tagMind ControlMy Only Talent Ch. 20

My Only Talent Ch. 20


Chapter 20

The Marathon Man in Training

Note: The descriptions and accounts in these stories are fictional and do not portray any actual people or events.

Strelsa's mind raced as she watched Suzanne Pliskin get up from the bench on the East Mall and walk away. She was feeling very self conscious as she stared at the swaying of Suzanne's hips, and realized that it was having a very unaccustomed effect on her. She had wanted Günter to fulfill his fantasy of being with two women, but she might have been happier if the second woman was not quite as hot as Suzanne. She had her own little fantasies about being with two men, and with a woman, but she had certainly not told Günter about that. Was he really that perceptive and unselfish as to ask Robbie to help fulfill Strelsa's own desires, or was Suzanne just manipulating things even more blatantly than she had at first thought possible? Was Suzanne really as trustworthy as Robbie claimed? Did Suzanne really just want to make Günter even hotter for her than he already was, by putting on the 'little show' she talked of, or did she really harbor her own desires for Strelsa? Strelsa would certainly welcome a chance to get her hands on Robbie just once, and having Robbie and Günter at the same time would be a thrill like no other, as long as it didn't make Günter go insane. She was going to have a real heart to heart talk with Günter tonight that was for sure!


I sat through my Friday afternoon classes on autopilot; trying to fully hydrate myself by sipping bottled water so frequently that I felt like it was sloshing around inside my eyeballs. In one class, I had a solid 'A' and was thus exempt from the final as long as I completed all the homework assignments. In the other, the final exam was unavoidable, but very predictable as to its content, so I was not worried. When the last bell rang, I walked in a trance to my dorm room and changed into my cold weather running stuff, with one extra undershirt layer plus a 'hoody' windbreaker, since it was starting to get dark already and by the time we finished running, it would be much colder than at our usual time. I downed the last two pieces of my Grandma's super dense chocolate fudge, and headed over towards Suzanne's office.

She was already outside, looking spectacular in her tight white short shorts, iridescent white ice skating stockings and white Longhorn windbreaker with a burnt orange logo. Her jet black hair was wrapped up in a bun and inside a burnt orange stocking cap and her dark eyes were sparkling at me. Maybe that was because she knew I was going to be a captive audience, listening to her for almost twice as long as during our normal runs. I was confident she could handle the entire distance and still talk animatedly all the way, but for me it was venturing into unknown territory. We headed west along 21st, then turned south on Guadeloupe, and when we reached the river, we turned east, crossing Congress Avenue and then passing by the Four Seasons and the rowing club, and then through the wooden construction awning. I was feeling good so far, and of course Suzanne was in the mood to talk.

"I had lunch with Strelsa, today, Robbie."

I continued to run silently.

"I think that little blonde minx is actually overjoyed with what I demanded of her. She certainly looked at me a little differently than she has before, and I caught her staring at my butt, too. "

"I do that all the time."

"Yes, and I like it. I liked it when Strelsa did it, too. I am going to make your little Austrian ex girl friend eat my pussy while you two boys watch with your tongues hanging out!"

"She was never my girl friend, in the normal sense. She was a girl who was my friend."

"But she is soon to be a lover, lover! You should try new things and expand your horizons. Like running a marathon, for example, this may open up new horizons for you. Remember when you had never tried being with two women? What if you had never wanted to try that?"

"I always wanted to try that. I was just incredibly fortunate to be able to do it with someone like you and Lara. But there are some things I know I do not want to try, ever!"

"But you are willing to try watching me and Strelsa, and then double team her with Günter while I watch and anticipate?"

"Yes. And although it makes me crazy to think about it, I guess I am willing to try to watch Günter have you and Strelsa at the same time. But I am sure I can never get really comfortable with it."

"What wouldn't you try?"

"I never want to try making it with another guy. The lead singer from the Chiksee Dix told me he is going to ask me out when he gets back from his surgery and six months rehab in Brazil and is officially a woman. I know he will be a woman then, but it still creeps me out. I don't think I could ever react sexually as if he really was a woman."

"She would be a woman then, though. They say variety is the spice of life, Robbie. I know men are very visual creatures, and a bit of new female flesh seems to always catch your interest. A new female is always the sort of thing you want to try, isn't it?"

