My New Trainer


(The story has mistakes in it, and if you want perfection please skip this story.)


The moment I lifted the weight, I knew I was in deep trouble. Although there was no pop sound, I knew something was wrong. Having been in rehab now for three weeks, I thought I was almost done. I just finished exams and was happy that I was almost done with my first year of college.

Making the roster was the easy. Getting a starting position was extremely difficult, and I wanted it. It was mine after rehab and now I was worried. I spent my freshman year serving as a backup, and only got in a few plays here and there. During the off season, I lifted weights and practiced. The only setback was during the last game. Getting injured on the last game was the worst thing. Getting myself back in shape was easy for me, but I was told to take it slow. Not listening to the trainer was going to destroy my chances.

My only hope was that no one would see me hobble out of the training room. I figured, if I could rest and relax my back I could be ready to start training again. Going to the trainer would only inform the coach to look for a replacement. My scholarship was in jeopardy and I had to keep this latest setback to myself.

Just as I struggled to leave the training area, I saw the bulletin board loaded with ads for tutors and other services. It was the private personal back specialist by Christine that drew my attention. It did not have a picture, but listed all the benefits of the service. I pulled the part of the paper with a number attached to it and texted the number on it. I quickly shoved it on my pocket and limped back to my dorm.

Laying on the couch and texting my address again and waited for an answer. In between swallowing pills and wallowing in misery and pain, my phone alerted me to a text. Reading I could see she was on her way.

The sound of knocking on the door woke me up from me drug induced sleep. Hobbling to the door I opened it slowly and stepped back due to the pain I was having. Without asking to be invited in, Christine just walked in. I glanced at her quickly as she walked past me carrying a folding table. From the quick glance of her face I could see she was quite attractive. "You must be Christine."

"I can see your in pain Hun. Let me just set this up and I will have you all better."

Christine opened the tabled quickly as I tried to keep from falling over. Her long flowing jet black hair came almost down to her perfect ass. She was wearing a tang top with a shirt underneath, but her large breasts pushed it out. Barely holding myself straight, I waited until she was done before carefully climbing on top the portable massage table.

While carefully take off my shirt I got a better look at my masseuse. She was about a few inches short of six feet tall, and I could clearly see her nipples poking through her thin top letting me know she was without a bra. Looking down I could also see her shorts barely covered her ass, and showed off her tan slender legs.

Trying not to stare at her nipples was a chore, but the pain my back was giving kept my erection and mind in check. Acting tough and masculine was my only hope of not showing weakness, and I was failing at it. A few moans of pain escaped when I climbed on and rest my face down on the head rest.

Christine shocked me when she realized who I was. "I hate to be asking this question, but why didn't you have the trainer look at this? I know you're on the team, and have seen you at practice."

"He can also put me off the team for not listening to him." I replied trying to get her to feel sympathy for me.

I could hear her soft voice calm my uneasy nerves. "I see. Well I can fix you up unless there is something broken or torn. Then you're on your own."

Christine's hands gripped my shoulders sending tingles down my spine. All the hairs on my back stood at attention. Her soft hands seemed strong on my shoulders as they wrapped around my neck before slowly going down my spine. By the time she reached my lower back, I moved in discomfort. I was trying to be still but the pain was overwhelming.

"Sorry about that, but I need to get that knot out of your back so I can work on that muscle."

I was not going complain, and I sure did not want to sound weak. "Don't worry about me. You can do anything you want if you can fix it."

I heard her almost giggle before she responded back. "Ohhh, okay. Since you really want to feel better, I am going to give you a full body healing then."

The only thought I had was this hot brunette rolling me over and stroking my hard cock off in a great big happy ending. The thought was confirmed when she pulled down my shorts.

"First things first. These have got to go."

With my shorts pulled off I was now completely naked with my ass facing straight up in the air. Christine's left hand was rubbing the sore area of my back, but I also felt her right hand exploring my ass. It was not long before she was now caressing my ass cheeks and gently rubbing them. The feeling was both hurtful and pleasurable. The pain of my back was still there, but the pleasure of having my ass rubbed was making up for it.

