tagRomanceMy Nemesis

My Nemesis

byGrey Eagle 286©

Gordon Masters was my nemesis. I had lost in every encounter with him since junior high. Naturally I hated the guy's guts. Growing up he took every girl I liked away from me, beat me at every sport and humiliated me at every chance. Gordon stood 6'4" and weighed 260 pounds of pure muscle. On the other hand I am Chester Martin, I was 5' 10" and topped out at 140 pounds soaking wet. I more than held my own with guys any where near my own size. But he could and did whip my butt.

He took Marta, my fiancée, away from me a month before we were to be married. I later learned he had done me a huge favor. I joined the Marine Corps and did well. I won a field promotion to Second Lieutenant, won several medals and advanced to 1st Lieutenant and then to Captain.

I met a beautiful girl, Betty, while I was stationed in Washington D.C.. I met her on a blind date, she was the sister of another officer. She enchanted me from the first moment I saw her. She had a perfect face, long, long dark brown hair and a slim trim figure. She was one of those women who always look good no matter what. She was an airline stewardess and was only home a few days a month. On that first date four of us went to dinner and I had never enjoyed being with any one as much as I enjoyed being with her. After dinner the girls wanted to go dancing. I knew I was a dud at dancing, Oh! I could get by on slow dances. I was a danger to all concerned on a fast dance. She was very understanding. She loved to dance the fast numbers and danced every one. I felt like a fool sitting while she danced. She always came straight back to the table and apologized so sweetly. I could tell she really loved the dancing and I loved the way she moved and looked when she danced. When her brother took his date home we went to a coffee shop for coffee. We talked for hours. When I took her home she gave me a sweet kiss goodnight and promised to call me the next time she was in town. I told her brother I liked her a lot and asked him to let me know when she was back in town, he grinned and told me that wouldn't be a problem.

About three weeks later I got a call from her. I asked her out and she accepted. I took her to the same place we went before. She said she really didn't feel comfortable leaving me alone at a table while she danced. I told her I would try some fast dances with her and if she was still uncomfortable we would go some where else. I danced every dance with her. After about the forth dance she dragged me back to the table and wanted to know why I hadn't danced with her the last time. I confessed that I had taken dance lessons while she was gone. She grinned, "Just so you could dance with me?" I nodded, and she pulled my face to her and kissed me. She told me she had tried to call me several evenings and got no answer. She had even called her brother to see if I were alright, he told her I was going out every night. When she got home she wasn't going to call me but her brother insisted. She said she thought I was dating someone every night and wouldn't want to see her.

I told her I had taken a dance lesson every night and twice on Saturdays and Sundays the whole time she was gone. Tears ran from her eyes. "All that just to please me?"

"Yes, I couldn't stand watching you dance with someone else."

"I thought you didn't mind. I would never do anything I thought would hurt you."

"If it were anyone but you I wouldn't mind at all. I just couldn't look forward to the rest of my life watching you dance with other guys. OK?"

She looked at me for a long time. She said, "Here is a slow number, let's dance. She pressed her body to mine and put her head on my shoulder. In the middle of the dance she looked at me and took my hand and pulled me off the dance floor. "Take me to your place, I want to be with just you."

My little efficiency apartment was very small but it was as clean and neat as it had ever been. We sat and talked. I wanted to learn everything about her. We laughed and cried over each others stories about growing up. Finally we looked up and discovered it was daylight outside. I fixed us an omelet while she called home to assure everyone she was alright. She walked to me and put her arms around my neck and kissed the hell out of me. "Do you have to work today?"


"Let's go to bed."

I picked her up and carried her to my bedroom. I didn't exactly know what to do then so I put her down and kissed her. It was the right thing to do. She kissed me back fiercely. She pulled back and unbuttoned my shirt. She pushed it back over my shoulders. She gasped when she saw the huge scar across my chest. She looked up at me and tears ran from her eyes. "War?"


