tagMind ControlMy Only Talent Ch. 32

My Only Talent Ch. 32


Remember the Alamo!


Note: The descriptions and accounts in these stories are fictional and do not portray any actual people or events.


When the incredible water skiing Candy climbed onto the trapeze at Lara's apartment, none of us knew what was going to happen, especially Candy herself. But none of us would ever forget it, either. When I first met Lara, I was afraid she would get kinkier and kinkier and her needs would go well beyond what I was prepared to accommodate. When we trained Millie I knew that I wasn't as cruel as she really needed. With Lara and Suzanne helping, the three of us would just barely be able to do Millie right, and we had to concentrate on it, because our natural tendencies just weren't mean enough to get her off.

Lara had 'mellowed' in her need to be humiliated and abused since she had such a stable relationship with Suzanne and me, but there was still that core of the 'ice queen' that had toyed with and dominated so many other guys before I won our tennis match. Lara and Candy turned out to be a very complementary pairing; Candy needed it hard, painful, and relentless, and Lara had what it takes to give that to her.

Lara held the canes out, one in each hand, like an amazon warrior about to go into battle with two swords, and Candy keened with desire. She had a look on her face like a B movie heroin addict that needed to fix. Quite a contrast to the prim and proper pre-medical student that she was by day. Suzanne turned off the Bluetooth butt plug and slowly pulled it out of Candy, kissing each buttock casually as she did. Candy clearly wanted it to stay in.

"We are going to make you wait for these canes, slut! But first, we are going to 'double down' on you, so to speak." Suzanne climbed up the ropes, with Candy sighing and snorting as her motions made the ropes jump and jiggle. When she reached top, she snapped a friction grip descender on each rope and stepped onto them, one with each foot. She smacked Candy hard with an open hand, three times on each buttock. The hand prints raised up red immediately, standing out from the untanned perfect flesh that was under Candy's suit bottom when she tanned, and a definitely different hue from the perfectly tanned flesh on her thighs. Candy sighed after each slap, clearly enjoying herself.

Suzanne cackled. "Nice little ass, huh, Master?"

I grunted in agreement.

"Come on up here, Master." Thank Saskia my newly developing arms propelled me easily up on the rope to the other side of Suzanne. "Do you want to fuck her ass or her pussy, Master?"

Candy took in a deep breath.

"I'll do the pussy first, but then I want the ass too."

Suzanne smiled, then got a faraway look in her eyes. She climbed up and then paused with her big black dildo about half an inch from Candy's tight little ass. I positioned my not so big and much paler cock a similar distance from Candy's now very fragrant pussy. Suzanne and I shared a look, and suddenly her Suzie signal exploded into my forebrain, complete with the triple screen images that encapsulated her nascent desires.

I now had a connection with Suzanne like I had never shared with anyone else, but I might not really want to know what that connection was now making plain: Suzanne wanted three real live cocks entering her, in lots of combinations, and she was not going to stop dreaming about it until she experienced it. She was actively envying what was about the happen to Candy, but she knew from experience that one live cock and one plastic one were not going to do it for her - she needed multiple instances of the real thing. Damn that woman!

There is an inscription on the main building at ESU that says 'Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.' Now that I knew this particular truth about Suzanne, I wasn't sure if it was making me free or just miserable. My grandmother had a little saying of her own that came to mind: 'Truth is truth, whether you like it or not.' No shit, grandma. Maybe they should chisel that one in too.

Suzanne gently touched the bulbous end of her strap on dildo to Candy's puckered little pink rosebud. I matched her motions and gently placed my cock so that it just touched both of Candy's dripping wet inner lips. Candy was torn - she couldn't move her hips toward both. My warm and well perfused Mr. Natural won out, and she snake-danced her pelvis toward my dick. I let her start the motion, and then I slipped forward all the way.

She was tight, but hot and very well lubricated. She smiled shyly as I moved into her, then let out a little scream as the fully strapped Suzanne rammed the dildo all the way into her ass. Then her shy smile turned into a wide grimace, and she purred like a big pink and tan cat. Suzanne began fucking her like a woman possessed. It was a very real example of projection, and with each thrust I could see Suzanne's internal visualization of two dicks pounding into her with the same effort she was giving Candy. It almost made me lose my erection. Or maybe I was afraid it would. Or maybe my 'inner Calvinist' wanted it to.