"Not necessarily. I might be stimulated by the sight and the thought of a new woman, but I have to consider risk and reward, and my loyalty to you and Lara, and whether the woman really likes me or not."

"So you prioritize your relationship with me, and with Lara, over your relationship with other females?"

"You know I do."

"I like that you do."

By this time we had reached Longhorn Dam, the eastern limit of our path around downtown, and headed south over the dam along a little narrow concrete path that had us running single file. Traffic stacked up next to us on the road over the damn, and lots of ducks and a few swans and egrets wintering in Austin watched us from the water on our right, along with a people in the cars on our left, who were mostly looking at Suzanne. We then had to navigate some pavement and construction before we got back on the trail, running just south of the local youth hostel, over the huge rush hour backup on the Interstate, and then past Sapiento and Erminia's new compound, and then behind the Statesman newspaper campus and the trail next to river towards Auditorium Shores.

As we passed Stevie Ray for the first time, she changed the subject: "I understand you like watching strippers, Robbie." It was not a question, but a statement. She must have gotten a briefing on the Thanksgiving trip from Nora, but I was not sure how much Nora had revealed to her, so to speak.

"Well, Alley was determined to enter the amateur night contest, so I felt a duty to watch out for her!"

'Yeah, you watched her alright!"

I could not tell if she knew about Nora's burlesque debut. "I did, and she was hot. I had trouble reconciling her with the annoying bitch I went to high school with."

"And your big tall friend seems to have liked what he saw, too, eh?"

"Alley seems to like him, too."

"Nora said that Alley is crazy for him."

"What else did Nora say?"

Suzanne put her tongue up on her upper lip. "She asked if I remembered talking about my 'wild college days' and that Nora wanted to make sure that she had some too. I understand she put on a little show for you, Robbie."

Seeing Suzanne's tongue on her lip and the suddenly exploding memory of Nora Upman's little stage show and fan dance were rapidly altering my circulation, and my breathing.

Suzanne laughed. "Why Robbie, you shouldn't be winded yet! We are still well below your normal 15 miles. Whatever has affected you?" She smiled like the Cheshire cat.

I just ran. We continued west, navigating the twists and turns of the trail through the park and then crossing the little narrow railroad tracks for the miniature train that sometimes ran around the park. We then went north on the bridge under Mopac, and then turned right to go back east again along the north side of the river. When we passed by the old power plant, I realized we had already finished more than 11 miles. I felt pretty good.

"Did she look as good as I imagine she would, Robbie?"

I could not hide the change in my breathing. I would have to say something, but I needed to tread carefully, and I definitely did not want to talk about 'blue haired sorceresses', 'Druidic legends', or powerful talents. This was certainly one of those moments where I sometimes tended to open my mouth and insert my foot. Proceed with caution, Robbie.

"Well, she does have striking coloring, I guess you might say."

"You mean her absolutely flawless alabaster skin and that preposterously lustrous platinum hair? That has to come from a bottle, doesn't it? I know her amazing light grey eyes are real, because I have stared at them in meetings to make sure she was not wearing colored contact lenses."

I considered my answer carefully. "Well, if the color does come from a bottle, then she is very, shall we say, thorough in its application."

Suzanne considered that for a tick, and then "You mean her little bush is platinum, too? I don't think I would want use hair bleach in that area, if you know what I mean." Then her tone changed, and her normally relatively deep voice went up an octave. "And just when and where did you see her bush, Robbie? I thought those strip clubs were topless only!"

I explained the rules and timing of the late night amateur contest at Babe's, and that both Alley and Nora had in fact bared it all for the audience. I suddenly detected a buzzing Suzie note from Suzanne, like the one she had radiated during the wet tee shirt contest that she had won at the ZZZ party when we first started seeing each other.

"Oh, that is naughty, isn't it? All those men leering and cheering....and all those other girls stripping....." She actually shivered a little bit. Then she turned right, heading across the pedestrian bridge across the river that ran parallel to Lamar Boulevard. "Follow me, Robbie. We need to add a couple of inner loops to our route so we can get to 26 and a half and still end up at Lara's place. You don't want to miss out on expanding your horizons, do you?"

