tagNonConsent/ReluctanceMy Niece Jennifer Must Pay! Ch. 05

My Niece Jennifer Must Pay! Ch. 05


Thank you to Jennifer for the inspiration, and Jessica for editing my work. Thanks to you for reading.

After the fateful night that my niece Jennifer turned the tables on me, reversing from me controlling things to her taking over the reins, I couldn't help thinking how ironic the whole situation was.

Yes, I'd taken advantage of her, but it was really to save her ass from my sister's wrath after Jennifer foolishly wrecked my sister's car. I formulated a plan to have Will, an expert auto body repairman at the dealership where I was the general manager, repair the car.

The two of us worked several nights, off the books, off hours, to get it back into perfect shape. I concocted a story about a recall, got and paid for a loaner for my sister, and the thing is, we pulled it off. My sister was none the wiser. And even though Will and I didn't get paid in cash, we got paid.

I got to spank the pretty ass of my niece, and Will got a ticket worth a bunch of blowjobs from my lovely 19-year-old niece. Oh, I probably failed to mention, I got a blow job also, to seal the deal so to speak. We had pictures and video of Jennifer acting the whore as backup, just in case.

What we didn't realize was that Jennifer was a conniving bitch. Oh, she kept her end of the bargain with Will, blowing my friend on demand. But she also decided to blab about the situation with a law professor who got her mind turned around....on me. She blackmailed me into sucking her off in my office under the threat of going to the police, my wife or my boss Mr. Hoffman.

She even said she might have me service some of her friends, and intimated maybe even a guy. Damn.

While the videos would show one thing, the poor little girl blabbing her story to my wife (guilty even if I was innocent) and cops was too much for me to handle under pressure. I went down munching on her womanhood one night in my office. Oh, it was actually exciting, but I worried if she'd work that pussy licking into more evidence in a divorce case or worse.

Still, what option did I have? She held the wild card of a threat; it was her word against mine. My wife would side with the young girl. Heck, my wife would get pissed off if I looked at a woman's ass on the escalator in the mall.

Work took over my life the next couple days as we approached the end of the month. We had to do deals and more deals. My boss from the regional office, Mr. Hoffman, came by to congratulate me on the strong sales performance for the month. He was like a father figure to me, but also a friend. I think he could read me better than I let on.

After thanking him, though, he asked what was bothering me. I waved off his concern, just talked about how difficult the last month was. I surely couldn't tell him about Jennifer!

He left a little later, but soon another surprise occurred. Jennifer arrived.

"Will isn't working tonight, but I thought I'd come up anyway Uncle Rob," cooed the girl, working innuendo into her voice tone. "I was talking to my mom about her car, she really likes the way it is riding. You saved my ass there!"

Nodding, I just said I aimed to please.

We spoke about nothing for a bit, small talk. I actually enjoyed the view. She had a tight tee top on, a short pleated skirt and knee high socks with pink side stripes. Damn, my niece looked hot. She probably turned heads from her car to my office, but given the time nobody was around.

"You know you are a bastard, Uncle Rob. I mean, the deal with Will, well, I understand. Boys are boys as mom says, you guys are always thinking about tail. And I probably deserved it, I mean, barter was the only way I'd get out of the jam. But the stuff with you, why, you spanked me like a child. That was awful. And you made me blow you....that's just wrong."

I stared at the floor.

"So that's why you need to be used, that's why I am blackmailing you. You deserve to be blackmailed. You deserve to be forced to do the nasty things I tell you to do. You either follow my rules or your wife will know things she should not know. Your boss will know things. Who knows who else?"


"No butts except mine, Uncle Rob. Get onto your knees and get to work."

She was enjoying this. She held the cards. I had to obey.

I took a fall and started kissing between her knees and up her thighs. Humiliated, I knew it wouldn't work to argue, so I got to the task at hand. I rubbed her legs, kissed her thighs, and started to get into it.

There are worse things in the world than being between the legs of a 19-year-old beauty who needed servicing. I would be her gigolo if need be.

