tagMind ControlMy Only Talent Ch. 05

My Only Talent Ch. 05


Monday morning I spotted Nora Upman at early breakfast, but as soon as she spotted me she disappeared! As I ate my breakfast alone, I sent Theo Cadwallader an email asking about the PIG Lake Bash and waterskiing.

I finished off my erotic story for Rhetoric and Composition, weaving a tale of two lovers, described unmistakably as me and the hot brunette girl in my class, having a shared fantasy of a nice looking and slightly older girl, described unmistakably as our TA, go down on both of us to get us wet and hard and ready and then having that same girl watch us make each other come and then suck us both clean while we spanked her ass!

I got to class just in time to hand in my paper, and saw the brunette handing hers in, too. The TA scanned both of our papers as soon as we turned them in, and looked up and shivered, with a complex mix of Suzie signals spilling out! I wished I could read the brunette's work, too, but at least she was leaking some of the wild and rapidly changing Suzie signals, also. We reviewed some other topics from our assigned readings, and then the TA promised to have our stories back to us in Friday's class. In Engineering 101, I was again reminded of my need for more calculus refresher work.

I got a text back from Theo Cadwallader, who said waterskiing was practically a required activity at the Lake Bash, and my date and I were invited to ski on his 'personal tow' the 'Ski Cadwaterer III' which was always moored (majestically I assumed!) at the Phi Iota Gamma lake house. He would provide skis and all gear, we just needed swim suits, but the suit was optional for my date! I thanked him and said I was looking forward to it, and he replied that Kevin was also invited, since the PIG's wanted to see Lou water-ski, and who was I bringing? I told him don't worry, you'll be happy!

I saw Janet at early lunch, and she said she wanted me to have some 'lunch dates' with Melanie as prep work for spending the night with her. Janet was going to visit a friend at another college and would be gone all of the coming weekend, including the upcoming Monday holiday, and she wanted me to 'do' Melanie while she was gone. Since I was not going to give up running with Suzanne on MWF, it would have to be early and short lunches MWF or more normal lunches TTH. She said Melanie could do Tuesdays and Thursdays, early, but she had not yet committed to 'doing the deed' with me, although she was interested.

When I got to the track, I spotted Suzanne sitting on the steps of the Economics Building nearby in her running gear, gesticulating wildly and arguing with someone. She was talking loud enough for me to tell she was yelling and animated, but not loud enough for me to hear all her words. I moved a little closer and realized she was sitting next to Nora. I froze. Then Nora burst out in tears and ran away! What the heck was going on here?

I quickly moved onto the track before Suzanne could spot me watching, and started stretching. Suzanne joined me and she was sniffling like she had been crying, too! "What's going on?" I asked.

She sniffled again. "One of my assistant TA's has been way too overprotective of me! I understand that she talked to you about me. What did she say? What did you tell her?"

"Nora Upman accused me of 'taking advantage' of you, and said that I was a running dog and that I should be ashamed of myself! I told her that I thought you were wonderful and I had nothing to be ashamed of! She was so pissed off she just walked away from me. I haven't talked to her since, and I thought we were friends! We used to talk almost every day, but she may not talk to me again!"

"So you didn't tell her about sleeping with me?" her eyes were red and she was angry.

"No! I will never talk to anyone about that. If you want someone to know you will have to tell them, or tell me I should tell them. Otherwise all I will ever say to anyone is that we run together on campus and I think you are wonderful."

She looked thoughtful. "Someone from the soccer team must have seen you and my improved demeanor and put two and two together. But I still don't know who told Nora."

"Why was Nora so upset? "

"She was my major supporter when Mike was hurt. She was wonderful to me, and very protective of me. The funny thing is, she was the one pushing me to start dating again. But when I did, she freaked out! How did you meet her?"

"She lives in the freshman dorm, at least for this semester, and then she is moving to a co-op. Our schedules mean we both eat early at most meals, so I see her a lot. We usually sit together and talk. She is very bright and I enjoy talking to her!