She cried and ran her hand over the scar, she looked up wide eyed, "I almost lost you didn't I?" I nodded. Her fingers were busy with my belt buckle and zipper. She pulled and jerked down my jeans. She stood and looked at me and smiled a soft loving smile, "You still have a beautiful body, I love it. Hard as nails. My dear tough Marine Captain, my Lord and Master."

She stepped back as I reached to undress her. "Dear man, I can do that much faster, later I would love you to undress me very slowly, right now, I just can't wait." She turned and in a second she was nude, she had a lovely, lovely backside. She turned back to me and she was the most beautiful thing I had ever seem, just perfect. She pushed me on the bed and told me to lift my butt off the bed so she could get my under-shorts off. I did, she did. I rolled her on her back and kissed her as my hands explored her body. She still had on some wispy little white lace trimmed panties, I knelt and said, "Your turn, Sweetheart, get that little ass off the bed." She did, I did. I tried to move over her, She pushed me up. "I want to look at you, Oh, he is bigger than I thought, yes, yes, can I touch and hold him?"

"Anytime you want to, Dear. Anytime." Her little hands caressed his shaft and cupped and felt my balls. I was afraid I would cum right then when she gently kissed him.

I pulled her down on her back and told her my problem. She lay back and opened her legs to me. "I want you to cum inside me, Please!" I moved over her and her hand moved him up and around her slit, then it felt right and I entered her. Heaven! Her hot wet pussy was pure heaven. I stroked in and out of her like a machine gone wild. Then I was pulsing shot after shot of my sperm inside her. I shuddered and paused, I was still as hard as a rock and inside her. I kept on kissing her. She was mewing and talking so softly I couldn't hear what she was saying. I slowly pulled most of the way out and slowly slipped back all the way in. It was exquisite pleasure for me. She moaned, "Oh! Yessss!" So I kept that up, rooting into her pelvis hard at the bottom. Rubbing in circles against her. Her whispers and moans were quite loud now. I felt the pleasure build again and sped up the speed and strength of my thrusts. Her pussy was flooding now and she was screaming in little yips. Then there was a long drawn out "Yesssssssssssssssssssss!" My cock pulsed and pulsed ropes of sperm into her. We collapsed together and held each other. She grabbed my face and kissed me very passionately. "I love you, Chesty, I really do!"

I married her. We were very happy. My Mom and Dad were killed in a car accident a year later and I resigned my commission. Mom and Dad and had done very well and left an estate well in to seven figures. Every thing went well the first several months I was home. Then one day Betty told me a strange thing had happened while she was getting her car serviced at the Thompson Ford Dealership. She said the service manager looked at her name and smiled sweetly at her and asked if she was my wife. She said she was. She said he told her to tell Old Chesty, his old buddy Gordon had said Hello, then had kissed her right on the mouth.

I couldn't believe it. She asked if I were alright. I asked if he were a good kisser. She laughed and said he was very good. I looked at her, "Betty, please listen to me. He hates me, he will try to put the make on you and break us up. Do not ever have anything to do with him. Take your car somewhere else."

"Chesty, Honey, I love you. I think you are being silly! He seemed very nice. I think you are just jealous, it doesn't become you."

"Girl, I am dead serious. Do not go near him."

"I won't, but I think you are being ridiculous."

"Just listen to me. I hate the guy. If you don't want me in jail for murder, stay the hell away from him."

"You are serious aren't you?"

"Serious as I can be."

"Why do you hate him so?"

"I will tell you one incident out of a hundred. I was engaged to be married to a lovely girl. Her name was Marta. A week before we were to be married he walked up to me and said, "I hear you are planning to get married next week." Then he smirked at me and said, "Don't count on it." Three days later Marta knocked on my apartment door and handed me her engagement ring and said she never wanted to see me again. I looked out the window and saw her get in his car and drive off. I never found out what he did or told her. She wouldn't talk to me. I joined the Marines. That is just a little bit of it."

