off to college in Bexhill. When I returned at 5pm she had made me a meal, and she chatted cheerfully about all sorts of things, and nothing in particular.

I confess I was hard as soon as I entered, dreaming about what the coming night would bring and eyeing those seams with a hungry look. I could not stop thinking about running my hands up and down her stockings ... or about fucking her face as hard as I could!

As we ate our meal in silence at the kitchen table, I mused over possible scenarios for that evening. I assumed she would take her ‘pills’ again, and then be looking to me to ‘instruct’ her as to what to do. After last night I no longer felt any reticence in going for exactly what I fancied. I supposed that eventually she would want me to fuck her cunt, after all she must want some pleasure for herself, but for the time being I intended to do nothing but satisfy my own perverted and incestuous desires. I still wanted that wonderful velvet mouth around my prick, but I also wanted to force myself on her ... to humiliate and brutalise her. I wanted to forcefully rape and fuck her face and mouth, and tonight I would see just how far she would let me go. I would save her cunt and her arse for another night. I looked at my watch, and mentally calculated how long it would be till the game was afoot.

Shrewd as ever, she noticed me looking, and interpreted the expression on my face. As always, however, she played the game exactly as she so obviously wanted it.

“Are you going somewhere my dear”, she asked innocently across the table.

“No Mum,” I replied with the same air of normality, “I was just wondering what to do tonight?”.

“Oh”, she said in mock distress. “Mummy was hoping you would keep her company tonight. Still, I suppose you must get bored with only an old woman for company?”.

“Don’t be silly mummy, I love being with you”.

“Thank you dear,” she said with a smile. “You are such a good boy. Mummy’s best boy, Mummy’s most wonderful boy. If there were only something I could do to repay you”.

As always it took me a moment to see where she was going with her words. Then I realised that she thought I was getting bored with waiting for the evening’s ‘entertainment’, and needed a little taster just to keep me interested. Well, I had no problem with that!

“It’s ok Mummy, you don’t need to do anything for me,” I said, wondering what she would offer.

“Oh but my Darling I do!” she answered. “You are so good to me, and you are always here for me. A good mummy should do something to reward her little boy for sticking by his mummy.”

I just looked at her and smiled innocently.

“But what can a nice mummy do for her little boy? What do little boy’s like ... that their mummy’s can give them? “.

She seemed to muse for a moment.

“Now, what does my little baby like? Oh yes, I remember. My poor little boy likes to see his mummy’s stockings and suspenders ... doesn’t he?”.

“But that’s naughty Mummy”, I whispered. “Isn’t it?”.

Her voice dropped very low. “Yes Baby, that is very naughty. A nice proper mummy should never let her good little baby see anything so naughty as his mummy in her suspenders and seamed-stockings. She should never raise her skirt for him, or take her skirt off in front of her little boy ... or even,” and here her voiced dropped even lower, “let him rest his hands on her stocking-tops. Oh no, a proper mummy should never do that”.

I tried as hard as I could to look very disappointed.

“But what can I do,” she continued sadly. “I want to do something for my baby. And if that something, well ... stretches the proper relationship between a mummy and her baby boy ... then I suppose it doesn’t matter too much. Not as long as nobody else knows about it”.

“I won’t tell anyone I said,” very quickly.

“Well ...,” she seemed uncertain. Unsure if she were doing the right thing.

She was a great actor.

“Oh PLEASE Mummy”, I ventured, suddenly realising that I had a part to play in this act. “Please let baby see ... your stockings ... please?”.

“But it is so naughty!”, she said looking shyly downwards, and I realised that she wanted to play this game as far as she could.

“I know it is naughty Mummy, but baby would be forever grateful to his mummy if she did that for him. Baby loves Mummy’s stockings. He loves to see her legs encased in sheer nylons. It makes baby feel very ... special”.

She looked up with shining eyes.

“Does it make baby feel good?”.

“Oh yes Mummy, it does make baby feel so good!”.

“Hmm ...” she mused again, as if torn between the desire to please her son and the desire to be a prim and proper mother.

“Well,” she said at length. “Maybe just a peek wouldn’t hurt”.

She stood up from the table and took my hand.

“Come with Mummy into the lounge,” she said gently.

She sat me down on the sofa and stood in front of me looking slightly embarrassed.

“Oh dear,” she murmured. “This is so very naughty”.

She reached down and took hold of the front of her skirt and lifted it up slowly just to the point where heavy black line of her stocking-tops was visible.

“Nice Mummy!”, I said, as if in awe.

I waited for her to lift the skirt higher but she just stood there.

“A little higher Mummy?”, I suggested.

For a brief moment she lifted the skirt clear of the tops of her stockings, but then she let it fall suddenly.

“NO, baby”, she said firmly. “Mummy mustn’t let baby see anymore. It is just too dirty, too wrong. You are my little boy, and you must not become excited by your own Mother’s body. It is wrong. It is INCEST!”

“Sorry Mummy”, I said.