Suzanne laughed. "She's not just bright, she's a freaking genius. Her IQ and SAT and GRE scores are off the charts! Her father is some kind of high dudgeon financial muckety-muck in the British government. She got into The London School and Oxford, but she wanted to come here so she would 'be less parochial, global not just British'. She can go to graduate school anywhere she wants! But maybe she wanted you for herself! Are you attracted to her?"

"Well, I sort of was when I first met her, but she made it clear it was not reciprocal, and I believed her. Now that you mention it, she did slip into a British accent when she chewed me out!

Suzanne snorted. "She gets all British and formal when she gets emotional! But I set her straight on that! I told her what you offered me and that you were totally honest and above board with me, and I accepted willingly. I also told her you made me happier than I have been in years, and that you are a wonderful lover! That's when she freaked out. Maybe she is jealous and wants you for herself?"

"More likely she wants YOU for herself, there, iron woman!" I said. "You may not have seen the way some of the women at the toga party looked at you."

Suzanne chuckled. "Your roommate's girlfriend Lou practically drooled on me, like that guy in the conga line! I get hit on all the time by some of the gay and bi soccer girls! If you hadn't come along I might have turned to them for comfort. But I really like men better." She looked at me teasingly. "Of course, if I wanted to swing that way, I could do worse than Nora, huh?"

I froze for a minute she and caught me mouth breathing and tickled me! I tried to recover. "She is so pretty and sophisticated that she probably has ten boyfriends and five girlfriends and has to use an app to schedule them all!"

Suzanne laughed. "I don't think so. In fact, she told me she was for all practical purposes celibate; she probably sublimates her sexual energy like I was doing. She takes 21 credit hours each semester and she will get three different undergraduate degrees in May. I have never seen her with anyone, male or female, except for study groups. She is pretty hot, though, you have to admit!"

I smiled. "Only if it won't get me in trouble with you!"

She laughed. "It might get you in some trouble you would like, Animal!"

I looked at her challengingly. "I suspect you can have us both if you want, separately or at the same time!"

She looked thoughtful and put her tongue up against her upper teeth and just held it there. That drove me crazy! Did she know that? "Hummmmmm" She said. Oh Please! Please make it so!

We ran 7 miles, plus the sprint lap and cool down laps. I got a great runner's high, and told her that waterskiing was definitely planned for the Lake Bash, including Theo's comment. She smiled brightly. "I will wear a suit, but I am sure they will not criticize my choice!" I told her Kevin was driving to the party so we would pick her up Saturday morning, but I was just able to get up and stay on skis, nothing fancy. She said don't worry she could teach me some stuff and with my abs and gluts and recent running work I should do fine!

I just made my afternoon class and then caught up on homework. Janet texted me to meet Melanie at 1130 Tuesday and Thursday for our 'lunch dates' and I replied that I would.

Then Lara texted me saying she was going to be with her dad at the away ESU football game this weekend which was being played near her home, and she would be gone from noon Friday until noon Monday, but maybe we could get together at her place Monday afternoon? I quickly said yes, and that I would be giving her instructions for her preparations for some future training! Then she said that for the following week's Saturday home game her father was visiting here and she wanted me to go to the game with them and dinner after, and I said yes. I studied for several exams coming up Thursday and Friday, which always seemed to happen right before a Monday holiday, and finally went to sleep about midnight Monday night.

Tuesday classes were unremarkable except for the review sessions for the exams. The class with no exam on Thursday had a pop quiz today, but I did fine because I was caught up on all the homework. I realized I had no date for Friday night, so I called Chrissie and asked her to a movie. She said she could not go because her sorority, Beta Omicron Theta, was having a dance that night, but would I like to come to that. I said yes. It was a 'fall festival square dance and hayride' with western dress, but she made a point to say it was not a Halloween costume party.

I went to meet Melanie at the appointed time for lunch Tuesday, and didn't recognize her until she tapped me on the shoulder in the line! The black hair and fingernails and multiple earrings and nose ring were gone! She had natural looking light brown hair done up and a really nice looking blouse and skirt outfit that showed off her figure very well. She looked like the hot but virginal ingénue in a typical Hollywood romantic comedy. "Wow!" I said. "I hardly recognize you! You look great."