I heard the door opening. "What the hell is going on here," came the booming voice on my boss.

Looking up I stumbled to my feet as he put his finger to his lips before Jennifer saw.

"Well, young lady, you are blackmailing my general manager?"

Jennifer emphatically said no. He had the wrong idea. I had thrown myself on her.

Mr. Hoffman smiled. He looked at her, then me, then calmly hit the play button on his voice recorder on the cell phone.

Jennifer's words were perfectly clear: "So that's why you need to be used, that's why I am blackmailing you. You deserve to be blackmailed. You deserve to be forced to do thing. You either follow my rules or your wife will know things she should not know. Your boss will know things. Who knows who else."

"You are blackmailing Rob here, I can hear that. I think your mother will love this clip. Damn. It doesn't include anyone's name, and I was here with Rob all night. In fact I have security cameras that show only you and Will here. I watched you and him together, everyone will love that."

Jennifer began crying, "But..."

"But nothing, I knew the moment I walked by you on the steps you were up to something, young lady. I have tapes, I have a recording of your words, and I have been here a lot of the last month with Rob here, and he's done nothing untoward.

"You apparently had work done after you crashed the car, there's a ledger entry on the books showing you paid $500 and have been paying each week since. The only thing Rob did wrong was not charging you proper interest, but seeing you are his niece I guess that makes you a preferred customer.

"So, missy, how are we going to play this out? Are you going to make some sort of accusation against Rob here? Against the dealership? I mean, you can, but all the evidence points otherwise."

Jennifer mumbled something, her mind jumbled.

"Look here, your car is back in your mom's hands in tip-top shape. You had an agreement to pay for it, an it seems you are ahead on the payment plan according to the books I looked at. I have a video of you trying to blackmail your uncle, your own flesh and blood. And I have security video of you performing fellatio on one of the workers here. Damn, girl, have you no shame?"

The look on Jennifer's face was priceless.

Mr. Hoffman sternly looked at the girl. He told her to keep her mouth shut. To not tell anyone about any of this little scheme of hers, and he would keep thing quite on his end.

Jennifer rose, as if to leave.

"Aren't you forgetting something, young lady? Rob, why don't you go downstairs and bring up the folder in the accounting office on this transaction. Oh, and get a tube of the XO-40. Make sure you get the right one. Take about 10 minutes."

"Understood, sir," was all I said, but before exiting I saw him guiding Jennifer to her knees while he unzipped his pants.

Making a beeline to around to the common door to the bathroom, I sleuthed inside and peeked around the corner. Mr. Hoffman's cock was firmly encased in my niece Jennifer's mouth. She was dutifully sucking his sick, bobbing her head back and forth in syncopated rhythm.

I didn't know how he had assessed the situation, but I was happy he did. He didn't seem to be upset with me, and he had my niece Jennifer where she belonged. I wanted to watch the action, but thought better of it. He was clearly BS-ing on the accounting papers, but if he wanted the XO-40, a slimy gel used in engines, I'd get it.

Walking fast downstairs I grabbed a small tube of the slimy stuff and took my place outside the office door. I could faintly here the action inside, Jennifer was still sucking off my boss. He'd say naughty things to her from time to time, bringing a smile to my face. Good for him.

Soon I heard his voice. "Rob, are you back yet? I need that XO-40."

Knocking at the door, he told me to enter. I did, but the scene was pretty much the same. Jennifer was still sucking his cock, but she was kneeling on a chair and she was standing in front of her.

"I have trouble cumming, it's not her, it's me," said my boss, pulling out his cock and having the girl rub it against her face. The man smiled at me and pointed at Jennifer's rear end. He motioned me to slip up her skirt and I assumed he wanted her panties down.

Giving me thumbs up, he then motioned for me to finger the girl, but when I started playing with her wet pussy he shook his head. He wanted me to finger her ass. Thus the XO-40.

Soon I poked my finger at her ass, into it, and inserted up to the knuckle bringing out a scream from the girl.

