tagMind ControlMy Only Talent Ch. 07

My Only Talent Ch. 07


Chapter 07

An Unexpected Complication

I left my Friday afternoon class and watched for Suzanne to emerge from the Economics building while I sat on a bench outside the Business School. She showed up at 4:20 and looked around anxiously, dressed up more than usual, in a short skirt with lots of makeup, her hair up high, and thigh high black boots with high heels. I know that women sometimes dress to impress other women, but I had never really considered this particular scenario before. My, my, this is going to be an interesting afternoon! I was grinning from ear to ear. I waited until 4:29 and then approached her from the side.

She jumped when I called her name. "Let's go." I said. "We don't want to be late!" I held her hand and we started walking toward Lara's place. I tuned into Suzanne's Suzie signals and listened in passive mode. They were a complex and rich mix of excitement, curiosity, fear, and anticipation. It was sweet stuff. I wondered how much Lara would have made of the content of my text message that mentioned 'us' instead of just me and how worked up she would be? Even I hadn't decided how far to push things in our 'second session', figuring I would wait and see how things went early on. As we went up the elevator I reminded Suzanne that Lara would be blindfolded, so she had to make sound and smell work for her, and use a strong voice and act like a real dominatrix, and to not show any mercy or hesitation. She gulped when the elevator stopped on Lara's floor.

I gave her some final instructions. "Once we are inside the door, I want you to be completely silent and stand completely still for at least a minute. Spend your time looking at Lara and wondering what it will be like to have her touch you. Then when I give you the thumbs up, I want you to strip naked and make sure Lara can hear and visualize what you are doing. Then just stand silent for another full minute and let her wonder what will happen next. Then I will take over and you will follow my instructions." She gulped again as I turned the knob and opened the door.

Lara had done just as instructed, and she was a picture right out of everyman (and many women's) fantasies. She was kneeling naked about halfway between the front door and her coffee table. Suzanne gasped involuntarily when she saw her. Lara had chosen a garish electric blue leather hood that covered her eyes and the top of her head and ran under her chin to fully encase, stretch, and highlight her long neck, but let two shining blonde pigtails escape in the back, and left her nose, mouth, cheekbones, and chin fully exposed. It had three leather handles attached to the top of it, roughly corresponding to the X, Y, and Z axes of motion that her head could take. Her hands were bound behind her back. She was already breathing excitedly and her nipples were perky and impossible to ignore as her big breasts heaved. Her lips were done in a bright red lipstick shade directly across the color wheel from that blue leather, and she looked hotter than any volcano! We both just stared at her for much longer than the 60 seconds I had suggested!

Then I began, sounding as loud and Stentorian as I could. "Slut, this is Mistress Suzanne. She will be assisting in your training." I paused for effect and Lara's breathing got even more audible. "You must do your utmost to please her. She is very demanding."

Suzanne walked until she was about two feet in front of Lara, and each footfall was a resounding click of high heels on the wooden floor. She paused for a moment, and then slowly and audibly unzipped the zipper on her skirt, and dropped it obviously to the floor. Her blouse and bra followed, and I wanted to fall to my knees and worship her myself. Then she took off her panties and draped them over her Lara's head, with the crotch right in front of Lara's nose! I saw that Suzanne had shaved her little landing strip away and there was just simply a pink perfection confection between her amazingly strong legs. Her six pack abs flexed and she put her hands on her hips and posed like a conquering Amazon. Lara couldn't see it, but I could and it rocked my world. Suzanne stood with only those big black thigh high boots on and with her shining black hair up high, an absolute vision. Lara's face turned beet red, her respiration rate went up further, and I swear I saw her nipples flex and then loosen repeatedly. Her Suzie signal took on that crazy 'fuzz box' effect that said she was in brand new territory and so excited that it almost hurt.

Suzanne noticed the box of 'toys' on the coffee table and loudly rummaged about in it, selecting a riding crop and slapping it hard against her boots, making an unmistakable sound of leather on leather that echoed in the room. Then she began to ad lib! She touched Lara's chin with the tip of the riding crop and lifted her face up just a little, causing the surely fragrant panties to dangle right down against Lara's nose, and said in a voice absolutely dripping with disdain "Is this...." she paused, leaving out the obvious 'disgusting, pitiful' and a thousand other words her tone conveyed "even worth training?"