“And so you should be!”, she said in a sudden, and to me unexpected, angry tone. “It is very dirty wanting to look at my stockings. How could you think such a thing. And it would just be the beginning. Next you would want me to take off my clothes for you. Then you would want me to let you touch my body ... feel my breasts and squeeze my nipples. Before long you would be wanting me to play with your dirty little man. Goodness knows where it would go from there! Maybe even to something so dirty and filthy it should not even be thought about ... using my mouth to fulfil your filthy dirty incestuous desires. Filling my mouth with you stinking. thick. creamy ...”.

She stopped suddenly, as if realising that she had got carried away.

“Mummy!”, I said weakly. “I didn’t mean to upset you. I am sorry. I really am”.

She was breathing deeply. She seemed to have got herself very excited. I suppose I expected her to revert to her previous meek and mild self. Admonishing me gently maybe, but without any real desire to prevent my actions.

But I was wrong. She suddenly slapped my face, and hissed at me, “Filthy little boy! Dirty disgusting little brat!”.

I was genuinely shocked; it all seemed so real. I just looked at her from a moment in surprise, my face stinging from her non-too-gentle assault.

She drew herself up straight, her breasts thrusting outwards.

“Well you dirty little SHIT, I think mummy is going to have to punish you for you filthy thoughts!”.

And then I realised that this too was just part of her game. Foolishly I had believed that I was the master of this little game she had started to play with me. I had thought that she was simply letting me take my pleasure however I liked, that maybe she was just glad of the attention. Now I realised that this was stupid. Yes, she was letting me do whatever I wanted to her, but it was her game, and she was expecting payment from me for what she was giving me. I was fulfilling my lust on her. It was perhaps not unreasonable for her to expect me to fulfil her fantasies too. And if her unquestioning compliance was the road to my fulfilment, then my unquestioning compliance was likely to be the road to hers. I wasn’t stupid, you know. And I guess that she knew and counted on that.

“Don’t hit me mummy”, I wailed. And I knew from the flicker of that old smile on her lips that I was playing my part aright.

She placed her hands on her hips and pushed her face close in to mine.

“I will do whatever I want with you. If you LUST after your poor Mother’s body, then you should not be surprised if your mummy get’s cross and punishes you for it!”.

“Please don’t hurt me mummy”.

“And what will you do if I do Hurt you? Eh? Cry I suppose?”, she said with excessive venom.

I thought for a moment, assessing my part. Then I said softly, “Don’t push me too far mummy”.

She smiled lustfully again.

“Oh yes, and what can you do if mummy decides to beat you?”

She thrust her chest out again, close to my face, and I knew exactly what I would do ... what I should do ... teach the bitch a lesson she would not forget!

“I will defend myself Mummy. I will not let you do anything unfair or unjustified too me”.

“Unfair!? Unjustified!? What rubbish!”, she hissed. “You fantasise about your own Mother’s underwear ... about her lingerie. You ask to ogle and touch her stockings and suspenders! You lust after her body! How can you call poor mummy unfair, when she tries only to defend herself from your incestuous advances!”.

“If you remember mummy, it was your idea to let me see your stockings!”.

She looked at me in mock fury.

“LIAR!”, she screamed, and began slapping me and hitting me around the face and head.

I grabbed at her arms, and after a moment held them firmly above her head. Her chest was heaving madly and she was flushed with excitement.

“Let me go you filthy little boy! Take your hands off your mummy!”.

I swivelled her hands behind her back, bringing her face close to mine.

“Now stop this foolishness,” I said. “Or I may start to get excited myself, and then ...”.

“Then what!?”, she said quickly through her teeth.

“Well for a start you’ll probably loose your clothes,” I whispered, smiling.

She struggled wildly against me for a moment. “Filthy boy! How dare you talk about stripping your poor mummy of her clothes. What then? Will you RAPE your own Mother!?”.

I looked at her with lust in my eyes. “Sounds good to me, “ I grinned.

“Ooooh!” she wailed. “No. No, please don’t do that to your poor Mummy”.

But she continued struggling till the blouse she was wearing started to burst open in the fight. I looked down at her breasts, and holding both her hands behind her in one hand, I grabbed the blouse and tore it from her breasts. Then taking her right breast firmly in my hand, I pulled her tight to me until her lips were almost touching mine.

I looked in her eyes and said simply, “I think it’s time I fucked your cunt you old Bitch!”.

Mock terror spread across her face. “No baby, Please baby. Don’t do that to your Mummy ... please!”.

I, of course, ignored her words and dragged her screaming to the bedroom.

I threw her on the bed.

“Now,” I said firmly. “We can do this one of two ways. The first way is that you lie still there and co-operate ...”.

Still wailing in apparent terror, she scrambled up from the bed and made a bolt for the door. I grabbed her arm, swung her around, and slapped her face. Then I threw her violently back on the bed.

“That’s the second way”, I said coldly. “The rough way ...”

As she scrambled up again from where I had thrown her, it became crystal clear to me that it was indeed the second way she wanted.

So I slapped her again, only much harder this time. She fell back on the floor moaning and crying.

“Oh please baby, don’t fuck mummy’s cunt!”, she groaned. “Not that, anything but that!”.

“On your knees, Bitch!”, I hissed. “Here ... in front of me!”.

