tagMind ControlMy Only Talent Ch. 04

My Only Talent Ch. 04


Chapter 04

Operation: Ass Weekend!

Friday I was up for early breakfast but did not see Nora. Rhetoric and Composition started out boring but then perked up, as we were assigned to write an erotic short story as realistically as we could manage, preferable something we had lived through. The TA was careful to say she would be the only one to read them and grade them, and she would hand them back without making any copies. This could prove interesting. I spent the rest of the class listening for the TA's Suzie signals as she talked about our assignment. Kinky!

Then I heard another set of signals; new ones I had never detected before. Then another, and another! The students were all contemplating what they would write about, which seemed to be either their most memorable past sexual exploits or what they most wanted to do but had never done. There was one really stacked brunette girl who had still never sent anything for me before but I was now receiving a pretty clear picture of her wanting the TA to go down on her! I wrote my outline to hit the hot spots of the TA's signals, and added the brunette's fantasy plus a little twist of my own, and then moved on to Engineering 101.

Professor Lillehammer treated me with new respect, and I heard some echoes of the signals he was reflecting when he saw Lara yesterday. Certainly he had found her memorable. I wondered what the Professor's wife, whom he had mentioned several times in class, was like. We finished up project management and moved on to more academic topics in finding local and global maxima and minima of functions. I signed up for the calculus tutoring section, as my high school had not exactly been at the forefront of advanced mathematical education.

I did not see Nora at early lunch, which I kept light and then hurried to run with Suzanne. She looked absolutely incredible, even better than I remembered! I gave her a little kiss and took a little risk. I asked her to get a couple of enema kits before Sunday and use them. She looked shocked, and then smiled, an even more understated smile than Lara's smile, but I liked it. "I thought you were going to be my slave his Sunday!" she said, but I said maybe later, and she smiled again. We ran six miles and it felt great, like I was improving, and I pinged Suzanne during the run to try to see how far to go with her on Sunday. A wonderful frontier of exploration awaited me!

I took a very fast shower and just made it to my afternoon class, caught up with all the assignments due on Monday, and then started in on writing my erotic story. I made good progress and also used the time to revise and extend my plan for Lara, including 'shaping' her to see if I could make her happy without the continuously increasing kinkiness. But it was still likely I would need a female 'assistant' to help.

Nora was at early dinner, and told her the story of Lara's meeting at Professor Lillehammer's office. She was dying to hear how it turned out, but she looked at me skeptically as I began my account and her expression changed to frank disbelief as I described Lara's 'heel' and leash maneuvers. I swore not only was it true but Lara loved it, and explained why my respect for Lara was growing. I then picked up some unusual signals from Nora that I had never heard before! There weren't 'normal' Suzie signals. They were much weaker but 'sweet sounding' in a way I could not really describe. It was as if they had an elusive 'perfect pitch' like a great singer, but they were very weak and hard to focus on.

I asked her why she did not believe me and she said Lara just seemed too 'pure'. Not in the virginal sense, but in terms of being honest with herself about her needs and being unafraid to pursue them. I realized that was what I liked and respected about Lara. I told Nora that, and she said she respected that too, if what I was telling her was true.

I thought a minute and said "There is an opportunity for you to see for yourself, Nora!"

She stopped talking. Little pings of those perfect signals slipped back to my senses again, and then stopped, as if they were strangled! "What are you talking about? I don't want to be a voyeur!"

I smiled what I hoped was a challenging smile. "Not just as a watcher, but also as a participant! As I ramp up my subs' submission and humiliation parameters, I need a female to work with."

"What you mean work with, Project Management Boy?" Her grey eyes were flashing like lightning!

"I mean that when I move toward the upper end of the humiliation scale, it won't be enough to have her wonder if someone might be watching through the windows. She will have to know for certain that there is a living breathing person watching! And the next step will be making her submit by getting on her knees and pleasing another female."

"I thought you were trying to shape her to be more 'normal', weren't you? And pray tell what will you be doing while she pleases the female?"

"I am planning for all possibilities, and it's probably not realistic to keep away from that. And, if I am doing my best for her I will be whipping her buttocks and telling her she is not pleasing you well enough and giving her instruction of how to try harder and do better."