Thing were fine until we went to a local night spot. We had dinner and danced. I went to the men's room and came out and Betty was gone. I figured she went to powder her nose. After about twenty minutes I walked around and spotted her in the dance area dancing with Gordon. I walked up and held her elbow, "Come on Betty, let's get out of here." She jerked away. "Ow, you hurt me."

Gordon shoved me away and said "Get out of here. She is busy." I stepped towards him and he swung at me, I ducked it and grabbed his jacket and pulled him towards me and head butted him in the face. He dropped like a rock. I had felt his nose break. I took Betty by the hand and said, "Time to leave girl." I stopped and handed the cashier a hundred dollar bill. I hurried to the car and we drove home. She walked in the door and turned and faced me, "I have never been so embarrassed in my whole life. Why did you act that way?"

"Let me ask you this, do you know how I feel about him?"

"Yes, you made that perfectly clear."

"Then why did you dance with him, you knew I wouldn't like it didn't you?"

"He was so nice and polite I didn't see what harm it could do."

"Well you found out what harm it could do. Why did you pull away from me when I wanted to leave."

"I don't like being jerked around by you in public."

"Well, that was nothing compared to what will happen if I ever see you with him again."

"Well if you had been truthful about why you left here and joined the Marines I wouldn't have been upset."

"What in the Hell are you talking about?"

"Gordon told me how you had to leave town because you because you raped a girl, that's why your fiancée left you at the altar."


I couldn't believe my ears. "You have known that slime ball for a few minutes and you believe him over your own husband?"

"He's not a slime ball."

"Then get your stuff and get the fuck out of my house, go to him, get fucked, you will find out what kind of guy he is, but don't even think of coming back here. Don't even think about it. I told you he would do this and you let him.

When you see him you tell him I am going to break him. Break him in every way. I will have no mercy. Tell him." I sat in a chair and cried.

I heard the door open. It didn't close. I finally lifted my head and saw Betty standing looking at me. Tears were running down her cheeks. She sniffled and said, "do you still love me?"

I nodded and said, "I will always love you no matter what. But if you think that little of me, I think the best thing would be for you to go home to your family. I don't know what I have done to make you think I was capable of doing something like that. I just really don't understand it."

She looked at me, "Chesty, I love you with all my heart and soul, I want no other man. That is part of why I am leaving, you don't trust me." She shut the door and I sat in that chair until the next morning.

I made a few phone calls then went to the office. I reviewed a few proposals that had come across my desk. I found the one I wanted. I had my secretary get Mark Thompson on the phone. We greeted each other and I asked his reason for wanting to buy the property surrounding his agency. He was a little hesitant to tell me, so I told him I was the owner of that property and that I was willing to sell providing he met certain conditions. He said that he was interesting in acquiring the land so he could expand in the future. He said he knew that he was rapidly running out of space. I quoted him a very reasonable price. He asked the condition I had in mind. I told him that the condition was confidential, just between he and I. If he wanted the land he had to fire Gordon Masters and refuse to give him a recommendation. He said he had no problem with that, Gordon was too friendly with his lady customers and he had had several complaints about him. I told him to come and see me when he wanted to acquire the land. I told him I would finance the deal myself.

I called the manager of the apartment complex I had inherited. I said I was aware he had a tenant named Gordon Masters, I wanted to know if he was up to date with his rent, I was informed that he was a week or two behind in his rent. I told the manager to send him a notice that if the rent wasn't paid up to date in the next two weeks he would be evicted as of that date.

I called manager at the Martin Finance and Loan company and discovered Gordon was a month behind in his car payments. I asked how often he had been behind. I was told that this was the eleventh time he had been behind. I told the manager to have the car repossessed right away. And that I had heard he was getting ready to leave town. The manager asked what I wanted to do about his Bass Boat loan, he was further behind in that loan. "Repossess that too!"

