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My Nude Olympics


This story is based on real events, but in reality never happened. At least, not to my knowledge!


I had just moved into the froshie dorm at Patoka U. at the beginning of the semester and was feeling a bit blue. I never expected to feel so homesick - hadn't, in fact, expected anything, as I was the first one in my family to ever go to college. No one had prepared me for the culture shock of college life - all the many types of people, from all over the world. To a girl from homogenous small-town America, who had never spent more than a week from her family, this was a huge adjustment. And I was not making it very successfully. I pretty much cried myself to sleep every night, quietly, so my roommate wouldn't hear me. I was having problems making friends as well - I was painfully shy and had a lot of difficulty talking to people I didn't know. My grades were awesome, but that was because I never did anything but study.

That all began to change when my roommate got into a bit of trouble - I never did find out what it was, but it was apparently bad - and had to go home suddenly. I was so glad I wasn't her the day her parents came to get her - they looked so angry and disappointed. She was moved out in about an hour and she left, crying in the back seat as her father yelled while they drove away. I was worried and nervous - there was no way they'd let me have a room to myself. Who would be my new roomie?

I didn't have long to find out. I came back from an afternoon class to see posters of Circus Oz, the Joffrey Ballet, Robert Downey Jr. and Zooey Deschanel all over my roomie's side of the place, and Vampire Weekend and Daft Punk playing on the iPod stereo. Oh lord, I thought to myself, this is going to be interesting. Wonder what she's going to be like? Just then, a 150-lb, 5' 7" ball of energy came barreling into the room, almost knocking me down. I got a glimpse of red hair and intense green eyes and then creamy-pale skin as her arms wrapped around me to keep us both from falling.

"Oops!" she giggled, and then as we righted ourselves, she stuck out her hand. "Heyas, new roomie!" she chirped out. "I'm Lorrie, your new roomie. And oh am I so glad this opened up!" She twirled around in glee, flinging out her arms and encompassing the whole room - and almost knocking me in the head. Still, despite the oddness of her behavior, I found myself smiling. I was to find later Lorrie had that effect on everyone - somehow, she was able to make all around her catch her infectious enthusiasm. I also found out that she could talk anyone into doing anything ... but that's a bit later. "I had to share a two-bedroom dorm suite with four other girls! Can you imagine? I couldn't even put up my posters!" She raised her hand dramatically to her forehead in a gesture of martyrdom, and I had to laugh, it was so exaggerated. She looked at me and grinned back - and our friendship was sealed from that moment on.

Lorrie, I found out, was an artist and drama double major whose biggest dream was to go to New York someday and tread the boards - or to Paris and paint - it changed back and forth from day to day. She was irrepressible and everyone around her was drawn in by her bubbly personality and utter fearlessness. I found myself being her sidekick in all her adventures. She somehow always seemed to know where the best parties were, where the fun events were happening, and I found myself being less and less homesick as the days went by. Yeah, my grades may have slipped a bit, but I couldn't have been happier. I finally felt like I fit in somewhere - and Lorrie had a lot to do with that.

Just like she had a lot to do with our craziest stunt ever. Now, we had done a lot of what I would call crazy stunts, like crashing parties, pulling pranks - but nothing like what we did after Christmas break. See, our college has a Winter Olympics week, some sort of spirit-raising thing that usually got yawns and catcalls, except that for the last 10 years, a senior dorm had decided to turn the tradition on its head and have a Nude Olympics - a one-night run around the outside of the dorm, usually on a very cold January night, wearing nothing but a hat, socks and shoes . Participants would maybe wear a scarf as well, but women were specifically discouraged from doing that, as the scarves could be used to hide the biggest reasons they were encouraged to participate.

I thought it sounded dumb. Lorrie, of course, thought it sounded wonderful. She had always had a huge exhibitionist streak, always wanting the limelight, the spotlight, which I attributed to her wanting to be an actress. I just didn't realize that her exhibitionism extended to sexual areas as well - although the fact that she had absolutely no problem with making out in a room full of people at parties should have given me my first clue. When Lorrie first suggested going and running, I laughed so hard I almost fell off my bed.

"Are you serious?" I asked her as she didn't laugh as well. "Go there and run naked with a bunch of guys. Outside. In. The. Cold."

"Yeah!" she replied, her eyes shining. "It'll be fun!"

I looked at her as if she had suddenly grown an extra pair of eyes. Or maybe three more heads. "So in what dictionary is this event the definition of the word 'fun'?"

