tagGay MaleMy New Career in Modeling

My New Career in Modeling


This story is about a time in my life when my financial situation had taken a severe turn for the worse. I was 35 years old and had just gone through a nasty divorce. My then wife was always looking for attention from other men. She needed them to tell how beautiful she was and was constantly searching for compliments. It got so bad that she started to give in to the advances of other men. When I caught her with my "best friend" in our bed, I decided that I couldn't stay with her any longer.

After the expected war of words between both my wife and I and our lawyers, the divorce was final. It was very costly both for the legal fees and what I had to give up to get her to sign the papers quickly. Fortunately, we didn't have any children to put through this ordeal.

Wanting to get back in shape and focus on something positive in my life, I joined a gym and worked hard to tone up my body. I lost 25 pounds in 6 months and packed on some muscle. Then I hired a trainer to maximize my workouts and develop a set of 6-pack abs.

He suggested that I shave the hair on my chest and stomach so that we could see the progress. At first I thought that would feel strange, but after I shave in the shower several times I became obsessed about being "clean shaven". While checking on my abs progress one-day home, I thought that now my hairy legs and pubic area needed shaving too. So I went back into the shower and after soaping up my body I shaved again. Now the only hair on my body was on my head and my arms. Then the only part of my body that I still thought needed shaving was my arms. What the hell, I said and proceeded to finish the job. After I dried off my body, I stood in front of the mirror again. I was pretty happy with the results of both my workouts and my now almost hairless body.

Now I must tell you that I have always been straight without even the slightest hint of thinking of men sexually. In the gym, however, we are always looking at each other sort of seeing where we stack up against the competition. The next day at the gym after removing my body hair in the shower, I met up with my trainer Kurt for our workout session. Since I work out in a tee shirt and shorts, Kurt noticed immediately that I had shaved my legs and arms. When he mentioned it to me, I just responded by saying that I liked the feeling of my shaven chest and decided to finish the job.

We then proceeded to our workout. It was a good workout that today concentrated on legs. When we got to the squats, Kurt had me use more weight than I had ever used before, and I could really feel my butt muscles burn. At the end of every workout we always finish with abdominal exercises until I can't do any more sit ups. Kurt did his workout along with me today, so we were both pretty sweaty and needed a shower. We went into the men's locker room, removed our workout clothes, grabbed our towels and headed to the showers.

The showers in the men's locker room do not have any doors or curtains separating the areas for each of us. It just has four showerheads on the wall with a place outside the showers to hang our towels. While I was lathering up and talking about what we had accomplished, Kurt said that he was amazed at my progress. He commented on how my leg and ab muscles were getting very well defined.

He said, "Now you have a great package to go with that beautiful butt of yours." I really didn't know how to take that remark, but decided to just say thanks and continued on with my shower.

When we were finished with the shower, we both grabbed our towels and began to dry off our bodies. Kurt had a great body, and since he was a body builder that entered some of the local competitions he shaved his entire body. I guess that I hadn't really noticed it before, but now I caught myself staring. His dick looked enormous compared to mine and must have been 8 or 9 inches flaccid.

As we were dressing to leave the gym, Kurt said that he thought that I was a good-looking guy and now that my body was in such great shape that I should model. I thanked him for the compliment, but said that I just didn't think that the modeling gig was for me. He said "Ok, but just keep it in mind if you ever change your mind." Little did I know that my mind was going to change quickly?

Now since my divorce was finalized, I wouldn't describe my financial situation as critical, but I was living from paycheck to paycheck. When I went to work the next morning, my boss called me into the office. He explained to me that the company's business had taken a big hit with the loss of two of our key clients. He said that in order to cut expenses that he had to eliminate some positions and mine was one of them.

Holy shit, I was out of a job and didn't have any savings to fall back on because of my recent divorce. What the hell was I going to do? I got into my car and just started to drive. I must have driven for about 3 hours in circles, going nowhere with nowhere in mind. When it got close to the time that I usually go to the gym, I decided that maybe a good workout would clear my head.

