tagRomanceMy Night as a Night Elf

My Night as a Night Elf


"I promise you, honey, you'll love it." I said into the phone, as I continued to apply my makeup. "No, I'm not going to tell you what my costume is; you'll just have to wait and see." I put down my makeup kit, and looked at myself in the mirror. "I know you already told me that you're dressing up as an Undead, but I didn't force you to tell me; did I?" I adjusted my hair and said. "I've got to finish getting ready, honey, I'll be there soon." I placed the phone down and stood back to look at my work.

I was still naked, but the clothes were only a minor part of my costume anyways. I had just applied a layer on lavender body paint all over my body, with a darker tint artfully placed around my eyes and on my nipples. My lips and nails were now violet, like my hair, eyebrows, and the little tuft of public hair I kept trimmed just above my pussy, and I had put in contact lenses that made my eyes appear almost white. I had extensions added to the end of my eyebrows until they stood out well past the side of my head, and two large pointy ears that poked through my long hair. It had taken me the better part of the day to do it, but I was satisfied with my work.

My boyfriend Chris, a twenty year old college student, was a huge fan of the online game World of Warcraft; so I had decided to dress up like a character from the game, a Night Elf.

I walked over to the bed and looked at the clothes laid out before me; all of them purple. I picked up the tiny thong, and slipped it on; enjoying as the cold material pressed against my bare skin. I then put on the mini-skirt, which hung well below my naval; I had to adjust it so that it didn't reveal my pubic hair. I sat down and pulled on my boots, which were rimmed with dark purple feathers. The top was the most elaborate piece of clothing, and I made sure to be careful while putting it on, securing it across my chest with a tiny metal hook; I had to squeeze, and poke my breasts into the bra cups. I grabbed the gauntlets, and slid them on my forearms, tightening them.

Walking over to the mirror, I took another look, and couldn't even recognize myself. I'm pretty tall, about 5'10", and have a very athletic build; I spend a lot of time at the gym and in the pool. My breasts are not very large, but the top I wore pushed them up and made them look bigger. My best feature is my long shapely legs, which end in a tiny, little, bubble butt. I'm a thirty year old woman, and had started having an affair with this young man two years ago, when my, now, ex-husband, had introduced me to his freshmen class, at the annual dinner party his school throws at the start of the semester; in fact, I actually had sex with him that very night, in the garden. My ex-husband is ten years older than me, and had started to lose interest in sex; meanwhile, my sex drive had started to pick up, and masturbating just wasn't doing it for me. It wasn't long before, I had had enough, and filed for divorce.

That was eight months ago, and in the settlement, I had won the house, and a substantial alimony arrangement; this allowed me to live a very comfortable life. I didn't need to work anymore, and spent my time fulfilling my fantasies, and Chris' as well; which was what tonight was about. Tonight, at the Halloween party, we would, for the first time, try a little role-playing.

I walked to the front door, grabbed my trench coat and put it on; I didn't know if the night would get chilly, and I was going to walk the five blocks to the party. I stepped outside, and looked around; my neighborhood was always kind of quiet, even on Halloween. I turned down the street and started walking.

It was late, and the party had been going on for a couple of hours already; but it was a bunch of college kids, so I knew that the party would really only be picking up about the time I got there. It didn't take long for me to get there, and I could hear the music blasting from two blocks away. I approached the house, Chris' fraternity's, and could see that the party was in full swing; there were two boys passed out on the front lawn, a couple was making out on the porch, and several more kids were staggering home, already drunk.

I made my way into the party, weaving through all the drunken college kids, and checking out the girls and their costumes. I was not overly impressed with what I saw, and part of me wanted to drop my coat right then and there to show them all up; but I hadn't done this for them, I had done it for Chris. I continued to wonder, searching for him, and eventually saw him in the back yard, talking to some of his friends.

He was wearing normal clothes, although they had all been ripped and frayed, so as to look old and tattered, and he had applied white paint to every visible part of skin on him. One of the things that turned me on about him was that he wasn't your typical techno-nerd, he was very athletic, and was on the school swim team; because of this, he shaved all, and I mean all, his body hair.