I suddenly flashed back to a Sunday school lesson I was listening to while a coursing course of testosterone was driving my brain to crazed sexual thoughts every other minute. I specifically remember wanting to motorboat my then forty-five-year-old second cousin and Sunday School teacher, Mrs. Jones, who used to change my dirty diapers when I was a little kid. I wanted to see her teats so badly I couldn't think about anything else, until three minutes later when I instead wanted to put my hands under the skirt of the incredibly hot Elsie Yanez, the hottest little Cuban girl I have ever seen, before or since.

That Sunday school lesson was, appropriately enough, about original sin. Was all sexual desire sinful or just that outside of marriage? Was it sinful for Suzanne to want three dicks at the same time or was it just sinful to actually do it? Was it sinful for me to think about it? To not want to think about it? Was I being a hypocrite? I certainly had wanted three girls at once, and had had them. It was even better than I thought it would be. I certainly didn't just try it once and then not want it again. What would happen if Suzanne tried it? Those images wouldn't go away. Then I realized she wanted three dicks, not three guys. All those images were disembodied dicks, not guys with faces. What exactly did that mean? Was that original sin, venal, cardinal, ordinal? I forget the distinctions.

Meanwhile, my dick was thinking for itself, and driving my spinal circuits to move my pelvis back and forth. Damn that felt good. Suzanne and I alternated and gradually drifted between in phase and out of phase motions into and out of our respectively assigned Candy orifices. Was this simple harmonic motion? No, there was nothing simple about this! I needed some distractions to delay my orgasm for a while. Let's see - the derivative of sine is cosine, the derivative of cosine is minus sine, tangent is secant squared, cotangent is cosecant squared, ... Hey it worked! I could now delay producing my own derivative for a while. John Henry the pile driving automaton reporting for duty, and happily fucking on.

Candy came, squirting. Lara giggled. "It's raining!"

Suzanne and I continued our ministrations, and Candy came two more times. Then Lara slipped the clips holding Candy down about a two feet or so, and used two other straps to hold her legs out so they were almost parallel to, and about three feet above, the floor of the living room. She used another strap to hold Candy's head immobile so she couldn't turn and look around behind her. Then she picked up the canes and stood just behind Candy.

Suzanne and I sat down on the couch to watch. Although Suzanne had some facility to both give and receive such treatment, I was only comfortable on the giving side, and not particularly good at it. But our lovely Lara had a real talent for dishing it out, and Candy, as we would soon discover, was a genius at taking. Suzanne picked up the 'Master's Manual' from Judicial Caning and began to leaf through it, with me looking over her shoulder.

It read like one of those Singapore math books they had used at my middle school. Understated, vaguely British in its phrasing, but clear and easy to understand. Apparently the central theme was maximum painful stimulation with minimum tissue damage, ensuring some great (punishment, and/or) sexual excitement, and then allowing several days' time for things to heal. There was some discussion of individual differences in pain tolerance, and differential healing rates. I knew from my dog training experiences that dogs range from hard to soft in their pain response. Hard dogs, like Eldee and her issue, barely felt anything that did no tissue damage, and but soft dogs could be corrected with barely a touch.

Happily, Candy was a soft little bitch, able to get highly stimulating pain from relatively non-damaging blows. So even moderate strikes from the canes sent her around the bend, sexually speaking. Lara had apparently read the section of the book on 'calibration' very carefully, and soon had Candy fully characterized. Spreading the blows out to minimize tissue damage in any one particular area, Lara tuned Candy up like a master mechanic and made her come completely via anticipation and pain. The larger of the rattan canes was applied to her ass, and she came. The smaller cane was applied to her inner thighs, and she came. It soon became so reflexively Pavlovian that all Lara had to do was wave the canes, and Candy almost came from the motion of the air.

Soon Candy was simply vibrating in the trapeze straps, almost catatonic. Lara put the canes in their little case, and snapped it closed loudly and dramatically. Candy whimpered lowly. Lara put her mouth right next Candy's ear, and said "You'll get more when I think you need it, slut," and then kissed her cheek gently. She motioned to Suzanne and I and we took Candy down gently and carried her into the bathroom. Lukewarm water and dilute soap with a soft sponge cleaned her up, bringing the red marks up clearly against her skin. The red welts were even more dramatic against the baby pink and untanned skin of her buttocks.