I leaned back in my chair and closed my eyes. I heard my office door open, I looked up and saw my wife looking at me, she walked to me and knelt beside my chair and kissed me on my lips, her arms around my neck. I felt tears on my chest. She stood and said, "We need to talk."

"Fine, I always have time for you."

"I came to beg your forgiveness. I have been upset with you from the beginning of this business because I felt you didn't trust me. You didn't have enough faith in me to know that no big jerk, no matter how handsome and charming he was, could lure me away from you. Even so, I wanted to get to the bottom of this thing. I got a Motel room last night and couldn't sleep. I sat up and cried all night. I didn't know I could miss anyone as much as I missed you. I was scared I might have lost you but I knew I couldn't let that happen. I went to the newspaper office this morning. I researched that rape case. The paper said you were questioned because your car was similar to the car the rapist drove. The woman said the rapist's car had a automatic transmission, your was a standard shift. You had an air tight alibi, you were with forty other people taking a Real Estate test for your license. You clocked in an hour and a half before the rape and logged out two hours after the rape.

Then I checked around on your old fiancée and found her. I talked to her on the phone. She said Gordon had told her that you had confessed to him that you were the rapist, and that the police had questioned you and were about to arrest you. She left town and stayed away for a year. She later found out you were completely innocent but you were in the Marines by then.

So that is how I spent my morning, oh! One other thing I stopped by the Ford place and asked to see Gordon, I was going to punch him in the nose for what he did. They said he had been fired just a few minutes before. I was just leaving when he came running from the parking lot saying his car was missing. The other guy told him he saw the repo tow truck pull it away." She grinned at me, "Was that your handiwork?"

"Yeah, guess what, he is being evicted from his apartment too! And his fancy new bass boat is being repossessed too!

Damned shame, he is such a nice guy too. I also heard he had no health insurance so he walked out of the hospital emergency room with out getting his nose straightened out. He still owes about $500 for the emergency room."

"My, my, you were a busy little devil weren't you, can I interest you in a little hot pussy this lovely day. Take the rest of the day off and I'll make it worth your while big boy."

"Let me just lock the door and set you on my desk and have my way with you."

"Yes, that sounds like fun, we've never done that before."

She lifted her skirt and pulled down her tiny panties. I moved everything off my desk and sat her on it. I took her panties off her feet and sat her on the edge of my desk. She smiled delightedly at me as I dropped my pants and my shorts. I had just inserted my cock in her pussy when the phone rang. It was a call from a good customer so I talked to him as I slowly thrust in and out of my beautiful wife who lay back and giggled with her hands over her mouth. He giggling made her pussy sort of jiggle as she laughed. It felt wonderful. I gasped a little, "No, George I'm fine. Just a little tickle in my throat. Now what were you saying. Mmmmmm! What? No George I am not screwing my secretary. Would you like to talk to Betty. I handed her the phone and began thrusting as fast as I could. "Hello, George how are Uhnnnngh, Oh! Yes. I am just wonderfullllll. Cannn Chesty call you back? Thank youuuuu." Her hips jumped off the desk to meet my thrusts. Her eyes were closed as she smiled and shook like a leaf. When she opened her eyes she laughed, "we were naughty weren't we. Poor George probably had a stroke."

"Oh my God, Oh! Yes, that is so good." she murmured because I had dropped to my knees and was cleaning her juices and my cum from her sweet pussy with my tongue and mouth. I got every speck. I got up and helped her. She reached for her panties, I took them and dropped them in my pocket with a grin. She laughed and straightened her clothes. We walked out as if nothing had happened.

I said. "Tell any caller's I have gone home to catch up on my husbandly duties. See you tomorrow, if I get finished today."

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been there sort of

Years ago, I met my wife after work for an office party. Her department of phone company was welcoming a new manager. Years of observing others have allowed me to develop an almost perfect read on someonemore...

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When Betty discovered that Chesty would take dancing lessons rather than share his lady it set a precident. She agreed that dancing away from your date was not what she wanted. Then after marriage he tellsmore...

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