Nora had an expression on her face I had not seen before, and those little funny bell tone like Suzie signals were tinkling then disappearing like effervescent little bubbles popping. "You are a bloody bounder, aren't you, Mr. Roberts?" she said with a slight British accent I had not heard before.

"No." I smiled at her directly. "I am a master that is trying to be dedicated to pleasing my sub, and I think you like that a lot more than you are willing to admit or let show. Like your British accent and speech patterns that just came out for the first time since we met."

She looked for just an instant like a little girl who just let a secret slip! Her eyes got big and she actually cupped her hand and raised it towards her mouth before she caught herself and regained her composure. "You seem to like bounders!" I said. She looked at me with a confused and wild expression, then jumped up and said he had to get to class!

I went to office hours to thank the TA again, and he wanted to know how I managed to stay in the class. "Lillehammer won't talk, which is unreal because you usually can't get him to shut up! What the hell happened?" I explained that the professor had made an incorrect assumption, falling victim to something he had repeatedly warned us about. The TA looked confused. "You mean you really do have a...." he stopped. "Because the only way I can see that Lillehammer would back off was if...." He stopped again. "Holy Shit!" I smiled.

Then I had a question of my own. "Tell me about Lillehammer's wife."

He smiled. "The professor got really lucky. She is a psychologist, brilliant, and much better looking than he deserves. He is uptight and inhibited, she is open and uninhibited. I can't begin to imagine what their sex life is like, not that I want to!"

When I got to Lara's apartment she had scented candles going, and an incredible new outfit she must have found online. It was red leather, so thin it almost looked like latex, in the form of a tight leotard with little zippered flaps that were open to let her nipples peek out, and a big opening that exposed her ass and pussy then turned into little 'leggings' that wrapped and accentuated her legs and highlighted the black high heels she wore. She had her blonde hair up in one of those Texas 'big hair' things and she looked eight feet tall! I stood back to look at her and just take it in and she got one of those wonderful little smiles that grew wider and wider as she saw that I was unable to look away! Finally she turned away and walked with an exaggerated sway toward the living room, and I realized two things: she had already generously lubricated her ass with fine coconut oil which was gleaming in the track lights and smelled incredible, and she was already thinking she could get over on me again. Action was required!

I grabbed her and told her to get me some restraints and the whip, and move the kitchen table next to the windows again! I heard her draw a big breath in, and then saw her little smile get tighter, but it was still there! I listened carefully for her signals, and she was sending that she was looking forward to hard and cruel, so that's what she was going to get!

I had her get up onto the table and face her ass toward the windows. I tied her wrists together and lashed them to the table legs in the front. It was still light outside so I was not sure how many people could see her, but with the help of one of Kevin's dorm room decorations, I was going to up the ante on her. I took out the battery powered strobe light and put it up on the table and turned it on. The super bright flashes were reflected back onto the windows, and anybody looking anywhere near the windows could not help but notice it. Lara realized that too, and drew in a sobbing breath, looking around frantically, as if she could see through the other building's windows and tell if people could see her. I let the strobe run for a few minutes, and then turned it off. There had to be some people watching now, and Lara was quivering, just like I wanted to see her.

I caressed her ass with my hand, measuring the distance and adjusting my stance, so she knew exactly what was coming. Her respiration rate was skyrocketing! She was so hot! I yelled at her. "Did you keep to a liquid diet as I directed?"

"Yes, Master!"

"Did you use the enema kits like I directed?"

"Yes, master!"

"Did you lubricate your ass with coconut oil?"

"Yes, Master!"

"Did I direct you to use any lubrication?"

She drew in a huge breath! "No, Master."

I began to whip her ass and narrated my strokes, one word per strike. "I.....did....not....say....to....use....lubrication!" I paused and let her breathe for a moment, then resumed my strikes. "I.....did....not....say....to....use....lubrication! I.....did....not....say....to....use....lubrication!"

She was now crying and racked with sobs. I resumed my narrated striking. "I....am....not.... going....to....use...lube!" She screamed, she shuddered, she shook, and I laughed!

My research told me that anticipation, surprise, and contrast were the key to pleasing her. I had to make her think she was going to get it rough, then give it to her soft, and vice versa. I had to alternate between cold and hot, soft and hard, and pain and pleasure until she had no idea what was coming and just learned to accept whatever I gave her!