Lara's Suzie signal sent waves of humiliation, followed almost immediately with an even larger wave of excitement. Suzanne had certainly found the right character to excite Lara! It was my turn to give a good performance for her now.

"Observe for a few minutes, and help me find the proper punishment and training." I picked up the short whip with multiple black leather strips, and began walking around Lara, slapping at first her ass, then her thighs, then the back of her calves. I flogged them in sequence until she was anticipating and flinching, then changed the order, and added her breasts. She soon grew red all over. Her Suzie signal soared even higher, but I began to hear Suzanne's to, and it was not shocked at all. Suzanne would have been happy to dish out the same treatment, or get it herself, and her excitement level grew each time I struck Lara!

Suddenly I dropped my clothes and Suzanne stared at my now throbbing and maximum erection. Whipping Lara did that to me every time. I grabbed the handles on the leather hood and thrust my cock into Lara's mouth and down her throat in a single slow motion. She screamed a muffled scream and I just roughly fucked her mouth! I heard a new aspect to Suzanne's Suzie signal then. It was like a yipping coyote pack, and with half the pups saying 'oh no' and half saying 'hell yes'! Then Lara's signal joined in with frantic excitement that verged on panic. I pushed the panties up on top of her hood. Lara's breath whooshed loudly through her nose, and her nostrils flared like a racehorse on the backstretch. Soon little flecks of snot sprayed out with each exhalation. Lara's pussy smell filled the room, and juice dripped down the insides of her thighs. I slowed my motion a little bit and Lara surged and sucked to try to get me down into her throat more. I looked over at Suzanne and her eyes were wide, her nostrils were flaring too and her little nipples were like red pebbles on her perfect chest. I knew Lara was ready for what came next, and I hoped Suzanne was!

I took my cock out of Lara's mouth and said "Stick your tongue out and hold still, slut!"

Lara was still shaking and breathing hard, but she tilted her head back a little and stuck her great big healthy pink tongue out as far as she could. I held my dick up over it and frantically frigged myself just as my orgasm overtook me. I shot big dollops of hot come right on her tongue and she hummed and swallowed and stuck her tongue out for more! Suzanne was absolutely beside herself, her signal sending half excitement and half revulsion, which then shifted to humiliation, and then morphed almost instantly into even more burning excitement. Amazing stuff.

Finally Lara concluded I was through shooting and she took the end of my dick in her mouth and sucked for all she was worth. That's my girl! I finally took it out and Lara gasped for breath. I let her take a few breaths and then put her back on the floor on her knees and picked up the whip again. Juice still dripped down her thighs and her smell still dominated the room. I began circling her and whipping her lightly again. "Look at you slut! You just finished being punished for being a slut, and the first thing you want to do is gobble my come with that slut mouth! And still your slut pussy drips goo down your legs! Have you no shame?"

Her breathing got even faster, and I continued to slap her with the leather strips. Suzanne's smell began to be more apparent: maybe she had already figured out what was coming next. I motioned to Suzanne to stand in front of Lara. I grabbed those head handles again, this time from behind, and positioned her head about two inches from Suzanne's shiny, slippery and surely savory shaved but un-showered snatch. Suzanne, improvising again, began using the crop to lightly whip Lara's ass and thighs. "What do you smell slut?" I asked her.

Lara's nostrils flared even wider than before. She literally quivered all over. I looked at Suzanne. Her legs were quivering too. Their two Suzie signals soared and swooped like giant maneuvering birds. I was reminded of sitting in the back seats of a jetliner with two rear mounted engines that are running at almost the same RPM but not quite, and there were strong surging beat frequencies generated between the two engine's frequencies! Watching Suzanne methodically stroke Lara with that crop was also having a direct effect on me and making me even hotter, and it made me determined to give Lara the full treatment.

"You smell a pussy don't you slut? And you want to smell more don't you?" She shivered.

"You are not allowed to kiss it. You are not allowed to lick it. You are only allowed to smell it. So keep your mouth closed and your nostrils open, slut!" I used the handles to put her nose right next to Suzanne's pussy, which was clearly wet with excitement, and had already been plenty pungent since our running with no shower afterward. I really envied Lara right now, because I knew how wonderful that pussy was, and how amazing were the muscular legs it was attached to. Lara's Suzie signal betrayed her lust, and she sobbed and sniffed loudly. Suzanne continued her stroking, now concentrated on Lara's ass.