That final question was accompanied by a raspy, spiking Suzie signal that reminded me of Lara's challenging little female animal trying to get some advantage on me. We did another turn around the park and went under Mopac again, and then ended up once again heading east past the Four Seasons hotel. Suddenly I had an image of Erminia going down on Millie. By the time we reached the dam for the second time, it was fully dark, and we relied entirely on the street lights to see our way. I was now very aware that I was well beyond my previous distance record, and I still had miles to go. Our second pass by the Stevie Ray Vaughn statue found me very winded; chugging like the first day I saw Suzanne at the track and had trouble making even five miles, much less 26. Suzanne encouraged me to take a drink from her water bottle, and I almost dropped it.

By the time we crossed the short arched wooden floored foot bridge across the water in the park again, I was starting to really feel the burn in my legs and chest. I was breathing as deeply as I could, struggling for oxygen, and feeling every muscle in my chest and rib cage move and ripple. My pulse pounded loudly in my ears, and I got the beginnings of tunnel vision: my peripheral vision was deserting me, leaving me central vision only. I was barely aware of the busy traffic passing over my head as we passed under Mopac for the final time. As we passed by the tennis courts and the high school, my own breathing sounded to me like Darth Vader's, and every muscle in my legs and chest was screaming for attention. It took me a while to recognize that the very loud noise was a team of diesel locomotives pulling a long chain of gravel cars over the railroad bridge. Suzanne tried to encourage me, but my brain was so thick it took me several seconds to decipher the meaning of her words.

"We are on the downhill pull, now, Robbie! We will go right up under the interstate, and then reverse course and turn back along the trail until we get to Lavaca and then go north to finish at Lara's building. You're doing fine, just keep going. We'll take care of you once you get there!"

I began to double inhale and single exhale forcefully, chugging like a madman, and realizing just how much my spinal reflexes and brainstem could do by themselves. My brain was mush. Suddenly a runner's high kicked in, and endorphins flooded into my boiling bloodstream. I felt great! This made all the pain worthwhile, and feeling like this, I could go on forever! Do they have double Marathons? I am invincible!

We reached the turnaround point under the interstate, and I heard the honking horns and squealing tires of a barely avoided collision. Oh what petty concerns those little people have, I thought, my perfect Krishna consciousness expanded by my incredible running prowess and superior physicality as I floated serenely above it all. Then the lactic acid and all the other waste products of exertion in my bloodstream must have eaten up all those wonderful little endorphin molecules; destroyed them, neutralized them and suddenly I crashed and burned while still putting one foot in front of another.

Pain and misery befell me. The Four Seasons passed by on my right for the final time, perhaps in my life. What's it all about, anyway? Under the bat bridge, and then Suzanne started up a ramp. I don't like going up. I want stay level, or maybe go downhill. Back to basics, Robbie, just like that first day on the track on campus: focus on Suzanne's ass and follow it until you drop. Then we were on a city street: I think I have been on this one before! Look: apartments, bars, music, offices. Look at that big white house with big white columns and lots of big trees and a really nice lawn, and then a big brick church. Why is it so quiet? I see cars, and they are moving, but they are not making any noise. I can only hear my breathing and my heart. It's okay, just keep going. Oh, wow, I want some of that chili! I'm really hungry.

Is that Lara's building? Is that Lara? Where's Suzanne? Oh, she's right next to me. So is Lara. Why are they walking me around outside the building? When did I stop running? I just want to lie down. Was that Gatorade? Boy was that ever good! How did I get in this elevator?


Suzanne was glad Lara was so big and strong, because otherwise they would not have been able to get Robbie into the elevator. He was still punch drunk, wobbly, and barely able to stand. He had done pretty well for his first try at this distance, but he had been very silent and alarmingly pale for the last mile or so. They managed to walk him through a couple of cool down laps around the building, and he inhaled a two liter bottle of Gatorade. Should they cancel the plans for his little après run sex party?

Suzanne got two of Bob the Knob's new energy shot gels into him: he said the jelly was good but he wanted some toast too. He was still punchy. Once inside the apartment, Lara had another liter of Gatorade ready and some Russian style black rye bread, Robbie's favorite, and he ate two big chunks of it and downed all the Gatorade. His color improved miraculously, but he was still acting like a silly drunk. Suzanne did her little stretching routine, getting him to mimic her and stretch himself.