"Calm down, young lady. Just relax back there. Rob knows what he's doing," said my boss, putting his cock back into her mouth. "You had him lick back there in your naughty place, now he's fingering it. How's it feel?"

"It hurts, please stop. Ouch," was all she said before putting his cock back in her mouth.

"You ever been to a pig roast, young lady?" he questioned.

He held her head tight, so she could only shake her head no.

"Wow, then tonight's your night," he said as the girl groaned on his dick. I got the idea, and lowered my pants This time I applied ample grease to my cock, jerking it while looking at Jennifer's wonderful ass.

I couldn't help myself. I spanked it several times, reminding her who was the adult. "You've been bad, Jennifer, very bad. Now for your punishment."

She was tense, but loosened up a little when I put my finger in her ass. Moving behind, she had to know what was going to happen next. I slid my sticky cock up and down her crack.

"It will feel a whole lot better if you relax," said my boss, who continued to rock his cock in and out of her mouth.

Looking down, I had to admire the view. Jennifer was kneeling with her ass back, skirt up and panties down to her spread knees. It was a beautiful view.

Soon I was pushing against her sphincter. It closed, fighting my pushing, but little by little my greased up cock made its way in until there was a little pop. Success!

Pushing in and out of her ass, a little more each time, I loved the sensation of the tight ass. It was awesome, tighter than anything I'd ever been in. Oh it was hot. I had to fight off the urge to cum right away, slowing to ensure I didn't.

I'm not a seasoned veteran at the back door action. My wife and I had one ill-fated attempt at ass-fucking, but never again. And now my dick was pummeling my niece Jennifer's 19-year-old behind. I struggled to ensure I didn't fire too soon, as who knows if this opportunity would present itself again.

Focusing on the action, I rutted the girl while holding her ass tightly to guide my thrusts.

The girl was groaning on Mr. Hoffman's cock. While the initial onslaught in her ass was painful, she was now rocking back at me so I assumed she at least didn't hate having her ass fucked.

Mr. Hoffman started rubbing her face with his dick again, and my niece Jennifer could how talk I heard to pleas.

"Oh, that hurts. You're fucking my ass. Oh, my, that's....oh, stop, No, keep going."

Jumbled words, but I think she said something about pounding her ass hard. So I did. The feelings surrounding my dick were unbelievable. In and out I went, pummeling her tiny tight formerly virgin hole. I rutted her hard and soon my cock erupted all of its sticky sauce up her beautiful butt.

It didn't end immediately, though, as although I came I still rutted her as my dick stayed pretty hard. Coming down from the high I noticed Mr. Hoffman smiling at me.

"Enjoy that?"

"Oh yes, that was awesome," was all I could say.

My boss rubbed his cock on Jennifer's face and then moved back toward me, reaching over for the XO-40 as I slipped out of my niece's ass. Soon he was behind the girl, sliding his dick up and down her crack before easily pushing into the well-fucked ass.

Wiping my dick off on my shirt, I couldn't help myself. I moved in front of my niece and resumed the pig roast position of my cock in her mouth while Mr. Hoffman pounded her 19-year-old formerly virgin ass.

Realizing he'd planned this all along once he realized the situation, I knew he wanted her ass. He was nice enough to give me first dibs, but once he had her back door it was harshly taken.

He banged her ass with little regard for her enjoyment, losing control while fucking her ass. I just watched as he banged her, enjoying the mouth action she gave my spent cock.

When he came, he did so with a loud roar.

Damn, this was the hottest ever.

Later that night, with Jennifer in the bathroom cleaning up, Mr. Hoffman showed me the video of Jennifer saying that absolutely nothing had happened at the dealership, that neither my boss, Will or I had done anything untoward with the girl. He must have recorded it when I was out of the room.

When Jennifer came back into the office she looked young, sweet and adorable. She even smiled at us, saying she was sorry but that it would never happen again.

She was speaking about the blackmail she'd attempted and that she was sorry. I am thinking the aftermath might just happen again. This time Mr. Hoffman had the cards and they were all wild.

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