"Look at you slut. You are dripping even more juice, and shivering. Why, I almost think you want to lick that juicy pussy in front of you! "

Lara was like a pig finding truffles. She was absolutely fascinated with Suzanne's smell and was completely focused on it. Suzanne picked up the pace, slapping the crop against Lara every two seconds or so.

"Are you ready to admit that you are a hopeless dirty slut and that you really want to eat that pussy?" Lara groaned way down in her throat and another skyrocket Suzie signal of humiliation rose above the already loud cacophony of signals she was sending. Another little bottle rocket launched every time the crop struck here. There were a thousand rockets in the air, and they were all about to explode.

I detected a new signal from Suzanne! She was afraid Lara was not going to do it, or perhaps she was afraid that she was!

"Yes!" she sobbed.

"Yes what, slut?" I demanded.

"Yes I want to eat pussy!"

I paused, she knew what to do.

"Please, Master, let me eat that pussy! Please!"

"If you do, you better do a good job! You better make that pussy happy, and you better make it drip with juice. And you better gobble up all that juice!"

I waited until she realized she could go ahead. Her hands were still tied behind her back, but she dove in like a woman possessed! She started with her tongue, licking every square millimeter she could find. She was frantic, but still thorough. She didn't want to miss a single taste or sensation.

Suddenly I realized Suzanne had stopped using the crop and was shaking like she had just run 100 miles. Her Suzie signal was still beating with Lara's. She stood with her hands on her hips, with her chest having from the exertion of whipping Lara and now her growing excitement and just enjoyed what Lara was doing to her. I watched in awe as Lara used her lips on Suzanne's pussy lips, stuck her tongue inside her, and sucked on her clit. Suzanne began breathing hard and sounded like she was talking in tongues and then came with a gush over Lara's face, and Lara sucked up as much as she could. Lara was even more frantic the second time around.

I touched Suzanne on the shoulder to get her attention, and then grabbed Lara's handles and positioned her head on the corner of the couch, and motioned for Suzanne to climb on and fuck her face. Suzanne grabbed the handles and instantly realized that they gave her total control over Lara's head. She pushed her pussy into Lara and fucked her face with an intensity like I had only seen myself a few times, and I knew Lara was proud just to able to keep breathing and to taste that wonderful pussy. Suzanne must have come four more times on Lara's lovely face, she gave her the same kind of fat lip she have given me, and in exactly the same way. I tapped Suzanne again and motioned for her to sit on the couch. I held Lara up and by hooking my arms under her knees, spreading her legs wide and facing her toward Suzanne so she could see every intimate part of Lara close-up and on full display. By now Lara's entire body was red from either whipping or excitement, and her pussy lips were red and distended.

I held Lara up where her ass was just about level with my cock and at Suzanne's eye level and I yelled. "Don't you dare come until I give my permission, slut!" I then entered her wet and dripping pussy just long enough to get my cock properly lubricated, and then I moved to slowly penetrate her ass. Looking over Lara's shoulder from behind, I could see that Suzanne was gaping open mouthed and staring right at Lara's ass and pussy. I was in the zone again, calloused and prepared to fuck for a long time.

Once I got full penetration I began to increase my pace. I nuzzled my lips up in the crook of Lara's neck so I could whisper in her ear and still look at Suzanne. Lara's pussy was dripping and I could tell from her Suzie that she was desperate to come. Suzanne leaned forward on the couch until she was staring at Lara's pussy and ass and my cock pounding in and out of that ass from only about eighteen inches away. I kissed Lara on the neck, and then said "Lara, you may come for us" and then stuck my tongue in her ear, and continued to pound away in her ass. She made three strange noises corresponding to three gasping breaths and then her Suzie signal cracked like thunder, she screamed, and she shot juice out of her pussy at least two feet! Half it landed on Suzanne, and again I was envious. I kept pounding and she came again, dribbling rather than shooting. I whispered my code for normalcy in her ear "You are so beautiful, Lara!" She came again with another massive squirt, and I felt her pussy twitching. Suzanne's signal popped again when she saw that second arc of pussy juice that Lara had launched, and then Lara had one big final orgasm that almost stopped her breathing.