Lara went the kitchen and puttered about. We applied a little antibacterial ointment, and one or two bandages where required, plus a lot of kissing and whispered sweet nothings, and then put Candy in one of Lara's plush terrycloth robes. We walked Candy back to the living room and sat her on the couch. Lara fed her warm chicken soup, and the color returned to her face. Candy giggled. "I didn't even know you were Jewish!" We all laughed, and hugged and kissed, and Candy sobbed. Lara put Candy to bed in her bedroom, and she went soundly asleep in 30 seconds. Suzanne and I then turned our attentions to Lara and passed the night blissfully on the couch, checking on Candy occasionally, and sleeping a little, too. Good times.


Everyone in the little rodeo arena was watching as Big Liz spoke in Veronica's ear. Veronica had been 'prepared'. Was Liz telling her what for?

"Hi, Veronica. You are all tied up like a pretty little orange and white present, aren't you? Everyone's thinks I am America's sweetheart of a big sister, and maybe sometimes I am. But while they think I am talking to you tenderly and offering you support in your soon to be several hours of need, what I really wanted to let you know that I am going to make you my little bitch before anyone else gets a chance at you. You are going to eat my pussy with slavish devotion, and do it just the way I like it, with everyone watching!

For her part, Veronica Tappert was very pleased with the progress of the evening so far. Boring was over, and excitement was on the rise. She was getting to act out several fantasies at once here. She knew her husband would probably enjoy watching it as much as she would enjoy experiencing it. In for a penny, in for a pound. "Bring it on, big sister!"

Big Liz felt very good. This woman was truly into the scene, so Liz could let herself go. There were two things that her threesomes with Ralph and Little Marilyn did not supply: bitchy domination, and enough one on one possessive good lovin' and cuddlin' tenderness. She now saw a way to get some of both, starting with Ms. Faculty Wife being her little bitch tonight, and finishing with charming Robbie right out of his Suzanne and Lara habit. She used a step ladder and adjusted her position so that her pussy was now Veronica's whole world, holding onto the ropes to steady herself. I almost looked like she was riding Veronica like a wakeboard. The lights from the central tower came on full and the two women were shown in full contrast and relief. The crowd gasped. Soon Big Liz was gasping too. Ms. Faculty Wife could really eat pussy!

Veronica had decided to do it up right: give it all the attention to detail she herself wanted when Rock ate her. She had taught him systematically and scientifically what she liked, and he was devoted and very good at getting her off. She undertook her own survey of what this big, tall, and hot college girl liked, and enthusiastically gathered her data. She got quick feedback. The girl's legs shook and her muscular thighs twitched, and her pussy gushed wet and tasty. Veronica liked it, a lot.

"There you go, lady! Right there."

The six designated males gathered around Veronica, the sights and smells inciting them to almost riot. Dorothy was surprised to find that watching from ten feet away and tied to this chair she was just as wet as in their bedsheets at home on their best nights. Professor Lillehammer bumped his chair over closer and nudged Dorothy's thighs with his. She liked that. "Which one do you think will go first, Dorothy?" She could not believe her husband was into this. We are sure not in Kansas anymore!

When the tall girl finally climbed down the little step ladder, Dorothy realized that Veronica's face and shoulders were wet and shiny reflective in the almost blueish bright light from the towers. Then the wind blew the smell her way and she shivered as she understood exactly why. Then the smaller and very pretty girl moved the ladder a little, and stepped up one step higher than her friend had, and facing away from Veronica and toward the audience in the three chairs, sat down on Veronica's face reaching back to grab the ropes with her arms extended behind her. It looked like one of the stretches Saskia had taught Robbie to do after lifting.

Dorothy wasn't a mechanical engineering professor like her husband, but she could work out this spatial relationship. She gasped, then groaned. Her staid husband, Professor Lillehammer, giggled! She had never heard that before, ever. "Dorothy, my dear, does that mean you want me to eat your little ass later tonight, or do you want to tongue Veronica's?"

Was this actually her husband speaking? She had put him off the very few times he had ever tried that on her, but a girl should try some new things sometimes, now shouldn't she? She bumped his thigh back. "Prepare to pucker up, Professor." Now he gasped.