I headed outside, and worked my way around the edge of the party, until I was just within his line of sight. I dropped my coat onto a chair, and started walking straight towards him; never taking my eyes of him. I had made it about half way when he finally noticed me, and the look on his face was priceless. I walked right up to him, pushing through the group of friends he had been talking to, leaned into him, and whispered in his ear. "Meet me upstairs, in five minutes." With that said I turned around and walked back to collect my coat, before putting it on and heading back inside, where I made my way to the stairway, and headed up. When I got to his door, I reached in my pocket, and took out the key that he had given me; I unlocked it and headed in, closing the door behind me and turning on the light. I walked over to the camcorder that we frequently used to film our little escapades, and turned it on; I wanted to record this so we could watch it later.

His room was not what you think a college kid's room would look like. There was no pile of dirty clothes on the floor, and the bed was properly made. His wall was not covered with pictures of supermodels, or porn stars, but instead with posters of great works of art. I removed my coat and draped it over the chair in the corner, then turned to face the door, and waited for him.

It wasn't long before he arrived, locking the door behind him. He turned to me and I started my performance before he could say anything.

"Oh dear, an Undead; what ever shall I do? I don't have any weapons to fight him off." I said as I backed up until my legs hit the edge of the bed. "Please, don't kill me. Do whatever you want to me, but spare my life." I made sure to sound scared and seductive at the same time.

He smiled and walked towards me until he was pressed right up against me. "Are you saying that you, a mighty Night Elf, are surrendering to me? You shall be my prisoner, and do anything I wish?" He put enough emphasis on the word 'anything' that I knew where he was going with it.

He had been hinting for several weeks that he would like to try anal sex, but was too shy to come right out and say it; one of his more endearing qualities. "I shall be your slave," I said as I reached down with my right hand and took his left hand. I brought it up to my mouth, where I liked his middle finger. I then brought it around behind me, and using my left hand to lift my skirt and pull my thong aside, and placed his middle finger against my asshole. I gave it a little nudge, and the tip slipped in. "and I shall do anything you wish, master."

"What would you have me do first?" I could tell that standing there, with his finger in my ass had him completely flustered, and I couldn't help but smile.

Despite the fact that he had been having an affair with a woman who was ten years older than him, and the wife of one of his professors, for two years, and the fact that we had been having sex, on almost a daily basis, he still had those moments of innocence; which turned me on, and made me want to do such dirty things with him.

"Perhaps, my master would like to see what he is getting? Maybe, a little show is called for?" I placed my left hand on his chest and pushed him back. I tipped my head to indicate the camcorder; he picked it up off the tripod, and continued filming. I started dancing for him; I saw his eyes open wide, as I started performing the dance that a Night Elf can do in the game.

After a couple of minutes, I removed my gauntlets, and tossed them aside. Then I turned to face him, reached up, unhooked my top, and held it in place; in one fluid motion, I slipped my top off, and let it drop to the ground. I swayed back and forth, shaking my breasts for him. I lifted up the sides of my skirt, hooked my thumbs in the waist band of my panties, and yanked them off. I picked them up with my right hand, sniffed them, twirled them on my index finger, and then tossed them towards him; he caught them with his free hand, and took a prolonged sniff.

I lifted the front of my skirt briefly, just long enough to let him see how complete of a job I had done with my costume, before turning my back to him. I loosened the fastenings on the skirt, and swung my hips from side to side to encourage it to drop. I looked back over my shoulder, and shook my ass for him. I kicked the skirt aside, and walked over to my coat. I kept myself between him and my coat so that he couldn't see what I was doing. I kept my boots on the whole time, because I knew how much he would like it.

Still not facing him, I walked back to the bed, and leaned forward, until I was bent completely, and my hands were supporting me. I kept that pose for a few seconds, letting him get a good look at the ass he so desperately wanted to fuck. I then started to crawl on all fours on the bed, until I was at the far end. I slipped my right hand under the pillow, as I turned to sit down, facing him. I reached up with my left hand and started caressing my breasts; pinching, and twisting my nipples.