I fell like a toppling tree just before my legs gave out completely, and Lara ended up on the couch between Suzanne and me. I found the zippers on the blue leather hood and pulled it off of Lara's head along with Suzanne's panties. I kissed the side of Lara's neck and hugged her and Suzanne did to. Lara sobbed and blubbered incoherently for almost a full minute while we held her. She was red and flushed and shaking all over, more so than any time before. She finally found her voice "I love you Master! I love you Mistress! I never knew it could be like this! She returned to sobbing and blubbering. She turned and kissed me on the mouth, and then turned and had a long and deep kiss with Suzanne. Lara's contentment signal was exponentially louder than I had ever heard it. Suzanne and I gently caressed her shoulders and neck and each motion reinforced her contentment signal. Suzanne was sending a small contentment signal, and a massive excitement signal! She was going to need more attention before the night was through.

We must have stayed on the couch like that for another hour, gently rubbing and kissing each other around and around in a tender circle. Lara's contentment signal continued unabated, with no hint of craftiness or other skullduggery. Lara went on and on about how excited she was and how hard she came, and that Suzanne's pussy was tasty and perfect and she couldn't believe how hot it got her. Suzanne laughed, and then told Lara how amazing she looked and how shocked Suzanne was when Lara squirted so far. We got up and trooped into the shower, and washed and kissed each other happily. Suzanne leaned up against the wall and I got down on my knees with Lara and demonstrated proper ass worship technique, and for a few minutes Lara and I happily kissed Suzanne's ass. At one point Lara leaned back and said "Suzanne your ass is just awesome!" and I certainly agreed. We dried off and put on some clothes, and then went into the kitchen and talked and bantered back and forth while Lara made dinner. She had already prepared some kind of Tex-Mex chicken casserole that was in the oven and almost ready and she put some corn tortillas in the steamer.

We talked all during dinner, and I was amazed at how much they liked each other and how comfortable we all seemed together. For the most part, their personal interests were just as different as their complexions and looks, but they shared a penchant for sewing, that both had learned from their beloved grandmothers. They compared their sewing machines, their skills and projects, and their plans for future things they wanted to make while I cleared the dishes and loaded the dishwasher. Lara then brought out some homemade lemon sherbet that was the best I had ever tasted, and we sat close together and fed each other little bites from each other's spoons.

Then I listened carefully in passive mode, while touching them both, and heard their Suzie signals with crystal clarity! I now seemed to be almost transparently connected to both of them. Lara's contentment was fading, her excitement returning, and her crafty little Suzie was about to try to manipulate the situation. Suzanne was content with everything but the sex. She thought Lara had been paid a little too much attention before dinner and she had been paid too little. I waited until I heard another escalation in Lara's crafty Suzie, and then I decided to act, and tweak them both a little before I scratched Suzanne's itch and Lara's too.

"Lara!" She looked up at me. I waited and arched my eyebrows until she figured out the response I required.

"Yes, Master?"

"Stand up and strip, slowly." Her crafty Suzie sparked. She was about to get all sorts of attention from both of us, and maybe show Mistress Suzanne that there were two hot pussies and two fine asses around here! She stripped slowly and seductively, demonstrating conclusively that she could get a feature spread next month in any men's magazine she cared to call. Suzanne watched her, admittedly impressed and turned on by her beauty, but still feeling pouty and neglected. Lara was now naked and totally beautiful, and savoring the looks she was getting from me and from Suzanne. Her curly blonde pubic hair was a beautiful background for her pink pussy lips to protrude from. I was ready.

"Get on your knees, slut!" She hesitated only a second, and then dropped. I stood, and offered Suzanne my right hand. "Shall we adjourn to the bedroom, beautiful?" She took it and we both rose and took a step toward Lara's bed! Lara's eyes got big, and Suzanne's Suzie soared, both from excitement and 'one-upsmanship'. I was ready to give Lara one more push. "Heel, slut!" Her eyes flamed at me. Her humiliation Suzie shrieked, but then the burning humiliation turned almost instantly to pure sexual excitement. She crawled around to my left hand heel position and fell into step with us. I looked back and saw that little tight smile I loved so much, but it was now accompanied by a burning pair of Wedgewood blue eyes. Suzanne's Suzie was smug and self satisfied, but very excited. I hoped they would both soon be enjoying themselves. I knew I would!

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