I loudly unzipped my pants and dropped them to the floor, then used my fingers and thumbs and to roughly spread her ass checks as wide as I could, pushing my thumbs into her so hard that they made big red marks. She drew a huge breath and held it. I began to gently kiss and lick her ass, explaining between licks. "I have to examine your ass to make sure it is properly prepared and ready!" I sucked up as much of the oil from her buttocks as I could, taking my time and throwing in an occasional hard bite. "I have to get rid of this unauthorized lube!"

I began to gently lick her anus, just barely penetrating it with my tongue. She shook and shuddered with each touch. "Remember, you may not come until I give you permission! I have to get all of this lube out of your ass, because you deserve to get it rough and dry, you little slut!" I thrust my tongue in as far as I could, and then sucked hard as I pulled it out. She squealed. I sealed my lips to her little rosebud, and sucked even harder. She whimpered.

I stood up. "Now we got rid of the lube, but I want that ass to look really red when I ram all the way into it. I began to alternate spanking each butt check, hard, commenting as I went. "Left, right, getting a little redder, slut! Right, right, left, a little redder! Left, left, right, red, red, red!" She was breathing like she was running a race! "Now that's looking good! This slut ass is red and ready to get it hard and stiff and deep and painful! Are you ready slut?"

"Y..y...yes, master!" She sniffed and sobbed like a young girl getting a spanking. Her Suzie signal was screaming and bouncing all around the room like I had never heard it before! I lifted her ass a little by grabbing it hard with my hands, and then settled her back down on the table top. It was just getting fully dark outside. I turned on the floor lamp nearby and focused it on her red ass. "Now I can see that red slut ass so I can fuck it just right! Of course everyone looking through the windows can see it get fucked too!" She sobbed and quivered. Her Suzie signal was a living thing, almost blotting out all my other senses. I positioned myself against the table again, and bumped it with my thighs so it shook. She gasped. I spread her ass cheeks apart again with my hands. She quaked. I touched my dick against her anus and pushed gently. She shivered and drew in another huge breath and then held it. "It's going to be so tight, you little slut! You can do your best to push me out, but nothing can stop me from taking that ass!"

I pushed in a little further, and dared her to try to push me out. I knew that would open her up for full penetration. There was still some of the coconut lube left and her pussy had been dripping juice the whole time, and some of it was inevitably leaking onto my dick. I wasn't really worried about hurting her, but I wanted to maximize her thrill from that first big thrust.

I felt her bear down and a slight slackening of her sphincter, and I slammed myself into her as far as I could! She screamed again and her Suzie signal was so strong it almost paralyzed me. Not that I really wanted to move! I was all the way in her hot tight ass and it was wonderful! I pulled out about half an inch and then tried to go back even farther into her. I held still and then felt her open up just a little more. I pulled back about an inch and then surged forward again. She relaxed a little more. It was a fun game and I was winning. Soon I could draw almost all the way out and then slowly move all the way in. Her Suzie signal was wailing and throbbing in time to my thrusts!

"OK slut! Now it's time for some serious ass-fucking!" I began slamming into her full depth and going faster and faster. Her Suzie signal wailed and throbbed and strummed! I began to slap her ass with each thrust, and I loved the red hand print that it left each time. Lara gasped and grunted and panted! I grabbed her hair with my other hand and pulled her head back and made her look at me. God she was beautiful! She was so hot it hurt. "Remember not to come until you have permission!" I shouted. I was so hard and so turned on my dick felt hard as glass and I didn't even feel like coming. The noises she was making were music to my ears, and I was feeling her Suzie signal right down inside my spine. I never wanted it to stop. But I knew what my plan said I had to do for her.

"OK slut! Do you like getting your dirty slut ass fucked all the way?"

"Yes, master!"

"Yes, Master what?"

"Yes, Master please fuck my ass! I mean fuck your ass! Fuck it hard!

"When I am ready to come, I am going to take my dick out of your dirty ass and come in your dirty mouth! Are you ready for that slut?"

Her Suzie said she was! In fact, she loved the idea. I concentrated on getting myself off, using her ass like she was a rag doll. Soon I was ready. I pulled out of her ass with a wet plop and walked around in front of her, spreading her bound arms and then using one hand to grab her hair and lift up her head. I just plain fucked her mouth for my last few strokes, and when I was ready to come, I grabbed her head with both hands and shoved my cock as far down her throat as I could. She sucked and swallowed as hard and fast as she could. That's my girl!