The sudden shock of a finger pushing into my asshole brought me back to reality. I could feel her already fast the first knuckle before I spoke up. "Whoa! I am not into that."

With her hand pressing down on my back, almost keeping me down to the table and still. Christine's soft voice tried to reassure me. "It's okay. I need you to relax before I put your back in place. Having you totally relaxed means doing this to make you orgasm."

Not wanting to be known as the guy around the campus who gets fucked by girls. I wanted this, but I was also dead set against what Christine really wanted to do. "That's fine and all, but I rather you either sucked me off or stroked my cock."

Her voice keeping the same soft tone "Such a mouth on you. I promise you will love it"

Before I could get another word in her finger pushed past my sphincter muscle and was all the way in. I could feel the pressure in my ass, but it was more of a slight discomfort since it was only one finger. I struggled to get up and was lifting myself off the table before I felt her free hand slam me back down on the table. She was now almost holding me down against my will.

"Hey, I told you to stop!"

"SHHHH. I am going to help you, but you have to let me. Just lay back down and enjoy it."

I was not going to be abused, and Christine was not going to take no for an answer. "I told you to stop, and I mean it bitch!"

I was almost a few inches off the table when I snapped at Christine. Her hand not only slammed me back down hard on the table, it dug back into my back holding my muscle. I could feel my entire back on fire as she pressed hard on the muscle. Pain shot through my body and kept me almost helpless. The more I tried to fight it, the more pain surged through me.

Christine's voice lost the soft tone and became loud and harsh. "Call me bitch will you! I will show you who the bitch is!"

I could hear the sound of her bag being moved across the floor as I laid there in agony. Still holding me down, I struggled but Christine applied more pressure each time I moved for freedom. Choking back tears got me a few inches off the table, before being slammed back down hard again. Resigning to the fact I was held down, I stopped struggling. Finally when my body relaxed she pulled her finger out of my ass.

I heard the distinct sound of handcuffs being opened. I looked up at my hand but it was too late. My left hand was cuffed to the metal bar on the folding part of the table. She quickly cuffed my right hand before I could say anything. "What the fuck are you doing?"

"Just so you keep still bitch. Now let me show you something special."

Christine brandished a syringe in front of me. She pulled the small cork from the tip and showed it to me. "You do anything I don't like I am going to make sure your drug tests pull up positive. This stuff stays in your system for months, and your scholarship is gone within days."

"So what the fuck do you want from me?" I was angry now, but the pain in my back kept me from leaping off the table. I have never hit a girl before and felt I could now.

Christine's had a distinct show of disdain in her face as I struggled to keep my head propped up. The more I tried to move the more pain shot through my body. I stopped caring about Christine, and was more worried about my back. The thought of having a back operation was scaring me and fear filled my mind.

"Do not speak unless I ask you a question. I am going to let you get up from the table and I want you to kneel on the floor. If you so much as get up or even try to get up I will stick this needle in you. I know they are testing you next week, and this will ruin you. So behave and listen."

I nodded in agreement. There was nothing else I could do, and as she seemed to know more about what was going on with the team then I did. As my mind was going through as the scenarios of what was going to happen to me and my back.

Christine still had her hand on my back. She pressed hard on the muscle and the pain became almost unbearable. With tears in my eyes she seemed to press her whole body against mine, and within a split second I felt her hand push to the side. I was just about to scream out in pain, but as she pushed to the side the pain in my back subsided. The throbbing numbing pain from the muscle was still there, but the muscle felt back in place and I could move again.

The shock and awe of my back being put back in place made me almost forget that I had my hands cuffed as I lay naked on a massage table.

Christine snapped. "You move and it's in your neck."

She removed the cuffs, and I thought about rushing her and snatching the needle. I also thought about how if I was not quicker I was going to get stuck.

"Get up off the table and get on your knees now."