His eyes were glued to Suzanne. "Wow, girl, you really know how to stretch! You are lookin' good!"

Lara giggled. "It must be true love, Suzanne!"

When Lara spoke, Robbie swiveled to look as if he had just noticed her. "Whoa there, Blondie, are you fine or what?"

Suzanne giggled now. "Welcome to the club, Blondie!"

They maneuvered Robbie into the living room, and onto the massage table, which Lara had set up right under the trapeze. Lara took off Robbie's shoes and very fragrant socks, while Suzanne retrieved a little kit from her soccer gear bag. She expertly checked out Robbie's feet, finding only a couple of little blisters which she quickly cleaned out with some rubbing alcohol, then followed up with some Neosporin and an adhesive bandage. Lara took off his windbreaker, running jersey, and undershirt, and when she finished with his feet, Suzanne slid off his shorts and underwear.

Robbie giggled now. "I like where this is going!"

"First it's going to the shower, stinky boy!"

They picked him up under his arms and escorted him into the shower. Lara warmed up the water and they sat him on the little tile seat in the corner. They shed their clothes and used the hand held shower wand to wet him and began to soap him up. He giggled. "No need to fight over me, girls, I am already in love with both of you!"

Suzanne said "In vino veritas, and I suppose this is as close to drunk as Robbie ever gets."

Lara got right in Robbie's face and gave him her very best thousand watt smile. Suzanne certainly found it irresistible.

"Robbie, can we do anything to you we want? Do you trust us to take care of you?"

Suzanne put her face right next to Lara's, put her tongue up against her upper lip and smiled at him. "We'll make you feel things you never felt before, Robbie!"

Robbie leered at them with Pavlovian predictability, and giggled. "If music be the fool of love, play me!"

It may have been shaky Shakespeare, but both girls took it as the permission they were looking for.

"Let's go back to the massage table Robbie. We want to relax you a little bit!"

Robbie was almost able to navigate all by himself now. They laid him out on the table again, and Suzanne checked his feet again, to make sure nothing came loose in the shower. Lara began whispering in his ear, gently circling one of his nipples with her finger. He stretched and cooed like a kitten. Suzanne began giving him the same treatment on the other side and Robbie closed his eyes and a big grin spread across his face. He barely noticed when the fur lined handcuffs closed around each wrist, one wielded by each woman with her off hand. But he did wonder what Lara was now doing with that block and tackle looking thing, which seemed to be made of shiny brass and aluminum. He could not help but notice when he was pulled up to a seated position on the massage table by his arms as Lara continued to turn the crank on the shiny winch, or whatever it was. She was a wench with a winch, he thought, and that was funny. But then the alarm bells began to chime in his head, just a little too late.


My arms were being lifted toward the ceiling, just as the curtain was lifting from my consciousness. Lara moved the massage table back a little bit, and I realized that my wrists were locked to two strong looking chains that ran up to the ceiling, almost parallel to the ropes that the trapeze was attached to. The result was that I was suspended in front of, and about a foot away from, the trapeze. My weight was now fully borne by the chains, and Lara slipped behind me and clipped my ankles to the chains, too. I looked down at my restraints, and saw that I could shake and vibrate, but I really wasn't going anywhere unless they unhooked me. I looked up to see both girls grinning up at me with big beaming smiles.

"Robbie, you have made a very wise and courageous choice to trust us tonight. We are going to give you things you could never give yourself." Oh shit, what have I gotten myself into? Endorphins are a very dangerous drug.

Lara and Suzanne stood looking at me with their hands on their hips, letting it sink in that I was helpless and completely at their mercy. Then Lara stood behind Suzanne and began whispering in her ear. Lara was six foot even without any shoes; Suzanne was about 5 foot 3 inches. Lara rested her chin right on top Suzanne's head, and hugged her waist. Suzanne leaned back into her, tilted her head up and back, and began to kiss Lara on the neck. Lara's hands moved from Suzanne's waist up to just under her breasts. She teased all around them, never touching the nipples, and began to kiss the top of Suzanne's well defined shoulders. Man that looked like fun.

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