She smiled uncomfortably, but I actually detected a little Suzie signal action from her for the first time! We got our food and sat down. There was an uncomfortable silence, which I tried to fill. "Looks like lots of people are going somewhere for the long weekend, but I am staying here. Would you like to go to a movie or something Sunday night?"

She looked at me uneasily. "You don't waste anytime, do you? Are you making me the same offer that you made Janet?"

I smiled. "Do you want me to?"

She did not smile. "I don't know what I want!" She looked frustrated.

"Look, Melanie. Janet and I are completely honest with each other, and I'm going to be honest with you. She told me about your stepfather, and how he hurt you. I can only promise you that I will do my best not to hurt you, I will always tell you the truth, and I will never tell anyone about our relationship, even Janet, unless you want me to."

"Oh really! You are going to be 100% honest with me? You would be the first male ever!"

"Yes. I will. You may or may not like what I say, but it will be the truth."

She looked at me really funny. "How many girls had you slept with before Janet?"

"Only one. My family made me promise to be celibate until I turned eighteen." I was answering only her specific question.

"Do you want to sleep with me?"

"Yes." I was not going to add that it was primarily because Janet asked me to, although she was looking a whole lot better today than she ever had before.

It was like déjà vu from my initial conversation with Janet. Melanie's facial gestures and body language said she was going to tell me to go straight to hell, but her Suzie signal had gone from zero to weak to medium! I decided to 'feel her out' so to speak. "Do you want to sleep with me?"

Her eyes went wide! Her Suzie signal spiked up. "I don't know" she said.

"Yes you do." I said. "I will treat you very well, and do my best to please you."

Her face was a mask, with almost no expression, or perhaps one of fear. But her Suzie was saying she wanted it! I listened for the 'special modulation' that would give me some specific ideas about what she might want to happen. Lots of noise, but no recognizable signal detected. Perhaps it was time for active sonar targeting. I pinged her with a strong image of me kissing her. Strong echo! Pinged an image of taking off her top and kissing her breasts. Strong echo! Then I sent an image of me pulling down her pants and putting my hands on her ass. Echo, echo, echo! Very strong. She fidgeted and coughed, moving her chair around.

She finally spoke. "Do you find me attractive? What do you want to do to me?"

I had to play my hunch, using the data that her Suzie had sent me. "Sitting her with you now, I am thinking about pulling down your skirt and putting my hands all over your cute little ass!"

Her Suzie signal went up, down, back up, and all around! Her face went ashen, and then she blushed and looked from side to side.

I continued "But that's just the start." I sent her a strong image of me taking down her panties and spreading her legs with my arms, then kissing her legs. Her Suzie signal rose even higher. I listened again in passive mode, and got a weak signal, and when I concentrated on it, I saw her hands grabbing my head and pushing it down between her legs!

I stood up. "I've got to go. I'm looking forward to lunch Thursday, and especially to our date on Sunday!" My dad would have called it a 'presumptive close' and it was. But as I walked away, I knew two things. One, she was watching me all the way out the door, and two, her Suzie really wanted me to take her skirt down!

After lunch I asked Kevin about Chrissie's sorority, BOT, and he laughed, and said "the "Booty's" are pretty much the female equivalent of Upsilon Delta Phi, they don't haze, no dope, moderate drinking only, and they have the highest GPA and graduation rate. Half the membership wants to be Amy Grant and date Tim Tebow, and the other half want to marry rich and become leaders of the Junior League. But I also hear that in private, some of them are hot as hell. They have a huge Sadie Hawkins dance every year where the girls ask the guys to the dance, and legend has it that if a Booty asks you to that dance, it's going to be a real 'booty call' for you, because she will wear you out! They do have some great looking girls, elaborate and well planned parties, and they must be smart because lots of their alums are either married to senators and billionaires or become senators and billionaires themselves! They also have the largest and most well decorated house by far, and they do more real charity work than all the other sororities combined!"

Wednesday morning in Rhetoric and Composition, the TA gave the brunette and me some soulful looks, and lots of little noisy and confused sounding Suzie signals, but said nothing else about the erotic stories she had pledged to hand back graded on Friday. I introduced myself to the brunette, who was named Sarah, and said "This latest homework assignment made me feel a little weird!"