At the gym, Kurt met me on time as usual. I didn't tell him right away what had happened, but he did notice that something was wrong with me. At the end of our workout, we headed for the showers.

While I was showering we were just making small talk when I decided to tell him that I had lost my job and didn't know what I was going to do for money. Kurt then brought up his modeling idea again. I said who the hell would want me as a model and for what. He said that a very good friend of his was a professional photographer and routinely was commissioned to do photo shoots for men's clothing magazines. He then said that his studio was close by and he would take me over to introduce me to him.

"What have you got to lose?" he said. "If he doesn't think that you would be a good model, he'll tell you and you can be on your merry way."

"OK." I said, "You've talked me into it. I trusted you to get my body in shape, and I hope that the results pay off."

"They will, I promise you." He said. We both finished dressing and off we went.

When we arrived at our destination, it looked like an abandoned warehouse. Kurt explained that his friend was able to lease a big space for his studio without it costing him a fortune. We entered a side door and took what looked like a work elevator to the second floor. Kurt then led me down a long corridor to a door at the end that read "Jamie Smith, Professional Photographer". He opened the door and we went in.

We were greeted by an absolutely, gorgeous blonde receptionist. She looked to be in her mid 20's and had an unbelievable body. Her tits were huge, her waist tiny and her butt so tight that you could bounce a quarter on it.

"Hi, Kurt. Who's your friend?" she said.

"This is a friend of mine that I have been training at the gym, Andy." he responded. "Is Jamie in?" Kurt asked.

She said that he was but he had a client with him and would be just a few moments more. We took a seat in the reception area and waited.

After 10 minutes has passed, the door to Jamie's studio opened and he walked through with his hand on the shoulder of a very handsome young man. He thanked him for coming and then turned his attention to us. Jamie was in his mid 50's with gray hair and a beard. He was a very large man about 6"4" and 240 lbs. with very little fat on him. He must have been one of Kurt's trainees also.

"Hey, Kurt. I haven't seen you in a long time. Who's your friend?"

Kurt replied that he had been very busy at the gym and apologized for not coming by sooner. He then introduced me, and we all walked into his studio. It was huge with cameras and lighting stands everywhere. There was also a variety of furniture set up, which I assumed was used in his photo shoots. Kurt then explained to Jamie that he had been training me and thought that I might make a good model for some of the men's clothing shoots that he was doing.

Jamie then asked me to stand up so that he could have a look at me. I was a little uneasy about being examined by another man, but I guess if you are going to model that is what is to be expected.

"Turn around, Andy, let me see your backside." Jamie said. I did as he asked and he seemed interested in what he saw. He then asked me if I had some time to do a few "test photos". Since I was now single, unemployed and broke I said sure.

Jamie then explained that he had been commissioned by a men's magazine to do a photo shoot of a variety of men's bathing suits for the upcoming summer season. He then told me that he pays his models $1000 a session. He pointed me to a dressing room, and explained that there were a number of different styles on hangers and to start with the largest one first.

"Largest one" I thought? I just lost all that weight and toned my body; did he think that I was fat? When I went into the dressing room, I got my answer very quickly. By "largest" he meant the most material. Some of the suits that were hanging on the rack were no more than strings. I certainly wasn't going to model any of those suits. After putting on the "largest" bathing suit, I headed back into the main studio area.

Jamie was just completing a phone call and beckoned me over to one of the shooting areas with a beach chair and a blanket on some sand. "You have a great body, Andy. I love that you shave off all of your body hair." Jamie said.

He instructed me to stand beside the chair with one hand on the top of it in a relaxed pose. He started taking pictures and Kurt just stood back and watched. He put me in several more poses in the chair and on the blanket before he said that it was time to try on another suit.

I returned to the dressing room and began to put on the next suit. It was what we call a ball-hugger that is a tight elastic material just covering my package in the front and my butt cheeks in the rear. I was a little bit uncomfortable leaving the dressing room to pose in front of two men and have my picture taken, but I was desperate for money. I wanted to pass the "test photo" stage.