In the lights, the little beauty smiled and shook her ass like a stripper, pushing it back against Veronica's face. "That's it little wifey! Get down on it."

Veronica performed very well, and little Marilyn finally stepped away from her with a contented sigh. UDP Member #14, first to be chosen and egged on by his loudly vocal girlfriend, stepped up to the plate. All of the lights in the arena came up to full brightness, and the audience settled into their chairs or leaned on fence posts. The modern day sexual gladiator tournament was about to begin. The other contestants stood by in an interested circle around Veronica.

Veronica Tappert suddenly realized she was about to enter a whole new chapter of her life, sexually at least. She had only been with a grand total of 4 men before she married Rock Tappert. Her first was a highly anticipated prom date that turned out to be anticlimactic in every sense of the word. Then a well-meaning but inept college boyfriend that took her two years to get away from, followed by her first husband. He was a wonderful man who made her very happy until succumbing quickly and unexpectedly to cancer at age 34. After a decent period of mourning she took up with a new suitor who turned out to be very seductive, very hot, and unbeknownst to her at the time, very married. Major fail.

Young Rock Tappert had been her next choice and her plan to pursue, and he turned out to be a real winner, especially for her. That he was comfortable with her fantasies and truly wanted her to feel fulfilled was amazing yet somehow humbling. Perhaps she should love him even more than she did. She had helped shepherd his career with a little sexual discipline and reward, and she did fulfill all of his needs and fantasies for him, albeit on her schedule, and he really did like to watch. Okay, Rock honey, watch this!

#14 was not a very foreplay oriented kind of guy. Veronica's pussy was already dripping wet from her exposure to Big Liz and Little Marilyn, and he got down to business straight away. He was very hard and very persistent, and Veronica began to respond instantly. Perhaps it was knowing that so many people were watching, or the thought of 5 more guys waiting in line to take her, the lights, her frilly but still practically naked costume, the ropes that held her, or the smells of the animals, or the sounds and smells of the night air, but she was turned on like never before.

She felt her back arch like an alley cat and she gave herself up to a shuddering orgasm.

"Told 'ya he was dynamite, lady!" said his overbearing girlfriend.

Veronica chuckled. He is doing me, not you, little chicky bear, and I think he likes me better. At least I don't talk all the time. #14 then gripped her around the waist and powered in for even deeper penetration. Good boy! She grabbed him with her pussy muscles and kneaded his dick like bread dough.

"Oh yeah, baby, clamp down on it!" he said. Veronica tried to make eye contact with his girlfriend, but couldn't spot her. She came again and he pulsed like he was about ready. He must have watched more porno than he had real sexual experience, because he decided he was going to come on Veronica's face, perhaps showing off for his girlfriend and the audience. But Veronica, despite her frantic excitement, basically liked things tidy. When he got close to her, she sucked his dick into her mouth and milked him dry, giving him no chance to spray about.

"Oh God!" He cried out, just as Veronica made eye contact with his girlfriend. From the look on her face, Veronica could tell that this kind of finish was not something that little girlfriend was doing for him. Veronica felt triumphant. This kind of thing would never have happened at Virginia Tech, she thought.

Rock Tappert was apoplectic. His cock was so hard it hurt. He had never seen Veronica look so beautiful. One down and five to go - except maybe some of them would go more than once. He shivered. Damn. This would never have happened at Virginia Tech, would it? Welcome to Texas.

Veronica saw #43 line up next, the huge Samoan guy will long wild hair and big muscles. Was this the guy she had seen doing all the wild Samoan chants on the Longhorn network? He was huge and powerful. Veronica shook some more. Now he was definitely a foreplay kind of guy! He caressed her tenderly, using his big hands to gently but very thoroughly feel her up, covering every square inch of her skin. He was good at it. She began to huff and puff, and just about the time she didn't want him to be gentle anymore, he wasn't!

His cock was now hard and pointing straight ahead though his chaps. If she hadn't been tied on to the little saddle, she would have reached for it with her hands. His hands were now pawing her breasts and then he began grabbing her ass and thighs. Please don't stop. Soon he moved behind her and there was no mistaking his intentions. He kneaded her ass checks and bumped his cock against her opening, driving her crazy. Then suddenly he took her, full on and all the way home.

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