Eventually, I reached down with my left hand and pulled open my pussy, letting him see my pink insides, and how wet I was. I could tell that he had zoomed the camera in as much as he could; so I held it open for a good minute. While he was distracted, I brought out my right hand, and the object that I had retrieved from my coat. He zoomed out, and looked up when he heard my slurping; and saw me licking, and sucking on a purple vibrator. He had seen the collection of sex toys I had accumulated during my marriage, before; and, on occasion, we had even used some of them. I had no intention of using my hands and getting paint inside of me; unless it was his 'paint'.

When I determined that the vibrator was wet enough, I twisted the end, activating it, and pressed it against my clitoris; I had been so excited the whole day that I nearly came right then and there. I leaned back, knowing that he had zoomed in on my pussy again, and started the show.

Holding open my pussy with my left hand, I brought the vibrator down and slowly inserted it in my pussy; again, I had to struggle to not come. I got the vibrator, about four inches deep, before reversing directions; I started fucking myself with it. The way I had maneuvered myself on the bed, I had the pillow behind my head, so I could look down the length of my body, and watch him as he filmed me masturbating. I could feel myself building to climax, and could tell that it was going to be huge; my whole body started to tingle, my toes started to curl in my boots, my thighs quaked, and my eyes started to get wet.

I gave a little whimper of pleasure, just to get his attention, and when he looked up, and our eyes met, I let myself go and came; when watching the film later, I realized just how loud, and long, I had screamed. My whole body felt like it was burning and freezing at the same time, the only thing I could hear was my heart pounding, trying to burst out of my chest, and my eyes were shedding tears of pleasure, as I clamped them shut and saw the most beautiful colors running before me.

I have no idea how long before I came to my senses; but when I did, I found Chris, lying next to me stroking my hair. "Wow; that was awesome." He said.

I smiled up at him, tears still running down my checks, "That's what happens when I want something so bad, and have to wait that long."

"Well, that was one amazing show you put on."

"That was but to show my master, what he was getting." I said, getting back to my performance. There was no way I was going to let the night end now; I had plans. "Perhaps, my master would want me to see to him, while I rest up?"

Before he could say anything, I had already grabbed his cock through his loose pants. I sat up and pushed him onto his back, then I unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock, which was already rock hard. I looked at his cock, and felt a yearning building, deep inside me. I knew it was about average size and length, no bigger than my ex-husbands; but the fact that he shaved all his body hair, made it look bigger and longer. I leaned down and started licking it; running my tongue all the way from the tip, to the spot between his balls and ass, and back again. When I got back to the top, I opened my mouth and slid his cock into it; I started sucking on it while rolling my tongue around his head. Every few strokes, I would pull it out and lick it again, occasionally licking or sucking on his balls.

The entire time I was giving him head, I was looking into the camera as it sat on his chest; knowing, from experience, how hot it would look on film. He had started out watching me, but now had his head back and his eyes closed; a sign that he was close to cumming. When I felt his body tense, I pulled his cock out and placed the tip in my open mouth, while I jerked him a few more times; he shot his load right onto my tongue, and some of it spilled out the corner of my mouth and onto my hand.

When he was done, he looked up at me; I showed him that his cum was on my tongue, before closing my mouth and swallowing it. I then licked the cum off my hand, and swallowed that as well. I stood up and walked over to his tiny bathroom, where I rinsed out my mouth, and gargled; I wouldn't expect a man to want to kiss me after he had just came in my mouth and watched me swallow. It was a pretty common routine, and he learned early on that I wasn't offended.

I returned to find him completely naked, and already, he was starting to get hard again; I guess that I really hit it on the nose with this little fantasy of his. I stopped just out of arms reach, and stood there. "What would my master have me do next?" I asked.

He patted the bed next to him and said, "Your master would like to repay the favor."

I stayed where I was and said, "But I am your slave, there is no need to repay anything. I am yours to do with as you please."

He smiled at me and said, "But it would please me, to repay the favor."

I had always known he enjoyed eating pussy, but had always thought that he only did it so often because he felt obliged since I was always giving him head. The smile he had on his face now told me that he didn't do it because he felt obliged, but because he genuinely loved it.