I went back out to where Jamie was standing, and he directed me to lie down on the beach blanket. First I was on my back, and Jamie took the camera off of the tripod and stood over me taking photos. He told me to turn over, and he took photos of my backside. All of this attention and me being the only one in the room so scantily dressed was beginning to make my dick hard. What's up with that?

I was glad that I was face down, so that neither Jamie nor Kurt could see me in my aroused state. Unfortunately, that was not going to last forever. Jamie said that it was time to change bathing suits again. When I went to get up, they both noticed the bulge in my very tight suit.

As I was about to enter the dressing room Jamie yelled to me "I'm running a little short of time this evening, Andy. I only have time to shoot you in one more suit, so could you please put on the pink string bikini!"

As I closed the dressing room door, I wondered to myself what I had gotten myself into. When I removed my suit and took the pink bikini off of the rack, I just couldn't believe that he expected me to be photographed in it. The tiny pink fabric in the front just barely covered my dick and balls. If I hadn't shaved my genitals and surrounding area, my pubic hairs would be sticking out everywhere. The two strings that went around the back were completely up the crack of my ass, leaving me all but naked.

As I was debating whether to shit can the whole modeling idea, Kurt knocked on the door and asked me what was taking so long.

"Come out, buddy, I've already seen you naked in the shower at the gym." Well, he was right and I am sure that Jamie had seen both men and women dressed as I was before.

So I opened the door and headed out. Kurt seemed taken back a little when he saw me. When I glanced down at the front of his pants, it looked like he was getting aroused. Jamie was now over by another photo set where a 4-poster bed was in the center. What kind of beach photos was he shooting?

When I headed over to the set, I noticed someone else had entered the studio and was holding one of the camera lights.

"I didn't know that anyone else would be in the studio while we were shooting my test photos?" I said.

Jamie responded "Oh, that is just my lighting assistant Glen. I called him to come over and assist me with this test shoot."

As I got closer, I saw that Glen was as large or larger that Jamie was at 6' 4" or more without an ounce of body fat. I was really self-conscious now in my near naked state surrounded by three men. Jamie was pointing to a spot on the bed for me to sit. I did as I was told, still desperately wanting to get the modeling job. I really needed the money.

As Jamie started taking pictures more lights were turned on surrounding me on the bed. I could barely see anything but the glaring light. As he continued to shoot, Jamie asked me to lie back on the bed extending my arms over my head.

As soon as I did that, I felt someone strong grab both of my wrists. He pulled me to the top edge of the bed. My wrists were then strapped to the bedposts with my head hanging off of the end. Glen had put down the light that he was holding and grabbed both of my ankles. He spread my legs wide, and strapped both of my ankles to the bottom posts on the bed.

I yelled "Hey what the fuck is going on here?"

Jamie replied "You can yell all that you want sweetheart, because if you hadn't noticed we are in an abandoned warehouse. Now we are going to get down to the real photo shoot."

Jamie then told me that he had been commissioned by a men's magazine not to shoot men's bathing suites, but a virgin getting fucked. And you guessed it, I was the virgin.

I looked over to Kurt for some help, but he was taking off all of his clothes as was Glen and Jamie.

Kurt then said "I've been wanting some of your sweet ass, since the first time that we showered together at the gym."

I turned to look the other way, and through another door in the studio came a whole group of guys. Jamie told them to take off their clothes and get ready to fuck our guest virgin.

As he said that Kurt got on the bed naked and straddled me. His dick was hard and must have been 10" long and thick with the veins on it just popping out. He grabbed the string bikini that I was wearing and with a yank ripped it off of me. Here I was butt naked bound spread eagle on a bed.I was now surrounded by about a dozen naked men, and my trainer on top of me naked with a raging hard-on.

Kurt then grabbed hold of my nipples and began to roll them in his forefinger and thumb. My nipples have always been larger than most men and with my chest being shaved they now stuck out. He instructed a guy on each side of me to start sucking on my nubs. My dick now was hard and sticking straight up. Why was I excited, I thought, am I gay?

Kurt then got off of me and told another one of the naked men to start sucking on my dick. He did as he was told and took the head of my swollen dick into his warm mouth. All the while Jamie was taking photos, while another one of his "assistants" started taking videos of me.