As much as I wanted to strangle this bitch, the idea of her getting my back fixed made up for her demanding attitude. I obliged her demands and knelt on the floor in front of her. I watched Christine sit on the couch, and I moved my body so I was now facing her. Christine motioned with her hand for me to move forward. I moved up while still on my knees and was now right between her legs. She looked me dead in the eyes still holding the exposed needle in her hand.

"Now it's payment time bitch. You will do what I want or else. I would hate to give this to you, but I will. It's been a long day, and I need to get off. You are going to help me now."

A small smile came across my face after she said that. I was going to eat out this hot kinky girl. So what if she was into weird fetish stuff. Christine was hot and willing. Eating pussy was something I enjoyed anyway. Handcuffed or not, I was going to enjoy this. I just wished there wasn't the fear of her sticking me with that needle.

I just nodded my answer, making sure that needle was as far away from me as possible.

Christine laid back on the couch and reach for her shorts. Instead of pulling them down she moved them to the sides and out flopped a large limp penis. It looked over 6inches and was not even hard.

"Suck me off."

My mouth dropped in utter shock. "No fucking way am I sucking your dick you freak!"

Christine moved up within a instant and had that needle by my neck. "You move and it's in you and then I will fuck you anyway. You will either suck me now or after I fuck your ass. So either do it now or clean my dick after it's been in your ass."

A few thoughts ran through my mind. I could grab the needle and fight her. Although the explaining would be tricky once I get out of my dorm. The needle was close and there was the chance she would stick me with it. Just as I was going to pull away I felt her hand on the back of my head pull me closer.

Sensing the needle close to my neck, the only thing I knew to protect myself was to submit. I opened my mouth and took her limp penis in my mouth. I felt the taste of dick on my tongue and closed my mouth around her dick. Her dick twitched a little as it grew in my mouth. Sliding her cock deeper down my throat and could feel her cock continuing to grow and pulse as it became fully erect in my mouth.

The more it went down my throat, the more saliva I began to produce. My mouth felt full as I was covering her girl cock with my spit. I could not help it but my mouth was accommodating her thick beast with lubricant as it twitched hard gaining strength.

I almost got the entire length down my throat before I gagged and came up for air. I had never sucked a cock before, and never thought about it either. Now I was almost deep-throating a transsexual as her cock was now covered with my spit.

Going down on her again only made her move her hips up forcing me to deep throat her cock. Instantly gagging again did not stop the onslaught of her fucking my mouth. I just made sure my lips were pressing against the flesh of her cock and my teeth were not scraping.

My eyes closed and my body went limp. The only thing I did was keep my lips wrapped around Christine's now fully engorged member. Each plunge she made caused the sides of my mouth to cave in forming a tight suction on her rod. This continued for over a minute as she face fucked me. I just allowed her to use my mouth to get off. I could feel the heat from her cock as it slid past my lips each time she pushed.

With the little amount of resistance I gave, the more of her fat cock fit in my mouth. I was now waiting for the explosion of cum she was going to give me and for this nightmare to be over. Christine pulled her now fully erect cock out of my mouth showing me her slimy spit covered dick.

She put her finger to my mouth and spoke softly. "If you are good and quiet I will go easy for your first time. So help me if you are noisy, I will be fucking you all day."

Screaming was not an option as she had the needle to my neck. Deciding not to risk it, I kept still. I was moved my hands to the sofa and my ass was now towards her. Within seconds I felt a drop of something really cold on my rectum as her hands were now spreading me wide open.

The fear of her giving me some sort of disease urged me to speak up. A looked back at her and pleaded "Please at least put a condom on."

Christine cried back as she pushed my face forward again. "Shut the fuck up, I told you not to speak bitch!"

The moment she pressed the head of her prick against my anus I gripped the cushions and waited for the pain. Christine's large cock pressed against the rim of my ass before I felt my rectum gave way. Even though she only had the head of her member inside me, my ass felt full. There was a slight pain as my anal muscles were being stretched open to adjust to her size.

"Damm, your ass is so tight for me. I never imagined you had such a tight ass. Now just relax, it will be over soon enough."