I approached the bed and reached for a pillow, but was stopped by him, as he grabbed my arms, pulled me down on top of him, and kissed me fiercely; the way his tongue danced around in my mouth, started the heat rising between my legs. When we stopped kissing I placed a pillow behind my hips, to raise them higher for him, and spread my legs.

He stood up and placed the camera back on the tripod, making sure it was positioned properly to catch the action. Then he crawled up between my legs, and started kissing my thighs; every kiss, sent a jolt of lightening up my legs and increased the heat inside me. When he finally got to my pussy, he continued to tease me, by kissing either side, or the outside lips. Eventually I had had enough, and when he leaned in to kiss it one more time, I spread my legs a little wider, splitting open my pussy, and bucked up to meet his face; forcing his lips in between mine. He understood that I had had enough teasing, and got down to eating me out properly.

After two years of doing it, he knew exactly how to touch me and where. He licked or sucked my clitoris, and tongue fucked me when it was needed; all the while, licking the full length of my pussy. I could already feel myself approaching climax, and placed my left hand on his head to signal him; he knew just what to do. He clamped down on my clitoris, and sucked away, while he stuck two fingers deep inside me and massaged my g-spot; something I had showed him how to do. It wasn't long before I came for a second time that night, not as violent as the first one, but I knew that another would be coming soon; sure enough, I had another even before the first one was finished. I came three more times in the next five minutes, before he finally stopped.

He crawled on top of me, and we began kissing; I could feel his rock hard cock pressing against me. He sat up and reached for the camera; I knew he loved filming 'Point of View'. He pointed it down between my legs, grabbed his cock with his free hand, guided it towards my pussy, and inserted it; ramming it in all the way. I savored the sensation of having him inside me, bare; feeling like we had just become one single being, as our privates fit together like pieces of a puzzle. We had stopped using condoms when I had filed for divorce, and my only regret was that we hadn't stopped sooner. I waved my hand for him to wait, because I wanted to enjoy this feeling. Eventually, I closed my eyes and let him get back to the business of fucking me.

He began slowly, pulling almost completely out before ramming it all the way in again. His pace quickened, and his thrusts became shorter. I was accustomed to him, and knew that if I let him go he would finish in a few minutes; I couldn't allow that, seeing as he hadn't even gotten to do what he so desperately wanted to do. I started turning, even as he kept fucking me, and eventually managed to position myself on all fours; my years of gymnastics during my youth, giving me unnatural flexibility for a woman my age. I grabbed the vibrator, and started licking it again. When I was ready, I put my head down on the bed, reached behind my back, held my ass open with my left hand, and started inserting the vibrator in my ass with my right hand.

Even though I didn't want it to, my asshole resisted at first; only letting me put the very tip in. I decided to turn it on, and let the vibration massage my asshole; it wasn't long before I was able to slip a whole four inches in. I let the vibrator sit there for a while, as I began to enjoy the feeling of having something shoved up my ass. He had stopped fucking me this entire time, and kneeled there with his cock still inside me.

"Would my master like to take the ultimate treasure?" I said breathlessly.

"Yes I would." He said.

I pulled the vibrator out, and said, "Then by all means, proceed."

I had barely finished when I felt him pull out of my pussy, and press the tip of his cock against my asshole. The vibrator had done its job, and he slid in without much resistance. He pushed four inches in and stopped, "Why have you stopped master?" I asked.

He hesitated a little before answering, and he didn't do it in our little play acting voice. "Are you okay? Does it hurt?"

His concerns for me made my heart swell in my chest, and tears fall from my eyes. I looked back over my shoulder, and said in my regular voice. "It's okay; I'm getting used to it. Push it in further if you want."

"But you're crying." He said.

"Tears of joy, lover; tears of joy." I said.

He grabbed my hips with his left hand and slowly started fucking my ass, using only the four inches he had already inserted. I took the vibrator, still in my right hand, reached down between my legs, and shoved it all the way inside my pussy, while it was still on. I stroked my clitoris with my right hand, and used my left hand to massage my breasts. I was starting to enjoy it, and knew that all the extra work I was doing was what was helping.

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