She crawled, crying softly, over to me and kneeled down in front of me. Her face was level with my cock.

“So you don’t want me to fuck your hairy old cunt then! Mummy’s cunt too good for her little boy’s cock?”.

“No Baby, but poor mummy’s cunt is the most dirty place for a little boy’s willy to go ... you must not do it. Mummy will do anything ... but that!”.

So that was what she really wanted, to be raped and penetrated by her own son. I guess I could oblige that, but first I would have some fun of my own.

“OK Mummy, I won’t do that at the moment, but I have a hard cock her that needs some help to feel better”, and I took my cock out and jutted it in her face. “What did you have in mind?”.

She reached up to touch my cock and rubbed it gently.

“Mummy do this for you, baby?”.

“I laughed. “No, mummy, I want a bit more than that! I can wank anytime I want without your help!”.

“Oh you dirty boy!”, she sighed. “You don’t play with yourself do you, not really?”.

“Shut the fuck up you stupid old bitch!”, I shouted at her. “Open you mouth and suck my cock ... NOW!”.

She looked up at me in horror. “Nooo!”, she wailed. “What are you saying? You want your own Mother to take you filthy big willy in her mouth? How can you ask that. It is a dirty filthy thing to ask your poor mummy to do!”.

“So I’ll fuck your cunt then, you old slut?”.

“No ... no, I will do what you ask. But, please, do not do anything in my mouth”.

I looked down at her mercilessly. “Fuck or suck, Bitch! Which is it? I gotta cum somewhere. Cunt or mouth?”

Reluctantly she directed my cock towards her parted lips. I grabbed her head and forced it down on my cock. Grinding my hips, I started to fuck her mouth as hard and as deep as I could.

“That’s nice my dear old mummy-slut. Make your mouth into a nice soft velvet cunt! Cocksucking old bitch!.”

For a while I forced my cock deep into her mouth. I was rough, brutal even. She spluttered and gurgled in her throat, occasionally struggling even to breath.

Then suddenly I grabbed her hair and threw her head back.

“No!”, I shouted. “I want your cunt. I want to fuck my own Mother’s filthy wet snatch!

I threw her back onto the bed and proceeded to rip from her every shred of clothing left on her body. I even tore off her suspender belt and stockings.

“No lie back mother ... and open your legs for your little baby’s cock.”

She was flushed and breathless.

“No baby”, she whispered. “Don’t do that ... please ... not to mummy.”

I raised my fist in front of her face, and spoke slowly and deliberately.

“I said open your legs ... BITCH!”

Turning her head from side to side on the bed, she wailed softly, “oh no ... no.”

But she drew her legs widely apart revealing to soft pink lips of her vagina.

Somehow, probably instinctively, I knew that she was revelling in the vulnerability of this moment. Her own son was going to do to her what she wanted him to do, but it was not her fault, and nothing she could do would stop him. It was a kind of ultimate freedom ... to get what you want, what you new was terribly wrong, but without the cost of responsibility.

I paused momentarily to let her enjoy this moment to its fullest degree.

As I watched her I saw that she was entirely involved in her own fantasy. She wasn’t looking at me ... I’m not even sure if she really knew I was there in the flesh (so to speak). Her arms were up above her head. Her head was moving from left to right and back again, and her legs were drawn as far apart as she could comfortable pull them. She was muttering to herself in her throat.

I leaned forward to try to make out the words.

“Poor mummy ... poor mummy”, she whispered to herself. “Raped, abused, violated ... FUCKED by my own little boy. Oh dear ... oh dear”.

And then I joined her fantasy.

I lay on top of her and gently pushed my hard member into that most sacred of places. My hand slid up her arms as I did so, pinning her to the bed.

“I’m gonna fuck you mummy”, I breathed in to her ear.

As I entered she let out a long soft cry, somewhere between a sigh of contentment and the release of an orgasm.

“Oh BABY!”, she murmured. “Oh yes my baby ... fuck your mummy. Fuck her deep, fuck her good. Punish mummy, abuse mummy ... do whatever you must to poor poor mummy.”

So I did.

I started gentle ... till she was writhing and screaming in the ecstasy of what was happening ... and then I fucked her as hard and as brutally as I new how. Within moments she climaxed both noisily and dramatically, her body stretching, becoming rigid and locked.

Then she collapsed backwards into the bed, her arms encircling me and holding me tight.

“Oh my beautiful baby”, she moaned gently. “My beautiful, beautiful baby.”

I could have easily continued to my own climax, but I stopped and simply held her. This was her turn and I gave her only what she wanted. I knew full well that I had had my turn, and that it would come again soon, and she would devote herself entirely at that moment to my pleasure. More subtly, I also knew that the more unselfish pleasure I gave to her, the more she would return to me. I also knew that she would always wear her stockings and suspenders now ... and that I could see and touch them whenever I wanted.

As I held her gently I realised that the future with Mother seemed promising, to say the least, and that we shared something that was both special and unique. For the first time I kissed her lips, softly and sweetly ..., like the lover I was.

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Great story

You don’t see many rough mummy and son stories. Everything about this one was great

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