Kurt then moved to the head of the bed where my head was hanging off and put the head of his dick on my lips. I tried to hold my lips closed, but he just held my nose closed until I had to open my mouth for air. He took that opportunity to slip the hot enormous head of his dick into my mouth.

I had never even seen another man's dick up close, let alone have one in my mouth. He warned me not to bite it or I would be punished severely. He then moved his hips closer, slowly shoving more of his warm member into my mouth. He continued entering my mouth until the head of his dick hit the back of my throat. I started to gag and he withdrew all of his dick but the head from my mouth.

Kurt then told me that we could do this the easy or hard way. The hard way was going to be brute force, because as I have told you before Kurt is a trainer at the gym and very strong. He instructed me to put my tongue on the bottom of his dick as it entered my mouth. When it hit the back of my throat,to just swallow and try to breathe through my nose.

He then began to ease his dick into my mouth again until it hit my throat. I swallowed as instructed, and he pushed his huge dick down my throat while holding my head back. I resisted the urge to gag, and he pulled back again. He pushed forward once more going deeper into my throat. The feeling of his huge dick head invading my throat was unbelievable. He kept pushing further and further down my throat until his balls were banging against my nose. I had taken his huge member all the way in.

This was not only my first blowjob, but also my first deep-throating experience. In a strange way, I was kind of thrilled with the accomplishment. Of course, as you know, Kurt was my trainer. He then sawed in and out of my throat allowing me to breathe in between deep thrusts.

At the same time, the guy sucking my dick was doing such a great time that I was about ready to explode. Just as I was about to shoot, I felt Kurt's dick swell in my throat. He pulled on my head forcing his dick as far down as it could possible go. He started to twitch, and his hot cum began squirting into my throat right into my stomach. I came at almost the same time with my cocksucker swallowing every bit of my cum. As I was about to pass out from lack of air, Kurt stopped cumming and withdrew his now spent dick from my thoroughly violated throat.

Jamie yelled out "The curtain cums down on act I. Now get ready for act II."

With that my ankles were released from the straps holding them to the bed. Then Glen, the large black "light assistant", got up on the bed between my legs. He grabbed my legs with his strong hands and put them on each one of his shoulders. This exposed my most inner region to him and everyone in the room. The guy doing the filming moved in closer for a better view. Someone handed him a jar of k-y jelly, and he began to smear it on my butt hole.

I knew what was next and to be honest, I was a little scared. He then touched my virgin pucker with his finger and proceeded to push it in. That is the first time that I had anything up my ass.

"Oh, this virgin is tight" he exclaimed.

He worked his finger in and out of my butt until it didn't hurt as much. Then he inserted a second finger. He worked both fingers in and out stretching my anal ring getting it ready for my next visitor. When he was satisfied with is progress he covered his now erect monster with some k-y and withdrew his fingers from my hole.

Glen put the head of his enormous pecker between my butt cheeks at the entrance to my butt hole. With his hands firmly on my hips, Glen started to push forward, putting pressure on my hole to expand.

"Relax honey, your buddy Glen just wants to show you a new way of getting fucked."

As he applied more pressure, I could feel my hole expanding and giving in to its invader. Then it happened. The huge head of his dick popped into my asshole, and it closed around it holding it tight.

Just when I was getting used to Glen dick head in my butt, another assistant pulled my mouth open and shoved his dick in. It wasn't nearly as large as Kurt's monster, but it still filled my mouth. Glen on my other end was rocking back and forth working his dick deeper and deeper into me. I had never felt so full and he was only half way in.

The guy in my mouth was now pushing at the back of my throat, and with what I had learned from my "trainer Kurt", I let him slip down my throat with very little resistance.

Concentrating on my breathing actually helped distract me from the pain of Glen's huge dick pushing deeper into my bowels. They began to get a good rhythm going between the two of them, as I felt Glen's hips pounding up against my butt cheeks. He finally had his entire huge dick up my ass and was pounding into me like a jackhammer.

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