"Keep sucking slut! Keep me hard!" She was frantic.

I untied her hands, pulled out of her mouth and got behind her, and spread her ass cheeks again. "Now you may come as much as you can handle, slut!" I began to thrust my tongue in her ass, then her pussy, then to suck on her clit. She came so hard she stopped breathing, and then gasped to get her breath. I licked her all the way from one hole to the other, and then sucked her clit and she came again. And again! She was no longer inhaling between orgasms so I stopped to let her catch her breath. Now it was shaping time!

I picked her up from behind and carried her over to the couch. I lay back on my right side and put her on her right side on the couch in front of me. I was still hard as a rock! I spread her legs and entered her now almost sloppy ass, reaching my left arm under her left knee and holding her leg us so I could penetrate her fully. I reached around with my right arm and put her neck in the crook of my right elbow and choked her neck and pulled her into me. I listened to her Suzie signal and tried to plug myself into her rhythm. I adjusted my strokes into her and rubbed her clit gently with my left hand and choked her a little more with my right elbow. Suddenly I found the rhythm! Her Suzie signal began to spike and spark! I just concentrated on her and soon she was coming. I just kept up the gentle rhythm and she came again. It was working! I got her all fired up with lots of kink and some pain, but now she was coming like a little bunny rabbit with just good old fashioned ass fucking! I wanted her to learn that she could have great orgasms with me either way!

I choked her a little more until I could feel her pulse strongly against my arm. Her Suzie got even more excited from the slight oxygen deprivation. I kissed her neck, licked her ear, and then bit her neck gently. I kept thrusting and she came again. I choked her right to the point of unconsciousness and she came again! I used my arm to point her leg like a ballet dancer and spread her legs even farther apart, trying to get even more penetration. I pressed my lips to her ear. "I am going to come in your ass, Lara (not 'slut') and I want you to come when you feel me shooting in you."

Her Suzie signal took on a new tone, less urgent but more contented. I began stroking as fast as I could, and it felt like her signal was in thunderously loud stereo with my head right in the center of the image. Suddenly I was coming in her and she was coming with me! We shook together like we had the same fever! I stopped choking her neck and she turned her face toward me and kissed me. I felt my second and third and fourth squirts disappearing into her ass! It was fantastic! She sobbed and burst into tears again and I kissed them and did my best to lick them up and swallow them. We were both breathing like racehorses, trying to get big breaths in between kisses.

She snuggled against me and I heard the loudest contentment signal I had ever experienced. She burrowed into me and reached back and put an arm around me and we lay still until our heart rates neared normal. It felt so good! But then I felt her crafty side come up and sing its little ditty, thinking it could take advantage of this tenderness. I shoved her off the couch and onto the floor in a heap!

"Go draw my bath, and make it the perfect temperature!" She paused for a second on all fours, and I could see that wonderful little smile, the downcast eyes, and then I felt another Suzie signal wave of contentment. I had her wash and dry me, and give me a massage, and then I lay on my back on her bed. "Come here, suck my cock and get me hard again!" She worked on me frantically, and with great success. "Now climb aboard! Lower your pussy onto my cock! Soon I was completely inside her. "You do the work. Make me come, and when I come you may come again."

She straddled me, closed her eyes, and concentrated on her work. Her nipples were big pink bullets, and fine sheen of sweat shone on her perfect shoulders. Her abdominal muscles moved and slithered, and her neck corded and her hair swayed as she rocked her head back and forth like a dancer. It was as if she was listening to my signal, because she concentrated on my cock and what made it harder and got me closer to coming. I was watching her moves and enjoying the show. Her face showed intense concentration, and I felt her pussy gripping me. Soon I found myself involuntarily gasping, and she smiled behind closed eyes as she recognized she had me just beyond the point of no return. I felt my first spurt launch up into her. She opened her eyes and smiled that shy little smile that burned right into my soul. She held my gaze for just an instant then threw her head back and came like a bucking bronco! She gripped my cock with her pussy and rotated her hips like she was rolling a hula hoop., and it felt like I was coming in a hot, wet animal, and I was!

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