tagGay MaleMy New Friend Ch. 02

My New Friend Ch. 02


Chapter 2: At My House

It didn't take long to get to my house. Rick followed me in his car. I was glad when I didn't see any of my neighbors out, didn't want to stop and chit chat now. We entered my house through the garage. I dropped my bag in the utility room and took Rick by the hand.

"Come upstairs." I wasn't wasting anytime getting him in bed. Even though I just came a short time ago I was ready to go again.

As we entered my bedroom Rick spun me around and pulled me to him. Immediately we embraced in a kiss, our tongues twirling against each other's. I quickly maneuvered him over to my bed and pushed him down on it. All I wanted to do was get his beautiful cock into my mouth. I dropped to my knees and in one move I tugged off his shorts and underwear together. I smiled as his cock stood at full attention, waiting for me.

"Lick it," Rick said with a smile.

I grabbed the length of his cock with my right hand. I could feel it pulsate. I ran my tongue from the base of his cock to the tip. Mmmmm, it tasted good. Rick grabbed a pillow and placed it under his head. He laid back and let me have my way.

Slowly I circled the head, tasting the pre-cum beginning to come out of the tip. I had never been so close to a cock before, let alone a big one like Rick's. I was savoring every bit of it. I wanted to just look at it, feel it, and adore it. I wanted to make it cum.

"Take it in your mouth, Steve," Rick pleaded.

I obliged and lowered my head, letting his hard cock slip past my moist lips. I tried to take too much at once and I gagged. I moved back up to the head and sucked on it for a while. I would work back down, taking as much as I could. I was beginning to control my gag reflex and I found it easier to take Rick's big cock deeper.

I could have kept this up all night. I never thought I would enjoy sucking cock so much. Every so often I would pull my mouth off and just run my tongue all over it. I even gave a try at sucking on his balls, which Rick seemed to really like. All I wanted to do was please him like he did me in the shower.

At one point I looked up at him to see him looking down at me, watching this virgin suck his cock. I kept looking him in the eyes as I continued to devour his cock, inch by lovely inch. More and more the taste of pre-cum filled my mouth. I wondered how much longer it would be before he came. I stopped sucking for a moment and started to stroke his cock, which was wet from my saliva.

"Would you like to cum in my mouth," I asked him as I stroked him.

"Oh, could I?" he said, his eyes opening wide.

I immediately put that luscious cock back into my mouth and went to town. Now Rick really began moaning. "Yes, yes..." he kept repeating.

He then clasped his hands around my head and started to thrust his cock into my mouth. I was getting my mouth fucked by this gorgeous cock, this beautiful man. Rick pulled his cock out of my mouth long enough to get up on his knees, him on the bed and me kneeling on the floor. My mouth was at the right height. He literally pushed his cock into my mouth. My lips clamped as tight as they could while he fucked away.

Never in my life would I have thought I would be treated like this. Having a big cock fuck my face. No doubt about it, fucking it was. I did my damn best to keep up with Rick. I wanted him to enjoy every lick, every suck and every thrust. His grunt and groans became louder and longer. His thrusts became faster. The grip of his hands on my head became tighter. I tried to look up at him. I wanted to watch him orgasm but he held my head tight. I started to hum with each thrust of his cock. The vibrations were too much for him. He lost control and came.

The first squirt caught me by surprises as it hit the back of my throat. I started to gag and I was having difficulty breathing. I had no choice but to swallow. Rick's whole body shook from orgasm. I don't know how much he came but I tried to get every bit of it. His sperm was thick, salty and musky tasting. I swallowed it and all.

Rick finally fell to the bed in a heap. His breathing was erratic and it seemed he couldn't talk. His cock was going soft but I took him back in my mouth and continued to suck on it. Rick shook every time I sucked on the head of his cock. I was returning the pleasure he had given me earlier. Rick finally looked down at me and smiled. He gently ran his hand through my hair.

"Thank you," he softly said. "Sorry if I was rough on you."

"I enjoyed it," I replied. I then started to kiss his stomach and worked my way up. When my mouth finally reached his we kissed deeply. He wrapped his legs around me and we rubbed our cocks together.

After what seemed like a long time kissing and dry humping he pulled his mouth away from me and said, "Fuck me."

I reached over to the nightstand and flipped open the lid of a small wooden box on top. In it I had condoms and lube. I pulled out a condom and Rick grabbed my hand and said smiling, "No, it's bareback time."

I put the condom back and grabbed the lube. I kneeled between his legs and put a generous amount of lube on my cock. I then spread some on my middle finger and fingered Rick's tight hole. He brought his knees to his chest to make access easier. After a little fingering I figured he was ready. I supported my weight on my left arm while with my right hand I guided my cock to his tight hole.

My head found the spot and I pushed against the tight muscle. It finally gave way to the pressure and I felt my cock slip into his ass. It was tight and hot. I almost came right away but I held back until I caught some control of myself. Only then did I start to move in and out of him. Rick's hands were holding on tightly to my upper arms as I fucked him. I grabbed one of my pillows and put it under his hips. Now I was really going in deep.

Rick reached up and put his arms around my neck and pulled me down on him. His mouth found mine and we started to kiss. I can't even begin to describe the sensations I was having fucking this man. I had performed anal sex on women before but it was always gentle. Not so with Rick. He encouraged me to fuck him harder and deeper. It was fantastic.

It wasn't long before I came for the second time that day. Moaning into Rick's mouth I came in his ass, moaning with each squirt. Finally I was spent. I collapsed onto Rick. He held me until my softening cock literally plopped out of him, which sent more shakes through me.

I finally rolled onto my side. I was exhausted. I just had some of the best sex in my life. This man had changed me forever. I knew I would never give up women but I now had a lover I was going to be unwilling to give up. I looked over at him and smiled. He reached over and gave me a kiss on my forehead. With that I drifted off to sleep, Rick next to me.

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