I breathed heavy and tried to relax. The sensation of being full overwhelmed me, as she slid more of her fat cock into my ass. The full sensation intensified until I felt her warm body pressing against me. The pain from her large size subsided a little but was still there. It was not as bad as when Christine first penetrated me.

"That's it bitch, I am all the way in. Now I am going to fuck hard. I have been wanting this ass for awhile too."

I grunted as her cock pulled out of me, and pushed back in. With slow steady thrusts I was now being ass fucked by this shemale. I tried to focus on something else, anything other than my ass being currently raped. I felt helpless as her large member was now fully imbedded in my anal cavity.

My hands gripped the cushions hard as I knew it was going to be painful as she began to move in and out of my anal passage. I idea of thinking about something else ended as Christine's cock began pumping into me faster.

"That's it bitch. I feel your ass opening up to me."

The sound of her body slamming against me reaffirmed that I was being ass-raped by her. Her cock was going in deep too as I felt it keep my anal passage stretched and open for her to easily plunge inside of me.

Something happened after the first minute. The pain had faded away, and was replaced with just a sleight feeling of discomforting full feeling. Christine slowed down her thrusts and was making sure I felt the length of her girl dick each time. When she did push in, I could feel a slight twinge of pleasure now. I had no idea why I was feeling pleasure but her cock was making me feel god as it easily slipped past my stretched rectal muscles.

"Oh, fuck, your ass feels good. You're going to make me cum so hard. I having been watching you practice and train. I just never thought I would be tapping your tight ass"

With each pound thrust Christine gave me, my own dick started to become alive with pleasure. All my thoughts of being raped now turned to why my dick was gaining strength. I had no idea why I was getting excited by having my ass plowed into by a hung transsexual. I had no idea that it could feel good. I was not gay and had no tendencies towards other men.

My dick was twitching but also not getting fully erect; just staying partial aroused while it pointed forward. It was still trying to understand what was happening and why I was enjoying the sensation of Christine pumping my ass with her erect girl cock. The slight burning sensation that I felt when she first opened my anal muscles up was completely gone, and was replaced with a sensation of pleasurable fullness. It was now feeling good, and I let out a moan of pleasure wondering if she heard it.

Each pounding thrust she gave me sent me more over the edge. I could feel myself pushing back against her. I tried to hide the enjoyment but my dick betrayed me and started to drip cum. It was dripping out of me and I just thought it was precum. The more Christine pumped her thick flesh beast into me, the more my dick dripped. I moaned louder as I felt my ass actually clench around her dick.

Christine bellowed out as my ass gripped her thick rod. "That's my bitch. I feel you clenching. You are going to make me cum so hard"

I was so into my dick dripping rapidly, that I did not realize her thrusts had become shortened and faster. The sounds of her soft moans gave me warning something was near. I waited for her to pull out, but she continued her assault on my now open rectum.

I realized what happened when I felt sudden warm flowing sensation inside me. It was like nothing I ever felt before and I pushed back feeling my cock stir as she filled my ass with hot sperm. I did not know what to do first. Everything told me to yell at her for fucking me bareback, but the intense feeling of having her plunge her girl cum inside felt too good.

"UHHH, fuck your ass made me cum hard."

When Christine pulled her hard bareback she-cock out of me, I felt a sudden loss of pressure in my ass. I could sense my ass still being open, replaced with cold air hitting my gaping hole. Still in a daze I fell against the couch. My cock was still dribbling cum out and my body was stiff with pleasure.

Christine removed the needle from my neck and I turned around to see her. She had the most perfect body, but instead of a pussy she had a large cock that stuck out. It was still semi hard as she looked down at me with an evil grin on her face. "You had such a perfect tight hole for me, I just had to fuck you bareback. I see that you enjoyed it just as much as me."

I got up and walked quickly to the bathroom feeling the urge to go. I sat on the toilet and heard the sound of the massage table being folded up. I pushed out, and a splash of something came out. By the sound of it, I knew her cum was now leaking out of me. I got up with a dull ache from my ass.

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