She laughed conspiratorially. "I can see the TA reading them in her bed and playing pocket pool!"

"Wow, that's some image to contemplate! You know, I think from the way that she looks at you she would want to play in your pants." Sarah's eyes got big, and her little Suzie signal got much louder. "Does that freak you out?" I asked her.

She laughed and looked at me with kind of a sneer. "Not really. Does it freak you out?"

I laughed. "No. I guess I am a typical horny guy. I would like to watch for a while, and then jump in myself!"

She laughed. "Well, at least you are honest about it! Good for you."

I hurried through an early light lunch by myself and then warmed up at the track. Suzanne showed up on time and we ran in silence for about 5 miles. Finally Suzanne said "I spoke to Nora again, and she is going to be talking to you. I will let her take it from here."

I was a little worried "Are you and I still okay?"

She snorted. "Yes, you animal, but you owe me some serious slave time. Take whatever vitamins you need to keep your tongue in shape!" She laughed heartily. "Your wind is improving. Maybe you should start running a little earlier so you can do more than 7 miles. If you want to do that I will just join you when I get done with my 1100 class."

"Haven't I seen you running even longer in the afternoons?"

'Yep! I do 27 miles twice each month to keep my long distance edge, and I also do wind sprints twice a week when I am not doing a 27."

"Well I am glad you do. Leads to a lot of ass worship!"

"I chose my slave well. Get ready to serve me!" She laughed again as we finished seven, plus our sprint and cool down laps, and talked briefly about Saturday. I told her I was looking forward to seeing her suit at the party Saturday. She smiled. "See you for running Friday!" and was off.

I made my afternoon class, and got a text from Ralph reminding me about the mixer tonight. I worked on everything and caught up in all my classes except my calculus review plan until dinner, then showered, shaved again, and dressed for the mixer. It was a medium walk to the UDP house from the dorm.

The house really did look a little different, and I remembered Kevin saying it was a 'zero energy" design. It was skinned with the same locally quarried limestone that many houses used around here, and had lots of native plants in the 'xeriscaping' around it, but there the similarity to other Greek houses ended. The roof was one big corrugated metal slab dotted with skylights and most of the rest of it covered with solar panels, facing south and tilted at about a 30 degree angle, with gutters at the edge that routed all the rainwater to a cistern system. There were big black hot water collectors that supplied enough for the house, even with the large meal services and lots of college guys taking showers, and also kept the pool warm in the winter. There was a huge patio to the south near the pool that that was made up of another kind of photovoltaic solar panels that let about 20% of the light through and converted the rest to electricity. Huge tubes snaked deep underground for the geothermal loop heat pumps that kept the temperature comfortable year round. A big garden, greenhouse, and second rainwater catch system supplied lots of vegetables for the table, with a big compost area nearby, and a grey water system for the landscape areas.

Ralph met me at the door and gave me a walking tour. He said the thick walls were made up of an adobe brick made of local clay and straw with a huge insulation factor, and then faced with limestone on the outside. The roof and foundation were filled with advanced spray foam insulation and the interior of the house had lots of brick, tile, and water tanks for thermal mass. The house was connected to the grid, but the electric bill, even for such a huge house, was about $40 per month, and $25 of that was the minimum monthly service charge. A big LCD monitor in the entry hall displayed all the energy statistics of the house. They had a separate pool house, guest house, and study hall arrayed around the swimming pool. The mixer was being held in a party hall in the main house and spilled out onto the patio around the pool. He introduced me to his pledge trainer, frat president, and the other members of his pledge class, and also to 'Oiler' their resident mathematical genius and calculus maestro, who happened to be from Houston.

The mixer was a reception line setup like at ZZZ, just in a room with much higher ceilings and better lighting. It was with two sororities I had not heard of before, but that covered most of them! I asked Ralph if it would be okay if I told the guys which girls seemed interested in them, telling him that I was learning to read 'micro expressions' like that guy on the TV show. He said yes, especially for Oiler, because although he was a mathematical genius and normally loquacious he was painfully shy and tongue tied around girls. He was also 6' 5" with wild curly hair and had so much energy that he terrified many girls!

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