Lorrie waved her hand at me airily, as if she couldn't be bothered with anything even remotely approaching sanity. "OK, first of all it's only one lap around the building, we'll probably be so stoked we won't get cold, and no one feels particularly sexual when they're super cold - so we'll be totally safe!" she burbled on in a stunning display of illogic and contradictory ideas.

I shook my head, bemused, as Lorrie chattered on and on about how much fun it would be and how we could have one of those 'moments to remember' - again, completely illogical if we got as drunk as she predicted we would. But I didn't completely say no - which indicates I wasn't thinking too clearly either. Maybe I hoped that Lorrie would give up and forget the whole thing by the time Nude Olympics came around.

Maybe, pigs would fly too.

That's how I found myself swigging rum and coke by a huge bonfire in the middle of the quad-style building on the night in question. Darn Lorrie and her crazy ideas! I had to admit, though, that the guy I was standing next to was rather cute. As long as I didn't have to get naked, I was good.

Then apparently the signal had been given out - the guy next to me started stripping off his clothes and, looking at me with only a slight leer, asked, "So ... you gonna join in?"

I paused, and just then Lorrie came up, naked, flinging her arm around me. "Of courshe shee will!" she slurred, drunk as all get out.

I was about to demur when the guy looked at me again, a slow up-and-down that made me tingle in between my legs and said, "Niiiice."

Suddenly, I felt myself, as if in a dream, pull off my coat, my sweater, my bra .. and soon my clothing was at a pile at my feet. All I had on was a hat, socks and boots. We were handed bags to put our clothing into, and then the bags were put inside the quad office. There was no turning back now! We all milled around awkwardly, wanting to huddle up for warmth and yet too afraid of what might happen if we did. Although, I did notice that Mr. Cute Guy was rather close to me ... but sadly the cold really did have an effect on the men. I tried not to giggle as I saw flaccid cocks all around me.

Someone with a megaphone blared out into the crowd, "Are you ready to run?"

A voice from the crowd yelled back, "Hell yeah! We're turning into popsicles out here!"

The crowd cheered and the voice with the megaphone came back with, "Well then! On your marks, get set, GO!"

And we were off! I thanked my lucky stars that I wasn't too generously endowed, because it would have HURT to run like I did and have huge breasts! I put my hands over the girls anyway and ran like crazy, Cute Guy and Lorrie near me, Lorrie having a rougher time than I was - she was a much bigger cup than me. And oh my ever loving god, my nipples were so hard! And with the snow and ice all over the place, footing was uncertain. I fell at least twice in the snow, Lorrie at least once. But we were all so drunk, all we did was laugh and get up and run again.

I did notice all the people around the track, holding up cell phones and taking pictures and videos. It surprised me, but it really turned me on, to see all those people watching us run around naked. I could feel my pussy getting hot and wet despite the cold. Guys were hollering out, "Damn! Look at those hooters bounce!" and "Baby, come here - I'll warm you up!" Cute Guy slid into me, and we both went down in a snowdrift. He pulled me out and we tumbled around on the ground for a bit. His hands wandered a bit while we rolled around, and I felt myself get even wetter. It was too cold, though, to be out long, and so we all sprinted to the finish line. In ones and twos, we all got to the finish, where there was fresh coffee and other drinks waiting. We all got dressed and sat around laughing, getting re-lubricated - in more ways than one. Cute Guy - whose name was Trent - Lorrie and I all sat on a couch, with two other guys lounging on the floor chatting with Lorrie. Trent and I were talking quietly at the other end. It turned out that he was a tenant of the dorm. He invited me to see his room, and I excused myself from Lorrie and the other guys. Trent and I went up to his room, where the party got even more intimate - and I found out that Trent was much more impressive when his extremities were warm. VERY impressive.

And I had to admit to Lorrie, it had been worth it - even though the picture of Trent and I colliding into the snowbank went viral, as it showed his hand on my ass as it faced the camera. I can't even remember the caption without blushing. And no - I won't tell you what it was. Just suffice it to say it was something about peaches...and picking.

I've gone naked since then, although not in such a public place, among other people, and have tried other things that my very introverted, reserved self of old would never have done. And I have Lorrie to thank for it all - that and a crazy night at college, when I stepped outside my boundaries and found a whole new me. A me that can even now type this up in her bay window, completely naked, with the moon shining in the window - visible to all who care to look.

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